Career Junction Jobs in S A and How to Fill the Application Form

Career Junction Jobs in S A and How to Fill the Application Form

Every year, Career junction jobs in SA are always available for South African citizens who want to build an exceptional careers. Moden News has compiled a list of over 10 recent career junction Cape Town jobs you can check out.

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Career Junction Jobs in SA

Here are available career junction jobs in South Africa:

Job Title: Junior Testing Analyst at Datonomy Solutions

Jot Type: Full Time

Location: Brackenfell, Western Cape, South Africa

Salary: R22,000 – R28,000 per month

Responsibilities for the Position Junior Testing Analyst

  • One of the significant roles of a Junior Testing Analyst is to develop, modify and ensure that software testing plans are carried out in an agile framework. 
  • The Junior Testing Analyst also handles test resources, including data, scenarios, and tools. He does this by identifying the required test environment and ensuring its setup. 
  • Another vital role a Junior Testing Analyst handles is the recording and defecting logging. This deals with executing alternate test variants and negative scenarios. 
  • Moreso, a junior testing analyst, provides feedback to the Development team or Agile team and ensures the work is carried out according to the schedule and the quality requirements.
  • He tests closure activities and ensures test completion. 

Requirements and Qualification for the Position Junior Testing Analyst

  • Before applying for a junior testing analyst position, you must have a grade of 12. 
  • Among all the available career junction jobs in SA, this position requires the applicant to have 2-3 years of Manual testing experience 3+ years of Test Tools experience (ALM QC, Jira, etc.).
  • Alternatively, the applicant can still apply if he has 2-3 years of testing in the retail sector.
  • Another necessary experience is expertise in functional testing, system testing, end-to-end scenario testing, integration testing, regression testing, and non-functional testing.
  • Then, the applicant must have proven experience in industry Standard Test Design and Execution techniques. 
  • Further, it’s expedient that the applicant has undergone formal software testing training. This is because most companies lookout for candidates with such training experience.

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Job Title: Campus Recruitment Manager

Jot Type: Full Time

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Responsibilities for the Position Campus Recruitment Manager

  • The campus recruitment manager job is one of the recent career junction Cape Town jobs with tons of responsibilities attached. The significant role here is to partner with the stakeholders to translate their campus and early career hiring needs into an actionable recruitment strategy.
  • Also, a campus recruitment manager is responsible for leading commitment and consistency across your region to hiring top talent against a high-volume campus strategy.
  • It is also the job of this personnel to train and mentor team members on how to build creative sourcing strategies. 
  • Moreso, the manager, works with the campus and’s leadership to define a cohesive events strategy.

Requirements and Qualification for Campus Recruitment Manager Position

  • This is one of the career junction jobs in cape town that requires the applicant to have proven success in creating and executing campus and early career hiring programs globally. 
  • The hiring officials expect anyone applying for this career junction job to have proven success in leading local and remote teams. 
  • The candidate must also have hired at least 100 graduates in a year.
  • The applicant must also have a demonstrable track record of KPI achievements.
  • Considering the nature of the job, the applicant should have good communication skills. That means the applicant should be good at speaking, reading, and writing English. 
  • Then, the applicant must have excellent stakeholder management, persuasion, and negotiating skills and the capacity to adjust interpersonal styles with stakeholders at all levels.
  • Have the ability to analyze and evaluate data to diagnose the source of problems. 
  • Interpersonal, teamwork, and organizational abilities are exceptional, as is the ability to connect effectively at all levels and across cultures.
  • Moreso, the hiring official, looks out for exceptional applicants who can adapt to new methods and ways of working and change their mindset to cope with change. So, adapting to changes can help you secure this position. 
  • Furthermore, the applicant must have good working experience in an internationally scaling business is preferred.

Job Title: Service Delivery Manager: TJ

Jot Type: Full Time

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Job Responsibilities For the Service Delivery Manager Position

  • The primary role of a service delivery manager is to lead customer interactions on service-related issues and coordinate activities within Transaction Junction to ensure that the problem is correctly focused on and resolved.
  • Assist customers with operational and service management issues.
  • Have a thorough awareness of the services supplied to each client and the impact that a service interruption might have on them.
  • Building, preserving, and evaluating service reports and giving monthly service management facts to consumers about Transaction Junction’s service, customer requests, and any problems.
  • Record meeting minutes and conclusions, and make sure actions are done on time and escalated to management as needed.
  • The Service Delivery Manager will oversee significant incidents as the owner of the escalation process, ensuring coordination of resolving parties, effective communication to stakeholders, and post-incident review.
  • To guarantee that IT sticks to contracted work and is measured against deliverables, ensure the delivery of SLAs and operational engagement models.
  • Helps to implement organization-wide goal formulation, performance management, and annual operating planning by translating strategy into goals for performance and growth. 
  • Coach, advise, and coach the digital team, operational management, and staff on how to implement, promote, and sustain a continuous improvement culture.

