Highest Paying Jobs in California in 2023-2024

Getting a good job is fantastic, but many people are dissatisfied with their current positions. Most of the time, it’s because it doesn’t pay well, especially in places like California. So, before you embark on that career path, take a look at the highest-paying jobs and careers in California. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for healthcare jobs is expected to skyrocket over the next decade. 

However, low-wage, high-demand jobs such as home health aides and caretakers will provide some of the most significant growth opportunities. We’ll tell you about the highest-paying jobs in California and other useful information in this article. 

Why Do I Want to Work in California?

There are jobs available throughout the state. In each county in California, you can find the highest-paying jobs available in the state. Although Sacramento receives the most attention, hundreds of jobs are available outside of the city.

1. Benefits of Retirement

Whether you’re just starting out or nearing the end of your career, you’ve probably fantasized about the day you’ll be able to stop running and do exactly what you want. On your first day with the State of California, you’ll start contributing to one of the world’s largest and nicest pension plans.

2. Preference for Veterans

If you’re a veteran, a procedure with the State of California is likely to be a good fit. With its Veterans Preference machine on positive exams, the state provides a high-quality benefit to current and previous service members.

3. Excellent Medical Insurance

The benefits of a State of California process in terms of fitness are incredible. Almost all of the monthly premiums are covered by the state, and the co-pays on all of the plans are low.

4. Consistent Wage Increases 

When you work for the government, you are entitled to a yearly basic allowance. These raises are known as Merit Salary Adjustments by the state, and you should receive one every year on your anniversary date. However, you must work hard, and your manager has the authority to withhold your MSA if you are not performing well. However, if you show up and do your job well, your profits should increase year after year.

What Does It Mean to Have a High-Paying Job?

Simply put, a high-paying job is one that pays well. But I understand that’s not the definition you’re looking for. So, a high-paying job is one that pays more than $150,000 per year. High-paying jobs usually have a low entry point, where you earn less than half of the above figure. However, with practice and greater expertise, you can work your way up to becoming a highly-paid expert in any field where there is a high demand for expertise. There are many ways to earn a lot of money doing what you love, but the choice is entirely yours. You must ensure that you meet the requirements and that you have the determination to succeed.

Why Do You Require a Well-Paying Job?

Of course, money should not be the primary motivator for you to seek employment, but it should be taken into account because it has a significant impact on many aspects of your life. A well-paid job meets one’s basic needs while also allowing one to spend the extra money on fulfilling one’s dreams, such as buying a home, a car, or other luxury items. Furthermore, your working environment is pleasant, and productivity is usually high. All of these wonderful benefits cannot be seen in a low-paying job that causes you to worry about your bills all of the time.

19 Highest-Paying Jobs in Califonia

Our list of the highest-paying jobs in California was compiled after thorough research and data analysis. We took into account the salaries of these jobs, as well as their working hours and flexibility. As a result, the highest-paying jobs in California are:

1. Judges

Salary: $184,340

A judge is a person who presides over court proceedings, either alone or as part of a panel of judges. Different jurisdictions have different powers, functions, methods of appointment, discipline, and training for judges. The judge is expected to conduct the trial impartially and, in most cases, in public. A law school graduate is required to become a judge. Judges are lawyers who have been elevated to the position of adjudicating cases. The country in question determines who is appointed as a judge. Some are chosen by higher judges, while others are chosen by the state or national government.

Judges must conduct extensive research and analysis of the case’s documents, witness testimony, and other materials. They also have a thorough understanding of the law and legal procedure, which necessitates superior logical reasoning, analysis, and decision-making abilities.

2. Dentists

Salary: $184,560

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Dentistry, also known as dental medicine or oral medicine, is a field of medicine that studies, diagnoses, prevents, and treats diseases, disorders, and conditions of the mouth. Dental treatments are carried out by a dental team, which usually consists of a dentist and dental assistants (dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental technicians, as well as dental therapists). Dentists work in a variety of settings, including hospitals and prisons, as well as private practices.

Because teeth problems are so common in California, dentistry is one of the highest-paying professions. You face the same problem whether you’re an adult or a child. You can’t avoid it no matter how well you take care of your teeth.

3. Computer And Information Systems Managers

Salary: $185,640

Managers of computer information systems typically work in offices and can work up to 40 hours per week. If a deadline is approaching or a problem arises, the computer information systems manager may be forced to work weekends in order to meet the deadline. They are extremely important. A bachelor’s degree in a computer-related subject, such as management information systems, information science, or computer science, is typically required of computer information systems managers. Surprisingly, some employers prefer managers with graduate-level educational experience.

