Construction Jobs in Kenya | Construction Management Jobs in Kenya

Construction Jobs in Kenya | Construction Management Jobs in Kenya

You might have arrived here while searching for construction management jobs in Kenya, construction jobs in Kenya 2023, diploma in building and construction jobs in Kenya, or road construction jobs in Nairobi.

We have listed the latest construction job recruitment in Kenya along with how to apply for them in Kenya. From entry-level jobs to highly professional construction jobs, our list comprises verifiable ongoing recruitment in Kenya.

Construction Jobs in Kenya

Are you looking for building & construction jobs in Kenya? Here is a listing of the latest building & construction jobs today in Kenya. Kenya is a fast-growing economic hub in Africa with lots of job opportunities, especially for engineers that meet the specifications for construction Jobs in the country.

Among the experiences that can help you stand a good chance with these jobs are experiences from construction foreman jobs in Kenya, Ngo construction jobs in Kenya, or road construction jobs in Kenya.

Title: Project Manager ( Africa AI )

Location: Nairobi

About Project Manager at Africa AI

To oversee our expanding staff, we are hiring a project manager! Our ideal applicant is extremely meticulous, has excellent critical thinking abilities, and enjoys uncertainty. In order for us to reach our growth goal of 15,000 employees in 5 years, you will be essential.


  • Outstanding attention to detail and a dynamic leader with expertise, in leading large teams across several locations in a hectic environment.
  • Manage the day-to-day operations under the requirements and SLAs outlined in this SOW Manage the overall performance and governance of the Statements of Work.
  • Quickly identify and fix service delivery problems, including by putting preventative measures in place.
  • Four or more years of operational experience, ideally in the technology sector.
  • 2+ years of expertise in people management, including leading others, and a strong desire to help others on your team grow.
  • A degree equivalent to a bachelor’s degree is mandatory for this diploma in building and construction jobs in Kenya.

Job Title: Construction Project Manager (Brookhill Construction Limited)

Job Location: Kenya

About Project Manager Job Brookhill Construction Limited

In order to supervise construction projects and serve as a liaison between many project stakeholders, Brookhill is searching for a deadline-driven construction superintendent who can drive the firm’s construction needs.


  • Managing and directing direct employees and contractors
  • Performing on-site safety and quality control inspections.
  • Responsible for the excellent organization, safety, and timeliness of the site
  • A thorough insight and knowledge of the ethical and moral dimensions of safety and health.
  • BS degree in engineering, construction management, or a related field
  • Similar to other Construction Jobs in Kenya, the applicant must show readiness to pick up new building techniques.
  • Construction management work experience that can be proven.
  • Advanced understanding of the procedures, tools, and techniques of construction management.
  • Expert understanding of building materials, construction specifics, and pertinent laws, norms, and quality standards.

Title: Design & Civil Works Engineer (United Nations)

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Location: Nairobi

About Design and Civil Works Engineer

In order to provide Complete Communication Network Solutions for Network Operators, Communication Regulators, Broadcasting House, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Utilities, Governments, UN bodies, and Big Business Organizations in Africa, Broadband Communication Network is a communication technologies organization. They are looking to hire a Design & Civil Works Engineer to oversee Civil works and assure the caliber of the job.

Requirements for the Position of Works Engineer

  • Civil work supervision to ensure the quality of job.
  • Make sure that structures are finished on schedule and within budget.
  • Organize the creation of project reports and bills of materials.
  • For the project’s execution, control, and management, work schedules and work method statements must be prepared and updated.
  • For a secure workplace and your own safety, be sure HSE regulations are followed.
  • Civil engineering, architecture, building, and construction, etc. diploma/degree
  • Ability to read and interpret construction and telecom installation drawings 5 years of experience in the telecommunications and construction industry
  • Knowledge of related Project Management Software is essential for this Construction Management Jobs in Kenya.

Title: Construction Assistant (Amref)

Location: Nairobi

About Construction Assistant

At its Nairobi headquarters, country offices around Africa, and northern offices in Europe and North America, Amref Health Africa provides a variety of employment options.

About Construction Assistant Job in Nairobi

  • Conduct site visits to audit the Engineering Services Maintenance.
  • Be in charge of accurately defining the work and ensuring timely delivery of assigned construction projects.
  • Possess the ability to solve a variety of construction-related problems using simple designs and drawings.
  • Certifications in construction-related fields are an advantage for this Construction Management Jobs in Kenya.
  • A degree in building construction, construction management, or a higher diploma is essential, as well as substantial experience in construction management or a similar subject.
  • Three years minimum of growing job experience, preferably in building construction management.
  • Improve collaboration across the department and the broader organization.

Title: Structural Engineer (Lamu)

Location: Nairobi

About Structural Engineer Jobs

Lamu County is looking for a construction assistant to help drive the public sector engineering framework. The Engineer will lead a team that will help structure the construction prospects in the county.

