High Paying Executive Assitant Jobs + Salary In The United States

Executive assistants’ jobs have to do with offering administrative assistance to executives of higher levels. The support they provide includes tasks in clerical, like answering phones, receiving messages, making calls greeting visitors, arranging meetings, going over reports, and arranging arrangements for travel arrangements to events outside of the city. In addition to these tasks, executive assistants can conduct market research as well as assist and train other administrative and clerical assistants. Executive Assistant Jobs is one of a kind.

The General duties of an Executive Assistant are:

  • Serving as the primary point of contact between employees, executives clients, and other external partners.
  • Controlling the flow of information in a timely and precise way
  • Management of executives’ calendars and arranging meetings

General Responsibilities

  • Assist as the primary point of contact between executives, employees, customers, and other external partners.
  • Control information flow in a timely and precise method
  • Control the calendars of executives and arrange meetings
  • Take care of accommodation and travel arrangements.
  • Pay for daily expenses and create monthly, weekly, or quarterly reports.
  • Supervise the performance of other clerical employees
  • Assist as an office manager by keeping in touch with an inventory of office supplies
  • Information on formatting to be used for external and internal communication such as emails, memos, and presentations. Reports, as well as reports.
  • Keep a record of meetings.
  • Direct and screen telephone calls, and distribute correspondence
  • Maintain and organize the office filing system.

in essence, Executive Assitant Jobs are highly demanding

General Qualifications and Skills

  • Experience as a Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant, or in a similar role
  • Very good MS Office knowledge
  • Fantastic time and organization abilities
  • Familiarity with office gadgets and programs (e.g. electronic calendars or copy machines)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication abilities
  • Discipline and confidentiality
  • High School diploma

Executive Administrative Assitant Jobs

Below are the ongoing Executive Administrative Assitant Jobs ( A part of the Executive Assitant Jobs) in the United States of America;

Executive Assistant (Executive Assitant Jobs)


Chicago, IL

Smartly is seeking executive assistants to be part of our rapidly expanding team! This position will serve as the right-hand to our CEO and will be responsible for the administrative duties, managing calendars and event coordination, and will also assist in helping create our newly-built Chicago office and ensure it is functioning efficiently.

Successful candidates should be social and possess excellent problem-solving abilities and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. A keen eye for detail, as well as excellent communication skills, is vital! You must also be comfortable handling confidential information, managing schedules across different time zones, and being able to thrive in a high-speed working environment. This is an excellent chance to advance your career within our international company!

We are looking for an extremely organized individual who can “get the task completed.” You must have a passion for helping others succeed, and be able to handle the demands of multiple projects at once. We’re seeking a person who can be a leader, maximize their impact, and maximize learning.

The position is described as a hybrid role which implies that you’ll be at work a minimum of three times a week.

This type of job will require some weekend and after-hours assistance Executive Assistant on Smartly.io as an Executive Assistant at Smartly.io, you’ll…


  • Our CEO is located in Chicago but is also on to help other executives if necessary
  • We will work in close collaboration with NYC and Helsinki Executive Assistants. Helsinki Executive Assistants
  • Manage the CEO’s calendar, including scheduling and setting priorities for meetings
  • Assistance in coordinating company-level activities as well as internal events. Chicago day-to-day office operations
  • Assist CEO in planning travel, in planning customer visits and other occasions, and also overseeing the expense collection and submission
  • Collaboration across functional lines to improve existing operations of the business
  • Make sure you represent the Smartly.io brand throughout every interaction
  • Assist with office management at the Chicago office, including beverages and food orders, managing vendors, and general office maintenance

We’re in search of you if are

  • Previous experience working in a similar position with a fast and brisk company, supporting a senior-level executive
  • Experienced working in a start-up setting (a concentration on social or Ad-tech is advantageous)
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize and be able to meet deadlines in a busy working environment
  • Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication abilities
  • Experience and skills in Project Management.
  • Work in a well-structured and self-contained style, with a positive attitude.
  • The ability to quickly learn and the determination to meet objectives
  • Google Workspace and Microsoft Office abilities
  • Bachelor’s Degree is preferred

Perks & Benefits…

  • Five weeks of paid leave time (PTO) 11, 11 company-paid holidays Unlimited sick days
  • Flexible hybrid, in-office, and remote work options based on the job
  • Comprehensive health packages and mental health benefits
  • Monthly wellness benefits and reimbursement options
  • 401K, equity grants, and match grants for all the new Smarties
  • Days off to volunteer and match-matching opportunities for donations from companies
  • Laptop or computer (MAC or PC) Phone with a plan, and Bose headphones
  • And much more…





Chicago, ILUSA


Business Apply Here

Executive Assistant, C-Suite

Adtalem Global Education Chicago, IL, USA

Employment Type


Opportunity at an A-Z

This position of Executive Assistant provides an array of administrative general support and analysis tasks that are extremely responsible and sensitive in nature. The position is expected to have frequent access to confidential data and will require a high degree of discretion, professionalism, and a sense of integrity when dealing with both internal and external contacts.

