Biology Salary In West Virginia

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Biologists travel the globe to study microorganisms in the lab, study animals in the field and advance the life sciences in medicine. They work for government organizations, medical testing facilities, pharmaceutical firms, and scientific research and development organizations.

Numerous careers in biology offer competitive pay and job growth. With a bachelor’s degree, biologists in many fields, such as microbiology and wildlife biology, can pursue entry-level positions.

Students who major in biology graduate with the knowledge and abilities necessary for careers as biologists, including laboratory experience. Through coursework in genetics, molecular biology, marine biology, and immunology, biology majors can also focus their education.

What Does a Biologist Do?

Biologists plan and conduct experiments, oversee research initiatives, and make inferences from their findings. Depending on their area of expertise, their daily tasks change. For instance, while other biologists might work in an office or outside, clinical biologists work in a laboratory. Numerous biology positions necessitate collaboration with other scientists and teamwork. Biologists oversee biology technicians and other employees in labs. Biologists frequently submit grant applications for financial support, produce research papers and reports, and present their findings. They might offer suggestions in light of their findings.

Steps to Becoming a Biologist In West Virginia

Education, specialization, and work experience are prerequisites for careers in the biological sciences. The minimum educational requirement for many biology careers is a bachelor’s degree, though some require a graduate degree. Additionally, many career paths call for lab or internship experience.

The actions listed below enable students to become qualified for jobs in biology.

Step 1: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree.

The first step to becoming a biologist is to earn a biology bachelor’s degree. Entry-level positions in professions like microbiologists and wildlife biologists require a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree is also required for biology technicians. Graduates can prepare for careers in biology by majoring in biology or a related field.

Learners who pursue a biology bachelor’s degree can expect to take courses in genetics, molecular biology, zoology, and biochemistry. In order to develop skills suitable for the workplace, many biology degrees also include labs or internship opportunities.

Step 2: Choose a Specialty

Scientists specialize in a particular area of the broad field of biology to focus their careers. Cell biology, bacteriology, marine biology, and immunology are biologists’ specialties. Biologists can prepare for specialized career paths after graduation by choosing a specialty.

Students with biology degrees can often specialize their education with the help of their major, concentration, or electives. For instance, some universities offer majors in zoology or microbiology.

Furthermore, biologists hone their skills by pursuing internships, lab experiences, or employment in their specific focus areas.

Step 3: Finish Your Internship

Internships in biology help students gain the hands-on experience necessary for careers in the field. Interns in biology work as research assistants in labs, as wildlife biologists in zoos, and as assistants to seasoned biologists in offices.

For biologists, internships provide career-focused training. Opportunities for undergraduate internships are joint in biology programs. Students studying biology can look for a summer internship or learn about internship opportunities through their institution.

Step 4: Considering Graduate School

Employers who prefer or require candidates with graduate degrees include some. For instance, academic biologists typically hold a Ph.D. in biology, and biochemists frequently need a doctorate to work in research and development roles. Biologists can specialize their skills and pursue career advancement by earning a master’s degree in biology.

Prospective students should consider tuition costs, online options, and concentrations when considering graduate programs.

Biology Salary In West Virginia

In West Virginia, a biologist makes an average salary of $48,338 per year. That comes to roughly $23.24 an hour, in case you need a quick salary calculator. This amounts to $929 per week or $4,028 per month.

The average salary for a biologist is currently between $38,595 (25th percentile) and $62,947 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) in West Virginia making $82,244 per year. reports salaries as high as $95,110 and as low as $29,406.

The wide range of pay for a biologist (up to $24,352) suggests that there may be many opportunities for pay increases and advancement based on experience, location, and skill level.

According to a recent job posting on, few employers hire biologists, so the job market is not very active in West Virginia.

Regarding biologists’ salaries, West Virginia ranks 41 out of 50 states.

As millions of active jobs are published locally across America, ZipRecruiter continuously scans its database to determine the most precise annual salary range for jobs as biologists.

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Biologist Jobs in West Virginia

We have located four cities where the average compensation for a job as a biologist is higher than West Virginia’s average salary. Belle is at the top of the list, followed closely by Parkersburg and Morgantown in second and third, respectively. By an additional $7,197 (14.9%) above the $48,338 average, Belle continues the trend started by Morgantown, which is above the West Virginia average by 1.9%.

Only a few places in West Virginia pay more than the national average; thus, choosing to relocate as a biologist is a decision that should be made cautiously. The cost of living should also be taken into account.

The average salary in these top 10 cities differs only slightly, by 15%, between Belle and Bluefield, supporting the limited prospect for significant wage improvement. The ideal aspect to use when deciding where to work and how much to pay for a position as a biologist may be the possibility of a cheaper cost of living.

