Engineering Jobs in Ghana and the Application Form

This is to bring to the notice of our readers that the current engineering jobs in Ghana and the application form are currently on. If you are here for mechanical engineering jobs in Ghana, computer engineering jobs in Ghana, or petroleum engineering jobs in Ghana, then you are in the right place

With the help of our resource partners, we have been able to bring clarity and cut out requirements for this Engineering job vacancy in ghana and how to apply for them. Apply if you fall into any engineering job category. Some of the jobs listed can favor entry-level applicants. Therefore if you are just starting out there is definitely a place for you on the list.

Engineering Jobs in Ghana and the Application Form

Below is the list of the available vacancies in some reputable companies in Ghana. Be sure to go through the requirements before proceeding to apply for the jobs advertised.

Job Title: Electronics Technician I at Halliburton

Job Location: Ghana

About Halliburton Plc

Halliburton is a multinational American corporation serving many countries across the world. Halliburton’s major business stake is Energy services. The company offers oil field services, drilling, development, Completion Tools, Multi-Chem, Pipeline & Process Services, Production Enhancement, and Production Solutions among many other fields. The company has a presence in Ghana and is currently looking to fill up some engineering job vacancies in ghana at the company.

Requirements for this Electronics Technician I Job at Halliburton, That’s Among the Latest Engineering Job Vacancies in Ghana

  • The company is looking for a dedicated individual to assist in some electrical maintenance in their Ghana division.
  • Will work under the close supervision of superiors while laying out an implementable framework for maintenance, diagnostics, and repairing a variety of electronic and electrical equipment in their assigned office.
  • With a high school diploma and technical certification, you can be accepted for this electrical engineering job in Ghana.
  • Ability to deliver promptly on assigned duties.
  • Computer literacy is equally compulsory.

Job Title: Import – Export Specialist at Schlumberger

Job Location: Ghana

About Schlumberger Limited

With an active presence in 120 countries, Schlumberger has risen to become a leading giant in oil fields and energy services. The company Schlumberger today provides a full range of services for the petroleum industry, including seismic data processing, formation evaluation, well testing and directional drilling, well cementing and stimulation, artificial lift, well completions, flow assurance and consulting, and software. Their office in Ghana is presently recruiting for vacant engineering positions.

Requirements for this Import – Export Specialist Job at Schlumberger

  • The selected specialist will check incoming and outgoing import and export documentation, ensure accuracy, and ensure compliance with customs regulations.
  • Ensure that import and export systems are in place as required in the assigned country, including storing data and documents when necessary.
  • Officials demand applicants must be holders in Logistics & Transport, Mathematics, Engineering, or any other similar field.
  • Basic knowledge of PowerPoint and Microsoft excel tools.
  • At least 5 years of experience doing similar petroleum engineering jobs in Ghana.

Job Title: Manager: Quality and Performance at MTN GlobalConnect

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Job Location: Ghana

About MTN Plc

MTN is a leading telecommunications network company providing mobile network services for users. It has the largest stake in the network consumer market in Africa expanding to more than 20 African countries. The company has equally expanded in other services like Fintech, SME development schemes, e.t.c. In addition to providing mobile network services, MTN has contributed quite a lot to the employment of many eligible persons in Ghana.

Requirements for this Quality and Performance Job at MTN GlobalConnect

  • The selected person will be in charge of providing quality and performance reports for all core and backbone GlobalConnect services, Roaming, Signaling, Messaging, IT, IP/MPLS.
  • Just like many other computer engineering jobs in Ghana, applicants must have a minimum of 5 years of experience.
  • Sound knowledge in IT, especially from a telecommunication job.
  • Excellent analytical and team-building skills.
  • Must have a sound background in the use of Micro-soft tools relevant to this job.

Job Title: Projects Manager at Guinness

Job Location: Ghana

About Guinness Plc

Guinness is a stout and beverage drink company that originated in Ireland. From a small Irish town, Guinness has expanded to many other countries across the world. Customer satisfaction established Guinness as an industry leader producing over $2 Billion worth of drinks manually. They have a presence in Ghana and have been very beneficial, especially in the area of employment.

Requirements Projects Manager Role at Guinness That’s Among the Engineering Jobs in Ghana

  • Establish a five-year rolling Capex program to maximize ROI with management and engineering teams.
  • Make sure there is full adherence to all Capex programmes.
  • Apply if you have done a project or mechanical engineering job in Ghana before.
  • Good team spirit and analytical skills.
  • Ability to work under little or no supervision.

