How To Get Promotions At Your Workplace

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This month has been all about the workplace and I’ve taken my time to share some tips that employees can use to advance themselves and become relevant at their workplace. While some have commended my efforts for dishing out free food, others have condemned me for teaching staff how to manipulate their employers.

Before now, I used to teach employees how to behave well and how to put in more effort even if their employers are Satan incarnate. But after a thorough investigation into the Nigerian workplace, it dawned on me that most employers in Nigeria see their staff as tools to achieve their selfish ambitions.

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Back then in the University, there was this lecturer who was always fond of asking questions while teaching. On this particular day, he started asking everyone questions one after another. When he got to my turn, he asked me a question that I had no idea about, and instead of answering I was just smiling.

When he saw me smiling, he said “sit down, you smile too much”. That was how I was able to charm him with my smile and save myself from public disgrace.

The truth is, no matter how great your vision, dream, or idea is you need people to bring it to pass. Your employees are the horse while you are the rider. If you don’t take good care of your horse it won’t take you to your destination on time.

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Should I stop teaching employees how to manipulate their way at their workplace? Hell No! Naturally, most humans won’t do the needful unless they are manipulated to do so. So, today, I want to share with you a few tips on how you can easily charm your way to the top at your workplace. It’s just a few days to my forthcoming online seminar on DISCOVERING AND MAXIMIZING WORKPLACE TALENTS and I can assure you that you will never remain the same afterward.

– Study People 

The step to a successful charming adventure is to know the makeup of the people you intend to charm. Not all charms will work for everyone. For example, you can’t charm me with alcohol neither can you charm me with flattering. I’m my own motivator. Some people can be charmed with flattering, some can be charmed with respect (by doing yes sir, yes Ma to them), some can be charmed by your beauty or handsomeness while some can be charmed by your intelligence.

You should be able to study people at your workplace most especially those at the top. Every human has one charming ability or the other. Some people’s own are their innocent looks while some can charm you with their pseudo Humility. You should understand what works for them and use it against them.

– Understand Your Ability

 Naturally, I look very calm and reserved and I know that is one of my charms, what’s yours? Yours can be your dedication to things. Naturally, you always find yourself giving your best at things. Yours can be your smile (those smiles that can melt the heart of Pharoah himself). Your charm can get you a second or third chance when you mess up.

I know mine, what’s yours? Yours can be the way you laugh or your composure, your humor, your height or your backside or front-side or the way you speak or your bad boy or bad girl style, or your saintly look. Whatever yours is, just understand and develop them.

– Show Interest

Every employer has one ambition or another. Those ambitions may be the reason for setting up the company in the first place. This charming technique involves you showing interest in his or her vision or dreams. Even if you don’t care pretend as if you do until you’ve got what you want.

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As a wife have you ever wondered why your husband is so obsessed with his sidechick? There’s the possibility that his sidechick shows more interest in his vision than you do. The joy of everyone (male and female) is to have at least one person who seems interested in their vision. If other charms don’t work, this will. Showing interest can get you a seat meant for children.

I strongly believe that after applying these simple techniques your workplace life will never remain the same again. I await your testimonies as well as your prophet offering LOL!.

If you want to enjoy the best at your present workplace, you will need to learn how to discover and maximize your workplace talents. Registration is still ongoing, you can’t afford to miss this golden opportunity cos it might be the only one for this year.

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Succeed You Must

7 Things to Do After a Promotion

So, after all of your hard work, you’ve finally gotten that promotion. Congratulations!

As wonderful as the feeling is, a promotion comes with a slew of new obligations. Starting with the designation, moving on through KRAs, seating arrangements, and maybe a change in teams.

Promotion can be a daunting experience for some, while others take it with ease.

Below are the 8 steps that a newly promoted employee should take to ensure a smooth transfer.

  1. Understand your boss’s expectations.
  2. Maintain an optimistic attitude.
  3. Do not dive in headfirst.
  4. Set limits with your former peer group.
  5. Priorities should be reassessed, and goals should be established.
  6. When assistance is required, request it.
  7. Promote your skills by word of mouth.
  8. Update your social networking accounts with your new job title.

By Johnspeak Uwangue (Motivator, HR Consultant and Coach)

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