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CityAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryWeekly SalaryHourly Salary
Brush Fork$49,029$4,085$942$23.57
Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Biologist Jobs in West Virginia

What Is The Highest Paying Job In West Virginia?

Are you asking yourself what is the highest paying job in West Virginia? Then read the full details of your question.

There are numerous roles in West Virginia that you can check into if you are looking for high-paying employment that makes above $60,000. Please click on the links below to view the most recent Indeed salaries:

1. Director of Art

Typical annual salary: $62,654
primary obligations: In order to reflect a goal, concept, message, or audience, an art director oversees the visual representations of a brand or business. Brand advertisements, marketing campaigns, entertainment publications, or design firms might offer visual direction. These directors collaborate with designers and other artists to create a visual language that reflects the requirements of their clients. Jump to number 2 to see more of your answers.

2. Computer Programmer

Annual pay Average: $66,323

A computer programmer’s primary responsibilities include developing the coding frameworks to run software applications or platforms and satisfy client demands. These programmers implement interactive or aesthetically pleasing features and updates to expand or debug programs for optimization using their knowledge of various coding languages. Computer programmers test their programs and troubleshoot potential problems to ensure functionality and create user instructions. Jump to number 3 to see more of your answers.

3. Chiropractor

Average annual salary: $74,000
primary obligations: A chiropractor is a doctor of medicine who focuses on treating chronic pain through neuromuscular techniques. In order to offer the appropriate treatments to reduce pain and encourage healing, they identify spinal or joint problems. These medical professionals could suggest treatment programs that include routine visits for joint adjustments or exercise regimens to improve posture. Jump to number 4 to see more of your answers.

4. Industrial Engineer

Average annual salary: $77,178

An industrial engineer’s primary responsibilities include developing ways to improve manufacturing or production process performance. These engineers conduct financial or statistical analyses to understand performance aspects better and pinpoint development opportunities. Industrial engineers gather productivity and resource data using intelligence software to optimize people, materials, and equipment. Jump to number 5 to see more of your answers.

5. Human resources manager

Average annual salary: $79,934
primary obligations: A human resources manager is responsible for managing the hiring, onboarding, scheduling, and retention of company staff. These managers handle payroll and create salary or benefit schemes to encourage employee retention. Human resource managers can enforce company regulations, ensure state employment laws, and resolve disputes among employees. Jump to number 6 to see more of your answers.

6. Chemical Engineer

Annual average salary: $83,985

A chemical engineer’s primary responsibilities are chemical interactions for medicines, treatments, foods, cleaning supplies, personal care products, and other chemical commodities. To analyze chemical reactions and behavior for application in commercial or industrial manufacture, these experts can separate chemical components. Chemical engineers could create product formulae or equipment for chemical safety.

7. Civil Engineer

Annual average salary: $84,432
primary obligations: A civil engineer helps with societal infrastructure initiatives through consulting or contracting positions. Civil engineer consultants might offer direction or design solutions for developments in architecture, the environment, geotechnical engineering, or structural engineering. Civil engineers working for contractors may provide on-site services to supervise building projects or transportation infrastructure upgrades.

8. Electrical Engineer

Average annual salary: $90,965

An electrical engineer’s primary responsibilities are designing electrical systems for telecommunications, technological equipment, and energy resources. They may design systems for mobile phones, commercial buildings, residential dwellings, or even aircraft. These engineers adhere to safety guidelines when testing their products and ensuring product quality.

9. Medical assistant

Annual salary average: $93,235
primary obligations: Those who diagnose patients and give them primary care are physician assistants. They carry out physical examinations and review medical records to find illnesses or injuries and treat them. Along with giving their patients medication prescriptions, these professionals can create plans for treatment or preventative care.

10. Nurse

Annual average salary: $94,608

A midwife’s primary responsibilities are assisting in childbirth and caring for new mothers and babies. Before and after giving birth, midwives perform screening tests on their patients to assess their health and offer care advice. When necessary, these specialists may recommend patients to obstetricians or other doctors.

11. Attorney

Average annual salary: $97,691
primary obligations: A lawyer can provide legal counsel, represent clients in court proceedings, or work for law firms, corporations, or governmental organizations. Lawyers conduct research on various subjects, including contracts, copyrights, environmental laws, and other problems, to construct arguments and support the interests of their clients. These legal experts may assign the task of trial preparation to paralegals or prepare legal papers like wills, property deeds, or case evidence.

12. Sales Engineer

Average annual salary: $99,799

A sales engineer’s primary responsibilities include creating sales tactics to enhance company success. In order to estimate sales and revenue potential, they use business intelligence technologies to track market trends and production performance. These engineers collaborate with sales representatives to help the company decide what to acquire and sell to create in-demand goods or services and boost productivity.

