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Best Websites to Sell Stuff Locally and Earn Money | Fast and Reliable

Best websites to sell stuff | websites to sell stuff

Selling items online is a simple and quick way to start earning money, especially if you start by getting rid of items you don’t need or that you or your family have outgrown. The issue is that incurring shipping charges and other expenses while selling online might make it challenging to turn a profit.

Because of this, many vendors start out by doing small-town business. When you sell things locally, shipping costs are lower, the market is a little smaller, and you might even be able to get better prices. That is why we have outlined the best websites to sell stuff locally to help you in getting good value for your items.

20 Best Websites to Sell Stuff Locally

There are a lot more possibilities now than there used to be if you’re wanting to sell something locally online. We’ll mention the restrictions for sites with a limited number of suitable product listing types. Other websites have a wider audience and rely on quality listings and other strategies to draw customers to the appropriate products.

Continue reading, and we’ll provide you with some advice on how to make your sales work on a website that isn’t focused on a particular niche and some of the best websites to sell stuff.


Since they were one of the first websites to allow regular people to create local listings and start selling things online, Craigslist is undoubtedly the best website to sell stuff for selling things locally. You’ve probably heard that Craigslist is the best place to sell items locally if you’re looking for online marketplaces.

However, there are a few things about Craigslist you should know. Instead of those trying to start a business, sell a product or craft, or tidy their homes, Craigslist may be better suited for those looking to do so.

There are a lot of listings on Craigslist as well, so there will certainly be a lot of competition.

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Facebook Market Place

Facebook Marketplace has emerged as one of our preferred websites to sell items online for free locally over the past few years. I don’t blame you if you don’t like Facebook. Even though I’m not the biggest fan, you have to go where the people are if you want the biggest audience.

  • The populace is currently using Facebook.
  • It’s practical. On a mobile device, you may make listings and snap pictures rapidly.
  • Accountability and safety. Facebook requires an account, unlike some platforms that let you purchase and trade anonymously.
  • Although accounts can be spoofed, you can verify someone’s profile and previous marketplace activity if you have a bad feeling about them.

When their identities and faces are recognized, people also tend to be more honest.

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eBay might be a better choice for specialized items like hard-to-find collectibles and local internet selling. Although eBay is usually an online retailer, they also provide local pickup.

Selling on eBay has the following advantages:

  • You’re likely to locate nearby purchasers given that there are more than 180 million users. You don’t have to confine yourself, though. With discounted rates, eBay has its own shipping label and tracking system.
  • It is a reputable platform.

The disadvantages of selling on eBay are listed below

  • For the majority of categories, eBay levies a final value fee that runs between 10 and 13 percent.
  • If the selling price of the clothes is $100 or more, there are no fees on it.
  • The cost of musical instruments and equipment is 3.5 percent.

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A wholesale marketplace called Handshake was created to make it simple to link suppliers and merchants. In categories like fitness and yoga, jewelry, pets, and food and beverage, you’ll find one-of-a-kind, non-mass-produced goods to sell. The Handshake team carefully selects each supplier.

Owners of physical stores and internet retailers both make purchases using Handshake. Apply to sell on Handshake if your company offers unique products in large quantities (or if you want to provide wholesale).

What’s best? Shopify and Handshake have integrations. Unlike typical wholesale marketplaces, which require regular upkeep and an excessive number of CSV uploads and excel sheets, the connection enables wholesale creators to manage inventory, track sales, and fulfill orders all in one location.

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Another online selling site (with an app) that specializes in local selling and lets you list your products for free is 5Miles. The requirement that buyers and sellers confirm their identities is another crucial aspect of 5Miles.

In order to get rid of those who were defrauding people and stealing their personal information through fictitious accounts, 5Miles was established in 2014. You must thus snap a selfie and authenticate your profile when you sign up by logging in with your Facebook account, email, and phone.

In addition to profile security measures, SEAL, or Safe Exchange Area Locators, is a special feature on 5Miles that also has a user reviews section.

Additionally, you can offer products for speedy bidding using their new 5Miles Dash auction option. The starting offer is $1, and people have 90 seconds to enter their bids. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to put expensive stuff up for auction for just $1.

Nevertheless, it’s a fascinating feature for tiny stuff.


