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Best 3 Sectors with High Employment Rate, Unemployed Graduates Should Consider

Best 3 Sectors with High Employment Rate, Unemployed Graduates Should Consider

The unemployment rate is on the increase, but there are several sectors with high employment rates in the country. Despite the high rate of unemployment, several sectors are still looking for young, talented, and creative minds to join their team.

I have been following this trend for the past 18 months, and I discovered that most of these sectors require just knowledge with little or no experience to get employed. This is unlike other job sectors that require job seekers to have about 8 years of experience and under 25 years.

So if you need a job and would love to join the bandwagon of people who will never go unemployed for a day, then you should consider switching careers. All it takes is just a few months of training and learning, and then you can land yourself a major job.

In some cases, you might just need a certification, while you learn on the job when employed.

What are the job sectors with high employment rates in Nigeria?

Information Communications Technology Sector

Unless you are a citizen of Mars or Jupiter should you not be aware that we are in the Information Technological age. Unless you have a job (which you risk losing due to the high unemployment rate), you should consider gaining skills in ICT for record sake.

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If you are unemployed and thinking that the world is crashing, then you should get yourself a skill in the Information Communication Technology sector. It has consistently been one of the sectors with a high employment rate over the past 4 years.

If you are still a student and considering how you can get a job during school and after graduation, then you should consider a part-time career in ICT (for those outside the ICT sector).

There are several ICT courses that are in demand in the job market now.

  • Mobile App Developers
  • Network Engineers
  • Web Developers
  • Software Developers
  • Digital/Social Media Marketers
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Database Administrators.

The advantage of these careers is that you don’t need existing career knowledge to become an expert on any of the above. You just need to learn, get trained, practice, and become an expert.

It took me 4 months to become an expert software developer; you can do it for less.

One limitation to learning ICT courses is the huge fees paid for the programs. But you can check up on the best IT training institute I discovered and get to achieve your dreams with ease.

The starting salary for most careers in ICT is from 80k to 150k.

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The entertainment sector is already booming, but there is a new dimension to it now. We are in the digital age, and the creative guys are raking in thousands of Naira. It is a sector that comprises what you can think of, and what you can do.

There are several job roles in the entertainment sector, and they include;

  • Media/Publicity
  • Photography
  • Graphics Design
  • Editing (Video/Music)
  • Animations/After Effects
  • Writing, Proofreading, Editing

There are always jobs for people under this category. You don’t need a B.Sc. or master’s to earn as a creative guy. You only need your brain and skill. If you are interested in getting a career in creative arts, please subscribe to the blog and I will give you a guide.

The starting salary in this sector is from 60k to 100k depending on your experience.


Marketing is meant to be a skill, but it isn’t considered so in Nigeria today. As long as you have the energy and zeal, you can start up a career in Marketing in Nigeria.

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Some organizations require about 1-year marketing experience as a starter, but the majority require zero.

Marketing isn’t an easy sector in Nigeria, especially for those with low energy drive and introverts. It is competitive, emotionally tasking, and physically tasking.

This is one of the sectors with a high employment rate, and the trend is positioned to keep growing further due to the increase in population.

If you have stayed a long while without a job, then you should consider any of these sectors – even if for a short term. I wish you the best in your career.

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