Computer Programmer Jobs For College And Non-College Graduates

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A computer programmer is an experienced professional who codes tests, debugs, and tests and manages the extensive instructions or computer programs that devices must follow to perform their tasks.

Computer programmers also design, conceptualize and test logical systems to resolve computer problems. Programmers use specific computer programming languages like C, C++, Java, PHP, .NET, and others.

To transform program concepts created by software designers or system architects into instructions that computers can follow. They frequently utilize code libraries to simplify their programming. They may also generate or use computer-aided software tools to streamline the process of coding.

A computer programmer can also be a coder, developer, programmer, or software engineer. However, the phrase is commonly used to mean an independent software developer, mobile applications developer, Software analyst, Web developer, embedded firmware developer, and many more.

Key Hard Skills

Computer programmers acquire hard skills to succeed in their job. Programming languages are essential for computer programmers, and they gain from speaking several languages. The languages are diverse in their use and their application. As they increase in competence, programmers increase their job prospects.

  • Linux: Linux is an open-source, free operating system software. It was initially designed specifically for computers used by personal users, and Linux now operates on more platforms than any other. Computer programmers who are proficient in Linux get an edge over others.
  • Java is a general-purpose computer programming language with the “write once, run anywhere” capability. It means that the code written in Java can run on any device with the Java virtual machine. The widespread usage of Java is a crucial skill for a programmer.
  • JavaScript: Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the three leading technologies. Most websites employ JavaScript to make it possible to interact with users, and all major browsers use the JavaScript engine. Programmers working with web-based applications should have an in-depth understanding of JavaScript.
  • C++: It first appeared in 1985. C++ helped to establish the basis for future languages like C#, D, and Java. Many programmers utilize C++ when designing software infrastructure and resource-constrained software such as desktop apps or E-commerce servers. Experts suggest that students of computer programming study C++ as one of their first languages.
  • ASP.NET: Created by Microsoft, ASP.NET supports the creation of dynamic web pages or pages that show different content every when a visitor visits them. ASP.NET lets programmers create other dynamic web applications and web services in addition. Modern programmers typically learn a more recent version of ASP.NET, also called ASP.NET Core.


  • C# C#, known as C-sharp, is an all-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language. It was released in 2000. C# offers exceptional flexibility and allows programmers to design dynamic websites and applications, tools for development, and compilers. The language is described as contemporary, easy, and robust. C # represents one of the most important languages that computer programmers should learn to compete for most jobs in their area of expertise.
  • SQL: SQL, also known as Structured Query Language, manages the database’s data in a relational management system. Initially developed the language in 1974. SQL continues to be used in programs such as Microsoft Access. While computer programmers may benefit from learning and using SQL, the language is primarily used by database specialists specializing in development and administration.
  • HTML: HTML, also known as Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), is among the most used languages used in web design. Internet browsers download HTML documents from servers and transform them into multimedia web pages. Due to the universality of HTML, computer programmers must try to master the language before beginning an undergraduate program in computer science.
  • PHP: PHP is a server-side scripting programming language that allows the creation of intranets, websites, applications for the internet, and social networks. It is often embedded in HTML software and designed with PHP, a C programming language. A small number of programmers work exclusively on PHP. However, its widespread use makes it an ideal additional language for professionals working in programming.
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  • Visual Basic: Event-driven programming languages like VB permit programs to react to the actions of user’s sensors outputs, user actions, or other external messages. The year 2008 saw Microsoft discontinue support of VB, although some software developers use it. Although it could be helpful in specific contexts, a new programmer should focus on learning other languages instead of VB.

Other languages that can enhance the capabilities of computer programmers comprise Swift, Rust, and Ruby. Swift is the programming language used by macOS, iOS, watchOS, and other related services. It Lets programmers develop or share multiple binary frameworks while developing secure, reliable code.

Rust is a fast and memory-efficient language that is an alternative to C++. Ruby can be described as an easy, safe, Open-source language for programming.

Key Soft Skills

Soft skills can be acquired naturally and allow computer programmers to efficiently and effectively collaborate with colleagues and solve issues. In addition, programmers benefit from verbal and written communication skills, imagination and enthusiasm, and the capacity to work independently and within groups.

