Community Health Worker Salary | Find out how much CHWs make in the USA

Everybody considers the community health Services job as one of the highest paying jobs in the USA by position, prestige, and money. This article will answer questions about community health worker salary in the United States and how to become a community health worker.

A career as a community health worker commonly comes with an important monetary reward. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for certified community health workers is projected to grow 17% between 2020 and 2030, for a total of 16,100 new positions in the country.

Community health workers ( community health worker salary) earn an average annual salary of $48,860 per year ($23.49 per hour ). Graduates starting their first job straight out of school will need to gain experience as community health workers to grow beyond an entry-level wage and approach the national average.

With this, embarking on a career as a community health aide is, without a doubt, a rewarding decision. To take advantage of this, consider enrolling in one of the Medical Certificate Programs.

This article will give you a thorough understanding of the benefits and salary scales of Community Health Workers in the United States.

Who Is A Community Health Worker?

Community Health Workers, Promote community health by assisting individuals in adopting healthy behaviors. Assist community residents in effectively communicating with healthcare providers or social service agencies to serve as an advocate for their health needs.

Its mission is to connect communities to their local healthcare systems and state health departments. A community health worker is an umbrella term for a variety of community health aides. They are typically community members who support the health system as a volunteer or paid aide.

Also, community health workers receive much less training than professional workers. They receive training to support one or more healthcare functions, sometimes from a national certification authority.

How Much Is A Community Health Worker’s Salary In The USA?

In the United States, the average annual salary for a community health worker is $48,726 or $24.99 per hour. Entry-level salaries begin at $40,794 per year, with most experienced workers earning up to $68,918 per year.

How years of experience affect community health worker salary over time

The most important factor in determining salary is the level of experience. Naturally, the higher the wage, the more years of experience. In general, employees with two to five years of experience earn 32% more than freshmen and juniors across all industries and disciplines.

Professionals with more than five years of experience earn 36% more than those with five years or less of work experience. When you reach the ten-year mark, your salary increases by 21%, with an additional 14% for those who have reached the fifteen-year mark.

However, when you consider one job title at a time, the numbers become more significant. You can boost your years of experience by applying for Medical Internships for High School Students.

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How does education level affect community health workers’ salary?

Higher education is well known to result in a higher salary, but how much more money can a degree add to your income? If you compared the salaries of community health workers at the same level but with different college degree levels you will find out that workers with a certificate or diploma earn 17 percent more than their peers who only completed high school.

Employees with a Bachelor’s Degree earn 24 per cent more than those with only a certificate or diploma.

Professionals with a Master’s Degree earn a salary that is 29% higher than those with a Bachelor’s Degree.

Furthermore, while doing the same job, Ph.D. holders earn 23% more than Master’s Degree holders.

How To Increase Your Salary As A Community Health Worker In The USA?

As a community health worker, you have two options for increasing your salary:

1. Get an Education qualification

Though some employers will provide on-the-job training to those with a high school diploma, candidates who want to earn a higher salary will pursue not only one of the many high-quality training programs available but one that also provides professional certification.

Furthermore, certification not only validates your professionalism and expertise but also makes you a more desirable candidate for a job and is likely to result in a higher salary.

2. Higher community health worker salary comes with experience

The longer you work in the field, the more valuable you will be and the higher your salary is likely to rise.

Also, community health promoters with ten or more years of experience can earn up to 20% more than those who are new to the field and are also eligible for higher-paying management positions as they become available.

What Are The Duties Of A Community Health Worker?

Community health promoters are responsible for the following tasks:

Care coordination

Provides patients with information and assistance regarding receiving care from institutions and providers other than primary care.

Health Coaching

Give self-management support to patients through counseling involving collaborative goal setting, problem-solving, and action planning

Providing social support

A community health worker gives a supportive, but non-therapeutic relationship, such as peer-based informational, emotional, or instrumental support

Health assessment

Carry out clinical assessments within or outside of clinic appointments

Medication management

Offers limited medication reconciliation but does not make recommendations.

