CSIR Vacancies in South Africa | CSIR Careers

CSIR Vacancies in South Africa | CSIR Careers

Every year, hundreds of job vacancies at CSIR Pretoria, CSIR careers, or CSIR Vacancies in South Africa are always available for South African citizens who want to build an exceptional careers.

The major challenge most people interested in building careers in CSIR face is choosing from the numerous CSIR job vacancies for which they are eligible. This single challenge has limited a lot of people resulting in some of them giving up their dreams of careers at CSIR.

To help profound solution, Moden News has compiled a list of the most recent job vacancies at CSIR Pretoria including the responsibilities and requirements for each.

So, you are in the right place if you came looking for job vacancies at CSIR Pretoria or careers at CSIR.

CSIR Vacancies in South Africa

Here are the recent job vacancies at CSIR:

Job Type: Director

Salary: R881,620.00 Yearly

Job Location: Pretoria

Responsibilities For This CSIR South Africa Job

  • The primary role is to maintain CHPC’s strategic relevance and alignment with the national research and innovation agenda.
  • Another role is to develop and contribute to plans and strategies for implementing components of the national-level system relevant to the CHPC to ensure that the national CHPC’s goals are met.
  • Next is to develop and take part in longer-term national and international policies. This will cause considerable increases in national HPC research capacity and capabilities.
  • Another function of this CSIR South Africa job personnel is to contribute to the Center’s financial viability by soliciting outside funds through research and partnership awards.
  • The personnel will also be in charge of training or supervising post-graduate students in HPC-related subjects to contribute to human capital development.
  • The director will further interface and manage relationships with various stakeholders.
  • And then ensure that the Center’s short-term, medium-term, and long-term critical performance and operational targets are met.

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Experience and Qualifications For This CSIR South Africa Job

  • To apply for this CSIR South Africa job, you need a Master’s degree in science, engineering, or technology.
  • Apart from the degree, this job is one of the available job vacancies at CSIR Pretoria that requires at least ten years of senior management experience in high-performance computing research and development.
  • If the applicant has a doctoral degree in natural science, computer science, mathematics, engineering, or computational science, he gets a better chance of getting the job.
  • Also, this is among the vacancies at CSIR that require extensive stakeholder management experience.
  • Then, the applicant must have evidence of internationally acknowledged research activities, including a publication record, human capital development, and peer recognition.
  • The applicant needs at least ten years of experience leading and managing research in an extensive research organization.
  • Applicants must have a large amount of post-qualification research and research management experience. 
  • A long-term strategy formulation experience at the group, institutional, and national levels are among the basic requirement for this vacancy at CSIR.
  • Experience in a complex research and development environment with a proven track record of internationally recognized competence, leadership, and management at a senior level.
  • The applicant must have a proven ability to deal effectively and set direction with complicated issues in a complex setting.
  • Another vital skill for this job position is excellent interpersonal and communication skills. With these skills, you can influence appropriate outcomes and behavior at all levels, from the individual to the institutional to multi-stakeholder forums.

Business Analyst

Salary: R390,328.00 Yearly

Location: Pretoria, Gauteng

Responsibilities For This CSIR South Africa Vacancy

  • The primary role of a business analyst is to compile critical reports and metrics for decision support by gathering relevant project data and consolidating it using internal/external sources.
  • Another vital role is creating and managing procedures for collecting and integrating data from various sources.
  • A business analyst also assists in the creation of product and tool systems. 
  • The analyst will also assist in compiling client user requirements and needs specifications.
  • Then, ensure that project, program, and company development initiatives are of high quality.
  • The applicant will also apply specialist knowledge of specialized analytical approaches across multiple projects and products to provide strategic support.
  • Develop primary business process automation methods for the real estate asset management and government sectors.
  • They also create roadmaps and frameworks for critical business requirements.
  • Implement and track project performance indicators (KPI) during the project’s lifecycle.
  • Identify and offer solutions to existing data gathering and management systems’ strengths and flaws.
  • Encourage the development or refinement of suitable products, techniques, methods, policies, and standards by soliciting input on data from fieldwork.
  • They also support the Programme Manager and the relevant Technical Domain Manager in project management.
  • Furthermore, the business analyst provides project management support to the Programme Manager in the form of initiation, preparation, planning, execution, control, and close-out of Infrastructure management-related activity.

