Chef Salary In New Zeeland

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Chefs cook and prepare meals in hotels, restaurants catering companies, rest homes, cafes, and bars.

What Can You do?

Chefs can do any or all of these:

  • Cook and prepare meals according to the specifications of customers
  • Set food out on plates
  • Price, design, and plan menus
  • Train and supervise employees
  • Make sure that work areas are neat and adhere to health and safety standards.
  • place an order for food items and cookware
  • Supervise dishwashing and cleaning
  • Keep track of the inventory items.

Knowledge and skills

The chef must be prepared for the following:

  • cooking, food preparation, and presentation of food techniques
  • understanding of budgeting, stock management, and the best way to set the price and create an order.
  • awareness of hygiene and health and safety rules
  • I understand the latest developments in nutrition for food, food technology, and cooking techniques.

Conditions for work


  • typically are required to work for long hours, such as weekend and evening hours or in call
  • Workers work in factories, hospitals or school cafeterias, restaurants and bars, cafes, and at home.
  • Kitchens are a place of work with environments that can be extremely noisy, hot, and stressful, as food needs to be prepared in a short time and according to the highest standards.
  • Often visit food festivals and events or participate in cooking competitions.

The entry requirements

There are no particular qualifications to become a chef. A cookery degree could be beneficial. You can complete the following:

  • A two-to-three-year apprenticeship on the job, with the study of the New Zealand Certificate in Hospitality (Cookery) (Level 4)
  • One year all-time New Zealand Certificate in Cookery (Level 3)
  • One year full-time, fully-time New Zealand Certificate in Hospitality (Cookery) (Level 4).

Secondary education

There are no specific secondary school requirements for this position. However, the subjects of the home economy (food and nutrition) and NCEA Level 1 literacy and numeracy credits can be helpful.

Personal needs

Chefs must be:

  • Reliable
  • Can perform efficiently in stressful situations
  • adept at working in a group
  • Willing to master new cooking techniques as well as recipes and menus
  • efficiently, organized, and speedy but also mindful and patient
  • Open-minded and creative
  • Able to follow directions
  • well-organized
  • proficient in managing and communicating with people.

Chefs must pay attention to detail, and you need to be able to demonstrate initiative.

Beneficial experience

The most helpful experience for chefs include:

  • Work as kitchen assistants or kitchenhands.
  • staging (internships in kitchens of chefs to master how they cook and their techniques)
  • all work that involves cooking food for other people
  • any experience in the hospitality industry
  • Catering experience
  • Baking work.

Physical requirements

Chefs must possess a keen sense of scent and taste. They must also possess an adequate level of endurance, strength, and fitness because they are often required to carry large items, including bulk ingredients, and work long hours standing up.

Chef Salary In New Zeeland

The salary and wages of New Zealand professionals are compiled frequently through an analysis of New Zealand jobs advertised in major newspapers. Advertisements for jobs in New Zealand often need to include information on remuneration. Salaries can be negotiated within certain limits.

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The titles of this job differ, but some examples are chefs, head sous chef, commis chef, and chefs de parties.
There is a shortage of chefs in New Zealand. Cooks (chefs of the party or more) are on the long-term New Zealand skills shortage list.

Chefs de Partie usually earn between $19 to $24 an hour. Sous chefs typically earn between $20 and $26 per hour. Some commis chef positions might be near or at the minimum wage of $18.90 per hour.
Head chefs typically earn between $25-$49 per hour, based on their field of expertise, location, and previous experience.

For example, the average hourly rate for New Zealand for the quarter that ended 31 March 2020 was $33.20 per Statistics New Zealand. It would result in an annual median wage of approximately $65,600 working full-time (38-hour days).