We are located in the heart of downtown Chicago and provide an alternative work schedule. This means that you will be on site for approximately 2 days a week and have flexible hours.

Executive Assitance Duties, C -Suite

  • Be aware of the demands and employ discernment when setting priorities. keep the manager informed and informed of meetings agendas, travel plans, upcoming events, inbound mail, letters, and other issues related to the administrative office’s campus, employees, and visitors.
  • Controls the leader’s calendar as well as contact database for scheduling meetings, organizing travel arrangements (airline rental car, car service hotel, etc. ) Ordering office supplies and equipment and preparing expense reports, arrange facilities and food.
  • Serve as an intermediary between the manager and employees’ clients, as well as all other external contacts, using discernment in deciding when to be independent as well as when you should refer the matter to the appropriate authorities.
  • Handle a wide variety of complex situations and time conflicts involving the business/administrative functions of the office and is responsible for confidential and time-sensitive material on a regular basis.
  • Make high-level documents and correspondence that are advanced for submission to the members of the Board or Presidential Cabinet.
  • Maintains precise records and files; designs as well as maintains file systems that include hardcopy and electronic computers, diskettes, and networks; make sure the files are formatted properly and are filed in a timely fashion and provides information on the request.
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  • The degree must be a Bachelor’s Degree, however, it is possible to substitute a mixture of experience and education.
  • 8 years of experience as an executive assistant.
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and additional Microsoft applications Note-taking for meetings.
  • Excellent oral, organizational, and writing abilities
  • Ability to work in a multi-tasking environment, independently, and as team members.
  • The ability to remain calm in the face of stress.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to exercise good judgment and discretion every day and when dealing with sensitive information.

EEOWe We are delighted to announce that we have become an EEO employer that offers M/F/D/V. We at Adtalem are open to all and are committed to inclusion and diversity. We encourage our colleagues to be their authentic selves, and we are in favor of laws that ban discrimination in all our businesses. As a company dedicated to educating future leaders in healthcare and helping members contribute to the world community, we recognize that it’s our duty to model the way and keep reducing the risk in spreading COVID-19. The employment at Adtalem or its affiliates is contingent upon compliance with the organization’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination Policy as allowed under the law of your province, state, country, or local area. 


  • Help in the preparation of the budget and keeping track of expenses.
  • Organize large-scale meetings that could contain multiple departments of the company.
  • Support administrative functions for any other member(s) from the Executive Cabinet as assigned/directed by the leader.
  • Provide support and assistance to employees and other departments as required for special projects or occasions.
  • Other tasks are completed as needed.

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Virtual Executive Assistant

EquivitySan Francisco, CA, USA


$18 Hourly

Employment Type


Equity is seeking part-time executive assistants with previous experience in supporting executives at the C-level and experience with a broad range of administrative tasks, including scheduling, managing email inboxes as well as planning and coordinating projects, travel arrangements as well as light bookkeeping, and the preparation of expense reports. Executive assistants support their bosses at the top of their game by creating agendas for meetings, coordinating with the senior staff in addition to keeping executives on track, and keeping tasks on track when needed. If you are interested in helping high levels of executives in achieving their business objectives Have experience working with executives from multiple industries and managing competing deadlines and goals, as well as be proud of your organizational capabilities, pay attention to the smallest of details, and excel in a home-based work setting, we’d like to meet with you!

Many of Equivity’s clients appreciate the advancement of social justice and more equity. They trust their assistant to be able to help their business or non-profit run in accordance with these principles. Your work with these organizations is likely to involve interaction with other stakeholders within these organizations that share these values. Therefore, applicants should be at ease representing organizations that foster values that value equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Requirements for a position:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Three years or more of experience working as an executive assistant, directly reporting to the CEO of the company or the president.
  • Experience in supporting multiple executives simultaneously or freelancing as a virtual assistant for multiple businesses at the same time.
  • Professionally proficient with Microsoft Office and the Google suite of software
  • Experience with preparing expense reports using Concur, Expensify, or other cloud-based applications
  • Experience in creating agendas for meetings and interacting with management
  • Experience in coordinating projects and working in teams
  • Ability to work, take and answer calls within one hour within a formal environment between 9 AM and 6 pm on Mondays through Fridays (Pacific, Central, or Eastern Time)
  • Excellent oral and written communication abilities
  • Your laptop or smartphone that has broadband access to the Internet
  • Working knowledge of bookkeeping, including Quickbooks Online, would be definitely a plus

Employment Type: Part-Time

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Executive Assitant Salary

A typical Executive Assistant working in the US earns $64,833. The median bonus for Executive Assistants is $2,833, which is 4 percent of their earnings and 44% of employees say they get an annual bonus. Executive Assistants earn the most of their money in San Francisco at $85,079, having a median total compensation of 31% more than the average in the US average.