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Requirements and Qualifications For Service Delivery Manager Position

  • Service Delivery Manager is one of the jobs Career Junction provides that requires the applicant to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.
  • Aside from the Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, the applicant is expected to have four years of experience in the same or similar role.
  • Considering the daily and monthly deliverables, the applicants must have customer-focused skills. This deals with the ability to put your customer first.
  • The applicants must have the ability to innovate things and instills trust. 
  • Also, this job requires teamwork and collaboration. So, the applicant must understand the concept of collaboration and how to work with a team.
  • Understanding business ethics and how it works can help anyone get this job. 
  • This job is also among the career junction jobs in SA that require the applicant to know how to handle or manage Complexity. 
  • Then, the applicant must be result-oriented and be able to make plans that will align with the company’s vision. 
  • Furthermore, the applicant must have financial Acumen and the ability to build Effective Teams and networks. 

Job Title: Business Intelligence Senior Modeler

Jot Type: Full Time

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Salary: R63,300 – R74,200 per month

Responsibilities for the Position Business Intelligence Senior Modeler

  • The first role of a business intelligence senior modeler is to assist the team with technical issues.
  • Secondly, is to design, create, and improve ingestion frameworks that can load data reliably and with a high degree of trust in a technical leadership position.
  • Thirdly, to engage with technical subject matter experts to gather data from internal and external data sources.
  • Using multiple ‘ big data ‘ technologies, build the infrastructure needed for efficient data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) from several data sources.
  • Improve internal processes by identifying, designing, and implementing improvements: re-designing models for higher scalability, automating manual operations, improving data delivery
  • Engage various technical stakeholders, such as data scientists, business analysts, other data engineers, and solution architects.

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Requirements and Qualification For the Position of Business Intelligence Senior Modeler 

  • This job is among the high-paying career junction jobs in cape town that requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Informatics, Information Systems, or any other quantitative field or National Diploma in an Information Technology related discipline.
  • Aside from the degree, the applicant must have at least 5+ years as a Data Engineer in a BI environment.
  • The applicant must have the ability to follow and manage data assets under a stringent governance framework.
  • And be good at SQL. That means excellent SQL abilities and development using SQL and procedural extensions are necessary.
  • Also, it is necessary to have prior experience with ETL toolsets (such as SAP Data Services).
  • And considering the nature of the job, a robust Data Engineering background with a focus on data staging of the highest quality is highly needed.
  • 2 to 5 years of Data Analysis / Data Warehousing
  • Furthermore, the applicant must have a strong understanding of SQL, Information Architecture, and ETL techniques.

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Job Title: Human Resources Manager

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Jot Type: Full Time

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Salary: R50,000 – R58,300 per month

Responsibilities for the position of Human Resources Manager

  • This HR position is among the HR jobs career junction provides that anyone occupying the role will focus on providing staff support. 
  • HR will also oversee and handle the recruitment and selection process and the onboarding process. 
  • Another vital role of a human resources manager is organizing and carrying out training and career development of both new and old staff.
  • They also handle the full Payroll function on VIP, which is preparing payroll.
  • Finally, oversee the submission of Leave monitoring and capturing Performance Management.

Requirements and Qualifications for the position of Human Resources Manager

  • This is one of the hr jobs career junctions in SA that requires the applicant to have a degree in Human Resources.
  • Aside from the degree, the applicant needs to have at least five years of HR Management Experience.
  • The applicant must have good Financial Services Industry experience. 
  • Then, be passionate about people and can work independently. 
  • The applicant must also be computer literate in VIP Payroll / Payroll software and Excel Advance skills.

Job Title: Junior Inspector at Alfred H Knight Ukwanda

Jot Type: Full Time

Location: Gqebera, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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Responsibilities For the Position of Junior Inspector at Alfred H Knight Ukwanda

  • A Junior inspector’s primary role is to manage the day-to-day operations of the AHK Gqebeha / Port Elizabeth Operations Department. 
  • He is also in charge of inspecting, weighing, and sampling commodities and container loading at the client’s location, warehouse, or mine.
  • Additionally, he will supervise commodity sampling on our facilities or at independent warehouses/mines.
  • Then, use excellent sample practice principles to ensure that sampling/surveying is done with high accuracy and precision. 
  • Further, a junior inspector provides regular updates and sends daily tally sheets, shift sheets, and images.

Qualifications and Requirements For the Position of Junior Inspector at Alfred H Knight Ukwanda

  • To secure this Career Junction job position, the applicant must be computer literate (Microsoft office suite).
  • The applicant must have good communication skills. This skill will enable him to communicate both orally and in writing effectively.
  • Another vital skill that is relevant for this job is numeracy skill. The applicant must have literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Then, one must have the ability to coordinate many activities simultaneously to achieve a goal. 
  • Show that you pay attention to the smallest of details.
  • To work as part of a group.
  • The applicant must have the ability to keep track of time records and work independently with little supervision.
  • Interpersonal skills that work.
  • Self-motivated and energetic.
  • You must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Excellent command of the English language (verbal and written)
  • This position is one of the career junction jobs in SA that requires the applicant to have the ability to efficiently manage one’s own time while working under tight deadlines.
  • The applicant must have the ability to plan, prioritize, and arrange one’s tasks and others’.
  • Understanding minerals and metals and sampling is vital for this career junction job position.
  • Finally, a three years minimum experience in commodity surveying, specific to metals and minerals commodities. WSMD Experience.

