How To Become A Crime Scene Cleaner In USA

We are frequently curious about what happens to crime scenes after they have been investigated. Do they simply leave the bloodstains and potentially hazardous and infectious materials where they are? Definitely not. This article will teach you how to become a crime scene cleaner In the USA

A career as a crime scene cleaner can be rewarding for detail-oriented individuals who enjoy keeping spaces organized. A crime scene cleaner’s job is to clean and sanitize the area where a violent crime has occurred. Cleaning of blood, bodily fluids, and even tear gas can be included. Cleaning up after suicides, industrial accidents, and unattended deaths is also a job for some crime scene cleaners.

Talented crime scene cleaners with business skills, on the other hand, can benefit from flexible work hours and potentially higher earnings by launching their own crime scene cleaning services.

Crime Scene meaning

A crime scene is any location that may be associated with a crime that has been committed. Such a place is always horrifying, especially if the victim is close to you. There is blood everywhere, curious onlookers, detectives, and a horrible odor. It’s painful to imagine what the victim went through as memories and flashbacks play out. In such a situation, you’d want to get rid of anything that reminds you of the horrific events. The first step is to clean up the crime scene.

What Is Crime Scene Cleanup?

Crime scene cleanup refers to the removal of blood, bodily fluids, and potentially infectious materials from crime scenes. Because crime scenes are only a subset of the situations in which biohazard cleaning is required, it is also known as biohazard remediation and forensic cleanup.

Accidents, suicide, homicides, and decomposition after unattended death may necessitate this type of cleanup, as well as mass trauma, industrial accidents, infectious disease contamination, animal biohazard contamination (e.g. faeces or blood), or regulated waste transport, treatment, and disposal.

Is crime scene cleanup a good career?

Choosing to work as a crime scene cleaner can be a very rewarding job for those who have a strong work ethic and enjoy being on the go. However, determining whether a cleaning job is right for you can be difficult.

The most important way to determine whether a cleaning job is right for you is to ask yourself, “Do I really enjoy cleaning that much?” because, after a crime, even a violent crime, most people will not leave their home, but will require cleaning to remove all traces of the violence that occurred.

This can extend far beyond simply wiping up blood. Furniture, fabrics, carpet, padding, wallboard, and other items contaminated with blood, body fluids, or tissue matter may be disposed of.

As a crime scene cleaner, you must be prepared for the smells and potential biohazards while cleaning up the remains of a crime scene. You opt to also be compassionate toward the surviving family members who are dealing with the tragedy.

Key benefits of becoming a crime scene cleaner in the USA

Here are the top benefits of crime scene jobs in the US:

  • Rewarding work
  • Pick & choose the clients you work with
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Daily physical activity
  • Higher likelihood of getting referrals
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Rewarding work

If you are willing to take on the task, working as a crime scene cleaner can be a rewarding career path for you. After all, you’re solving a pressing problem for your customer and working on something you genuinely care about.

Pick & choose the clients you work with

You have the ability to select the clients you work with as a Crime Scene Cleaner. You have the option of working with a few loyal clients or hundreds of clients!

Unlimited income potential

There is no limit to how much money you can make by starting a crime scene cleanup professional. The more business skills you have and the more energy/time you put into your career, the more money you will make.

Daily physical activity

Crime scene cleanup is typically more physically demanding than other types of work. Most days, you’ll be walking, running errands for your business, and doing a variety of tasks. This can improve your energy levels as well as your overall health.

Higher likelihood of getting referrals

This industry is built on referrals, which can be a powerful way to attract and retain customers. It is critical that you have an excellent referral program in place that encourages your customers to tell their friends about your service as a crime scene cleaner.

Crime scene cleaner educational requirement

To work as a crime scene cleaner, no formal education is required. However, the majority of bioremediation companies provide training and on-the-job education. As a crime scene cleaner, you may encounter the following training programs:

  • Bloodborne pathogen training
  • Personal safety equipment training
  • Respiratory protection training
  • Training in Hazardous Communication
  • Heat-illness awareness training
  • Training in medical waste handling and transportation.

The Easiest way to become a crime scene cleaner

Here’s a step-by-step guide to becoming a crime scene cleaner in the United States:

  • Enroll in training and earn certifications
  • Write a catching resume
  • Apply for jobs
  • Go for an Interview
  • Complete on-the-job training

Enroll in training and earn certifications

Although formal education is not usually required to become a crime scene cleaner, you may need to complete some specialized training before pursuing this career path. There are numerous training and certification programs available for crime scene investigators, including biohazard handling training, personal protective equipment training, and pathogen training. Getting trained in these areas can help you do your job as a crime scene cleaner safely and effectively.

Write a catching resume

The next stage in obtaining a job in this profession is to write a resume outlining your qualifications. Contact information, education, work experience, skills, and certifications should all be included on your resume.

To demonstrate to potential employers that you are qualified to become a crime scene cleaner, you can focus the information on your resume on skills and experiences associated with crime scene cleaning. Because this job requires interpersonal and communication skills, consider creating a section to highlight your soft and technical skills.

