Top 35 Good Jobs for Teens that Pay Well

Many factors, in the opinion of many people, make adolescence terrific. Even though they aren’t old enough to vote and don’t have much money on their own, teens today are expected to go out and acquire a job.

While teenagers have many potentials to become stuck in a rut, they also have many opportunities to thrive.

It is common for teenagers who want to go to college or advance into well-paying occupations to try to make additional money by working in retail or as a waiter or waitress. However, these positions are less prevalent than they once were because many people now work from home or have their occupations automated.

Why might teenagers seek high-paying jobs?

Having high-paying work as a teenager will allow you to help pay for college, giving you the perseverance and self-assurance required for successful professions.

Jobs for teenagers with an above-average salary can give you the experience you need to land well-paying positions later in your career.

As a result, having high-paying positions on your resume demonstrates that you are tenacious, self-assured, and physically and mentally capable of handling the demands of the actual world of work.

Top Paying Teen Jobs

Web Designer

Average salary: $18 per hour 

Websites are created and built for clients by web designers and developers. In collaboration with clients, web designers make sure that a website’s presentation, navigation, and content reflect and promote the client’s brand.

Teenagers can quickly obtain experience in web development projects by creating their own websites. Teenagers can work on simple websites using platforms like Squarespace or WordPress or use free online training materials to develop their skills.

They can offer to create dummy websites for friends or family members, or they can approach nearby companies and offer assistance with a website.

Graphic Designer

Entry salary: $15 per hour 

It takes some artistic talent, technical know-how, and typically some pricy equipment and software to create graphics. Teens can now self-train in graphic design online because there are so many free materials and cloud-based software programs available.

For businesses or individuals, graphic designers develop logos, banners, site content, and social media campaigns to support their brands. The major responsibility of a graphic designer is to produce engaging, comprehensible, and consistent images for a business.

Pet Sitting

Average salary: $12 to $15 per hour 

Pet owners want to know that their animals are in reliable care, and there is a great demand for pet sitters. While many pet owners are happy to leave their animals alone for the entire day, some would rather their animals have companionship.

Pet sitters visit clients’ homes and spend a few hours there in order to keep pets company while the owners are at work or away. The pet-sitting industry has expanded recently, and there are a number of methods to develop your skills and build a successful business.

Having some experience looking after particular animals would be beneficial but there is no formal training required to become a professional pet sitter.  


Average salary: $12 to $16 per hour,

Babysitting offers the perfect setting and time for studying while earning extra cash. Families hire babysitters to watch their kids after school or on the weekends while the parents are away.

Even though the work is irregular, once a family hires you and is satisfied with you, they frequently rehire you and recommend you to other families. This implies that if you work hard and develop a steady stream of babysitting jobs, you can make a good living.

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Dog Walking

Average salary: $12 per hour-long walk 

Dog owners may require a dog walker several times each day, making dog walking a potentially lucrative business.

Pet owners are more likely to trust and rely on someone if they have previous experience working with animals and are willing to work for little compensation.

If a dog walker plans to take a pet for at least an hour each day, they will typically be provided a key to the owner’s home.

House Sitting

Average salary: $25 to $45 per day 

While the owners are gone, house sitters are compensated to look after the property’s security, care for pets, and water plants.

For several days at a time, these workers may occupy the home, providing the homeowner peace of mind.

The practice is highly paid because owners can save money on kennel fees or reduced security while they are away, and they feel safer knowing someone is looking after their home if it contains valuables or might be vulnerable to burglary.

This is one of the high-paying jobs for teens.

Landscape Gardening

Average salary: $12 to $18 per hour

Teenagers with an interest in landscaping have the option of working for landscaping firms. The landscaping industry is physically demanding and demands attention to detail and consideration for the property of clients.

Due to the physical labor involved in their employment, which can include moving soil and earth, mowing lawns, constructing garden decking or sheds, and planting beds and seeds, landscapers are paid well.

Teenagers with an interest in landscaping have the option of working for landscaping firms. The landscaping industry is physically demanding and demands attention to detail and consideration for the property of clients.

Due to the physical labor involved in their employment, which can include moving soil and earth, mowing lawns, constructing garden decking or sheds, and planting beds and seeds, landscapers are paid well.

Clients who hire landscape professionals are usually proud of their homes and gardens; they want someone who will work on their garden maintenance without dirtying their property or disturbing their day-to-day lives.

Construction Assistant

Average salary: $15 per hour 

Even while some construction sites have age restrictions on running machinery and operating cars, they nonetheless provide teenagers the chance to work on the site and earn a fair hourly wage.

Teenagers may be assigned tasks on construction sites such as loading trucks, controlling traffic entering and leaving the area, and moving earthen mounds or other materials.

Golf Caddy 

Average salary: $11 to $15 per hour 

Considering that their labor is primarily manual and necessitates long hours, golf caddies are paid highly. They frequently are high school kids working as caddies to help pay for their education.

The sole requirements for the position are a love of sports and proficiency in the game of golf.


Average salary: $11 to $18 per hour 

Lifeguarding can be a terrific method for teenagers who enjoy swimming to generate money. Lifeguards are in high demand after completing their training, and their hours are typically reliable and fit primarily into the nights or weekends.