  • Communications Skills Programmers in the field must know how to communicate complicated technical concepts to their colleagues as well as less knowledgeable individuals working in the area.
  • Multitasking Programmers typically be able to handle many tasks at once or on different parts of a more critical job. Programmers have to organize their priorities to solve issues when they occur and complete several tasks at once.
  • Organizational Skill: Organizational skills include concentrating on a mission, dedicating physical and mental energy to a job, and effectively managing space and time.
  • Attention to Details: Paying attention to minor details helps improve quality and efficiency. Computer programmers use code, programming languages, and software operations.

Daily Tasks

Computer programmers’ duties ensure the effectiveness of software and operating system functionality. Computer programmers perform many tasks every day. For example, they are often involved in programming languages and writing and editing code. Computer programmers also perform software, system, and structure tests, fixing issues and errors when they arise. Other computer programming duties include updating systems, supervising technical personnel, and writing reports for supervisors and managers.

Computer Programmer Salary

The median salary for Computer Programmers across the United States is $69,428 as of 2000. However, the salary generally falls between $59,650 and $77.977.

The range of wages can vary depending on essential variables such as educational qualifications, certifications, other capabilities, and the amount of time you’ve worked in your job. With more live online information about compensation than any other site, helps you determine the precise amount you’d like to earn.

Coder Salary

If you’re considering the field of coding, the best first step is the beginner’s guide to becoming a programmer. Naturally, you’ll need to know not only what options are available for you but the amount you could earn.

Of course, the amount you make will depend on the organization you work for, the time you’ve worked on the job, and the skills you’ve acquired. So first, look at potential earnings for the various coding kinds we’ve discussed.

Computer Programmers

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) that the median wage for a computer programmer in the U.S. for a computer programmer in 2020 was $89,190.

In contrast, Burning Glass Technologies Labor Insights(TM) 2020 estimated the typical computer programmer’s wage to be $79,936, which is also the figure for entry-level positions in computer programming.

Web Developers

The BLS reports that the median earnings for web developers are slightly less than the average for computer programmers, which comes to about $77,200. Beginning salaries are also lower, with the most negligible 10% of wages having a median of $40,750 in 2020. However, the range of the upper end was similar to the computer programmers. This means that there’s a similar degree of potential for earnings and mobility for experienced workers.

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Software Developers

Software developers are highly compensated, with high beginning salaries and plenty of earning potential. Per the BLS data, the median salary of software developers in 2020 is $110 140, and the lower end of salary levels in the 10th percentile (entry-level) was $65,210.

Data Scientists

The field of data science can be profitable due in part to the technical aspects that go into the work. According to the BLS data, the median wage for an individual working as a data scientist is $98,230.

Database Administrators

Based on Burning Glass Technologies’s Labor Insights(TM) 2020, The median salary of database managers within the U.S. is $87,016 for employees with a minimum of 3-5 years of experience.

UX Designers

UX designers are highly paid and have a high earning potential. Per the BLS, the average salary in 2020 for UX designers was $77,200. UX designers were $77,200.

Computer Programmer Jobs

Are you a Computer Programmer seeking a good Computer Programmer Job? this any of these jobs might interest you;

1. Junior Software Engineer

Basin Holdings  Jefferson, WI

The contract machining subsidiary of Basin Industries, a privately held, internationally diversified industrial firm with 13 sites, is Basin Precision Machining (“BPM”).

BPM focuses on quality, cost, and delivery while running on a lean, just-in-time basis. We have a vast array of cutting-edge machinery and machined complex parts used in various industries, including hydraulic, oil and gas, and motorbikes. With the first ATL iTEM400/600 twin-shot thermal deburring system in the USA, we set the standard for the sector.

2. Front-End Software Engineer, New Grad

Confluent is the first company to pioneer an entirely new data infrastructure focused on moving data. Have you ever discovered an exciting new show on Netflix, bought groceries on the curb at Walmart, or even paid for something with Square? That’s the power of information moving in motion, giving companies instant access to the enormous amount of data moving through their businesses. Confluent is developing the base platform to support this new data infrastructure.

