FCV Academy Trials, Scholarships, and Admission

For footballers in the Midlands interested in joining FCV Academy as a day student. And are also interested in the FCV Football Scholarships, FCV International Football Academy has arranged a trial this season. The trial day is scheduled. It is open to 16 to 18-year-olds who live close enough to the FCV Academy’s new 66-acre residence, The Grace Dieu estate, in Leicestershire.

Players can hear educational presentations from the most knowledgeable FCV Academy staff members on and off the field during the open-air event. They will then play their first game in front of coaches at the nearby soccer team Coalville Town Football Club. Outstanding athletes may apply for scholarships at FCV Academy.

15 years ago saw the founding of FCV Academy. The academy is the first private football academy in Britain. Professional coaching and educational programs prepare young football players to compete at the professional level.

Coalville Town competes at the third level of non-league English football, the Southern League Premier Division Central, and is vying for promotion. Less than 10 kilometers separate FCV Academy in Grace Dieu from the semi-pro team.


Due to the lack of on-site lodging, FCV Academy’s day students will benefit from an exceptional football experience at a lesser cost. At the BTEC level 3 Coaching & Development course, they can learn. Coaching & Development Courses at the foundational, intermediate, or advanced diploma levels.

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Participants will learn from renowned coaches, including those from England’s top professional divisions, while participating in trials, showcasing chances, and competition matches with FCV Academy teams.

“We are aware of the fact that Leicestershire and the counties around it are extremely passionate about football and have some extremely talented players, and we’re looking forward to getting to know everyone who will be attending the open event in Coalville Town,” said Graham Starmer, managing director of FCV Academy.

Also, we highly encourage anyone interested in joining us in September as a day student to attend on May 19, as this is FCV Academy’s very first open day to prospective students at our new location.

We appreciate Coalville Town hosting the event’s football game and sharing our enthusiasm for creating chances for aspiring football players to succeed in our neighborhood.”

Players who perform well at the competition may be eligible for scholarships for the two-year program. Since there are only 28 spots available for the tournament, please register as soon as possible to prevent disappointment.

Any person not given an award after the event may still participate in the program as a day student.

By emailing [email protected] with their name, date of birth (players must be 16 years old by September 1, 2024), position, and current club information, participants can register for the tournament.

FCV Football Scholarships and Admission

The school is based in Stamford and is accredited by UEFA and other world football governing bodies. There are numerous career options available to students. The academy has state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge athletic gear. They hire well-known professional coaches, specialists in sports education, and academics from prestigious universities. This is what makes the reviews of FCV International’s football academy positive.

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Students from the academy also take part in the Development League, which helps them hone their abilities as competitive gamers. The academy has ties to many international professional teams and scouts. To demonstrate their high demand, students who exhibit exceptional talent are given contracts with professional teams and sold off to clubs. FCV football academy fees are frequently higher due to the high-end services provided. However, candidates can attend the academy with full scholarships thanks to the availability of football scholarships in the UK.

FCV International Football Academy provides students with football training, workshops, seminars, trips to watch football, etc. This extracurricular activity supports the development of students’ admirable attitudes toward sportsmanship. Students from abroad who are looking for a football academy in the UK are encouraged to apply.

How to Join FCV Football Academy UK

The college welcomes everyone with open arms. Candidates may be accepted through a free trial of football, by international football scouts, or by following UK football scholarships. If they don’t fall into one of these categories, they can contact the school directly to request admission.

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You must also fulfill the entry requirements to enroll in FCV Football Academy UK, which is another crucial step. However, due to the variety of football programs available, the admittance requirements for certain athletes may vary depending on the study program they have been approved for.

The specs, as collected from the resources, are listed below:

  • Excellent academic record and endorsement from your place of study
  •  Give details about your previous clubs, including contact information and dates [if you have any].
  •  Parental permission is essential for youngsters under 18 before starting Academy Registration.
  •  When applying for a Football Scholarship in the UK, you must demonstrate your financial need.
  • Try to upload a video of yourself. This technique is appropriate for international applicants.

Use this Academic Link to register.

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