Requirements for Structural Engineer Jobs

  • Must be a citizen of Kenya.
  • Possess a bachelor’s degree in structural engineering, building engineering, construction engineering, civil engineering, or an equivalent degree from an accredited university.
  • Possess experience in the public or private sectors for a minimum of two years before applying for this construction jobs in Kenya.
  • Registration with the Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) (PE) is mandatory for these construction jobs in Nairobi.
  • Examining the permutations of a building’s fundamental structural element.
  • Determining the pressure stresses and strains that each component.
  • Coordinating with other designers to determine secure designs and their compatibility with construction principles
  • Investigating ground conditions in collaboration with an architect, a quantity surveyor, and other technical engineers.

Job: Engineer (United Nations)

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Location: Nairobi

About Engineer Job in United Nations

The project engineer will be in charge of overseeing the detailed design of facility layouts and related engineering infrastructures, project contract documentation, project implementation using external contractors and internal engineering capability as necessary, coordination of many sub-contractors, quality control, coordinating consultant teams, database management, configuration management, and making sure that benchmarks and deadlines are met.


  • Must be a citizen of Kenya.
  • Possess a bachelor’s degree in structural engineering, building engineering, construction engineering, or civil engineering, or an equivalent degree from an accredited university;
  • Possess experience in the public or private sectors for a minimum of two years and a diploma in building and construction jobs in Kenya.
  • Must be a professional engineer registered with the Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) (PE) before applying for this Construction Jobs in Kenya.
  • Examining the permutations of a building’s fundamental structural element;
  • Determining the pressure stresses and strains that each component—such as a beam or lintel—will endure from other structural components as a result of use.
  • Coordinating with other designers to determine secure designs and their compatibility with aesthetic construction principles when creating drawings, specifications, and computer models of architectural structures.
  • Investigating ground conditions in collaboration with an architect, a quantity surveyor, and other technical engineers

Title: Engineering Manager (Movemeback)

Location: Nairobi

About Engineer Manager

The Engineer Manager will organize meetings with construction teams, vendors, and contractors. Give design leads advice and guidance on both technical and non-technical challenges. Create channels of communication with other employees, such as engineers, project managers, and administrative staff, that are straightforward.


  • Oversee the creation of many designs for an organic waste bioconversion facility by various engineering teams.
  • Interact with a variety of internal stakeholders, including legal, finance, and operations, to make sure they realize the goals of the design team.
  • Interact with a variety of outside parties, including equipment suppliers, contractors, and engineering consultants, to make that the design team’s goals are realized.
  • Ability to create frameworks, methods, and templates to standardize project execution.
  • Engineer with a bachelor’s degree in a related subject
  • 5+ years of engineering management experience, especially in road construction jobs in Kenya.
  • Demonstrated practical expertise in the management of a multidisciplinary engineering team.00
  • Demonstrated aptitude for spotting operating-system bottlenecks and proactively fixing them.

Title: Director of Public Works at Mombasa County

Location: Mombasa County

About Director of Works at Mombasa County

Mombasa County is one of Kenya’s 47 counties. Mombasa, the only city in the county, serves as its capital. It was formerly one of Kenya’s districts, but on the same boundaries, they restructured it as a county in 2013. With a total size of 229.7 km2 in Kenya, excluding 65 km2 of water mass, it is the smallest county in the country.

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The Director of Works in the county will oversee all construction projects and structures in Mombasa.


  • Bachelor’s degree in architecture, civil engineering, structural engineering, quantity surveying, building, and construction, or a closely related field.
  • Have a notable career in services spanning at least seven (7) years, three (3) of which should be spent in top executive roles in the public sector or positions equivalent in the private sector;
  • Having a master’s degree in a suitable discipline is helpful.
  • A valid annual practice license issued by the appropriate registration board.
  • Attended a management course for at least four weeks from an accredited institution; a strategic leadership development course for at least six weeks from an accredited institution.
  • Direction, control, and execution of public works services require the effective use of broad administrative skills.

Title: Project Engineer

Location: Kenya

About Project Engineer Job

The successful applicant will be accountable for developing, remodeling, expanding, and moving internal healthcare infrastructure projects from concept to completion in order to provide a functional and attractive workplace. They will report to the Head of Engineering.


  • Make sure projects are properly documented, implemented on schedule, under budget, and of quality.
  • Also, make sure projects are closed out correctly, with no snagging occurring, and that any faults are fixed.
  • Consult and work together with different hospital departments and/or personnel to clarify and define their needs and requirements.
  • Ability to use the information to create unique designs and operation and maintenance briefs.
  • With supervision from the Head of Engineering, examine and analyze requests for remodeling, expansion, and relocation and offer recommendations.
  • For internal hospital projects, create conceptual schematic architectural drawings (including 3-D image rendering) and programs either directly or through consultants, under the Head of Engineering’s approval.
  • With the long-term objective of implementing building information, create computer-aided design (CAD) drawings and make adjustments to help guarantee construction plans proceed appropriately.

How to Apply for Construction Jobs in Kenya

Interested Persons who wish to apply should visit the application portals below to apply for the available Construction Management Jobs in Kenya.

Project Manager (Africa AI)Apply Here

Brookhill Construction LimitedApply Here

Design & Civil Works Engineer (United Nations)Apply Here

Construction Assistant (Amref)Apply Here

Structural Engineer (Lamu)Apply Here

Engineer (United Nations) Apply Here

Engineering Manager (Movemeback)Apply Here

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