The wages of executive assistants across the US can range from $25,000 up to $187,654, with a median of $62,000. The middle 57 percent of Executive Assistants earn between $62,000 and $113,000, while the top 86% earn $187,654.

What tax amount will you be required to pay as Executive Assistant?

If you are an individual within this tax bracket you’d be paying an average federal tax rate in 2018 of 22 percent. After the national tax of 22 percent is removed Executive Assistants are likely to earn a take-home salary of $54,630 per year, with each paycheck averaging around $2,000 (*).

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Personal Assistant Salary

In the week of September 6, 2022, the median annual salary for a Personal Associate working in the United States is $41,385 a year.

In case you require an easy salary calculator, it will be around $19.90 for an hour. This amounts to $795 per week or $3,448/per month.

Although applyforajob.org has seen annual wages as high as $80,000, and just $14,000 however, most Personal Assistant wages vary from $25,500 (25th percentile) to $46,000 (75th percentile) with the highest earners (90th percentile) earning $62,500 per year across all across the United States. The pay range that a Personal Assistant earns is dramatic (up to $19,500) this suggests there could be numerous opportunities to advance and earn more depending on your level of expertise location, experience, and work experience.

Based on the latest job listings on applyforajob.org according to recent job postings on applyforajob.org, the Personal Assistant market for jobs within the city of Chicago, IL, and the surrounding region is extremely busy. Personal Assistants in the area you live in earn an average of $42,591 annually, which is $1,206 (3 percent) higher than the average national pay of $41,385. is the top-ranked state of all 50 states in the nation for salaries of Personal Assistants?

To calculate the most accurate annual wage range for jobs as Personal Assistants, applyforajob.org continuously scans its database of millions of current local jobs that are published throughout America.

Remote Executive Assitant Jobs

Executive Assistant Business Partner- Uber Freight

Uber Chicago, IL, USA

About the Job

Executive Assistant Business Partners (EABPs) collaborate with Uber’s management to provide superior operational and administrative assistance and also contribute to projects that support corporate priorities and increase teamwork and morale. The Freight company is seeking an expert Business Partner Executive Assistant to provide dynamic executive assistance for members of the Freight team. Understanding the intricacies of global finance as well as the development of leadership teams are crucial for the success of this job.

Do you like taking care of the requirements of your team and solving complicated admin and operational problems before they ever appear? Do you wish to be part of a unique EA community? If yes, read the daily tasks below and fill out the application.

What You’ll do Provide high-level and proactive administration and management of complex calendars with Google Calendar including vetting, prioritizing, and providing suggestions for leaders to ensure they are well-prepared and on time for every meeting Help with scheduling multiple stakeholder meetings. Contribute to the leadership meetings by recording notes and recording action items. Navigate the complexities of working remotely with leaders, and the complex conference room layout upon returning to the office. assist with the planning and coordination of team meetings, all-hands meeting summits, and QBRs. International and domestic travel arrangements and submit expense reports for travel based on directions from travelers.

In Addition

Draft detailed travel plans and offer remote assistance in travel arrangements and logistics, using input from the traveler including visa processing Follow up and send reminders about deadlines for projects, AIs, and deliverables.

Basic Qualifications * six years of administrative experience. Preferential Qualifications: Minimum 4 years of experience working with the VP-level of a size business or Director-level executive in an international business. A strong technical ability using Google Calendar and other Google Workspace applications

The expertise demonstrated through extensive Zoom scheduling and troubleshooting along with other video conference requirements. Previous experience in finance multi-leadership teams and multiple leaders Flexibility to adapt and respond to shifting priorities in a rapid manner Effective communication skills and ability to develop solid relationships with external and internal stakeholders. Demonstrated ability to manage the calendar of leaders with little supervision or instruction. ability to identify the business needs and opportunities that can increase value executives with experience in arranging calendars to meet longer-term goals of business developing processes and systems to maximize the time of leaders managing large-scale projects from start to finish. Strong organizational abilities with a keen focus on detailed budget management. Able to handle confidential information Work in a complex, multi-faceted, and global work environment. Demonstrates confidence respects and values others and performs effectively in a group A bachelor’s degree or similar practical knowledge Uber we are constantly rethinking how the world works in a better way. The idea came to life during a cold winter night in Paris in 2008 and since our ethos of innovation and reimagination carries forward. The company has grown into a global network that moves people and objects in ever-growing ways and tackles big issues to assist riders, drivers, and delivery companies, as well as foodies, make things happen by pressing the button for anyone all over the world.