  • Both joining and listing items for sale are free.
  • Minimizes fraud, false listings, and risky transactions well.
  • centered on local sales


  • Available only in the US.

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When it comes to the best websites to sell stuff, Decluttr is a little unique, but that’s because they have many user protections that assist ensure that purchasers get what they’re paying for.

That might not sound fantastic for a seller, but as long as you’re not attempting to con people, it actually makes Decluttr a great way to sell things online.

This is due to the fact that Decluttr functions as an online marketplace where sellers only get paid if the customer receives the item they sold. The fact that Decluttr handles shipping and pickup as well as assisting you in determining the worth and condition of the items you wish to sell makes it a little simpler to use than many other local selling platforms.

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One of the most difficult products to sell locally is books. Finding the perfect customer for secondhand books can be challenging, particularly if you’re attempting to sell books on a specialized subject (like textbooks) or by an unknown author. It can be challenging to sell locally.

BookScouter assists in establishing connections between authors and online bookselling services. Simply enter your ISBN, locate the book you wish to sell, and receive a quote based on the book’s rarity, base value, and condition.

However, while using Bookscouter it is equally essential you remember you will be the one to cover the shipping costs. There is no guarantee that the book could sell in the local area you are offering it. Despite this, BookScouter still gives a reasonable price for most books, and you can frequently make more money selling through BookScouter, making it one of the top online book marketplaces.

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OfferUp might be an excellent choice if you’re searching for the best websites to sell stuff locally, especially if you want one that doesn’t feel like an online garage sale.

Whatever you want to sell online, OfferUp is made to make it easier for you to do it. Even if its online sales figures are strong and using OfferUp to sell online is simple, it’s typically better for unwanted stuff rather than trying to sell a craft or a profitable item.

There are no seller fees, and OfferUp’s internal advertising service is efficient and reasonably priced if you want to enhance a post or try to close a deal faster. OfferUp is a wonderful option if you want to sell stuff online rapidly.

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Swappa is one of the best websites to sell items online for free locally, but it has a few fewer features than some of the other marketplaces. They created specifically Swappa for electronic devices, which explains why.

It’s an excellent way to get rid of unwanted items because you may sell computers, cell phones, and other electronic goods there, especially if you have more electronics than you need.

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On Swappa, listing products is totally free; however, if you want to offer your item as a highlighted item, there is an additional $5 seller fee. Since all the sales on Swappa are mailed, you cannot accept cash there, unlike on some other local selling websites.

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If you’re looking for local online selling sites as a seller, Geartrade is a wonderful choice. As an illustration, Geartrade accepts consignment transactions in which they manage the listing, present your item for sale, and only pay you when it sells. For consignment transactions, the commission ranges from 30 to 60 percent of the total sale.

You may also list the time on the Geartrade Online Marketplace and receive a 13 percent commission on any transactions made there.

Although that is a little less than some alternatives, Geartrade is made much more for used goods than for brand-new or custom-made gear. It’s a great way to sell unwanted stuff for additional money because the marketplace in particular functions something like a virtual garage sale.

Visit Geartrade Here


You might want to think about Poshmark if a lot of your unwanted items are clothes. This market is a convenient local selling site to sell unwanted clothes, shoes, accessories, and other accessories for the fashion industry.

Poshmark doesn’t charge listing fees, but you never get the full sale price when you sell something there. For purchases of $15 or less, they offer a fixed fee, and for purchases of more over $15, you receive a 20% commission.

Still, Poshmark prices are about as good as you can get if you’re wanting to sell used clothing. Additionally, there are no transaction fees and the option of receiving payments via direct deposit, which provides significant seller protection.

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If you’re looking to sell to your immediate area, NextDoor is the best-selling site. Few reputable websites are created specifically to sell locally, much less to a more specific local neighborhood as NextDoor does.

When you sell on NextDoor, you will receive local sales because your local neighborhood is small—there are only roughly 1,000 families per local community—and hence has a limited population.

This is a wonderful choice if you want to promote a yard sale or sell in a location that resembles several garage sales by participating in community forums.

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One of the best websites to sell stuff like cell phones and other devices is BuyBackBoss, but like many companies that focus on one form of sale, you can’t sell anything else there. Listing your cell phones and other equipment on BuyBackBoss is free, and they even give you a prepaid shipping label for your item, making it a more cost-effective online marketplace for vendors.