Lifeguards frequently have the chance to mentor young swimmers while on duty, obtaining useful experience that could pave the way for a future in sports coaching or education.


Average salary: $20 to $40 per hour 

Because parents want their kids to do well in school and will pay for it to happen, students who succeed in their academics can make money as tutors.

Since many middle schools will close in 2020, there is a greater than-ever demand for tutors, which has prompted some parents to hire tutors to make up for lost learning.

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Paid Online Surveys

Teen Opinion compensates you for sharing your opinions on companies, goods, and services. Receive gift cards in exchange for answering short surveys. How much money can you make? Your ability to earn is up to you. $50 to $100 monthly

Video Editor

You might utilize your talents to earn money online if you have an aptitude for video editing and a creative eye. Despite the shift to digital, there is still a need for editors who can take unpolished film and turn it into something interesting.

How much money can you make? $150 to $75 per hour. How Do You Begin? Perfect practice makes perfect! Learn the ropes by editing videos for friends, family, or companies, or take a course.

Youth Sports Referee

$25 to $50 per game 

If you’re at least 12 years old, you can work as a youth sports referee to supplement your income. Games might take anything from a few minutes to three hours, and you’ll normally labor between 30 and two hours on each one.

You must wear a uniform, carry flags and a card-on-a-string, keep track of the time, and have a whistle no matter what sport you referee (in some cases).

Camp Counselor

$7.73 to $12.74 per hour  

In the summer or during special events, you can work as a camp counselor and make more than the minimum wage while still having access to living expenses, food, and enjoyable activities.

Hotel Housekeeper

$12+ per hour

As a hotel housekeeper or maid, you might earn money if you enjoy cleaning and doing laundry. The average hourly wage for housekeepers who work for hotels, without gratuities, is $12.19, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Hospitals, nursing homes, and continuing care retirement communities are additional employers for housekeepers. In general, these pay between $11.80 and $13.90 per hour.

This is one of the high-paying jobs for teens.

Food Delivery

$8 to $21+ per hour 

Food delivery drivers earn a median hourly wage of $14.28, according to PayScale. Of course, that is the average rate, and it can be higher for some workers and lower for others

House Painter

$13.84 to $19+ per hour

Working over the summer and on weekends for a home painting firm pays handsomely if you don’t mind hard labor. Painters with less than a year of experience make an average of $13.84 per hour, according to PayScale.


$12 to $16+ per hour 

Teenagers who are physically fit and meticulous enough to handle heavy items with care can make an average of $13.58 working for a moving business.

Since many employers have age limitations, teens 18 or 19 are most suited for this position.


National average salary: $10.55 per hour

The main responsibility of a cashier is to complete the check-out procedure and tally up consumer purchases. This includes obtaining money, verifying gift cards or coupons, ensuring that prices are accurate, and bagging merchandise.


National average salary: $11.00 per hour 

Actors read the script, memorize their lines, and follow the director’s cues. Before applying for paid acting jobs, participate in school or community theater plays if you enjoy acting to obtain additional experience and develop your portfolio.

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Sales associate

National average salary: $11.06 per hour 

A sales associate’s responsibility is to assist consumers who enter your store. Make sure the store is tidy, clean, and free of cluttered shelves and racks, and ask customers if they need any assistance.

Check to see if any consumers have inquiries regarding the products or costs as well.


National average salary: $11.42 per hour 

Clients’ orders are taken, orders are communicated to the kitchen, and prepared food is delivered to customers as the main responsibilities of servers. Additionally, servers set tables up again for fresh diners. Servers could participate in restaurant cleanup once their shift is finished.

Retail merchandiser

National average salary: $12.72 per hour 

A salesperson who works for a manufacturing company and serves as a liaison between the manufacturer and a retailer is known as a retail merchandiser.

They are responsible for keeping the right amount of inventory on hand, putting up store signage, setting product prices, and developing marketing plans to promote their brand among merchants. Employees are also given training in these duties.

Automotive technician

National average salary: $19.55 per hour 

Automobile maintenance, repair, and inspection are under the purview of the automotive technician. Additionally, the incumbent in this job is required to drive test vehicles, do routine maintenance and diagnostic procedures, and keep accurate customer records.

If you have expertise working on automobiles in your own time, this can be a terrific career path for you.

One of the high-paying careers for teenagers is this one.

Library assistant

National hourly pay: $13.28 

As a library assistant, you will be assisting the general public in finding books. You can also be asked to assist librarians in creating inventory lists or shelving books used for archival purposes.


In coffee shops, baristas welcome customers, make and serve non-alcoholic beverages, and maintain the place tidy in exchange for $12.59 an hour.

Kennel assistant

National hourly pay: $10.54 

In a range of shelters and clinics, you’ll feed, bathe, and treat animals. With the exception of speaking to clients, these occupations frequently involve virtually little interaction with other people.

Package sorters

Sort and scan packages for delivery. Also known as parcel processors. The average pay for this position is $14.66 per hour.

Movie theater workers

Earn about $9.00 per hour selling tickets, managing the snack bar, or cleaning up after visitors. Free or heavily discounted movie tickets are another advantage.


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