A bachelor’s degree program can take four years to complete, with a master’s degree requiring an additional two years of study. Their earnings are out of this world, as they continue to be one of California’s highest-paying professions.

4. Paediatricians

Salary: $200,270

Pediatricians are doctors who specialize in the treatment of children’s health problems, such as physical, behavioral, and mental health issues. They are qualified to diagnose and treat illnesses in children, ranging from minor ailments to serious diseases. Medical doctors who have completed medical school are known as pediatricians. They’ve also completed a three-year pediatric residency program. This residency allows them to gain practical experience with children’s health issues.

With the increase in population due to childbirth, it’s safe to say that pediatricians will always be needed to assist us in caring for our children. Children will be healthier and will avoid harmful deficiencies as a result of this.

5. Family Medicine Physicians

Salary: $203,320

Family physicians are specially trained medical professionals who have a unique attitude, skill set, and knowledge base that allows them to provide ongoing and comprehensive medical care. To be more specific, they offer health maintenance and prevention services to all family members, regardless of gender, age, or problem type. Family physicians are unique for a variety of reasons, but one of the most important is their knowledge of the family’s history. As a result, many families feel safer having a physician rather than constantly looking for a new one whenever a health issue arises.

A physician can serve a large number of families while still maintaining his or her own practice or serving a community. Physicians are paid on a retainer basis, which makes them one of the highest-paying professions in California.

6. Airline Pilots

Salary: $208,070

An aircraft pilot, also known as an aviator, is in charge of the aircraft’s directional flight controls. Although he is the lead navigator, he is not alone; other members of the crew, such as navigators and flight engineers, are also considered aviators. It takes a lot of hard work to become a pilot. Getting around the plane isn’t the most difficult part most of the time. Of course, you’re in charge of other flight crew members, so you need to make sure they’re all focused and working together.

You must have at least 1,500 hours of flight time, including your training time before you can take the controls. You must also be at least 23 years old and have a commercial pilot’s license. Qualifications for military flight are different. Pilots will always be busy ensuring that people get to their destinations safely as long as people continue to move from city to city. As a result, they are well compensated for their work all over the world.

7. Physicians


Physicians essentially perform the same functions as family physicians, as described above. Their responsibilities, on the other hand, are not centered on the family. They primarily work in hospitals, clinics, and other similar facilities. Every physician receives medical training that enables him to accurately diagnose and treat medical problems. A physician in another country makes a lot of money, so it’s one of the best-paying jobs in California and the world.

8. General Internal Medicine Physicians

Salary: $212,510

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Internal medicine physicians are specialists who deal with diseases that are particularly complex or multisystemic and that single-organ disease specialists may not be trained to handle. Weight loss, chest pain, dyspnoea, fatigue, and a change in consciousness are just a few of the more complicated cases. They also deal with a variety of chronic diseases that can affect a single patient. You might mistake an internal medicine physician for a medical intern most of the time. 

On the other hand, the former are board-certified medical doctors with postgraduate degrees in internal medicine. As a result, they are more qualified and advanced than ordinary physicians.

9. Chief Executives

Salary: $216,520

Every Chief Executive Office has a distinct approach to achieving results, and their responsibilities vary widely. A construction firm’s CEO will not actively perform the same duties as a small store’s CEO. However, we know that they share the same hiring and firing responsibilities. A great CEO must be able to motivate and communicate with his or her subordinates or staff members. He must also be a person of integrity and reward quality performance.

A CEO is someone who oversees the operations of a business, so he is a businessman. You cannot become a CEO by earning a bachelor’s degree in any program. Your ability to consistently solve problems and be rewarded for it could put you in a good position to become a CEO.

10. Orthodontists

Salary: $220,410

A dentist can clean your teeth and extract a bad tooth, but you’ll need to see an orthodontist when it comes to realigning your teeth. Orthodontists not only help with crooked teeth, but they also help patients with a variety of other issues. Overbites and underbites, crossbites, spaces between teeth, overcrowding of teeth, and the treatment of temporomandibular disorders are some of these issues (TMD). An orthodontist should also be consulted if there are any other issues with the jaw.

Orthodontists charge a premium for their services due to the delicate nature of their work. Furthermore, there are only a few people who are qualified to perform this procedure. As a result, one of the highest-paying professions in California is that of these professionals.

11. Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons

Salary: $222,180

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is concerned with the preservation of the skeletal structure of the mouth and jaw. This surgery is typically performed after a person loses teeth or breaks their jaw in a car accident. Surgeries in this area are almost always emergency situations, and specialized personnel are scarce. In order to take on the process, the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon must have a thorough understanding of dentistry as well as other forms of general medicine. 

