Courage to Grow Scholarship 2023/2024, That’s Gives $500 Every Month

Scholarships are a great way to cover college costs because you don’t have to pay them back, so they can help you stay out of debt and live a less stressful post-college life. Some scholarship programs require high grades, extracurricular activities, and three essays just to apply, but the Courage to Grow Scholarship program is fortunate in that this is not one of them. Instead, it’s a relatively simple and quick application process. We’ll show you how to apply for this scholarship and increase your chances of winning in the sections below.

We’ll also go over some other scholarships to look into to help you narrow down your options. In this article, we will be discussing the Courage to Grow Scholarship 2023/2024 and what is the Courage to grow scholarship requirements.

What is the Courage to Grow Scholarship?

The Courage to Grow Scholarship is a smaller award with a simple application process. It gives you multiple chances to win a sizable sum of money that can help you cover the costs of obtaining a college education. A quick application and a short, 250-word essay are required for this scholarship. This program awards $500 to one winner each month, making it one of the most accessible scholarships available. Obtain the “Courage to Grow Scholarship” to help you achieve your higher education objectives. 

The OCD scholarships are only available to citizens of the United States. They established the scholarship to assist students in achieving their educational goals. The scholarship will help alleviate some financial burdens so that a college education will be simple for people who have the courage to grow in today’s market. Applicants must go to this website to apply for the Courage to Grow Scholarship. Students fill out a short application form that includes their first and last names, date of birth, phone number, e-mail address, and a brief essay.

Students must respond to your prompt in the article, which asks why they need to receive the scholarship. Finally, students must accept the app’s privacy policy, which can be found here. To be considered, all applicants must submit a completed application by the deadline of October 31st. Every month, a new $500 scholarship is available. This scholarship is open to any high school junior or senior. Current students are also considered for the scholarship, which was created to help students grow. There are only a few additional eligibility requirements for the award.

Finalists for this scholarship are chosen twelve times a year on average. A finalist is chosen approximately one week after each application deadline. The scholarship funds will not be distributed to the applicant’s institution until proof of grade point average and proof of current college enrollment is obtained. The scholarship will be worth no more than $500, and each winner will also receive a certificate. Students interested in applying for the Courage to Grow Scholarship should visit the website. Students can read programs that have been chosen as winning entries under the “Award Recipients” tab.

Many of these programs discuss the winner’s challenges or obstacles overcome and information about his or her background and desire to attend college. Students can access the winning essays by going to this website. Students who have questions about the scholarship should send an email to [email protected]. This is one of the more flexible scholarships because it is open to students at all levels of education, including undergraduate and graduate students and students from a variety of institutions.

Students must work hard to reveal both academic achievement and financial needs during their essays. Due to the large number of applications received, students are encouraged to spend some time on their essays. While the award may not appear to be particularly large, fewer students are likely to apply for smaller scholarships, and any student who is eligible is encouraged to apply. Several smaller scholarships may be enough to satisfy the requirement for a large, aggressive scholarship on

The Courage to grow scholarship is open to college students in the United States who are pursuing a college diploma program.

What Is the Application Process for The Courage to Grow Scholarship?

As previously stated, the Courage to Grow Scholarship program is for any college student looking for some free money for school! The eligibility requirements aren’t overly stringent, and the application form is relatively brief. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

Eligible Nationality: 

The college scholarship is only for students in the United States who are pursuing a college degree. This opportunity is for you if you are a Black American, Latino, Hispanic, or Filipino student.

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Nationality of the Host: 

The Courage to Grow scholarship is based in the United States and is available at all accredited colleges in the country.

Scholarship Worth

The Courage to Grow Scholarship winner will receive a monthly $500.00 scholarship one of the most valuable scholarships in the United States.

Criteria for eligibility

The entry barrier to the Courage to Grow program is low. Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a US citizen or a permanent resident of the United States.
  • Be enrolled in a two- or four-year college program (Or be at least a high school junior planning to attend a 2- or 4-year college program)
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher.

The application

The Courage to Grow Scholarship has a rolling deadline, which means you can apply at any time throughout the year. The application process is simple, with only two steps. The first step requests some basic personal information:

  • First and last name
  • Birthdate
  • Phone number
  • Email address

You must also check a few boxes indicating that you accept the privacy policy and that you want to receive follow-up emails. After you’ve completed that, you’ll be taken to the second section, which is the essay. In this section, you’ll write a 250-word essay describing why you deserve to win the Courage to Grow Scholarship. You can either write it in that box or copy and paste it from another word processor. When you’re finished, click submit, and your application will be judged.


