Capstone Logistics Warehouse Operations Manager Salary

Capstone Logistics’ warehouse operations manager’s salary is great. This article tells us more!

Ever questioned what capstone logistics entailed? We’re going to take you on a tour of everything you need to know about Capstone Logistics in this post, including the company’s warehouse operations manager salary, capstone logistics jobs salary, whether Capstone is a real company, whether it’s a good job, and how long the company has been in existence.

So many job seekers always question if the position they are applying for is genuinely a decent position or not, whether the company is a legitimate business, and whether or not the management structure is well-organized. This holds true for looking for a job at Capstone as well.

Well, stop worrying, because research has shown that Capstone is a legitimate business. 3.1 out of 5 stars are assigned to Capstone Logistics based on over 746 anonymous employee reviews. 49% of employees say they would recommend Capstone Logistics to a friend, and 43% think the company is doing well.

Capstone Logistics

Capstone Logistics is a leading provider of supply chain management services in North America, with over 650 active facilities, 19,000 employees, and 60,000 carriers. Capstone is capable of managing freight, assisting with warehouses and distribution centers, providing last-mile delivery, and more.

The Transportation and Logistics sector, which has been dubbed a “critical infrastructure segment,” includes Capstone Logistics. Services for logistics are offered by

Capstone Logistics, LLC. The business provides freight haulage, on-site warehouse, distribution, supply chain, inspection, and transportation management services. Customers are served by Capstone Logistics in the US.

Steve Taylor serves as the company’s current CEO. Capstone Logistics was established in 1996. Capstone Logistics, which was founded 26 years ago and has its headquarters in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, near Atlanta, USA, now employs 13000 people.

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Capstone Logistics Manager Salary

The average Capstone Logistics Manager salary in the United States was $114,690; however, the normal salary range is between $99,797 and $130,414. The typical compensation at Capstone Logistics is $34,041, or $16.37 per hour. Additionally, the lowest-paid employees’ salaries differ by department.

Capstone logistics jobs

The following jobs are available at Capstone Logistics:

  1. Warehouse associate, Capstone Logistics,

Location: Florence.

Salary: $700–$964 a week

  1. Warehouse order picker, capstone logistics

MarionSalary: $700-$1000 per week

  1. Warehouse Order Selector

Location: Los Angeles

Salary: $700-$945

  1. Warehouse Repackaging Associates

Location: College Park

Salary: $19.25 an hour

  1. Warehouse Freight Handler

Location: Quincy, Florida

Salary: $800-$1200 a week

  1. Financial Analyst

Location: Boston

Salary: $50,000-$70,000 a year

  1. Warehouse Associate

Location: Smithfield, RI

Salary: $650-$800 a week

  1. Capstone Logistics Traveling Warehouse

Location: Imperial, PA

Salary: $17-$26 an hour

  1. Warehouse Associate

Location: Woonsocket, RI

Salary: $500-$750 a week

  1. Travel Team Associate

Location: Kent, WA

Salary: $700 a week

  1. Warehouse Travel Selector

Location: The Colony

Salary: $30 per hour.

  1. Warehouse Worker

Location: North East, MD

Salary: up to $1000 a week

  1. Warehouse Unloader LocationMemphis, TN

Salary: $800-$1000

  1. Warehouse Associate

Location: Glendale, Arizona

Salary: $1300

Some Capstone Logistics Near Me:

This is a list of several capstone logistics warehouse operating positions that are available in your area and their starting weekly salaries.