Chef Salaries / Wages in 2020

PositionSalary / Wage $Location
Indian Chef (curry and Tandoori)40,000 – 45,000Manawatu, Palmerston North
Head Chef25-30 per hourTaranaki
Chef/ Barista / part time20 – 25 hoursAuckland
Garde Manger Chef52,000+Auckland
Expert Chef / Asian food50,000 – 60,000Auckland
Experienced Chef20-25 hours per hourHamilton, Waikato
Demi Chef / Commis Chef37,000 – 42,000Wellington
Experienced Chef50,000 – 65,000Wellington
Chinese Chef45,000 – 55,000Christchurch
Chef De Partie20-25 per hourChristchurch
Sous Chef20-25 per hourWest Coast
Chef Salary In New Zeeland

Head Chef Salary In New Zeeland

The average gross head chef earnings of a head chef in New Zealand is $94,324 or an equivalent hourly wage of $45. Additionally, they receive an average of $3,622 in bonuses.

estimates of salary based upon the salary survey information gathered directly from anonymous employees and employers from New Zealand. Head chefs at entry-level (1-3 years experience) are paid an average of $66,746.

On the other hand, an experienced head chef (8plus more years in the field) is paid an average of $116,973.

Sous Chef Salary In New Zeeland

The median of a sous-chef pay of a sous chef in New Zealand is $56,550 per year or 29 dollars per hour. Beginning salaries for entry-level positions begin at $51,675 annually, whereas the most skilled workers earn upwards of $61,425 annually.

Chef De Partie Salary In New Zeeland

A typical chef-de Partie gross pay of a chef de partie cuisine in New Zealand is $72,925 or, equivalently, an hourly wage of $35. Additionally, they receive an average of $1,896 in bonuses. Estimates of salary based on survey data gathered from employers and New Zealand employees. An entry-level chef de party food (1-3 years of work experience) has an average pay of $53,088. On the other hand, the senior chef de part cuisine (8plus many years of experience) is paid an average of $89,545.

Commis Chef Salary Per Hour

The average wage for a Commis Chef working in the United States is $20.78 an hour.
Although is reporting hourly pay as high as $44.47 or as little as $10.10, the majority of CHEF pay varies from $16.11 (25th percentile) to $21.88 (75th percentile) across the United States.

The pay range of a Commis CHEF is exceptionally different (by more than $5.77). There could be numerous opportunities to advance and a higher salary depending on the skill level, location, and years of experience.

Based on the latest job posting activity on modennews According to recent activity on, it appears that the Commis CHEF job market in both Chicago, IL, and throughout the entire state of not particularly active, as only a few employers are hiring. The average Commis CHEF in your area earns an average of $21 an hour, which is $0.59 (3 per cent) higher than the average national annual wage of $20.78. It is the top-ranked state of 50 states regarding Commiss CHEF salary.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Commis CHEF Jobs

We have identified ten cities where the median pay for the Commis CHEF job is above the average for all of America. The top spot is Atkinson, NE, with Deer Park, CA and Johnstonville, CA, close behind in the second and third places. Johnstonville, CA, beats the nation’s average by $8,378 (19.4 per cent), while Atkinson, NE, furthers that trend by putting an additional $21,161 (49.0 per cent) higher than the average of $43,222.

With these cities offering median salaries above the nation’s, the opportunity to boost economic growth by switching places as a Commis CHEF appears highly lucrative.

Another aspect to consider is that the salary average for the top ten cities in the world varies by as much as 27 per cent among Atkinson, NE and Keystone, CO, suggesting a high likelihood of positive wage variation when it comes to the Commis CHEF role. The cost of living should be considered when balancing salary and location.


CityAnnual PayMonthly SalaryWeekly SalaryHourly Salary
Atkinson, NE$64,383$5,365$1,238$30.95
Deer Park, CA$53,360$4,446$1,026$25.65
Johnstonville, CA$51,600$4,300$992$24.81
Green River, WY$51,540$4,295$991$24.78
Stamford, CT$50,308$4,192$967$24.19
Bellevue, WA$49,924$4,160$960$24.00
Brooklyn, NY$49,892$4,157$959$23.99
Belgrade, MT$49,605$4,133$953$23.85
New Haven, CT$48,791$4,065$938$23.46
Keystone, CO$48,702$4,058$936$23.41
Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Commis CHEF Jobs

Chef Pay Per Hour

The median hourly wage for a Head chef across the United States is $42 on Sept. 26, 2022; however, the pay range is usually between $36 to $48. The amount you earn per hour can vary according to various factors, including the level of education and certifications, additional capabilities, and the amount of time you have worked in your job. With more live online compensation information than any other site, helps you determine the exact amount you want to earn.