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Executive Assistant

Hopscotch Health Chicago, IL, USA

About Hopscotch Health

We at Hopscotch Health, believe that great healthcare should be available to all citizens in all kinds of communities. We offer advanced primary care services within our clinics as well as across all care settings, providing solid care throughout our entire model.

We’re on a quest to improve healthcare for rural communities across the nation each step at a by implementing advanced primary treatment. Our aim is to improve the experience of both patients and providers as well as strengthen communities and provide better healthcare, particularly for those who require the most.

As an ingenuous and rapidly expanding company, we’re looking for outstanding employees who are a part of our enthusiasm and beliefs. If you’re mission-driven with a great deal of experience, yet humble, and are looking to make a significant change in the field of healthcare, we’d like to meet you.

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We are looking for a meticulous person who is the strategic, people-first, and mission-driven person to join our team as Executive Assistant for the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer as well as Chief Medical Officer.

In Addition

The person in charge will be responsible for supporting the Hopscotch Health C-suite with all aspects of their day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month leadership and management of the company, which includes managing efforts related to the planning, preparation, and coordination and enablement of people and managing time. The Executive Assistant serves as a trusted advisor and advocate to ensure that the company is delivering on its objectives of the company and will also support the culture and team of Hopscotch too.

The Executive Assistant plays an active role in coordinating the executive agenda in order to achieve progress on important priorities, ensure efficient and efficient utilization of time for senior leadership and assist in the preparation and engagement of both meetings and events and travel.

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Virtual Executive Jobs

Below are some of the Virtual E.J you can find in the USA that is currently recruiting;

Virtual Executive Assistant- Seattle



$20 Hourly

Employment Type


Are you a committed professional with proven knowledge and experience with everyone you work with? Have you got a talent to be resourceful, supportive, and active? Are you organized, planning and problem-solving leave you feeling more confident than most people would consider. Do you want to experience the flexibility of working at home via the top virtual assistant company across the United States?

Don’t look any further! You’ve just discovered a career that you’ve always dreamed of.

BELAY is a top virtual solutions firm searching for enthusiastic virtual assistants who have an enthusiasm for helping others. Do you sound like someone who?

Then join us!

It is possible to have a rewarding job working from home while being available and present for your loved ones. It all starts with BELAY.


Entrepreneur Magazine ranked BELAY #1 in the category ‘Best Cultures for Small-Sized Enterprises’ as well as the “Top Company Culture for Small Business Awards for having a positive and high-performance business culture.

BELAY was also acknowledged as a company by Inc. Magazine as one of the “Fastest Growing Companies” across the United States.

But wait! That’s not at all!

BELAY also won the “When Work Works Award from the Society of Human Resource Management The award recognizes businesses that have innovative and flexible workplace solutions that allow their business to outdo the rest of the field.

And we’re not finished just yet!

Based in Atlanta, The Atlanta Business Chronicle named BELAY one of the “Best places to work.’ Click here for more details and apply.

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Virtual E.A (Remote) | 9am to 6pm

Startups.comSeattle, WA, USA

Zirtual is an element of Startups.com platform. Zirtual is a balance between work and life firm that offers its clients skilled well-educated executive assistants remotely for their personal and professional requirements. Our American-based Virtual Assistants (VA) strive to exceed the client’s expectations and needs.

A Virtual Assistant a crucial component of Zirtual. This VA is the primary source of communication with clients. They will also work in a team with clients.  VA receives assistance from their Account Supervisor assigned to them who will aid clients of the VA with changes to plans, and inquiries and offer feedback on the quality of service delegate issues, and other issues.

The VA will offer a top-quality professional administration service by performing tasks and projects that are assigned by the client and making sure they are completed on time and of top quality. VA is accountable for being the primary contact point with the clients assigned to them and is familiar with the preferences and needs of each client. The VA must maintain regular and active contact with the clients and Account Supervisors. Virtual Assistants must be available to clients during specified East Coast (EST) or West Coast (PST) service hours from 9:00 am to 6 pm, send monthly usage reports, reply to all communications within two hours keep up-to-date and detailed profiles of clients, and adhere to the Zirtual guidelines and policies.

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What is an Executive Assistance?

Ans: Executive assistants are typically seen answering phones, screening visitors and planning travel, creating reports as well as filing and organizing documents taking minutes of meetings and completing basic bookkeeping tasks. Free trial for all users with no credit card needed.

What does an executive assistant do?

The job that an executive assistant plays is crucial for the success of the executive, and consequently, for the business. An executive assistant assists the executive with whom they perform tasks like scheduling, reviewing, prioritizing, and responding to emails; taking and returning calls; organizing documents, keeping the records, taking notes at meetings, as well as any other administrative tasks that aid executives in their work.

How much does Executive Assitance make?

Executive Assistants earned an average salary of just $63,110 by 2020. The highest-paid 25 percent earned $78,410, whereas the lowest-paid 25% earned $49,890.

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