  1. HR Coordinator, Chicago, IL ($750-$900 a week)
  2. Truck load pricing analyst, Chicago, IL ($500-700 a week)
  3. Business Development Associate, Chicago, IL ($600-$800 a week)
  4. Warehouse travel selector, Montgomery, IL ($750-$800 a week)
  5. Warehouse Pallet Wrapper, Glendale Heights, IL ($500-700 a week)
  6. Warehouse Associate, Melrose Park, IL, ($500-$700 a week)
  7. Warehouse lead, Joliet, IL, ($500-700 a week)
  8. Warehouse clerk, Joliet, IL ($1000 a week)
  9. Ware house unloader, Des Plaines, IL ($550-700 a week)
  10. Warehouse clerk, Bartlett, IL, ($450-700 a week)
  11. Warehouse Associate, Bartlett, IL ($1000 a week)
  12. Warehouse selector, Joliet, IL ($1000 a week)
  13. Joliet, Illinois Warehouse Associate($1000 a week) Warehouse Associate Montgomery, IL
  14. Supervisor, Joliet, IL ($1000 a week)
  15. Warehouse Associate, Westfield, IL ($1000 a week)
  16. Freight Hauler, Glendale Heights, IL ($1000 a week)
  17. Warehouse Pallet Wrapper, Glendale Heights, IL ($1000 a week)
  18. Warehouse Order Selector, Atlanta, GA ($1000 a week)
  19. Warehouse order selector, Los Angeles, CA ($1000 a week)
  20. Warehouse Selector, Tampa, FL ($1000 a week)
  21. Warehouse chute stacker, Concord, NC ($500-700 a week)
  22. Warehouse Forklift Operator, Montgomery, AL ($500-700 a week)
  23. Part-Time Warehouse Lead, Elizabeth Port, NJ ($500-700 a week)
  24. Walkie-Rider Picker, Raleigh, NC ($500-700 a week)
  25. Warehouse Forklift Operator, Modesto, CA ($500-700 a week)
  26. Warehouse Selector, Victorville, CA ($500-700 a week)
  27. Warehouse Lead, 4:00am–12:30pm, Aston Mills, PA ($500–700 a week)
  28. Aston Mills, PA warehouse lead, 8:00 p.m.-4:30 a.m.($500-700 a week) 29. Warehouse Selector, night shift, Charlotte, NC ($500-700 a week)
  29. Warehouse unloader, Port Wentworth, GA ($650-$700 a week)
  30. Warehouse Reclaim Associate, Salem, VA ($1000 a week)
  31. Warehouse unloader, Ashley, IL, ($500-700 a week)
  32. Warehouse Sanitation Associate, Montgomery, AL ($600 a week)
  33. Warehouse Sorter, Franklin, MA ($700 a week)
  34. Warehouse lead, Winchester, VA ($1000 a week)
  35. Warehouse sorter, Secaucus, NJ ($500-750 a week)
  36. Warehouse palletizer, Port Orange, IL ($500-$700 a week)
  37. Part-time Warehouse Associate, Moylan, PA ($19-$25 per hour)
  38. Warehouse logistics coordinator, Franklin, MA ($1000 a week)
  39. Warehouse heavy lifting associate, Concord, NC ($750-$1000 a week)
  40. Warehouse Supervisor, Port Wentworth, GA ($500-700 a week)
  41. Warehouse Associate, Detroit, MI ($450-$600 a week)
  42. Warehouse Supervisor, Indianola, MS ($600-$800 a week)
  43. Warehouse shift lead, Port Wentworth, GA ($500-700 a week)
  44. Billings Metropolitan Areas, MT warehouse clerk($500-700 a week)
  45. Warehouse Associate, Hernando, MS, ($500-700 a week)
  46. Warehouse Associate, Chino, CA ($500-700 a week)
  47. Yard driver, Houston, TX ($450-500 a week)
  48. Warehouse Logistics Coordinator, Bedford, NH ($800-$1000 a week)
  49. Warehouse Order Selector, Redlands, CA ($500-700 a week)
  50. Warehouse trailer stripping, Topeka, KS ($500-700 a week)
  51. Warehouse forklift operator, Woodburn, OR ($500-700 a week)
  52. Warehouse yard jockey, Tampa, FL ($450-500 a week)
  53. Warehouse receiver, Katy, TX ($500-700 a week)
  54. Warehouse Unloader, Charlotte, NC ($500-700 a week)
  55. Warehouse associate hiring events, Jackson, GA ($500-700 a week)
  56. Financial Analyst, Peachtree Corners, GA ($700-1000 a week)
  57. Warehouse supervisor, Marion, IN ($700-$1000 a week)
  58. Seasonal warehouse associate, Elizabethport ($500-700 a week)
  59. Warehouse receiving clerk, Stevens Point, WI ($500-700 a week)
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Capstone Logistics job salary

The national average salary for a Capstone Logistics employee in the United States is $34,041 per year. Employees in the top 10 percent can make over $46,000 per year, while employees in the bottom 10 percent earn less than $24,000 per year.

The average Capstone Logistics salary is $16.37 per hour and $34,041 per year.


Is Capstone Logistics a real company?

Capstone Logistics is a reputable third-party logistics provider (3PL), and they are well known all over the world, with their headquarters in Georgia having been founded in 1996. Capstone Logistics specializes in warehousing services and freight management. Capstone is a partner in supply chain solutions with over 650 operational facilities, 19,000 employees, and 60,000 carriers in North America.

Is Capstone Logistics a good company?

If you’re wondering if Capstone is a great place to work, the results of numerous analyses and anonymous logistics assessments of its employees indicate that Capstone receives a 3.1 out of 5-star rating. 49% of employees think Capstone Logistics is doing well, and 43% would recommend it to a friend. “Good surroundings and welcoming staff It’s very easy, and the pay is good. “The workplace is open and willing to teach anyone,” according to an unnamed employee of Capstone Logistics.

How long has Capstone Logistics been in business?

Having been established in 1996, Capstone Logistics has been in business for over 26 years.

How much do top operation managers earn?

The average salary of top operational managers varies according to position and job title; below is a ranking of the top 4 operational managers in capstone logistics and their average salaries.

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Who is a warehouse operations manager?

Warehouse operations managers are in charge of how a company’s warehouse works as a whole. They are in charge of setting up the procedures that make sure the warehouse works well. They keep an eye on how products are handled, where they are stored, how they are shipped, the schedule of operations, and how items are delivered. Warehouse operations managers are also in charge of how the warehouse is set up to make the best use of space. They make predictions about the number of products to make sure that the warehouse can handle the high number of goods. They always look over the warehouse’s policies, procedures, and systems to make sure they are up-to-date and working well.