Experience and Qualifications For this CSIR South Africa Vacancy

  • Business Analyst is one of the job vacancies at CSIR Pretoria that requires the applicant to have a bachelor’s degree in commerce, information systems, or systems engineering.
  • The applicant must have at least five years of experience in the infrastructure environment, focusing on developing policy documents and standard operating procedures.
  • An MBA with project management and information systems as core subjects would be advantageous.
  • A certification or training in Project Management, Quality Management, Cost Models (QS), Energy Management (ISO50001), or RECP will benefit.
  • Must be a member of a professional organization. Interpersonal and stakeholder relations abilities are exceptional.
  • The applicant must have skills in mathematics and finance, and excellent verbal and written communication and presentation abilities.
  • The applicant must have skills in systems thinking, and be detail-oriented, proactive, and self-motivated.
  • Furthermore, the applicant must have a strong work ethic and extensive report-writing skills.

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Job Position: Senior Signal Analyst

Salary: R 379,235.00 Yearly

Location: Pretoria, Gauteng

Responsibilities For This CSIR South Africa Job

  • As a senior signal analyst, your primary role is to contribute to the innovation and technology strategies in collaboration with the Research Group Leader.
  • Another vital role you will handle is coaching and mentoring engineers in various research and development initiatives.
  • Then, tackle real-world problems, and apply and integrate systems thinking concepts.
  • Also, you will organize the creation of innovative signal-processing algorithms.
  • Analyze mathematical systems, their performance, and their effects on other systems.
  • As a Senior Signal Analyst, you will validate and enhance algorithms by experimenting with deployable systems.
  • It is part of your deliverables to create prototypes in a high-level programming language.
  • Another primary deliverable you will handle is communicating with internal and external clients.

Experience and Qualifications For This CSIR South Africa Job

  • A bachelor’s degree in electronic/computer engineering and at least five years of experience in an analytical function in an Electronic Warfare/Radar engineering setting.
  • The applicant must have post-graduate training in electronic or radar defense, processing of signals, or statistics.
  • The applicant must have experience with signal processing, or system analysis will be advantageous.
  • Considering the nature of the job, full knowledge of Matlab, Julia, Python, and C++ are essential. 
  • They also need a proven ability to mentor and coach junior and senior employees and a willingness to do so.
  • Hiring officials expect the applicant to have a working knowledge of signal processing and analysis and system analysis.
  • Then, the applicant must have proven client interaction and relationship management skills.
  • Understanding antennas, radio frequency (RF) systems, electromagnetic theory, and propagation will be advantageous.
  • Then have an exemplary implementation of electronic hardware and software knowledge.
  • Furthermore, the applicant must have the ability to write technical reports and give presentations.

Job Title: Divisional Communications Practitioner

Salary: R 420,000.00 Yearly

Job Location: Pretoria

Responsibilities For This CSIR South Africa Job

  • The primary role of a divisional communications practitioner is to assist in the formulation and implementation of cluster and project-specific communication plans aimed at external and internal audiences.
  • Another significant role the practitioner performs is to assist in collecting content for CSIR promotional materials, such as brochureware, event-specific publications, multimedia products, exhibition material, and presentations supporting the CSIR’s work.
  • This career is among the jobs at CSIR and anyone taking it up must be ready to Implement various communication actions.
  • The practitioner writes press releases and responds to them.
  • He also assists in the planning and execution of events such as open days for various clusters in collaboration with the CSIR’s circumstances and business development. 
  • Contribute material to intranet and other corporate communication tools and campaigns.
  • Furthermore, this personnel writes and maintains material for use in all CSIR-owned media, both present and future. 