The quality of your essay and how well you demonstrate why you should be awarded the scholarship money are the main criteria used to evaluate your application. They’ll contact you within 7 days of receiving your application if you’ve been chosen as a winner. The Courage to Grow committee selects one new winner each month.

6 Tips for Improving Your Chances of Winning the Courage to Grow Scholarship

The Courage to Grow Scholarships application is one of the simplest of any essay-based scholarship. However, this pits you against a large number of other people. To improve your chances of winning, try the following:

1. Apply every month

Remember that this scholarship is available on a monthly basis. Set a monthly reminder for yourself to apply for it, and revise and improve your essay.

2. If you don’t win, rewrite and improve your essay.

If you don’t win, it doesn’t mean your essay isn’t good. It simply means that someone else’s argument was more compelling. You won’t have to start from scratch each time because the essay prompt will never change. Simply refine your work, make some changes, and resubmit it.

3. Summarize your main points in a few sentences.

Although the essay is only 250 words long, you should spend some time outlining your main points before you begin writing. This allows you to be succinct and convey a meaningful message rather than a random train of thought. You can then expand and write a nice, neat essay that will earn you some sweet scholarship cash.

4. Be genuine

Because the essay is about you, make it as genuine as possible. Even if the scholarship doesn’t seem significant, be specific about why you deserve it. You never know how you’ll affect the reader, so being specific comes across as more genuine!

5. Before submitting, double-check the application’s requirements.

Before submitting your application, double-check the application requirements. Check to see if you meet the eligibility requirements and that your name, birth date, and contact information are correct.

6. Proofread and hire a proofreader if necessary.

Wait a day after finishing your essay to give your mind and eyes a break, then proofread it before submitting it. We recommend reading it aloud to check not only for grammar but also for voice and pacing. It shouldn’t take long to proofread 250 words. Make sure someone else reads it, such as a friend or a parent. An objective set of eyes can spot problems and errors that you might overlook.

Other scholarships like the Courage to Grow Scholarship

The Courage to Grow Scholarship is a simple and quick application process, and it’s not the only one available. There is a slew of others that call for short essays or none at all. Here are a few examples:

1. Be Bold Scholarship is a website that allows people to crowdfund scholarships. They also award a $25,000 Be Bold Scholarship to the users with the “boldest profile” each year. Students from any school, at any level of education, and in any major are eligible to apply. There are also no GPA requirements. To apply, you must first create a profile, complete it, and then apply for the scholarship. According to, being bold entails being:

  • Earnest
  • Determined
  • Moving
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As a result, they make decisions based on these criteria. Although this scholarship has a rolling monthly deadline, winners are announced each year on November 30. You have a better chance of winning if you apply early.

2. Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship

Each year, Odenza Marketing Group, a business travel incentive firm, awards two $500 scholarships: one in the spring and one in the fall. To be eligible, you must be between the ages of 16 and 25 and enrolled in a college or university in any field by the fall of the year you are applying for. To be considered, you must first “like” Odenza’s Facebook page. Then you’ll go to their website’s application form. The application will ask you two questions. You must respond to each one with a 500-word essay. 

Fill out some basic personal information after that, and you’re done. For each fall award, the deadline is September 30th, and for each spring award, the deadline is March 30th. You can win this one multiple times as well.

3. AFSA High School Scholarship

The American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) High School Scholarship is a relatively simple way to receive $2,000 in free college funds. If you’re a US citizen or permanent resident, a senior in high school, and not an employee or family member of an AFSA employee or national board member, you’re eligible. By the fall of the year you win, you must also be enrolled in a US college, university, or trade school. You must fill out some personal information and take an 8-question quiz to be eligible to enter.

Every year, this scholarship is offered from September 1 to April 1. If you win, the money will be sent directly to your school.

4. Because College is Expensive Scholarship

Cedar Lending is a student loan consolidation and refinancing company, but it can also help students in other ways. Once a quarter, they also give away a $500 scholarship called the Because College is Expensive Scholarship. You can apply if you’re a high school sophomore, junior, senior, a current college student, or anyone else planning to attend college or graduate school within the next 24 months. Applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on the last day of each quarter—March, June, September, and December.

