Clark University Scholarships USA – How To Apply

The Clark University scholarships are available to students at Clark University USA range from need-based financial aid to merit-based awards. Need-based financial aid is given to students based on their demonstrated financial need, whereas merit-based scholarships are given to students based on their academic achievements.

In Worcester, Massachusetts, there is a private research university called Clark University. Jonas Gilman Clark and his wife Ellen Louise Clark created it in 1887. The university is renowned for its devoted undergraduate program and robust liberal arts curriculum. Additionally, it offers graduate degrees in a number of subjects, such as geography, psychology, and education. The highly regarded Graduate School of Geography at Clark University is renowned for its work on environmental challenges like climate change. The Higgins School of Humanities, located at the university, also provides a variety of multidisciplinary programs in the humanities and social sciences.

Below is a list of the various merit- and achievement-based scholarships offered by Clark University. These grants will be offered to all Clark applicants. Except as specified, no additional application is needed.

Top consideration for these scholarships will be given to accepted students who performed very well in secondary school and whose academic success and personal attributes suggest they will perform at the highest level when they enrol at the University. Scholarships are awarded to accepted students based on their academic qualifications as stated in their admissions application, not on their financial needs. When they receive their admissions decision, students will be informed if they have been given a merit-based scholarship. Our pupils obtain merit-based rewards in about 60% of cases.

A mix of grants, loans, and work-study programs may be available to students whose financial need exceeds the amount of the award.

Visit the school scholarship portal for more information:

List Of Clark University Scholarships USA

Richard Traina Scholarship

Awarded to new students who have demonstrated steadfast dedication to leadership, academics, and community service. The Richard P. Traina Scholarship, one of Clark University’s most prestigious awards and scholarships, is established in honor of the late university president, who believed that listening, learning, and connecting could create a better world.

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Regardless of the financial need of their family, qualified students will receive a four-year reward of $112,000 ($28,000 annually). Apply Here

Robert Goddard Achievement Scholarship

Awarded to incoming students who have shown a strong academic aptitude for success on meaningful initiatives both within and beyond the classroom. Named in honor of Robert H. Goddard, a graduate of Clark University, a member of the faculty, and the father of modern rocketry, whose daring approach to education foresaw and anticipated a future world.

Regardless of the financial need of their family, eligible students will receive a $104,000 four-year grant ($26,000 per year). Apply Here

Jonas Clark Scholarship

Awarded to new students who have demonstrated the ability to question authority and transform the world. named in honor of our founder, Jonas Clark, who aimed to promote a teaching style that would produce independent-minded and fearless learners and global citizens.

Regardless of the financial necessity of their family, eligible students will receive an $84,000 four-year grant ($21,000 per year). Apply Here

Scarlet Award Scholarship

This Scholarship is given to new students who have shown exemplary dedication to their academics or volunteer work. Scarlet, a vivid color typically associated with boldness and passion, served as the name for Clark’s school.

Regardless of the financial need of their family, eligible students will receive a $64,000 four-year grant ($16,000 per year). Apply Here

1887 Scholarship

This scholarship is given to entering students who exhibit promise in their creative work, research, and intellectual pursuits. Named after the year when Jonas Clark founded Clark University, one of the country’s earliest graduate-only institutions, with a focus on psychology research.

Regardless of the financial necessity of their family, qualified students will receive a $48,000 four-year scholarship ($13,000 per year) from the program. Apply Here

Presidential Scholarships

  • The Presidential Scholarship is a prestigious prize given to about five students each year whose academic record and leadership potential place them at the top of Clark’s applicant pool.
  • Regardless of a family’s financial situation, all four years of tuition, lodging, and board are paid for on-campus.
  • All applicants must submit two extra scholarship essays by February 1. The application deadline for Regular Decision is February 1. Scholarship recipients who submit their applications for funding after December 1 but before February 1 will be informed of their status in March.

How To Apply

Simply select that option when completing the Coalition Application with Scoir or the Common Application if you are interested in the Presidential Scholarship (available Aug. 1).

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After that, you’ll get comprehensive instructions on how to apply for the scholarship, along with the subjects for the two brief essays. For candidates in the Early Action, Early Decision, and Regular Decision categories, the last day to turn in the essays is February 1.

If a student is chosen for an interview, they will be notified in March.

Finalists are selected by the Admissions Committee based on the quality of their admissions applications and other criteria the committee has established. Prior to selecting 15 finalists for interviews last year, the committee assessed more than 450 scholarship applications from the United States and other countries. Of those 15, five were given the scholarship and joined the incoming class.

Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

Beginning with the 2018–19 academic year, Clark University matched your Segal AmeriCorps Education Award dollar for dollar to any full–time undergraduate day student accepted into a degree program at the University. This is done to support such efforts.

Your Segal AmeriCorp Education Award and University Match Award can be accessed here:

  • To enter Clark University as the certifying institution, log into your Segal AmeriCorp Portal, choose the Education award, and then click Submit.
  • AmeriCorp will contact our office to obtain certification of your enrollment.
  • Once approved, your financial aid award will include both your AmeriCorp Award and the Match.

Please keep in mind that you must complete this each semester you desire to use the educational reward. The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award and the scholarship will be renewed each semester in accordance with the university’s scholarship policies and the student’s continuous eligibility.

Private Scholarships

You have access to a variety of resources that are not provided by Clark University or by federal or state regulations. For students that achieve their requirements, local groups, statewide organizations, and national organizations all have funding available. Finding these possibilities can be the most difficult aspect. When looking for private scholarships, the information on this page can be helpful.

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You should exercise caution when conducting any kind of online search to stay away from such scams. The following things could potentially waste your time and cause you headaches during your search, so you might want to be on the lookout for them:

  • For the service offered, there is a fee. Scholarships are designed to aid students, so you might want to avoid them entirely if you are paying for the service.
  • No essay is necessary. If no additional information is asked from you besides your personal information, it may indicate that the company wants to sell your data. Never divulge critical information, such as your social security number, until you are certain that the scholarship is coming from a reputable source.



The Office of Financial Assistance at Clark University must receive written notification of all private student financial aid sources. Private scholarships are regarded as a component of your financial aid package and will be used to meet unmet needs before being replaced by loans, work-study, and, if necessary, institutional grants. Scholarships from non-meritorious institutions, including those offered by a parent’s employer, will eat away dollar for dollar at the Clark Grant.

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