How to Apply for Permanent Residence Visa in Canada

How to Apply for Permanent Residence Visa in Canada

Canada Permanent Residence visa is the best visa application option available for immigrants working in North American Countries. Because it gives you the opportunity to become a Canadian citizen after 3 years of work in the country. It also affords you the right and privileges Canadian citizens enjoy.

Canada gradually became the destination hub for many immigrants and skilled workers. We believe our update today on How to apply for Permanent Residence Visa in Canada will meet you well. However, today we shall be outlining how to get a Permanent Residency in Canada, how the Canada PR eligibility calculator works, how to run Canada PR express entry, Canada PR visa fees along with other inquiries you might have concerning getting a Permanent Residence visa in Canada.

Easy Steps on How to Apply for a Permanent Residence Visa in Canada

Meet Basic Requirements: It is important for you to meet the basic requirements for Canada Permanent residence visa. While applying for Canada PR express entry, based on some instances exceptions can also be made. below are the basic requirements required for a PR visa in Canada.

  • Firstly, there must be proof of financial stability enough to sustain you, while in Canada for at least a month and that you can afford Canada PR visa fees.
  • Secondly, you must pass TOEFL, IELTS, and other ECAs assessments which is a compulsory Canada PR visa requirement.
  • Mostly for those looking for skilled immigration Jobs in Canada, be reminded that you will have to undergo a skills assessment test.
  • Education documents and qualifications along with personal details of yourself are very important.
  • Lastly, you will also need to provide a language test result.

Canada Visa Application Process

The Application process for a PR visa in Canada is easy with just simple steps required. This process would be used in your Canada PR Eligibility Calculator. below are the required procedures

  • Create an Application profile for your Canadian PR visa express entry.
  • Also, you can register with Job Bank though it is not compulsory.
  • Identification with the Provincial Nomination Programme is not mandatory but we would advise you to do so.
  • Receive your ITA (Invitation to Apply).
  • Furthermore on how to apply for Permanent Residence Visa in Canada, please be reminded that Canadian authorities will run a background check on you to determine your health history and if there are criminal records they should know before granting you a visa.
  • Moreover, the confirmation of your PR status would be received afterward.
  • After your PR status has been confirmed the final procedure is the submission of your passport for visa stamping.

Canada Visa Application Scorecard/Points: Importantly, the Canadian Government presents a point assessment test that will have you score a minimum of 67 points out of 100 before your Visa for Canadian residency can be approved. So, we advise Applicants to consult with Canadian immigration experts to assist in their profile boosting for this score test.

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Below are the minimum requirements for each category for the Canada PR eligibility calculator.

  • Age: 12 points (maximum)
  • Education: Max 25 points (maximum)
  • Work Experience: Max 15 points (maximum)
  • Language Skills: Max 28 points (maximum)
  • Adaptability: Max 10 points (maximum)
  • Arranged Employment: Max 10points

Benefits of Having a Canada Residence Visa

  • Firstly, the Canada PR visa grants you the full right of a Canadian citizen.
  • Secondly, it allows you 5 years of multiple visa entry.
  • You can have your family over and access Job openings reserved for Citizens.
  • Certainly, it comes with free Health Services and Education for your entire family.
  • In addition, as a Canadian Visa PR holder, you can conveniently enter the USA without restrictions.
  • You can easily invite family members to join you.
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