Everton FC Academy Football Trials and Registration Requirements

Everton FC Academy Football Trials: The following information relates to available football trial possibilities. This covers the academy’s contact information, the application and hiring processes for academy positions, the trial process, scholarship possibilities, and the opportunity to enroll in this academy. Improve your soccer skills.

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Open Trials Official Application Process for Reading FC Academy

At the Reading FC Academy, prospective players may occasionally be invited to participate in a trial that lasts up to 8 weeks.

Here is the official Reading FC trial registration form.

Please email Reading Football Club as much information as possible on a player’s playing career, including the schedule for the team they are now playing for. The department in charge of recruitment may ask a Scout to evaluate the athlete.

For complete information regarding a child’s playing history, contact the Recruitment Team. Talented children may also be identified through the Football in the Community program.

MK Dons Academy Football Trials Application procedure

If you are interested in applying for trials with MK Dons This is your best way to apply.

please e-mail:

Include the following information in your email:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your complete address and the postcode
  3. Your contact phone number
  4. Your age
  5. The date you were born
  6. School(s) was attended by
  7. The position that you prefer to play
  8. Your football CV or background
  9. The current team you are playing for
  10. The specifics of your current team
  11. Other relevant details, such as prior experience at the Pro Football Club’s Academy
  12. Confirm that you are a British or EU passport.

If known, please add all information about your upcoming games, including the dates, kickoff times, and locations.

Please take note that the Foundation Phase (U7–11) and Youth Development Phase are time and distance constrained for the Academy (U12-16). Travel time is restricted to 1 hour during the Foundation Phase and to 1 hour 30 minutes during the Youth Development Phase.

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Each person who requests a trial will receive an email acknowledging their submission.

One of our scouts will then receive this information and report back with his recommendation to the head of recruitment and the head of academy coaching.

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Official Application Process

Football Academy Trials information for Scunthorpe United Football Club. The academy runs a variety of Development Centres. Access will be granted to those who submit applicants for trials and the entire procedure. The players are invited to apply for

Visit: https://www.evertonfc.com/club/academy

The Official Everton FC Webpage

The trial inquiries must be made to the Academies Director of Recruitment, Daz Waring.


The player must include their football CV

Kings Lynn Town FC

General Trials for general trials Kings Lynn Town FC, please contact enclosing a CV. Thank you.

Crawley Town F.C.

Which year are you in—eleven or twelve? Do you intend to play soccer professionally? Email

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to register for our Easter trials: Players must register in advance.

Official Birmingham City Player Recruitment Process

The department in charge of recruiting players is also in charge of overseeing the choice, adjustment, and monitoring of players who don’t play in an academy environment. The team in charge of recruiting collaborates with our coaches to find players in each stage of our player route.

The academy’s main objective is to find and nurture players who can help it achieve this objective. This is a player-centric selection method that emphasizes success in any of the four player development areas. When possible, it prefers to hire players from places that are within an hour’s drive of Birmingham. The strategy will be created and linked to the profile as needed throughout the development phases and is collaborative in nature.


The Pre-Academy is a development program created to find, evaluate, and nurture talented local children between the ages of 6 and 8. The main goal is to create technically gifted players for our U9 squads who become accustomed to the club’s culture and playing philosophy through regular practice and competition, facilitating a smooth transition into the Academy way of life. The program places a lot of emphasis on technical development. Our UEFA-qualified Academy staff work to increase player-to-ball contact time in a friendly, welcoming, and professional setting by utilizing the club’s training facilities, a structured coaching syllabus, and a games program.


The Club operates a number of regional coaching programs through a very sizable Community Trust scheme. Players in various weekly local grass-roots leagues who are in the U12–U14 age range can participate in a shadow squad program run by the Community Trust. The U17-U19 age group also has a full-time program available.

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For a trial period, staff members can directly recommend players from the Community Trust program. Additionally, each Community Trust coach who works with the shadow squad and the U17-19 program serves as a spotter, suggesting opponents they have observed in the games their respective teams have played in.


There is a thriving high school football program in the West Midlands. The squad has learned through links in the community that there are kids who only play football at school and don’t participate in neighborhood grassroots games. There are a number of causes for this, the most common of which are a recent transfer to the neighborhood or a lack of or very little parental support.

The Academy provides ongoing support to West Midland District Schools at both the senior and elementary levels, enabling them to utilize the facilities for practice sessions before crucial matches on their calendar. To help them develop as coaches, school employees are also invited to Academy CPD activities. This indicates that the Director of Recruitment or Office may be contacted directly by gifted athletes who are identified as such by school staff members. When suitable, this can lead to observation and an offer to participate in the Academy test procedure.

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