17 Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution [Updated]

The oil and gas industry is one of the world’s largest industries with various best-paying Jobs In natural gas distribution.

There is so much diversity in the field with massive job recruitment opportunities that are lucrative. Of course, oil and gas are two of the most important sources of energy in the world, as they power the majority of the world’s energy sources, including automobiles and factories that run on crude oil extraction.

As the world improves, so does the impact of the oil and gas industry, as most of the technological equipment used in power is powered by energy derived from oil products.

There are numerous career opportunities in almost every field in the sector. Also, the oil industry coexists with other fields such as finance, economics, and many engineering tasks performed by qualified personnel.

Therefore, f you’re looking for a job in this field, you have to read this article till the end because you will learn about the many jobs available in oil & gas production and their significance. You’ll also learn why working in natural gas distribution is a viable career option.

Is natural gas distribution a good career path?

Yes, natural gas distribution is a viable career option. Natural gas is important in every economy, particularly in the energy sector. Because so many people rely on natural gas to power their homes and businesses, pursuing a career in one of the best paying jobs in natural gas distribution may be a wise decision if you enjoy working in an environment that requires innovation.

Work in this industry can range from sales to general operations management. Working hard with dedication and perseverance may lead to positions at the top of the organization’s hierarchy.

Many managers involved in natural gas distribution work on constructing the infrastructures required for the transportation of gas from one location to another. This includes the construction of pipelines, reservoirs, refineries, wells, and fuel storage facilities.

Who qualifies to take a career in best paying jobs In natural gas distribution?

To be eligible for employment in the natural gas industry, you require training or a technical degree, as well as the ability to work with natural gas. All natural-gas positions require knowledge of safety procedures.

These jobs are typically learned through apprenticeship, though you can prepare for one by enrolling in a vocational school certificate or degree program.

Some colleges offer certificate programs in natural gas distribution, gas metering, and other specialized degrees.

You must have a keen eye for detail as well as excellent safety skills because you will be working with hazardous materials.

What are the best paying Jobs in natural gas distribution?

The followings are the best paying Jobs in natural gas distribution:

  • Distribution manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Subsea Engineer
  • Completions Engineer
  • Landman
  • Rig Welder
  • Tank Inspector
  • Well Tender
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Project accountant
  • Designer
  • Transportation manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Geologist
  • Geographer
  • Environmental health officer
  • Petroleum engineer

Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution

1. Distribution manager

Distribution managers are professionals who oversee teams of workers in distribution plants in oil and gas companies. To ensure quality control, they conduct tests and repairs on goods leaving their facility. Distribution managers collaborate with construction teams to provide any materials required for pipeline construction and gas distribution to consumers. They also cultivate vendor relationships and work to source materials at competitive prices.

Distribution manager salary: $66,915 per year

2. Operations Manager

Operations managers are one of the best Paying Jobs In natural gas distribution that entails the coordination of various teams involved in the production of a product or service. They ensure that development objectives are met on time and within budget. Operations managers in the natural gas industry communicate with pipeline construction teams to ensure they have the necessary equipment and materials. They may also work with local officials to determine the best route for the pipeline.

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Operations Manager Salary: $67,158 per year

3. Subsea Engineer

A subsea engineer designs and develops equipment and components for use in offshore and subsea environments. Many subsea engineers work for oil and gas companies, but this is not an exclusive field.

In this role, you may be responsible for designing structures to account for issues such as low temperatures, high pressure, corrosion, and aquatic life. Given the hazardous environment, this job necessitates the ability to design structures in such a way that divers can repair them without endangering the rest of the structure.

To do so, you may need the necessary diving skills to inspect work sites in person, collect data about the area, and provide customized solutions for subsea engineering needs.

Subsea Engineer Salary: $100,000-$257,000 per year

4. Completions Engineer

A completions engineer’s job in the oil and gas industry as one of the best Paying Jobs In natural gas distribution is to complete a good assembly after the drilling and lining have been completed.

Your responsibilities in this job will be to monitor the well, identify any structural or geologic issues that may complicate the completion process, and plan the installation of the remaining equipment to facilitate oil pumping.