Are Chefs In Demand In New Zeeland?

During Immigration New Zealand reviewing whether to continue to put the chef’s visa on its need list, Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) is insisting on additional South Auckland people to train as chefs to prepare for a surge in demand.

The outcome of this Immigration, New Zealand review is scheduled to be finalized by the end of 2016. This year, more than 4000 applicants received visas as chefs. If chefs are removed from the Long Term Skills Shortage list, local chefs will be in higher demand than ever.

Local graduates are in high demand. It is already very high, and 95 percent of MIT’s latest graduates are already employed or pursuing further studies.

Cherie Freeman, Dean of MIT’s Faculty of Consumer Services, states, “we can fill more positions than graduates.”

To respond to the growing demand from the industry, MIT’s culinary programme currently runs for 52 weeks a year, from 7 am until 10 pm every day, to speed up the duration of study from two years to only 16 months. This Institute has also built a second kitchen to accommodate the industry’s growth.

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Cherie says that working closely with teachers is a different method MIT can use to increase the flow of chefs into industries “We are training culinary professionals at 25 secondary schools in South Auckland and through our Trades Academy. This gives students an early start in their education, and they can earn credits while still in school.”


“We provide Maori as well as Pasifika trades Scholarships for Training, as well as the Youth Guarantees fees-free program, which means that we can have as many trainees as we can.”

Additional 250 culinary students will graduate on Thursday (22 September). Many of them have already found work through work placements in the industry.

“We’re determined to ensure that our graduates get excellent jobs. We provide assistance with career planning and connections to the industry to every graduate for 18 months following their graduation. We want to ensure that they receive the support and motivation to continue their career.”

“Over the next few years we’re hoping to begin an experiment of integrating industry with MIT; students will have 2 days studying at MIT and then spend the final day working in the workplace. It will give them valuable experiences as well as a glimpse of the kind of work life that industry actually like.”

From father-in-law to the chef in 16 months

Just two months ago, Clifford was a stay-at-home father. After he graduated with distinction from MIT, He is now a Commis Chef at the Garrison Public House in Mount Wellington.

It was his first contract as soon following his graduation in December, after impressing Garrison’s chef in his MIT internship in the company’s kitchen.

Clifford admits he did not think he would get an occupation at such a speed: “It was a bit of a shock. I was a fan of the kitchen at home so decided I’d give it an attempt and check if it was something I enjoyed. I was surprised that I did and discovered that I can cook well.”

“I’m committed to staying in the business and don’t have plans of leaving. It’s not easy however I’m having fun doing the work,” he says.

It took Clifford only 16 months to make it through Level 3 to Level 5 of the culinary program, and he was able to learn over the summer to help speed up the process.

“It was the teachers who encouraged me and helped me keep going. The working experience was an eye-opener. It helped me get a job as well,” says Clifford.

Chef Jobs In New Zeeland

Are you a Chef? If you are looking for Chef jobs in New Zeeland, this job application link is for you. Please read the requirements carefully before applying to avoid skipping any requirement outlined in the specific job you are applying for.

The Chef jobs in New Zeeland are below, so use this external link to apply carefully.

External Application Link


There are no prerequisites to becoming a chef. But, a qualification in cookery can help you learn the practical aspects of food hygiene, cooking techniques, and safety and health. Being certified can help chefs get promoted to higher-level cookery positions.
Chefs should possess a keen sense of scent and taste. They should also have sufficient strength and fitness since they frequently carry large items, including bulk ingredients, and are often standing up.

There are various chef specializations, like commis chefs, who work across all aspects of the kitchen. Chefs de Partie chef de partie is in charge of a particular kitchen area, like pastry or fish and sous chefs are the second-in-charge as well as head chefs who are accountable for the entire kitchen. Chefs specialize in different culinary styles, such as French and Japanese.

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