To apply, simply fill out their online application. You’ll need to provide some basic personal and contact information and the year you graduated from high school. The winners are announced on the 15th of the month following the application deadline. Your name, photo, and a quote from you will be posted on their website if you win.

Where Can I Look for More Scholarship Opportunities?

The Courage to Grow Scholarship provides many opportunities to win money, but $500 won’t cover your entire tuition bill. Here’s how to get a scholarship from a different source:

1. Fill out the FAFSA every year

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is completed by over 19 million students each year. This government forms you to various financial aid, including loans, scholarships, and grants. There’s no reason not to fill it out because it’s free and can be completed in one day. Even if you believe your family’s income is too high to qualify for financial aid, it’s never bad to double-check your eligibility by filling out this form.

2. Contact the financial aid office at your school.

Whether you’re a first-year student or a senior, your school’s financial aid office can be a valuable scholarship resource. They’ll help you find relevant scholarships offered by your school, look for other forms of financial aid that you may be eligible for, and offer other advice, such as how to find on-campus jobs.

3. Make use of scholarship aggregation sites.

Scholarship aggregator websites now make it simple to find many scholarships in a matter of minutes! You’ll be automatically matched to the most relevant scholarships for you, and then all you have to do is apply for them and hope to win some free money. Most of these websites also have human advisors who can assist you with scholarship applications and provide financial advice to students.

4. Consult your guidance counselor in high school.

Are you a senior in high school? Scholarships should be discussed with your guidance counselor. They can be a valuable resource for finding high school scholarships and scholarships from local organizations.

5. Consult your own or your parents’ workplaces.

Many companies now provide scholarships and other forms of assistance to their employees and their families. As a result, inquire as to whether or not your parents’ employers have any of these. You should also check with your boss if you currently have a job. Even if your company does not offer scholarships, it may reimburse employees for their tuition. Basically, you start by paying your tuition and fees. If you get good grades at the end of the semester, your employer will reimburse you for some of those expenses.

Courage to Grow Scholarship Recipients

The Scholarship has resulted in a large number of testimonies. Some stories will be shared on this platform to inspire you to do something extraordinary. You can win $500 for just 250 words of a very heartfelt essay.

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I use my hands to create works of art out of cardboard, wood, and spray paint. When I see something that others see as broken or replaceable, I see something that can be repurposed into something new, beautiful, and useful, rather than being discarded into the massive overflowing wastes of buried garbage.

J. McKeehan

September 2018

“Life ain’t been no crystal stair for me,” begins a poem that my mother recited to me as a child. It reflects the difficulties I faced as a child of a single mother without my father’s support—physically, emotionally, and financially. She urged me not to let that stop me from achieving my goal of becoming a successful black man. I am not, was not, and will never be a statistic because of his absence. I have faith in myself. I’ve worked extra hard to maintain a high academic standard so that I can attend my preferred college. Because I see where kids like me end up without an education, I have the “courage to grow.”


August 2018

Every horse I’ve met has taught me something new, such as Calvin’s lesson that it’s okay to be different, even if others reject you for it; Buddy’s lesson that if you focus too much on the past or future, you’ll miss the present (and end up running into a fence! ); Rhett’s lesson that everyone has different opinions, but it’s how you approach an idea that matters, not the idea itself.


June 2018


The Courage to Grow Scholarship isn’t the largest scholarship available, but it’s quick and easy to apply for, and it’s offered every month. That means you’ll have plenty of chances to win the $500 prize. In that vein, it’s never a bad idea to try new approaches to achieving your college goals. You don’t have to rely solely on scholarships and loans. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

When do I have to submit my Courage to Grow Scholarship application?

When you start your junior year of high school, you can apply for the Courage to Grow Scholarship. Every month, a new winner is announced for the Courage to Grow Scholarship, which has a rolling deadline all year. If you attend a four-year university or college, you have nearly 64 chances to win this scholarship.

How long does the application process for the Courage to Grow Scholarship take?

There are only two steps in total. The first step entails providing some basic contact and personal information. Step 2 entails writing a short 250-word essay about why you deserve the Courage to Grow Scholarship. It doesn’t take long—maybe 30 minutes to an hour if you plan out your written statement ahead of time.

How do I explain why I am deserving of a scholarship?

If you come across this question, make an effort to connect the scholarship award to your current situation and goals. Make your goals specific and genuine, and appeal to the empathy of the reader. Be specific about how the money you win will aid you in achieving your objectives.

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