You analyze, test, and record various good features such as pressure and temperature, and then design the appropriate system to deal with the unique conditions of different wells. Completions engineers are employed in both onshore and offshore drilling.

Completions Engineer Salary: $101,000-$155,000 per year

5. Landman

A Landman works for oil and gas exploration services companies, typically in the oil, gas, and mineral industries, to negotiate land ownership, leases, and mineral rights with landowners. A Landman conducts research on land rights, interests, and ownership before beginning negotiations.

Also, the landman is responsible for writing contracts, clearing titles, obtaining leases, conducting surface inspections of land, and ensuring compliance with government regulations and industry standards.

Landman Salary: $66,000-$110,000 per year

6. Rig Welder

A Rig Welder is an important part of the oil industry. Rig Welders work on oil rigs, which are large platforms used for oil drilling, processing, and storage. They use specialized equipment to weld metals on the rig.

This professional plays an important role in strengthening the oil and gas exploration services industry by providing the infrastructure required to extract and process oil and, in many cases, natural gas. Rig welders also build pipes, join metals to form beams, vessels, and pipes, and ensure that welding equipment is used, maintained, and stored properly.

Rig Welder Salary: $46,000-$101,000 per year

7. Tank Inspector

Tank inspectors inspect tanks that store hazardous materials above or below ground to ensure their safety. Your responsibilities as a tank inspector may include visually inspecting storage tanks and reporting your findings to the tank owner or the appropriate authorities.

In some positions, you may be asked to provide advice on how to safely maintain the tanks’ integrity or to ensure that the storage vessels comply with all safety and environmental regulations, such as those set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Tank Inspector Salary: $40,500-$52,500 per year

8. Well Tender

Your primary responsibilities as a well tender are to maintain and repair natural gas wells. Your responsibilities will include inspecting wells to ensure proper operation, adjusting pressure gauges and valves, and addressing safety violations to ensure optimal production levels.

To become a well tender, you only need a high school diploma or GED certificate, but taking a certification course will help you advance your career in the natural gas industry. To succeed in highly competitive jobs of this nature in the oil and gas exploration services, you must have knowledge of the gas industry as well as math and computer skills.

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Well Tender Salary: $32,000-$47,000 per year

9. Chemical Engineers

Chemical engineers are experts in a variety of raw materials and chemical reactions. They collaborate with design teams to develop complex materials such as plastics and alloys that are used to manufacture intricate machinery and designs.

These best paying Jobs In natural gas distribution professionals collaborate with natural gas distribution teams to design long stretches of pipe that can withstand local weather and storm conditions. They may also participate in scouting because they can identify usable natural gas.

Chemical Engineers Salary: $105,550 per year

10. Project accountant

Project accountants are finance professionals who manage the finances and budget of a project while it is in progress. They work with project managers and engineers to ensure that each stage of the process is completed on time and within budget.

The role of these best paying Jobs In natural gas distribution entails conducting audits on a regular basis to eliminate any discrepancies in the account. In the natural gas industry, project accountants typically manage the pipeline’s finances.

Project Accountant Salary: $61,016 per year

11. Designer

Designers work in a variety of fields and are generally in charge of developing innovative strategies and solutions. Natural gas designers collaborate with construction and drilling teams to develop timelines and delivery methods.

They could be working on pipeline systems that transport natural gas from its source to its final destination.

These professionals can also help by examining the manufacturing process and suggesting ways to improve efficiency. This is one of the highest-paying jobs in the natural gas distribution industry.

Designer Salary: $78,787 per year

12. Transportation manager

Transportation managers oversee a team of transportation professionals to ensure that goods and materials are transported as efficiently as possible. This group typically consists of drivers and operators.

The role of these best paying Jobs In natural gas distribution is to work with their teams to get the materials needed by a construction team to build pipelines. Transportation managers may also coordinate personnel transportation to and from the job site.