Do Biologists Earn Good Money?

Have you been asking yourself this question, do biologists earn good money? Then my answer for you is Yes, biologists are handsomely paid. In the United States, biologists typically make roughly $69,000 per year. The top 10% of biologists earn over $120,000 annually, while the worst 10% may only make $40,000 in their position.

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A variety of well-paying careers are available in the quickly expanding discipline of biology. Even while the top-paying jobs demand a lot of knowledge and training, they are also seen as among the most emotionally and financially satisfying careers.

Biologists’ pay might vary depending on several variables. These variables include location, company, industry, education, and experience. Location impacts compensation if a person lives in a central metropolitan area, where biologists typically make the most money, or if they reside in a smaller city or rural area.

Many biology careers pay well, but the highest-paying ones necessitate a master’s or even a Ph.D. in addition to a bachelor’s degree. To earn the highest money, a biologist must not only have a degree but also have work experience, professional certifications, and training in their field.

Finally, business and industry have an impact on biologists’ pay. More money is made by biologists who work for reputable healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations than those who work in physical therapy or other allied fields. do biologists earn good money? I would say in conclusion that they earn good money.

How Much Do You Get Paid in Biology?

In West Virginia, a career in botany can be pretty rewarding. states that the lowest salary for a botanist in that state is $41,161, while the highest salary is roughly $89,253. 90% of botanists earn a higher sum, compared to 10% who get a lower amount. In West Virginia, a botanist makes an average salary of $88,163. Numerous variables, like geography, demand, years of experience, degree of education, and others, might affect these sums. An undergraduate degree in botany, general biology, or plant biology is often obtained by those who enter the area of botany. This increases prospects for entry-level jobs, although many botanical positions call for a master’s or doctoral degree. Botanists do numerous tasks related to plant utilization and human interactions with plants, such as managing biomass, preserving soil levels, keeping track of plant supply and consumption, and more.

What Is The Biologist Salary Per Month?

A biologist makes an average of $4,820 a month in the United States.

Although reports biologist salaries as high as $8,625 and as low as $2,667 per month, the bulk of biologist salaries in the United States now falls between $3,500 (25th percentile) and $5,708 (75th percentile). An indication that there may be numerous prospects for development and higher income dependent on skill level, region, and years of experience is that the typical salary range for a biologist can vary significantly (by as much as $2,208).

According to recent job posting activity on, there are not many employers recruiting right now, making the job market for biologists in Lagos, Nigeria, as well as the entire state. In your region, a biologist’s average monthly payment is $4,784, which is $36 (1%) less than the $4,820 national average—the highest-paying state for biologists out of all 50 states.

As millions of current jobs are advertised locally around America, regularly analyzes its database to determine the most precise monthly wage range for careers as biologists.

What is a Good Salary in WV?

Are you asking what is a good salary in WV? Then read this to answer your question about a good salary in WV.

On, West Virginia is ranked 18th out of 50 states in terms of salary.

The average yearly wage in West Virginia as of August 22 is $59,678. That comes to about $28.69 an hour, in case you need a quick pay calculator. This amounts to $4,973 each month or $1,147 per week. In West Virginia, the average yearly wage falls between $43,088 (25th percentile) and $75,745 (75th percentile).

Naturally, wages will differ based on your profession, experience, and several other criteria. Gastroenterologists, vascular surgeons, and intensivists are a few of the professions in West Virginia that make the highest salaries. Additionally, you might discover that other regions of the state pay better. The city with the highest average wage on is Charleston.

We regularly monitor our marketplace database of millions of active jobs to determine the most accurate wage range for positions in West Virginia.

Is West Virginia a Cheap Place To Live?

It is no secret that certain states have a far higher cost of living than others. The most expensive states are Hawaii, New York, and California, while southern and midwestern states like Mississippi and Indiana are typically the most affordable. The Mountain State often comes in the center of the pack. West Virginia’s overall cost of living is about 10% less than the national average, which varies significantly between cities and towns. We will use $52,000 as the US Average household income in the following comparisons. So as you can see from above that West Virginia is a cheap place to live.

How Much Does a House Typically Cost?

Compared to the national average of roughly $181,000, West Virginia’s typical list price for a home is $97,000. Given that the median home price in the nation’s capital is now over $500,000, if you relocated from the closest large urban area, Washington, DC, to the typical West Virginia community, you could buy nearly five times the real estate for the same amount. Depending on your down payment, you can typically buy a home for between $130,000 and $180,000 on an income of $52,000. This will get you a lovely 2,000-square-foot family house in West Virginia. This explains why West Virginia, with a nearly 74 percent homeownership rate, is the highest percentage in the country. Despite this, Mountain State also has significantly less expensive rent than the national average, at approximately $600 instead of roughly $900 nationally.