Confluent’s cloud-native service is designed to become an intelligent connector, enabling real-time data from various sources to move continuously across the enterprise. With Confluent, companies can develop an internal nervous system that can improve and succeed in the digital age. We’re seeking self-motivated team members who love adventure and are eager to put on their axe and play a part in achieving Confluent’s colossal potential. Find your way and take healthy risks while we tackle significant issues together.

We believe in having diverse teams and encourage you to develop with us. Whether you’re just getting started in your career or running an entire team, you’ll be amazed by the extent of your contribution.

About The Role

We’re looking for a Front-End Software Engineer looking to build innovative and exciting tools for managing and analyzing massive-scale distributed real-time data streams. Data flow is a critical element of how companies function, and we want to make the experience easy and appealing. As a Front-End Software Engineer, you’ll be responsible for designing new interfaces and visualizations that are scalable to the size of Apache Kafka.

3. Entry Level Software Engineer

Location: Hybrid

Duration: Full-time/Permanent

Starting Salary: $90,000/yr

Burgiss is looking for an innovative and entrepreneurial Entry-level Software Engineer to assist in developing the company’s main application in a dynamic and fast-paced work environment. This job offers an excellent opportunity to design and develop a large part of the system from the design phase to deployment and implementation.

We utilize the latest technologies: .NET Core, Docker Containers, Angular 11+, Azure, Kubernetes, SASS, Node.js, RESTful APIs, SQL Server, MongoDB, and JavaScript API for Office Git.

4. Jr. Python Developer

Blue Rose is looking for a Jr. Python Developer to assist us in working with a federal client. This is a Remote job available for U.S. Citizens, US Persons, and Foreign Nationals ONLY. Successful candidates will need to acquire a Public Trust clearance. Complete approval is required before starting.

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In this job, you’ll develop, build, and set up applications to satisfy business requirements and requirements for applications. Additionally, you will build applications, run unit tests and address problems with the build.

5. Software Engineer

SketchDeck is creating the foundation for the new generation of agency creatives. SketchDeck gives marketers access to top-quality creative by combining technology, partnerships, and a global talent network. The team of engineers at SketchDeck plays an essential role in this process by creating and maintaining a website-based application that powers our agency by providing client, project billing, and project management software, as well as numerous other features.

Your role

SketchDeck is seeking graduates from colleges who are prepared to begin their careers in the field of software. This is an entirely remote, US-based job (our company is completely remote).

The main focus of your work is on studying and testing the platform and getting into our technical and writing solutions. As a part of your job, you’ll be part of the development team for software at SketchDeck, which will provide one-on-one guidance from senior engineers, participate in our QA process, and get engaged in the development of features using Javascript-based languages.

You’ll succeed in this position by having a solid determination to succeed, as well as an interest in learning about software development from a knowledgeable and knowledgeable team, and you can work independently at home.

SketchDeck is a place for entrepreneurs. It’s expected to dive into the mix and learn many new skills right from the beginning.

Use this link to access more Computer Programmer Jobs.

Computer Coding Jobs

1. Computer Programmer (Computer Coding Jobs)

Scientific Research Corporation

Charleston, SC, USA

One (1) calendar year of programming experience in software
You must have a good understanding of programming in Python 3. x, QlikSense, R 4. x along with SQL Server, or Unity Engine (with XR SDK) and Unreal Engine 4.25+/5+ (with Oculus/HoloLens2+)

2. Remote C++ Jobs in USA, English Speaker

Advanced written English
Advanced analytical skills
It is time to tackle a minimum of five orders every month.
Education: A college degree in computer science, Bootcamp for coding or relevant certification is an advantage
A minimum of 6 months of experience working using C++ is preferable.

3. Software Engineer

Vermont Systems

United States

We are seeking candidates with OOP experience, full-stack web development experience, and a desire to develop in various languages.
A keen eye for detail and processes
Have a solid technical background
Communication in writing and oral confidence and understanding when communicating with external and internal customers

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Based on Payscale that the average wage of a computer programming professional is $66,293 annually. However, the salary can differ depending on how long you’ve been in the field and your expertise level. Programmers can earn as much as $12,000 in bonus money and $20,000. as profit share. Additionally, they may make additional money by working extra hours.

Additionally, they can receive stock options and Employee stock purchase programs (ESPPs) that are discount shares from the business, which employees can buy at a discounted price.

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