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Baker Hughes Jobs | Simple Ways to Get a Job at Baker Hughes

You might have arrived here while looking for information on Baker Hughes jobs, Baker Hughes internships, Baker Hughes Odessa tx jobs, Baker Hughes jobs salary, or how much is baker Hughes early career program salary. You are definitely in the right place.

In our update today, we shall be detailing all you need to know about Baker Hughes Jobs and how to apply for Baker Hughes Jobs. We also answered frequently asked questions applicants ask about Baker Hughes.

About Baker Hughes

According to Wikipedia, One of the biggest oil field services firms in the world is Baker Hughes Company, an American multinational industrial service company. The business offers goods and services for oil drilling, formation assessment, completion, production, and reservoir consulting to the oil and gas industry. Houston serves as the company’s main office. Baker Hughes was founded in Delaware. Until it joined with GE Oil and Gas in 2017 to form Baker Hughes, a GE Company (BHGE), the business was known as Baker Hughes Incorporated. In 2019, it withdrew from GE and changed its name to Baker Hughes Company. With a 30% ownership position as of December 2020 and plans to totally sell it over the following few years, GE will no longer be the largest shareholder in Baker Hughes.

Simple Ways to Get a Job at Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes has different career fields ranging from core energy positions to some administrative positions. Intending applicants can visit the Baker Hughes careers page and apply for their choice of Baker Hughes Jobs.

We shall the core requirements for each of Baker Hughes’s career options and also answer questions on how to get involved with Baker Hughes.

Step 1

Prepare your CV to match up the skills required for the Baker Hughes Job. Ensure you insert the level of experience. Especially, if you are applying for Baker Hughes Jobs Houston. The CV must be tailored to meet the key details of the job requirements.

You can also link up with former employees of the company and get their views on how best to apply for Baker Hughes jobs. A graduate degree is the starting basic requirement for most Baker Hughes jobs.

Step 2

If you don’t have the length of experience needed for a particular position at Baker Hughes, the best way to get started is to apply for Baker Hughes internships. The company uses internship opportunities to train the future workforce of the company and equip them with the modern knowledge needed to meet up with the rest of the world.

Step 3

Baker Hughes is an equal opportunity provider. Applicants should visit the Baker Hughes Job application page and apply for their chosen career choice. You will need to create a Baker Hughes job application login account to apply.

​​​​​​​Baker Hughes Jobs salary

From roughly $45,298 per year for a facilities technician to $191,939 per year for an e-commerce specialist, that is the compensation range at Baker Hughes Incorporated. Between $20.00 and $30.00 per hour on average, Baker Hughes Incorporated pays its interns and CNC machinists.

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Salary data is derived from 782 data points that were directly gathered over the course of the last 36 months from Indeed’s job adverts, users, and employees.

Installation & Maintenance

Technician – 44,951 per year

Field Technician – $93,935 per year

Senior Field Technician – $118,514 per year

Production & Manufacturing

CNC Machinist – $51,468 per year

Machinist – $57,338 per year

Line Operator – $72,638 per year


Manager$92,851 per year

Director$169,415 per year

Baker Hughes Internships

Our internship program is created with you in mind, giving you the opportunity to get practical work experience that will serve as the cornerstone of your professional career. Join us at the vanguard of the sector and gain first-hand knowledge of how our business procedures, systems, and practices interact to guarantee that we perfectly implement and use cutting-edge energy technology to suit the needs of our clients.

Baker Hughes Internship Qualifications

The job description you read before applying will include specific qualifications, but generally speaking:

  • Be enrolled right now in a bachelor’s or master’s degree program.
  • Maintain a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 on a scale of 4.0, or the equivalent in your country.
  • Have the legal ability to work in the nation where you are applying without limits or have employer sponsorship

Application Process

Though the specifics may change, generally speaking:

Discover Baker Hughes career opportunities on this website, on social media, or at one of our live events (both digital and in-person where possible)

Apply on the web

  • Digital interview that was self-recorded and available whenever it was needed
  • Live, online, and in-person interview
  • offered longer
  • Take up the offer
  • Onboarding

Baker Hughes Early Career Program Salary

An internship is the lowest paying job at Baker Hughes at $30,000 annually. However, with an exceptional display of talent and ethics, you can be able to get a motivational raise in salary.

Baker Hughes Jobs Houston

Based on search and recommendations below are current Baker Hughes Jobs Houston.

