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How to Get The Best From Your Company Logo Designer

How to Get The Best From Your Company Logo Designer

Hi guys, I hope everyone is working smart and working right. I don’t think I’ll be too far from the truth if I refer to this particular time in Nigeria as the period of the entrepreneurship boom. People are beginning to appreciate what self-employment and self-empowerment are all about. Though some are still getting it wrong I believe in time, the natural laws of business will separate the wheat from the chaff.

Understandably, the need for an identity for these new startups is also on the rise which in my opinion is a step in the right direction. But unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs still fall prey to the bad elements in the design field who have nothing to offer but mediocrity. Fortunately for them, this writes up isn’t about them. It is for the serious-minded entrepreneurs and business owners who want the best for their businesses, and have hired the best hands but are having a hard time with decision-making. Don’t just throw your designer into a forest and expect him to find his way around, serve as his guide or GPS system.

These tips are aimed at helping you be a reliable and updated GPS system. Tag along.

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1. Have a picture:

I’m definitely not referring to the 6” by 4” and 5” by 7” kinda picture. It’s your business, it’s your vision so you should have an idea of what you want your identity to look like.

Maybe you want an abstract representation of something, you want it to deliver a particular message, you want a particular color to be included, something, anything to give your designer some sense of direction. Not every designer has enough experience to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

2. Feedback:

It’s a habit for some clients to leave it all to their designers. This isn’t a bad idea, but it’s not the best idea. Go with him/her each step along the way. Share ideas, and establish an understanding. This can help you get great results.

Note, that this doesn’t mean you should choke your designer. Establish an open line of communication and give space for creative freedom.

3. It’s your business:

Obviously, it’s your business. I only mean, don’t intimidate your designer with the opinion(s) of others.

Yes, you can seek the view of others on your projects and designs gotten from your designer, but you really shouldn’t always let their opinion translate into your decision. Like I said earlier, it’s your business and your vision, not theirs.

4. Be decisive:

Indecision really shouldn’t be a trait anyone should have, it can be very frustrating, especially to those you deal with. Take your time to reach a decision and stick to it.

Not you going with blue today and coming back tomorrow to say the blue looks somehow, maybe the designer should try green and let you see how it looks. Nothing destroys a designer’s morale faster than an indecisive client. Make a decision and stick to it.

5. Let your finance match your brief:

Chai, this is the one most clients don’t like hearing. But it’s very simple and straightforward. You can’t bring a brief of a Lamborghini when your financial capacity can only afford a Toyota Camry, tokunbo. That’s very unfair.

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A true designer has 2 major sources of motivation when it comes to paid jobs. His/her clients’ satisfaction and appreciation of his/her work, as well as a befitting reward for his/her efforts. If you know you can’t afford the financial requirement of the quality you want at the moment, then chill till you can afford it and get it done. Don’t disrespect your designer in the process of being cheap.

These are the few I was able to come up with. I’m sure other designers will have one or more things to add.

All the best.

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