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Qualifications For This CSIR South Africa Job

  • To function well in this CSIR job, the hiring official expects the applicant to have a bachelor’s degree in science communication, journalism, or public relations.
  • Apart from the degree, the applicant must have three to five years of communication experience.
  • The applicant must have a track record of success in writing, presentation, and project management. 
  • The applicant must have a high level of competence in reputation management.
  • Then, the ability to work with the media is a must-have if you want to get this job.
  • Due to the nature of the job, this is one of the vacancies in CSIR Pretoria that requires the applicant to have advanced writing and verbal communication skills.
  • In addition to communication skills, it’s essential that the applicant is computer literate at the highest level and can innovate things. 

Job Position: Business Development Manager

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Job Location: Pretoria

Responsibilities For This CSIR South Africa Job

  • Lead the Agriculture and Food cluster’s business development strategy in coordination with the Business Development & Commercialisation Divisional Executive.
  • Assume responsibility for the cluster’s revenue targets and income stream diversification.
  • Facilitate strategic parliamentary grant investment to leverage additional revenue from the industry and other funding sources.
  • Assume responsibility for a well-balanced stream of business leads per cluster’s goals.
  • Assume responsibility for market/business intelligence to influence the cluster’s RDI agenda.
  • In industry and the public sector, lead and sustain in-depth stakeholder engagement.
  • Be in charge of all significant client interactions, representing clients’ interests, and ensuring client satisfaction.

Qualifications and Experience For This CSIR South Africa Job

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in business development or a related field to get this job. 
  • In addition to the degree, you need at least five years of industry experience in business development.
  • If you have a bachelor’s degree in agriculture or agricultural economics, you can still get the job.
  • Among the recent job vacancies at CSIR Pretoria list, this is the only one that requires the applicant to have an in-depth understanding of agro-processing and precision agricultural industries.
  • Relevant industry experience, demonstrable people management, project management, and organizational development experience are required.
  • The applicant must have a proven track record of obtaining money from various sources.
  • In the sector, substantial continental and global knowledge and networks are critical.
  • It is necessary to have prior experience writing business plans.
  • The applicant must be an excellent communicator with excellent business acumen.
  • Summarily, the applicant must have strong people management and organizational development skills.

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Research Group Leader: Advanced Functional Materials

Salary :- R 19,923.00 per month

Location: Pretoria

Job Type: Full Time

Responsibilities For This CSIR South Africa Job

  • Contribute to creating the group’s RDI strategy and setting strategic investment goals.
  • Implement the advanced functional materials group’s research, development, and innovation (RD&I) plan.
  • Ensure that the topic stays relevant to industry and service delivery, with national and international stature that is focused on cutting-edge research and relevant to potential funders.
  • Propose and participate in the strategic investment strategy and Parliamentary Grant, Contract Research and Development, and other grant-funded initiatives.
  • Develop and implement a business plan for the area’s operation, long-term growth, and impact (covering strategy, goals, mission, HR, finances, technology transfer, IP, and commercialization).
  • Assume responsibility for providing technological solutions to client programs.
  • Ensure that staff development and strategic Human Capital Development are prioritized.
  • Ascertain a well-balanced, cutting-edge SET capacity in research, engineering design, and systems/enterprise engineering.

Qualifications For This CSIR South Africa Job

  • The applicant must have a doctorate in chemical/biomedical engineering or a related subject and at least five years of expertise in technology domain research in an RDI environment to apply for this job.
  • The South African Qualifications Authority issues an evaluation report/certificate for all international qualifications (SAQA).
  • The applicant must have proven project management and research project leadership experience.
  • Then, the ability to operate both independently and in groups.
  • The applicant needs business development and financial knowledge.
  • Furthermore, the applicant must have communication and presenting skills that are second to none.