Job Title: International Procurement Lead – Chemical Manufact

Jot Type: Full Time

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Role and Responsibilities For the Position of International Procurement Lead

  • The primary role of an international procurement lead is to create a clear supply network. This will ensure compliance with procurement regulations, negotiate advantages from services, and reduce costs by developing and maintaining connections with business stakeholders and suppliers.
  • Another vital role is to deliver sourcing plans for the critical area of expenditure, collaborating with regions and cluster functions as needed to ensure the optimal supply base and commercial outcome.
  • The international procurement lead also leads and assists in the procurement process by coordinating and creating requirements, selection criteria, surveys, supply schedules, and documentation to ensure that the best supplier is selected under policy rules.
  • Then, guarantee that deals offer the best commercial outcome, and lead or support commercial negotiations.
  • Through market research, providing new base analysis, and running reports, assisting the Purchase Team in discovering new procurement prospects.
  • Serving as a liaison between suppliers and the cluster or region to handle procurement-related issues.
  • Monitoring Supplier performance includes ensuring that products are delivered on time and according to specifications and keeping proper files and records of meetings with suppliers to ensure that company requirements are satisfied and that suppliers are aware of their performance.
  • Monitoring and analyzing trends and economic conditions to predict product trends and, as a result, determine the best time to buy and from which region or area.
  • Develop and sustain strategic category plans for the company’s core categories.
  • Finally, develop relationships with suppliers and work closely with them to get the best product and price.

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Requirements For the Position of International Procurement Lead

  • This position requires a National Diploma or Certification in Supply Chain Management or a comparable qualification, but it is not required.
  • It is preferable if you have prior experience working with SAP and a comparable ERP system.
  • Prior experience as a Procurement Lead sourcing products, ideally chemicals or related products, in a distribution or manufacturing environment, is required for this position.
  • Working knowledge on chemicals and chemical procurement would be beneficial.
  • Good bargaining and persuasive skills are also required.
  • For this position, previous foreign procurement expertise is required, as interacting with suppliers and onboarding them, and having sourced and managed the supplier from start to finish.
  • It is vital to have demonstrated competence to work in various teams in a complicated commercial organization.
  • Must be able to apply best practices and modern procurement methodologies to various purchasing circumstances, including practical and accurate data analysis and reporting.
  • The ideal candidate must also be entrepreneurial and imaginative, with the ability to think outside the box and add strategic value to the company.
  • In a distribution setting, a person must be able to confidently manage their portfolio and grasp working capital and excessive stock issues.

Job Title: Human Resources Technology at Multichoice

Jot Type: Full Time

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Role and Responsibilities For the Position of Human Resources Technology at Multichoice

  • First, Human resources technology is in charge of customizing reports and ad hoc system adjustments.
  • Ascertain that information technology solutions are in line with business needs.
  • Facilitate the development and ongoing updating of technology to enable HR and Payroll systems and business process innovation and improvement.
  • Ensure that HR and payroll systems adhere to security, legal, and audit standards throughout South Africa and the MAH areas.
  • Secure access to the application, data, and integration platforms is enforced through support processes.
  • To maintain data integrity, identify and implement controls, governance, and validation mechanisms.
  • Keep up with the newest business trends, concepts, and how information technology may provide value in a certain area/function.
  • Assist the company in maximizing the use of technology within the HR and Payroll departments and recommend new and improved software as needed.
  • Participate in cross-functional knowledge exchange between HR and Payroll support teams and other teams as needed.
  • Work freely and self-directedly; may serve as a subject matter mentor to more junior team members. 
  • In the design, development, and support of HR and Payroll system enhancements and projects, collaborate with HR Business Partners, IT, CII, Finance, and leaders.
  • Support and collaborate with HR and Payroll to increase the use of HR and Payroll technology and provide end-to-end solutions.

Qualifications and Requirements For the Position of Human Resources Technology at Multichoice

  • A bachelor’s degree in information systems, human resources, or a related field is required.
  • A minimum of 2-3 years of experience in a similar position.
  • Worked with a variety of HR and payroll systems and cloud solutions and integrations.
  • HR, payroll, and IT policies and processes are essential to know.
  • Basic understanding of labor law and primary working conditions.
  • Knowledge of the Microsoft SQL database
  • IT Infrastructure and Security Expertise
  • Service Management experience is a must (Incident and Problem management).
  • Configuration standards and procedures, as well as the software development lifecycle.
  • Knowledge of systems and business analysis.
  • Understanding of how to manage business relationships
  • Systems for Human Resources and Payroll
  • Cloud Computing Services.
  • Basic Employment Conditions
  • Management of incidents and problems

How to Apply for Career Junction Jobs in SA

If you think you are qualified for any of the above-mentioned career jobs in SA, visit the official website to get application instructions.

You’ll also learn how to get and fill out the Career jobs application form including the required documents.

Visit and fill up the career jobs in South Africa application forms below to start. Visit the application portal and apply for the available positions.

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