Chemistry Teacher Job In America

Chemistry Teacher Job In America

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Have you worked in a laboratory? Are you not intimidated by the task of solving chemical equations? Learn from the next generation by becoming a teacher in chemistry! The American Board’s online teacher certification program allows you to earn teacher certification in just one year at an individual pace. It includes services for candidates’ exam preparation classes online, exam practice, and much more!

How to Become a Chemistry Teacher

To be a Chemistry teacher with the American Board, you will have to satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Have a bachelor’s degree or more.
  2. Send your official college or school transcripts to American Board.
  3. You must pass a standard background check.
  4. You must pass to pass the Professional Teaching Knowledge exam (PTK). The test will be conducted via a computer and must be passed in a Pearson VUE testing center. The test will comprise 125 multiple-choice questions and writing components. We recommend that you pass this test before your subject area exam.
  5. Take the American Board Chemistry exam successfully. The exam is conducted by computer and has to be taken in a Pearson VUE testing centre. It is recommended to take this test after you have completed your PTK test.

Chemistry Teacher Salary In The USA

Have you been searching or asking for the Chemistry Teacher’s Salary? Then below is a detailed description of the Chemistry Teacher’s salary in the USA.

The average annual salary for Chemistry teachers in the United States is $45,925 yearly.
If you require an easy salary calculator, it amounts to around $22.08 per hour. This amounts to $883 per week or $3,827 per month.
Although has seen annual salaries as high as $68,000, and even as little as $13,000, the majority of Chemistry teacher salaries are currently in the range of $40,000 (25th percentile) to $53,500 (75th percentile) and the top-earning students (90th percentile) receiving $59,500 a year all over the United States. The pay range for Chemistry Teachers Chemistry Teacher is different (about $13,500). It indicates that, regardless of the location, there are not many opportunities to earn more or promotions regardless of years of expertise.
Based on the latest post-job ad activity on modennews According to recent activity on, there is a Chemistry Teacher job market in Lagos, NG, and throughout the entire state of not particularly active, as only a few employers are hiring. The Chemistry Teacher you have in your local area earns an average of $47,361 annually, which is $1,436 (3 percent) higher than the average national amount of $55,925. It is the top-ranked state of all 50 states regarding Chemistry Teacher salaries.
To determine the most precise annual salary in the field of Chemistry Teacher jobs, modennews constantly scans its database of millions of job openings published locally in America.

 Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Chemistry Teacher Jobs

We have identified ten cities where the average pay for a Chemistry Teacher job is higher than the average for all jobs in the country. The top spot is Atkinson, NE, with San Jose, CA, and Frankston, TX close behind in the second and third spots. Frankston, TX, beats the national average by $9,719 (21.2 percent), while Atkinson, NE, furthers that trend by putting an additional $12,544 (27.3 per cent) higher than the $45,925 average.
These ten cities have median salaries above the average for the nation; the opportunity to increase your earnings by moving places as a Chemistry teacher seems highly profitable.
A final point to consider is that the median salary of the top ten cities in the world varies only a little, at just 11 percent among Atkinson, NE, and Santa Cruz, CA, reinforcing the insufficiency of salary growth. The potential for a less expensive cost of living might be the most beneficial option when evaluating the location and pay for a Chemistry Teacher position.

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CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Atkinson, NE$58,469$4,872$1,124$28.11
San Jose, CA$56,281$4,690$1,082$27.06
Frankston, TX$55,644$4,637$1,070$26.75
Seattle, WA$54,387$4,532$1,045$26.15
Barnstable Town, MA$53,990$4,499$1,038$25.96
Concord, CA$53,561$4,463$1,030$25.75
Inverness, CA$53,547$4,462$1,029$25.74
Wasilla, AK$52,997$4,416$1,019$25.48
Dimondale, MI$52,205$4,350$1,003$25.10
Santa Cruz, CA$52,042$4,336$1,000$25.02
Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Chemistry Teacher Jobs

Chemistry Teacher Job Description

Teaching students about chemical elements, compounds, and reactions is just one of the responsibilities of a chemistry teacher. Others include supervising experiments and investigations, building rapport with students, and upholding positive relationships with parents. Attend continuing education events and work to maintain student interest.

You must exhibit solid chemistry knowledge to succeed as a chemistry teacher. The best candidates can successfully teach students with various interests and abilities by applying scientific principles to real-world situations.


  • It is understanding the curriculum and preparing lesson plans, schedules, and teaching strategies that aid students in learning the necessary material.
  • It is making and delivering lessons that are engaging and easy to understand.
  • She instructed students about safety in the lab and ensured that all lab experiments were conducted responsibly.
  • They are making tests, assignments, or experiments and ensuring that students are graded fairly.
  • Make sure that appropriate resources and consult times are readily available for students.
  • Mentoring and support for students who are teachers.
  • Attending parent and staff gatherings, conferences, workshops, and other continuing education classes.
  • Informing and helping students prepare to participate in science fairs and Expos.
  • Administration tasks include updating student records and maintaining track of lab supplies and equipment.
  • Ensuring a safe and healthy classroom environment in which learning can occur.

How Do I Become A Chemistry Teacher In The USA

How much education you need is one of the first things you should consider if you want to become a Chemistry Teacher in the USA

Tutors in chemistry hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in 74.6% of cases. The master’s degree rate for chemistry tutors is 6.9%.

Even though most chemistry tutors have college degrees, you can begin your career even if you only have a high school diploma or GED.

A trained educator is a chemical tutor. A degree in chemistry or a closely related field is necessary for this position.

People in this field have previously worked with kids in a learning environment or classroom. Therefore, a top-notch chemistry instructor should foster a calm learning environment.