What About Additional Costs?

West Virginia offers more affordable prices on a variety of goods. The average cost of electricity in the state is roughly a third less than it is nationwide, and the cost of all utilities, including phone and water services, is roughly 7% less. About 10% of the typical household budget is spent on utilities. Additionally, healthcare expenses are typically less expensive than the national average.

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Compared to Washington, DC, groceries cost about 18% less on average in West Virginia. These savings add up quickly because the typical budget includes about 15% of its spending on food. Transportation is the only expense you will find in West Virginia that is more expensive than average. Since the state is mainly rural, many people commute to their places of employment. It is challenging to get by without a car because public transportation is either insufficient or nonexistent, even in some of the biggest cities. The average commute time in the state is about 50 minutes, and only 1% of commuters regularly use public transportation.

What Are The Taxes?

The five state income tax bands range from three to 6.5 percent, with the top bracket starting at $60,001. Although there is a six percent statewide sales tax, certain cities, and counties also levy an extra tax of up to one percent. According to the West Virginia Department of Commerce, property and real estate taxes vary by county but are typically inexpensive. There are numerous tax advantages available to veterans, the aged, and the disabled, and there is no state inheritance tax.

Is a Biology Degree Worth It?

Have you been asking yourself if a biology degree is worth it? then read through the down to get your answers.

The situation for biology majors is pretty rosy when seen collectively. Around $70,000 is the typical salary for those with a biology degree, which is $10,000 more than the average American household income. However, biology degrees are incredibly diverse, much like the STEM designation itself, and your earning potential may differ significantly depending on what you decide to do with your degree. is a biology degree worth it? Yes it’s
With a biology degree, many people go on to become doctors. Biology degrees are the most popular bachelor’s degrees obtained by aspiring doctors before enrolling in medical school, giving students interested in medicine a solid foundation.

Students should be aware that obtaining a doctorate in medicine requires extensive additional training beyond a four-year biology degree. Doctors receive high salaries, which can skew the employment prospects for biology majors. The majority of biology graduates will not go on to make six-figure incomes.

For instance, high school teachers, wildlife biologists, and foresters make about $60,000 yearly, even though the median salary for doctors and surgeons is over $200,000.

What is the Highest Paid Biology Job?

Below are the two highest paid biology jobs you can get anywhere around the World;

1. Oncologist Low Range:

69k annually

High range: $800,000 annually

Annual median salary: $232,048

Oncologists are medical professionals who focus on cancer patients’ diagnosis, treatment, and care. Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or a combination of these treatments are used to treat patients.

To be eligible for doctoral licensing, oncologists must possess both an undergraduate and a medical degree. Since oncology is a specialist, medical professionals who want to become oncologists must first complete a residency program in internal medicine or pediatrics.

Oncologists work at healthcare facilities, private practices, and clinics.

2. Podiatrist Salary Explorer’s Low Range:

$112,000 annually

High end: $347,000 annually

Average Salary: $224,000 year
Podiatrists are physicians who focus on diagnosing and treating conditions affecting the feet, ankles, and related lower extremities. They identify and address injuries, illnesses, and other ailments affecting the foot, ankle, and lower leg. They conduct surgery and write prescriptions for drugs.
The average annual compensation for all podiatrists is $224k, based on data from Salary Explorer. Salary varies by geography and level of expertise.

From 2020 through 2030, the BLS predicts that employment will expand at a slower-than-average rate (2 percent growth).

Podiatrists must undergo four years of hospital residency training in podiatric medicine and surgery as well as podiatric medical school. In order to practice, they must also complete state licensure exams.

Is Biologist a Good Career?

Yes, a career in biology is rewarding. A variety of well-paying careers are available in the quickly expanding discipline of biology. Even while the top-paying jobs demand a lot of knowledge and training, they are also seen as among the most emotionally and financially satisfying careers.

Many biology careers pay well, but the highest-paying ones necessitate a master’s or even a Ph.D. in addition to a bachelor’s degree. To earn the highest money, a biologist must not only have a degree but also have work experience, professional certifications, and training in their field.

However, a biologist with a bachelor’s degree typically makes roughly $69,000 per year in the United States. The top 10% of biologists earn over $120,000 annually, while the worst 10% may only make $40,000 in their position.

There are many prospects for professional development and exciting and fulfilling employment for those who desire to work as biologists. Because of this, many people find a career in biology to be quite appealing.


During our investigation, we came across a few fascinating biology-related careers. Even though their average salaries may not be the greatest, it is a good idea for those with bachelor’s degrees to keep looking for new positions outside of development and research projects.

The excellent news for biology majors is abundant in our research.

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