Transportation manager Salary: $66,227 per year

13. Operations Manager

Operations managers coordinate the various teams involved in the production of a product or service. They ensure that development objectives are met on time and within budget. Operations managers in the natural gas industry communicate with pipeline construction teams to ensure they have the necessary equipment and materials. They may also work with local officials to determine the best route for the pipeline.

Operations Manager Salary: $67,158 per year

14. Geologist

Geologists are scientists who study the composition and history of the earth. Geologists conduct field research at geologically interesting locations such as volcanoes, mountains, and other landforms. They may also work in a laboratory, studying samples and writing papers.

The role of these best paying Jobs In natural gas distribution is to help identify and extract natural gas. Geologists use their knowledge to predict where natural gas may be found and to provide expertise to teams that break ground to extract it.

15. Geographer

Geographers are scientists who map global positions and explore previously uncharted territory. They look for interesting things like raw material deposits and rare animal species. Many geographers work in the natural gas industry to help find natural gas deposits.

To detect these rare deposits, they use sophisticated imaging equipment such as ground-penetrating radar. Once a discovery has been made, geographers assist companies in planning non-invasive routes for gas extraction.

16. Environmental health officer

Environmental health officers ensure that health and safety codes are followed. They inspect facilities and job sites to ensure that employees are not endangered by unsafe practices. Environmental health officers are familiar with local and federal building codes and can determine whether or not a facility is safe to occupy.

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These officers ensure the safe separation of natural gas from incendiary devices and the safe condition of local water supplies when working with natural gas professionals.

17. Petroleum engineer

Petroleum engineers create methods for extracting raw materials from the ground, such as natural gas and oil. These engineers frequently work on-site to determine the necessary tools and equipment for a successful project.

The role of these best Paying Jobs In natural gas distribution is to collaborate with product managers and the construction team on a regular basis to develop extraction strategies that minimize losses. Also, petroleum engineers do work overtime while an extraction site is being prepared so that they can assist the team as needed.

Best paying jobs in oilfield services/equipment

Below are the best paying jobs in oilfield services/equipment:

Oil Field Owner Operator$126,219$10,518$2,427$60.68
Oil Gas Business Analyst$100,008$8,334$1,923$48.08
Engineer Oil Gas$95,644$7,970$1,839$45.98
Planning Engineer Oil Gas$94,863$7,905$1,824$45.61
Safety Engineer Oil Gas$93,897$7,824$1,805$45.14
best paying jobs in oilfield services/equipment company- Source; www.ziprecruiter.com

Oil and gas field services

The oil and gas exploration services encompass all products and services associated with the oil and gas exploration and production process, i.e. the energy industry’s upstream sector. In general, oil and gas exploration services businesses manufacture, repair, and maintain equipment used in oil extraction and transportation.

FAQs on the best-paying jobs in natural gas distribution

How is natural gas distributed?

Natural gas is typically delivered through pipes ranging in diameter from 2 to 60 inches after it has been extracted. There are more than 210 pipeline networks in the continental United States, totaling 490,850 kilometers (305,000 miles) of transmission pipes that deliver gas to all 48 states.

How much do natural gas workers make?

The remuneration for those who distribute natural gas may vary depending on location and level of experience. However, the average annual salary for this profession is $64,000. Furthermore, workers with experience can expect to earn around $80,000 per year. As a result, natural gas is a viable and promising career option.

How is natural gas distributed to homes?

When natural gas arrives at its final destination (often via large pipes), it flows into mains with a smaller diameter and then into service lines with a smaller diameter that run directly to homes or buildings.

What are the best paying Jobs in natural gas distribution?

Here are the best paying jobs in natural gas distribution:
Distribution manager, Operations Manager, Subsea Engineer, Completions Engineer, Landman, Rig Welder, Tank Inspector, Well Tender, Chemical Engineers…


Natural gas distribution is a lucrative career path for any aspirant. Despite the fact that there is a high demand for workers in the industry, there are numerous openings.

Despite the fact that it can be difficult at times, requiring long shifts and difficult working conditions, a career in natural gas distribution is extremely rewarding. Furthermore, jobs there pay well and there is a high level of job stability

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