Do you want to teach chemistry? What you must do is as follows:

Take Chemistry Classes In High School

Take high school geometry, biology, math, physics, calculus, and Chemistry classes.

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Think about working part-time in the pharmacy or in a similar work environment to understand the practical applications of chemical ideas.

In addition, the classes in science you learn in high school can help students in college and provide a solid beginning to your bachelor’s degree.

Get A Bachelor’s Degree

After graduating from secondary school, the following step is earning an undergraduate degree in chemistry or education.

High school Chemistry instructors may major in teaching while also minoring in Chemistry. Students can participate in a recognized teacher-education program besides their regular studies. They can also choose to pursue independent study after obtaining their diploma.

Choose a program recognized by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education that meets standards and guidelines.

Consider joining science and chemical organizations or honor societies to enhance your network and increase networking opportunities and job advertisements.

Keep in mind that some schools may require the completion of a master’s degree in order to teach chemistry. Be sure to confirm your state’s requirements for chemistry teachers.

Following college Chemistry classes are recommended for teachers of chemistry:

  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Calculus
  • Organic chemical
  • General Chemistry
  • Chemistry in the organic realm
  • Chemistry labs
  • Physical Chemistry

Complete The Student Teaching Prerequisites

Future chemistry teachers might need to fulfill teaching requirements before applying for certification, usually through experience at an area high school or by working as an adjunct.

Teaching practice helps students understand the classroom environment from a teacher’s point of view and gives them the chance to gain knowledge from experts.

Check with your state or territory to confirm standards for teaching, including internship times and the specifications for teaching conditions.

Apply For A Teaching License

Standards for teaching certification differ by state, but all require teachers to prove their expertise by passing tests before being granted an official certificate.

Be aware that if you move to a different state, your credentials could change, and you could have to retake exams.

After certification, states require teachers to complete continuing education classes to maintain their teaching license. There are different requirements; inquire with the district school authority for more details.

Obtain A Graduate Degree

Certain states require chemistry teachers to earn a master’s; some encourage students to pursue a master’s degree to boost their earning potential and teaching opportunities.

The Master’s degree program is intended for those who do not teach but hold a bachelor’s in chemistry and are accredited instructors interested in learning about chemistry. For those with a bachelor’s degree interested in teaching Master’s degrees, earning a Master’s of Arts in teaching is a popular option. Chemistry professors with advanced degrees can often teach at two-year colleges.

A PhD in chemistry is typically required to teach in a four-year university or college. When you have earned your bachelor’s degree, it usually requires another six years of study and requires research and specialized training.

Work In A Professional Organization

You might consider joining a professional organization like The Association of American Educators once you have obtained your diploma and certificate.

Professional associations allow you to meet with other professionals from your field while you learn about continuing education and job opportunities.

Teachers can be a part of a professional association like The National Education Association or the American Federation of Teachers to learn more about their obligations and rights as educators.

Create A Resume

Your CV should stand out by including your educational background, skills, experience, and job goals. Also, you should include details about the following:

  • Internships
  • Experience as a teacher
  • Coursework
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We have provided a list of essential skills you should highlight in your CV or cover letter.

Are Chemistry Teachers In Demand

Yes! Chemistry Teachers are in demand in the United State. Below are our reasons why from a well-organised top analysis.

Utilizing a database with thirty million profiles, modennews estimates the demographics and statistics of chemistry teachers across the United States. Our estimates are checked by comparing BLS, Census, and the latest job openings data to ensure exactness. After extensive analysis and research, modennews team of data scientists determined that:

  • There are more than 49,297 Chemistry teachers currently employed across the United States.
  • 51.7 per cent of all chemistry teachers are women, and 48.3 per cent are males.
  • The median age of an employed Chemistry instructor averages 42 years old.
  • The predominant ethnicity of Chemistry teachers is White (76.4 per cent); next are Hispanic or Latino (10.6 per cent), Black or African American (7.5 per cent) along with Asian (3.3).
  • Chemistry teachers are the most sought-after within Fremont, CA.
  • The educational sector is among the highest paying for Chemistry teachers.
  • Baltimore, MD, pays an annual average of $85,598, the highest wage in the US.
  • In 2021 women’s earnings were 96 per cent of the money men earned.
  • 11 11% of all Chemistry teachers teach chemistry. Gay.
  • Maryland is the ideal state in which to teach chemistry. Live in.
  • Teachers of Chemistry are 77 per cent more likely to work in education firms than in private businesses.

Chemistry Teacher Job in America

Are you a qualified Chemistry Teacher and would want to teach in America? Then follow this link below to access a list of hundreds of Job opportunities for qualified Chemistry Teachers in the United States.

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Chemistry Teacher Jobs Near Me

Have you been searching for a Chemistry Teacher Job near you? Then do good to follow this link to see more details and apply for your desired qualified position.

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High School Chemistry Teacher Jobs

Qualifying as a Chemistry Teacher is one significant requirement to teach in a US High School. Are you sure you are very qualified? Moreover, are you sure you can teach Chemistry very well? Then use this link below to apply for a High School Chemistry Teacher job in the US.


Science Teacher Jobs

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Chemistry Teacher Jobs in Canada

Our site does not only provide Job opportunities for US residents; we also provide job opportunities all around the world. In this very section, the link below is a link to a list of job opportunities in Canada regarding Chemistry. Please follow this link to apply.

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Chemistry teachers assist their students in comprehending matter’s composition and scientific characteristics. If chemistry is your passion, you can become a chemistry teacher if you are prepared to put in the required time and effort.
This manual will assist you at the beginning of that journey.

Lastly, ensure you visit the Moden News homepage and also check out our Salary category, for more essential salary information.

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