Targeted health education

A community health worker gives information and didactic skills training to patients with specific health needs

Health literacy support

Community health workers enable patients to understand medical advice and recommendations, including translation services.

What Is The Career Prospect Of A Community Health Worker?

There is a high demand for more community health workers in various health centres, as they are predictable an indispensable part of medical practice. As a result, the BLS predicts that this industry will grow by 17% between 2020 and 2030.

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These figures are in comparison to similar medical jobs and fields. As a result, the development of community health aides has expanded to include administrative as well as clinical tasks. This invariably necessitates both soft interpersonal skills as well as technical skills/certifications.

Skills Of A Community Health Worker

No matter where community health workers works, they likely will use the following core skills. All of them are transferable, so if you want to pursue other careers in healthcare in the future, here are the skills you’ll need:

1. Administrative skills and interpersonal skills

Administrative duties as a community health worker may include answering phones and emails, scheduling appointments, and bookkeeping, depending on where you work.

You should be able to communicate with patients, doctors, and other healthcare providers via phone, email, and even text messaging, as well as keep track of the outcomes of each contact.

Administrative skills, such as answering phones and emails, scheduling appointments, and bookkeeping, may be an important part of your role as a community health worker, depending on where you work.

Also, you should feel at ease communicating with patients, doctors, and other healthcare providers via phone, email, and even text messages, and you should be able to record the outcome of each conversation in an organized manner.

2. Analytical Skills

A community health worker must be able to read charts and diagnose patients. This will assist them in creating accurate medical reports and documenting them. It will also allow them to spot discrepancies and errors in diagnostic and laboratory reports.

3. Attention to detail

This ability enables the community health worker to select relevant information and make accurate deductions and entries based on the data received.

4. Communication skills

As a community health worker, you should be able to communicate specific instructions verbally or in writing. The community health worker should also be able to educate patients on their illnesses and treatment options. Also, they should be able to convey information with dignity and empathy.

 5. Medical skills

Certification programs teach medical skills. And this set of skills is intended to help the community health worker begin to function and collaborate effectively with the physician and nurses. These abilities include:

  • Conducting health promotion and disease prevention education in a manner that matches the linguistic and cultural needs of participants or the community
  • Providing necessary information to understand and prevent diseases and to help people manage health conditions (including chronic disease)
  • Filing Patients reports
  • Applying Dressings
  • Prescription Refills
  • Patient resuscitation
  • Also, scheduling appointments
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What are the difficulties that community health workers face?

The difficulties that community health workers face are usually work-related. To put it another way, patient management is a herculean task that necessitates a great deal of attention, tact, empathy, and proactiveness to be effective.

Because most community health workers have received quality training in motivational techniques, it is relatively simple to handle difficult situations and difficult patients. Most doctors and nurses do not have this extra time.

To begin, they must reassure patients about the success rate of prescribed treatments, assuage their concerns about uncertain future outcomes, encourage them on their path to recovery, and sit with them when they require a listening ear.

Community health worker also need to do the following:

  • Remind these patients of their prescriptions and doctor’s orders.
  • Inform them about the appropriate lifestyle choices they must make.
  • To keep them interested, suggest safe recreational activities.
  • Assist in turning them around.
  • Also, get them ready for any major invasive procedure.

In addition to the foregoing, the community health worker must be adept at multitasking and switching roles. A CHW should have these and many other complex yet intricate abilities.

However, as intimidating as this may sound, most CHWs strive to give their all whenever the opportunity arises. As a result, their reward is fulfillment.

Frequently Asked Questions On community health worker salary

Why is the CHW important?

The community health worker acts as a link between formal health and social service providers and the communities they serve.

What do community health workers do?

CHWs can provide a variety of preventive, promotive, and curative health services, as well as help to reduce disparities in access to care. Maternal, newborn, and child health; communicable disease control; mental health services; sexual and reproductive health care; and non-communicable disease prevention and control are among them.

What is a community health worker’s salary?

In the United States, the average annual salary for a community health worker is $48,726 or $24.99 per hour.

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