Warehouse Operations Manager Responsibilities

Here are some examples of duties from real warehouse operations manager resumes that show the kinds of tasks they usually do.

  • Manage the process of making medical oxygen while following all FDA and industry rules.
  • Coordinate and take care of EDI implementations with trading partners.
  • Complete the initial Kaizen training for lean manufacturing and managing daily improvements.
  • Manage payroll, keep an eye on center/facility expenses and accounts payable, and use strategies to keep costs down.
  • Create and teach courses for employees and upper management on how to use ERP systems to control inventory in new ways.
  • Keep the warehouse ready for corporate and customer visits as well as FDA inspections.
  • Enter purchase orders (POs) into ERP and QuickBooks, creating new line items and part numbers as needed.
  • used wireless RF scanning equipment to keep track of what was in stock.
  • Maintain ISO requirements, organize audits, and maintain certification.
  • Set up standard operating procedures for loading and unloading ISO containers.
  • Provide a clean and safe place to work for your staff, as required by local and state OSHA rules.
  • Use the WMS system to do things like pull production orders and manage inventory.
  • Change from a manual system for keeping track of warehouse inventory to a computerized WMS.
  • Predict and work with the logistics department to coordinate future production, sales orders, and requests for immediate shipping.
  • processed and inspected 450 tonnes of hazardous materials and properties to make sure they were handled and documented correctly, as required by OSHA and 49 CFR.
  • Take part in the evaluation of material handling equipment, radio frequency (RF) systems, and inventory management systems that could be used in the facility.
  • Give important briefings on air and ground transportation to military and DOD staff, including how to report and safety rules for flights.
  • Develop the warehouse’s safety protocol, which includes putting together staff and management committees and setting up safety rules and procedures.
  • Create BOLs for new products and make room for them.
  • Use software for planning and MRP.
  • To make sure MRP is SOX-compliant, check and record all transactions.
  • Make all the paperwork needed for daily shipments, such as the BOL, and keep track of them.
  • Set up Kaizen events, programs for team leadership, and mentoring.
  • Make sure that all forklift operators wear all of their safety gear to protect themselves and the public.
  • Set up automated carrier EDI service reporting by using data sent from the carrier.
  • Using Microsoft Office or Project, make a technical specification document and an ETL specification document to design the development process flow.

Warehouse Operations Manager Job Description

If you want to become a warehouse operations manager, “Should I become a warehouse operations manager?” might be the hardest question to answer. This information could be useful to you. Compared to other jobs, the growth rate for warehouse operations manager jobs is expected to be “as fast as average” at 6% from 2018 to 2028. Based on what the Bureau of Labor Statistics says, this is true. Also, 150,600 jobs are expected to open up for warehouse operations managers by 2028.

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The average annual salary of a warehouse operations manager is $34,871, which is equal to $16.76 an hour. In general, warehouse operations managers make anywhere from $26,000 to $45,000 a year. This means that the highest earners make $28,000 more than the lowest earners.

As with most jobs, becoming a warehouse operations manager takes work. After working in a job for a while, people sometimes change their minds about what they want to do for a living. Because of this, we looked into some other jobs that might help you find your next job. A logistics supervisor, a distribution supervisor, a manager, and a terminal manager are all examples of these jobs.

Warehouse Operations Manager Skills and Personality Traits

We figured out that 21% of warehouse operations managers are good at customer orders, warehouse operations, and logistics. They are also known for their soft skills, such as their ability to communicate, lead, and run a business.

Here is a breakdown of how often these skills are listed on the resumes of warehouse operations managers:

  • Customer Orders, 21%

Work with internal sales staff to make sure that customer orders are filled correctly and that customers get the service support and technical help they need.

  • Work in a warehouse, 13 %

moved up through the organization’s different companies, which led to his current job as warehouse operations manager at World Delivery Enterprises.

  • Service to customers, 9%

Provide excellent customer service by training your staff well and helping customers, from site employees to contracted executives, on a personal level.

  • Entry of data, 3%

supervised shipping and receiving, the buying and distributing of goods, inventory management, and both paper and computer data entry around the world.

  • standards for quality, 3%

Processes were looked at, and new procedures were put in place to improve efficiency and quality.


Resumes for warehouse operations managers

Most resumes for warehouse operations managers have skills like “customer orders,” “warehouse operations,” and “logistics.” Here, we go into more depth about the most important jobs of a warehouse operations manager.

People might say that communication skills are the most important trait for a warehouse operations manager to have. “Top executives must be able to communicate clearly and persuasively,” says a warehouse operations manager’s resume. This is an example of how a warehouse operations manager can use communication skills: “implemented and maintained the highest quality standards through process improvements and communications.”

Management skills are another skill that a lot of warehouse operations managers like to have. This skill is very important for everyday tasks, as this example from a resume for a warehouse operations manager shows: “An organization’s top leaders have to shape and direct how things work.” Here’s how this skill is used, taken from a resume: “Created and taught courses on new inventory control processes and procedures using ERP systems for employees and upper management.”

I hope you found this article helpful and insightful !!!

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