Job Title: Engineer IT Application (CRM) at MTN GlobalConnect

Job Location: Ghana

About MTN Plc

A leading telecommunications network company, MTN provides mobile network services to its customers. The company encompasses more than 20 African nations and has equally ventured into Fintech and SME development. The company has played a significant role in helping to create employment for many Ghanaians in addition to providing telecom services.

Requirements for Engineer IT Application (CRM) Vacancy at MTN GlobalConnect

  • Responsible for the installation, configuration, and maintenance of MTNGC’s digital solutions. Haraka is based on Salesforce & Enxoo solutions for access to telco’s MTNGC systems.
  • Will act as the end engineer user helping unlock user accounts in the event of any forgetting of password.
  • All-round competency in IT solutions as regards telecommunication engineering Jobs in Ghana 2022
  • Fluency in English and indigenous languages.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

Job Title: Automation & Instrumentation Engineer at Nestlé

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Job Location: Ghana

About Nestle Plc

Nestle is a world-leading food and beverage company. They are a global fortune company known for the quality of their product and customer satisfaction. Nestle provides a wide range of foods and beverages serving almost all age groups with the best nutrition and dietary combination. The products are seen in more than 50 countries across the world with over 10,000 direct and indirect labor forces.

Required Qualifications for Automation & Instrumentation Engineer Position at Nestlé

  • Supervise and control all electrical controls and automation systems during all stages of the E&A project.
  • The selected person will equally Ensure that all project information is communicated to project personnel and the project leader in a timely manner, including progress updates and overall accountability of every portion of the project.
  • This job will favor you if you have experience in agric engineering jobs in Ghana.
  • Excellent team and leadership skills.
  • Candidates are equally expected to be of good background in the use of computer tools and software related to this job.

Job Title: Maintenance Supervisor at Puma Energy

Job Location: Ghana

About Puma Energy

In 1997, Puma Energy was founded in Singapore and Geneva and employs over 8,000 people worldwide. They have its headquarters in Singapore and Geneva and supply, store, and distribute petroleum products in 48 countries on six continents. Puma Energy has regional offices in South Africa, Puerto Rico, Australia, and Estonia. They recently established a Global Delivery Center in Mumbai, India. They have more than 3,000 retail locations and operate at more than 80 airports.

Required Qualifications for Maintenance Supervisor Jo at Puma Energy, That’s Among the Engineering Jobs in Ghana

  • Puma seeks to employ a dedicated maintenance engineer with a deep length of experience in facility safety and maintenance.
  • With a minimum diploma, you can be accepted for this role provided you have the technical skill requirements.
  • A minimum of 2 to 3 years of experience in environmental and safety engineering jobs in Ghana or any field related to maintenance.
  • Good administrative and organizational skills.

Job Title: Microbiologist at Coca-Cola Beverages Africa

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Job Location: Ghana

About Voltic Ghana

In Ghana, Voltic (GH) Limited has been manufacturing the leading premium water brand for the past two decades. Currently, it is expanding its portfolio to include carbonated soft drinks and value-added dairy products. They manufacture Coca-cola drinks in Ghana in addition to their beverage and soft drinks on their list.

Requirements for this Microbiologist Vacancy at Coca-Cola Beverages Africa

  • The company is looking for an individual with a sound background in microbial studies to help drive company growth.
  • Ensure product safety and quality assurance while ensuring workers adhere to the best hygiene.
  • Draw analysis from users and management feedback on products.
  • Must have obtained at least 2 years of experience doing a similar engineering job in Ghana.
  • A bachelor’s degree in related jobs.

How to Apply for Engineering Jobs in Ghana

Interested Persons should proceed and use the application portal HERE to apply. Engineering Jobs in Ghana and the Application Form are only for legal residents in Ghana. Be equally reminded that companies will not accept anybody that fails to tender proofs of documents and certifications indicated in CVs and application letters.

Automation & Instrumentation Engineer at Nestlé

Electronics Technician I at Halliburton

Maintenance Supervisor at Puma Energy

Import & Export Specialist at Schlumberger

Microbiologist at Coca Cola Beverages Africa

Project Manager at Guinness

Engineer: IT Application (CRM) at MTN GlobalConnect

Manager: Quality and Performance at MTN GlobalConnect

Additionally, please be reminded that these Engineering Jobs in Ghana and the Application Form are not for sale. You don’t need money to apply for any of the roles available there. Beware of scammers parading as job and recruitment officials.

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