How To Deal With Peer Pressure And Bully In Life

How To Deal With Peer Pressure And Bully In Life

Bullying and peer pressure is obviously what almost every young person experience in the different stages of life. Many may be able to resist this force while some see it as a challenge and as a result succumbs to it.

Are you having difficulties overcoming peer pressure and bullies? here are eight smart ways you can deal with it.

Be confident in yourself:

You should be able to define yourself, know what you want and what you don’t want for yourself, and be able to stand by it. So that whenever you are being pressured to do what is not right, you will be able to identify and resist without compromise.

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Say NO and stand by it:

Do not act like you are scared when you are being approached, always wear that look that whenever someone sees you, they will be convinced that your refusal is sure. Say NO and stand by it.

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Always make sure you take the right decision and equally stand by it. Don’t allow yourself to be the kind of human, who can be persuaded into doing what you don’t feel comfortable doing.

Back up your NO with positive statements:

Don’t just say no and stop there. For example, if you’re turning down an offer to smoke, say something like, “No! I like my brain the way it is and I don’t want to damage it, thank you. With that, you have already discouraged the person.

Always repeat yourself:

Don’t hesitate to state your point over and over again, the more you resist, the more you convince yourself and the more you drive them away.

Walk away from the scene: When you find yourself in such an environment, the best thing to do is to walk away from the scene.

Avoid locations prone to pressure:

If you know there’s going to be alcohol or drugs at a party, avoid going there and if you must go, go with your friends that will proudly take punch or malt with you.

If you’re going out with a guy, avoid being alone with him anywhere he might pressure you to get more physical than you want to be. Surround yourself with positive friends: Make friends with people who share the same motive, values, and culture as you.

Always learn to speak up:

Learn to speak up when you are being pressured, you can also confide in a much older friend. Finally, learn not to join the crowd, avoid doing things because others are doing them, and always see yourself as different and unique, with this, you will be able to overcome any form of peer pressure.

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