Nevertheless, given that this company only sells used items, even with the prepaid shipping label, you could have to accept lower profits on your gadgets.

Visit BuyBackBoss Here


Another online selling site created specifically for selling electronics and personal electronics is Gazelle. Because they don’t permit other things, Gazelle is more like visiting a nearby electronics shop than a garage sale.

However, it’s a fantastic place to sell because you may do so without paying a fee and because doing so online is simpler and frequently faster.

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Another specialized shop is RubyLane, however, they differ slightly from the other websites we’ve just examined for buying and selling locally. For instance, they include vintage art, dolls, and antiques among the potential categories.

The selling procedure is simple on this website, which is for fans of everything antique. They can be a terrific way to make quick money because, like other selling websites, they offer a secure payment system that safeguards customers and sellers.

All vendors must, however, have at least 10 goods listed for sale on RubyLane. They don’t charge a fee, and by not using Paypal as your payment option, you can avoid Paypal fees.

However, RubyLane might not be for you unless you have at least a few unwanted items.

Visit RubyLane Here


VarageSale is a mobile app that simulates a garage sale. An ex-elementary school teacher in Toronto founded it because she was sick of fraud and bogus advertisements on other classified websites. Each user profile on VarageSale is based on a true identity; before you can purchase or sell, they manually review every one.

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Before making a purchase, buyers can message sellers and peruse their ratings. They can use the app to inquire, make purchases, and arrange pick-up. On VarageSale, people sell a wide range of items, including furniture, clothes, shoes, and more. Members can purchase and sell for free on the app.

Visit VarageSale Here


Vinted may appear to be a website for selling vintage things, but that isn’t its primary market. Clothing, handbags, accessories, and grooming products including brushes, nail care tools, and lint brushes are all sought after in Vinted.

Vinted generally pays sellers for their goods in a timely manner. After a customer purchases your items, you will be paid within two days and have up to five days to ship the buyer your goods.

However, Vinted doesn’t offer a shipping label, and if you choose to advertise your items, there can be an additional fee.

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Swopit is a communal website to sell items online for free locally. After posting the items you have available, you can browse the list of products and favorite any that catches your eye by clicking the heart button.

Similarly, you can peruse the bargains that other members have listed and, if you see anything you want, offer to trade your item for it. You can set up a swap using their chat tool if both of you are on board.

To make it simpler for consumers to distinguish between goods of equal or similar value, it substitutes an internal currency they refer to as “coins” for actual money. You need to determine the item’s value because each coin is worth one penny.

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Want to clear your house of clutter and dump a lot of stuff at once? Why not have a garage or yard sale? By announcing the event online with, you can make sure the neighborhood sale is a success.

You can get feedback on the goods you’re selling beforehand, and posting is free. This enables you to identify local buyers who are willing to buy.

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Tips to Help You Successfully Sell Items Online Locally

Regardless of which of the above platforms you choose, following a few simple guidelines can help you sell more products online. Selecting the appropriate online selling sites. If you’re selling a musical instrument, for instance, choose a music-specific platform to improve your chances of reaching potential customers.

In addition, bear the following recommendations in mind while you list and sell items:

  • Take professional-looking pictures of the goods you sell. Ensure that the pictures are properly lighted. It’s beneficial to snap pictures of yourself wearing the dress you intend to sell.
  • Write a truthful, concise description of the product’s condition. Justifying your decision to get rid of the item in issue can be helpful. Otherwise, folks could think it’s broken.
  • Clarify any logistical issues, such as if the item will be delivered or shipped, or whether it will only be available for pick-up. Be transparent about the selling price and any additional expenses.
  • Set a price and a payment schedule. Don’t fall for con artists and withhold any financial information.
  • Never meet with the buyer alone. If a nearby pickup is offered, invite a friend or family member to accompany you when the buyer arrives.
  • Finally, obey the rule guiding the platform you are using to avoid being kicked out.


There are many websites to sell items locally, each having advantages and disadvantages of its own. To receive the most for your products, pick a website that is appropriate for the ones you have for sale from any of the best websites to sell the stuff we listed above.

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