How to Become a Unique Human Being

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Diversity of minds and points of view is ridiculed in some places. Being unique implies that you want to think/act in a new way. A way not common to your surrounding. Read this post in order to open your mind. You notice that if a father is employed in a well-paying firm, he wants his child to continue his legacy.

Legacy of employment or what? Being unique isn’t welcomed especially in African countries. There’s this fear you feel: where can you work? Who will support you? Being unique implies that you’ll have to suffer the stress of starting something new. You’re a pioneer and have less or no external experience to copy from.

To help dissolve this fear, change these questions:
1. Where will I work?
2. Who’ll support me?
1. What can I do?
2. Who’ll acknowledge me?


1. The question where will I work implies that you’re actually learning a course for the purpose of employment. Although employment is fine, you shouldn’t feel satisfied in life that you’re employed. You should always focus on how you could be independent. Remember that no tree can grow taller than its umbrella tree.

The owner of the company you’re working in doesn’t have two heads or two brains. He’s a human like you, he once had a dream to own a large firm and employ many people.
Don’t you have the ability to dream? Change the question of where will I work to what can I do because if you ask what you could do, you’re opening/diversifying your point of view.
What can you do could also imply you start from scratch to achieve your goal because there isn’t much competition around. What can you do could make you find many options to work with if one doesn’t work.

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2. The question of who’ll support me (in terms of finding jobs for you) implies that you’re following a very common course. This simply means you’re afraid that if there are some available jobs within your field, the competitive rate might not allow you to be employed. The only way is to find a connection.

Changing the question to who’ll acknowledge you means that you’re following your true passionate course and you’re serious about it. It means that when you’ve started working in harmony with your passion, you’re looking for who’s gonna know your true worth. This makes you able to do more and better so people would be able to advertise you on your back.

Implications of being unique

1. You’ll do something because it’s beneficial to you
2. You’ll not follow trends
3. Remember that the future is yours to live
Graduates who studied a trending course complaining of being unemployed should examine these points:

Did You Give The Course The Needed Focus?

Some students at school didn’t have an educational focus. They were interested in fun. Lecturers have connections to firms. Lecturers could easily refer a hard-working student to the firm. Students who were not serious at school most probably have a lower chance of finding employment except if they also have connections.

Can you prove your worth?

If you become lucky and get called for an interview, can you actually prove your worth? Do you think only the certificate matters? If you’ve graduated and within you, you know that you’re not good in the practical aspect of the course, find time in learning more so that any firm that wants to employ you would know your worth.

Can you pioneer?

In case you’ve waited for so long and you’re still not employed, can you start something? If you start something, you’ll have customers which could advertise to you. By the time many people know your worth, you’ll see firms begging to employ you. By then, it’s your decision to make if you’re to be dependent or independent. Remember the principle above: no tree can grow taller than its cover tree.

The only way to accept this post is to change your previous mentality.
If you’ve changed your mentality, how can you reach your goal?
If you’re to study a common course or one rare, keep in mind that you shouldn’t decide on your course because of someone.

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This life is yours to live. Your father works there doesn’t imply you work there as well. I’ve said so before and am saying it again: innovation/being unique is the new cool.

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While you probably have a lot in common with the people around you, you are definitely unique! Being unique can be an asset, so it’s understandable that you’d want to highlight your unique qualities. If you want to stand out, start by being yourself. Experiment with new and interesting things to broaden your horizons. Finally, practice standing out so you don’t blend in.

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