How to Get a Very Good Job in Nigeria Without Connection

How to Get a Very Good Job in Nigeria Without Connection

If you want to get a very good job before the year runs out, then this might be the best post you would read this year. So just sit back and read line by line.

If you are a low-salary earner who is looking to increase his/her monthly pay, then this post is for you. If you don’t have a job yet and are looking forward to landing a high-paying job as your first job, then this post is also for you.

I have seen people move from a token sum of 35k monthly to above 150k within a short period of time, and I am ready to show you how to make the move.

Getting a high-paying job is just like blogging. There are several factors that would help you achieve that, and that is what this post would help you achieve.

If you are ready to get a very good job, then consider the following points below;

Get a high-value skill

You don’t expect to get a very good job when your highest skill is the “Ability to work as a team and independently”- anybody can do that.

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Severally I have listed out the top paying skills in Nigeria today, and ICT has always topped the list.

IT personnel earn thousands of Naira on monthly basis, doing what they love best. There are several other skills out there, but if you want a high-paying skill with lots of opportunities, then you should consider skills in Information Technology.

I have listed how you can start a career in Information Technology as a beginner, so do well to start today.

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Network with High worth Individuals

It is okay for your skill to earn you thousands of Naira in monthly income; but if you intend to earn mega-money, then you should consider relating to high-worth clients.

These high-worth individuals have the connections to get you high-paying jobs. But you should have the skill and the discipline.

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Of recent, a friend met a man who offered him a job in IPNX as a Developer intern. His starting salary was far above 250k, and he is just 25 years of age. It is all about your skills and networks.

Have an Achievement Portfolio

While learning and perfecting your skills, it is necessary for you to have a portfolio of things you’ve achieved already. It should be well documented so that it can be easily used as a reference. The reason I focus on having Information Technology skills is that the world is gearing seriously toward ICT, and Nigeria is still a virgin field.

A report says that Nigeria spends about a 2.5Billion Naira yearly importing software from abroad. This goes to show you how much manpower we are lacking in the area of Information Technology.

Package a CV that speaks Volume

When you have the skill, connections, and achievements, then your description on paper shouldn’t be found wanting. If possible you can’t design one, you should engage the services of a professional to help you achieve that.

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Your CV should highlight the following;

Areas of Interest
Jobs carried out

The Information Technology field in Nigeria is still a virgin, and they are looking for more brains to join this exciting field. All it takes to get a high-paying job in Nigeria is to choose an IT-related career and pursue it.

The returns are far more than the expenses made. It begins with you having the zeal to start up immediately. Learning an Information Technology course should no longer be expensive.

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