Apply for jobs

After you’ve created an excellent resume, you can begin applying for jobs. Crime scene cleaner jobs can be found on job boards and social media sites, and you can also search for crime scene jobs near me on search engines. You can also contact a crime scene cleaning company in the US directly to inquire about open positions.

Go for an Interview

An interview is a very vital step in getting a job as a crime scene cleaner. Prepare to discuss your skills and certifications relevant to working as a crime scene cleaner during your interview. This can demonstrate to your interviewer that you have the necessary experience and qualifications to work as a crime scene cleaner, which may increase your chances of getting the job.

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Complete on-the-job training

Once hired as a crime scene cleaner, you may be required to take additional crime scene cleaning training courses as well as on-the-job training. Cleaning companies can establish their own policies for training and professional development. You may also need to renew your existing certifications over time. This can help you ensure that you know how to do your job properly and safely.

How much do crime scene cleaners get paid an hour?

Crime scene cleanup fees can range from $150 to $600 per hour and are typically billed by the hour. The cost will be determined by the cleaning specifications, the scope of work, the complexity of the cleanup, and the time required to restore the site to its pre-incident condition.

Getting started in crime scene cleaning can be expensive in terms of supplies and equipment. Remember that crime scene cleaning is not for everyone; many people burn out within the first year. However, some people are well suited to this type of work.

This can be a profitable business if you have the stomach for it, a sympathetic ear for the victim’s family, and the ability to wear protective gear for long periods of time. This is a growing field with big potential, especially if you live in a big city or metropolitan area.

Best Crime Scene cleanup companies in the US

Here are the best and most dependable companies in the United States that provide crime scene cleaning services.

  • Aftermath Services
  • Spaulding Decon
  • Advanced Bio-Treatment
  • crime scene clean
  • biorecovery

Aftermath Services

Aftermath Services offers professional and compassionate bioscene cleanup services to families, businesses, and communities following traumatic events such as homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, infectious disease outbreaks, accidents, and other biohazard situations.

This company cares about making your home or business safe and livable again, which is why they offer 24-hour emergency service. No matter when you require their assistance.

Furthermore, the company acknowledges the contributions and ongoing efforts of officers and first responders to protect and serve our communities.

Visit Company.

Spaulding Decon

When you seek Spaulding Decon’s crime scene cleanup services, they understand the trauma and stress you are experiencing. The sooner the company’s trauma cleanup crew arrives on the scene, the better. This company strategically places its offices throughout the areas of its operation to provide you with prompt service from its local crew.

Biohazard remediation, hoarding cleanup, mold removal, viral disinfection, drug lab cleanup, fentanyl cleanup, death cleanup, suicide cleanup, rodent dropping cleanup, and water damage cleanup are all services offered by the company.

Visit Company.

Advanced Bio-Treatment

Advanced Bio-Treatment has been setting the highest standards for biohazard response and remediation for over 15 years. With experienced, highly trained teams spread across the United States.

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Advanced Bio-Treatment services include crime scene cleanup, biohazard waste disposal, infectious disease treatment, death scenes, drug labs, hoarding, and more. Their technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your situation and keep all occupants of your building safe. In addition, the company assists homeowners as well as commercial and industrial clients.

Visit Company.

Crime scene clean

Crime Scene Clean was founded in 2004 to assist people in cleaning up and moving on safely from incidents. This company offers cleaning services so that people can re-use locations that are free of harmful contaminants. They are deeply committed to assisting others and simply want to do the best job possible to ensure that no infection or worse occurs.

Visit Company.


BIO-ONE Is a certified crime scene clean-up and decontamination company with a full license in biohazard services. This company is the best choice for assisting victims and their families after a suicide, homicide, or traumatic death.

To provide the most efficient and superior service possible, they collaborate with local authorities, communities, emergency services personnel, victim services groups, hoarding task forces, apartment communities, insurance companies, and others.

Visit Company.


Bio Recovery is Texas’ most trusted biohazard removal and crime scene cleanup response team; you may have heard about the company from a responding public safety officer, a representative from the Texas State Office of Victim Services, or your insurance agent in the past.

They have served Texas businesses, institutions, and private households in need of their trauma scene cleaning expertise since 1998, and have built a reputation on high standards, OSHA compliance, customer care, and professional discretion.

Their services are typically fully covered by insurance, and they can handle the claim so you don’t have to.

If your insurance does not cover your cleanup, they have access to a network of victim assistance services as well as payment plans.

Visit Company.

FAQs about how To become a crime Scene Cleaner

Are crime scene cleaners real?

Yes, Crime scene cleaners, also known as forensic cleaners or bioremediation specialists, are in charge of sanitizing and decontaminating the crime scene after an incident has occurred.

What do you have to do to be a crime scene cleaner?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to becoming a crime scene cleaner in the United States:
Enrol in training and earn certifications
Write a catching resume
Apply for jobs
Go for an Interview
Complete on-the-job training

How much do crime scene cleaners make?

In the United States, the average annual salary for a Crime Scene Cleanup Job is $38208.

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