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Jobs Type: Research Group Leader

Salary :- R 19,923.00 per month

Job Location: Pretoria

Responsibilities For This CSIR South Africa Job

  • The research group leader position is one of the job vacancies at CSIR Pretoria. The personnel in charge create and lead an engineering team in building systems, products, and processes for the Department of Defense and the Aerospace and Defense market.
  • Another vital role of the research group leader is maintaining present Research Group capabilities. 
  • The leader also models and analyzes operational concepts, doctrine, tactics, and system and subsystem architecture.
  • Utilize systems engineering methods, tools, processes, techniques, and training to develop world-class capabilities.
  • Develop a portfolio of technology development projects by conceptualizing, packaging, costing, managing, and delivering them.
  • Invest in new product development technology.
  • Elicit, agree on, and communicate user, product, and subsystem requirements.
  • Lead project systems integration operations to ensure that subsystems communicate with one another to achieve product requirements.
  • Develop and manage a plan for validation and verification.
  • Ensure that system-level hazards are well understood, managed, and communicated.
  • To reduce development time, own and coordinate multi-domain physics simulation.
  • Contribute to the establishment of RDI strategy and the setting of strategic investment goals.
  • Ascertain a well-balanced, cutting-edge SET capacity in research, engineering design, and systems/enterprise engineering.
  • Deliver on all area KPIs and guarantee that all outputs, including transformation, profit and loss, quality, health, safety, and the environment, are met according to agreed-upon targets.
  • Develop long-term partnerships with clients and industry partners.
  • Participate in client engagements and provide technical support for business development.
  • Ensure the protection of intellectual property (IP) and the transfer of technologies.
  • Furthermore, the research group leader ensures that technology and solution designs are transferred to the industry/user context.
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Qualifications For This CSIR South Africa Job

  • To apply for this CSIR job position, the applicant needs a Master’s degree in engineering mechanical/aeronautical/mechatronics)
  • Apart from the degree, the applicant needs at least five years of experience in a technological, engineering, or research and development setting, with four years in systems engineering.
  • A doctorate in the engineering field gives the applicant an advantage over other applicants. 
  • Then, the applicant needs to understand the architectural definition, and requirements analysis is required.
  • The applicant needs to have a proven track record of leading a team of multi-disciplinary professionals.
  • And the applicant needs proven project management and research project leadership experience.
  • As an applicant, you should have a strategy to work that actively seeks to develop relationships across and across functions.
  • Then, you must be interested in the basic principles of systems engineering and possess the ability to direct thought and conceptualize at a high level.
  • This job is one of the CSIR jobs available that require you to have the ability to work well on early-stage product development initiatives that are uncertain.
  • Ability to convince and influence people at all levels of the organization across disciplines and departments;
  • The applicants must have the ability to convey complicated ideas and concepts effectively, either verbally or in writing, and to customize communication to different levels, particularly senior management;
  • Ability to defy traditions, shift directions, and redefine processes to ensure that the client receives value
  • Considering the nature of this job, you need business development and financial knowledge, including communication and presenting skills.
  • Another essential requirement is handling conflict and taking the right actions when necessary. 
  • Skills in project management.
  • Furthermore, you must have RDI networks at the national and international levels before getting this job at CSIR.

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How to Apply CSIR Job Application

  • To start, visit the CSIR Vacancy website by clicking the official link Here
  • After that, click on the job you think you’re qualified for and create online profiles before applying.
  • When applying, you must verify that they select the relevant post and post number.


  • On the online profile, all information must be entered. You will receive a curriculum vitae (CV) from the system. It is not essential to upload documents.
  • Certified copies of all supporting papers (e.g., qualifications, driver’s license, identity document, etc.) must be presented to the interview committee after being shortlisted.
  • If you are a non-RSA national and Permanent Resident Permit holder, you must provide a copy of your Permanent Resident Permit with your online application.
  • Remember, only applications submitted via the internet will be evaluated.

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