How to Get a Job: Top 5 Skills to Learn and Get a Job Soon

How to Get a Job: Top 5 Skills to Learn and Get a Job Soon

It is no longer news that you need skills to learn or connections to get a job today. That is why I have listed the 5 hot skills to learn to enable get a job in Nigeria or anywhere in the world easily.

If you are unemployed yet, there is no need to fret. This post will surely direct you on what to do and how to achieve it.

If you are reading this, you are probably unemployed or know someone who needs a job. You can’t, however, keep waiting for a white-collar job that suits your bachelor’s degree. You can learn new skills that can get you employed or even help you start your own business.

What are the 5 Top Skills to learn and get a Job?

CCTV Installation

This is one of the top skills to learn this year. CCTV installation is a developing industry and at times alleged as a specialist, however, it is well within the ability of an electrical contractor. With the incessant increase in crime rates, everybody has become security conscious. This has led to an increase in using technology to fight crime.

Using technology for security is not a new innovation, but its uptake has increased in the past few years for various reasons. The cost of procurement is going down and more companies have come to realize how very useful it can be for their operations, not just for securing their properties and premises but in a lot more aspects.

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The need for experts in this industry has also increased rapidly. You can build a profitable business for yourself as a Certified CCTV Installer with very small capital. You don’t even require an office to get started.

The market is there for you to come in as insecurity is one of the major problems faced by many business owners right now. You can either work freelance or align yourself with a building firm as a security specialist.


The awesome thing about an artistic skill like photography is, that while it’s certainly a fun hobby or an exciting way to pass the time, it’s also a potentially profitable profession. It has become one of the top skills to learn, and get a job without stress.

The career prospect of any photographer is high, but it depends on your creativity.

Photography is a highly wanted and professional skill any young and creative person would find very profitable. It is more of an Art that exposes you to different sides of life and it happens to be very valued and paid for. It takes a very good photographer to get you started on this skill, once your heart links with it, every step would seem like a beautiful adventure that leads somewhere.

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Mobile App Development

With different types of mobile devices and new mobile OS’ storming the market today, app development is becoming more profitable than ever. An app developer, even nearly 5 years ago, had a restricted choice of mobile OS’ such as Windows Mobile, Apple, and BlackBerry.

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But today, with the surfacing of so many new mobile platforms and their different versions; and with the idea of cross-platform formatting of apps getting trendy; the field of mobile app development has become a genuine treasure-trove for the developer to make a good sum of money every month creating mobile applications.

Making money with mobile applications is a great idea for developers and business owners who want to cash in on the mobile technology industry.

Creative Writing

Creative writing is another great way of making money. If you have a good command of English, you can write articles, web content, and fiction for websites and blogs, and you get paid for your work.

You can also make money writing by publishing your stories and articles on Amazon and other websites alike. Every organization needs creative writers for different purposes such as scriptwriting for adverts, web content writing, etc. So hurry up and acquire this skill, if you have not acquired it already, and thank me later.


This is also another skill that can fetch you money in the coming year. Multimedia artists and animators build animation and visual effects for movies, television, video games, other types of media, and other organizations. They create two- and three-dimensional models and animation.

Multimedia artists are widely sought after for their creativity. They are needed in virtually every kind of organization. As a multimedia artist, you may work alone or work with a team of advertisers, programmers, artists, and more.

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Which of these skills do you think you will be very good at? Learn any of these top skills to get a job today and say goodbye to unemployment.

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