Field Operator

As a Field Operator, your duties will include

  • Job planning, pre-and post-job inspections, load-out, rigging up and rigging down, and equipment field maintenance.
  • With supervision, assemble pipes, hoses, and pumping equipment using hand tools.
  • Physically competent in undertaking demanding physical labor and handling technical duties in challenging environments.
  • Must use corporate equipment safely, adhere to all company and governmental rules, and show up at the job site or other assigned location on time.
  • Ensure proper communication with coworkers and superiors as well as good customer interactions. Maintain regulatory records as necessary.
  • Possessing certificates relating to the industry may be necessary.
  • Carry out further related tasks as required.
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Apply here

RMO Technician – Assembly Master

Below are the duties expected of this role.

  • Assembling intricate parts in accordance with assembly plans and material lists
  • Putting assemblies through functional testing and testing them in accordance with divisional and/or client standards.
  • Utilizing test apparatus while adhering to engineering requirements.
  • Performing various component torques.
  • Sending out quality notifications (qn’s).
  • Ensure proper communication with coworkers and superiors as well as good customer interactions.
  • Maintain regulatory records as necessary.
  • Possessing certificates relating to the industry may be necessary.
  • Additional relevant tasks as given.
  • Possess ten years’ worth of in-depth experience with the communications and operations of subsea control units.

Apply Here

Field Operator – Process and Pipeline Services

  • Obtaining and heeding thorough instructions on how to securely carry out intermediate hands-on technical tasks for the product line’s services.
  • Job preparation, pre- and post-job inspections, load-out, rigging up and rigging down, and equipment field maintenance.
  • Very little supervision, assembling pumps, hoses, and pipelines with hand tools.
  • Using company equipment safely, abiding by all company and governmental rules, and showing up at the job site or other specified locations on time are all required.
  • Maintaining effective communication with coworkers and superiors as well as solid customer relations.
  • Keeping up with necessary regulatory documentation.
  • Holding the appropriate industry-related certifications.

Apply Here

For more Baker Hughes Jobs in Houston, click here.

Baker Hughes OKC jobs

We have equally researched on the current Baker Hughes Oklahoma City jobs available for different roles. Visit your Baker Hughes application status portal to see the available roles open for applicants.

Below are Baker Hughes OKC jobs available for candidates.

AMO Technician (Drill Bits) – Oklahoma City, OK

  • Perform assembly, maintenance, repair, and overhaul on machinery and drill bit products as an AMO Technician.
  • Support the cleaning, grinding, painting, and refurbishing of the product Perform repairs on the shop and production equipment
  • Use tools and equipment that are reasonably difficult.
  • keep records of repairs, equipment, and product information.
  • Work in accordance with established procedures, industry norms, and quality requirements
  • the capacity to maintain machinery and tools to sustain product flow
  • Follow Baker Hughes HSE rules, legal compliance requirements, and Baker Hughes core values when conducting business.
  • carry out particular assignments and unique projects

Apply Here

Stator Assembler Team Lead

You will be accountable as a Team Lead for:

  • Providing engineering help or using one’s own knowledge to provide technical support to local staff
  • fostering a culture of safety through active engagement in safety programs
  • supporting both general plant goals and department-specific goals
  • committing to at least 50% direct labor
  • coordinating shift changes when necessary at work
  • collaborating closely with the PQE, M/E, and Supervisor to make improvements and solve problems
  • performing in-process audits to confirm the application of work instructions
  • equivalent to a high school diploma
  • Effective teamwork skills Strong technological background
  • possess strong interpersonal, problem-solving, process improvement, and analytical skills.
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Apply Here

For more Baker Baker Hughes OKC Jobs visit the Baker Hughes Job portal here.


Baker Hughes remains a major player in the energy sector. Working with them will expose you to a wide variety of experience and skills needed to scale up in the energy field. Baker Hughes has a reputation that attracts the best talents in the Energy field.

They also provide opportunities for fresh graduates through the different Baker Hughes Internship programs aimed at skilling up young graduates seeking to gain experience to scale up their careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to get a job at Baker Hughes?

63% of candidates for jobs are satisfied with their Baker Hughes interview experience. Candidates rate the difficulty of their job interview at Baker Hughes on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the easiest and 5 being the most difficult.

How long is Baker Hughes hiring process?

2 days. Test results, an interview, an offer, and the hire date. The hiring process can take one to three weeks. In-class training lasts for one to two months, followed by on-the-job training.

What is Baker Hughes early career program?

Our Early Career Program for Field Engineers mentors and motivates fresh graduates as they navigate events that will shape their careers. This program requires 36 months to finish and involves you in assisting customers in finding and producing energy more effectively.

What is digital interview in Baker Hughes?

How is a Baker Hughes HireVue interview conducted? You will record yourself responding to questions during a HireVue interview. Someone from Baker Hughes may ask you those questions and then display them to you as a few lines of text or as a previously recorded video.

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