As a result of the difficulties, few people want to study it. Accidents involving the mouth and jaw are common, so Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons make a lot of money from their expertise. Some people simply want to change the way their jaw looks or something. As a result, when it comes to high-paying jobs, they are on the list.

12. Nurse Anesthetists

Salary: $227,290

Advanced practice registered nurses who assist patients during surgical, diagnostic, and obstetric procedures are known as nurse anesthetists. These nurses have earned a master’s degree in nursing practice. CRNAs also assess patients to determine the best type of anesthesia to use. They get their results by discussing existing allergies and medical results to provide the best treatment possible. CRNAs have critical thinking skills that allow them to quickly assess changes in their patient’s conditions and determine the best course of action. 

These professionals also have excellent communication skills, which they use to collaborate with other healthcare professionals and interact with patients during procedures.

13. Obstetricians And Gynecologists

Salary: $236,730

Obstetricians and gynecologists both play important roles in women’s health, but there are some minor differences. While an Obstetrician is responsible for pre-conception, pregnancy, and childbirth, a Gynecologist is responsible for all female-related issues. Despite their differences, these two professionals earn the same amount of money from their respective fields of expertise. They have the option of practicing in a community setting or privately.

14. Psychiatrists

Salary: $236,930

A psychiatrist is a doctor who specializes in the field of psychiatry, which is the branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis, prevention, study, and treatment of mental illnesses. These professionals assess patients to see if a physical illness causes their symptoms. As a branch of medicine, psychology includes forensic psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, hospice and palliative medicine, and hospice and palliative medicine.

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To work as a psychiatrist, you’ll need a medical degree as well as a postgraduate degree in psychology. Psychiatrists have delicate responsibilities, and as a result, they charge a high fee. Psychiatrists, therefore, are among the highest-paying professions in the world.

15. Surgeons

Salary: $248,100

A surgeon is a doctor who uses operative or manual methods to physically change body tissues to treat disease, injury, or deformity. However, there are various types of surgery, and each of these procedures is carried out by a different surgeon. Surgeons are medical degree holders who specialize in a variety of fields. There are also leg and head surgeons, in addition to abdominal surgeons. Surgeons are well compensated for their expertise regardless of the type of surgery they perform. 

This is due to the complications that must be overcome to complete the job. So, when it comes to the best-paying jobs in California and the rest of the world, surgeons are at the top of the list.

16. Senior Information security analyst

Salary: $101,095

When there are enterprise-wide data vulnerabilities, the senior information security analyst is in charge of assessing the risk and taking corrective action. A senior information security analyst’s responsibilities include developing guidelines and requirements that comply with current regulatory requirements, coordinating technology risk training, and responding to internal and external auditors’ questions.

17. Petroleum engineer 

Salary: $107,986

A petroleum engineer creates and refines methods for extracting oil and fuel lines from beneath the surface of the earth. Their work may also include collaborating with geologists to plan drilling operations or developing equipment to increase oil and fuel line production.

18. Veterinarian

Salary: $99,250

In California, a veterinarian is a well-paid job that involves researching, diagnosing, and treating animal illnesses and scientific situations. Their job entails performing surgery, dressing wounds, prescribing and administering medication, training animal owners, and euthanizing animals regularly. The majority of veterinarians work in private practices or hospitals. Others visit farms or work in laboratories, classrooms, or zoos, among other places.

19. Actuary

Salary: $111,030

Actuaries make decisions about economic risks based on mathematics, facts, and economic principles. They devise strategies to assist a company in avoiding or minimizing the consequences of unwelcome events if they do occur. Their job responsibilities place them among the highest-paying professions.

20. Pharmacist

Salary: $127,486

A pharmacist reads prescriptions and fills them according to the prescribing physician’s instructions. The pharmacist verifies the accuracy of each prescription, collects the prescribed elements, and assesses the medication’s suitability. The pharmacist also informs the customer about any side effects, potential negative interactions with other medicines, and proper storage.


There is almost no such thing as a perfect job when it comes to employment. You are the one who creates the perfect job for yourself. It does, in fact, take a lot of hard work, patience, and perseverance to succeed. Although the jobs listed above pay well, obtaining their expertise takes a long time. You must study, study, and study some more to practice medicine.

To summarize, whatever career path you choose, you must have a lot of guts and a strong desire to succeed. Only then will you be able to make it work for you. I hope you found this article on the Highest Paying Jobs in California in 2023-2024 to be very insightful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest-paying job on the planet?

Athletes in sports are the highest-paid workers on the planet.

What are the most in-demand jobs?

Jobs in health care, web development, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and robotics are in high demand right now.

What does it mean to have a high-paying job?

A high-paying job is one that pays more than $150,000 per year.

What is the ideal occupation?

A job that fulfills you is the best job to have.

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