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How to Avoid Being Broke at School

How to Avoid Being Broke at School

Talking about being broke as a student, if we were to have an association, I would have been their chairman because my early days in school were not funny. There are lots of money-making tips out there, but the question is how many of them work? When you even read some of them, they have no directory and no solid procedures for implementing them.

I want to believe you have been going over my articles here on Myschool and have been getting motivated for greatness. So hold every fact in this post firmly. Take it or leave it, studying becomes very much interesting when you have money to take care of yourself. Most students stay off-campus and trek to class virtually every day, not because they love it but because the cash flow isn’t just cool enough.

Sometimes you don’t just have to call home for everything, you should be able to tidy some things on your own.
> When I started making money in higher institutions, it was like magic. It just popped into my head one fateful day that I am a web designer and I can make money from it, so I went around to student associations, departments, fellowships, etc.

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I made them know I could build them websites or blogs stating the benefits to them and before I knew it, money started coming in.
> Another place I got money from was Nairaland, I am a writer so I get to put it there for people who needed freelancers and I got paid 800naira per article.

Imagine how much I was making writing 5 articles every 3 days.
There is something you can acquire that will make way for you. Just one single skill you will learn will pave the way for you.

> I had a lady back in school who learned fashion design before getting admission when she would start making her money, she got a contract with a fellowship to pay to make their clothes for their commissioning service, and believe it she got well paid.

> Graphics design was one thing that got Tee-boy a whole lot of cash in school. This was a friend of mine who learned graphics at Fashola school in Lagos and when he got to school, he started doing fliers, certificates, letterheadings, etc for press, individuals, fellowships, etc.
Being broke in school is just because you want to, if you can task your head, learn something and market yourself you will earn well.

Some Things That People Make Money While Doing

  1. People make money doing Mc
  2. People make money customizing clothes
  3. Thirdly, People make money doing phone repairs
  4. People make money building blogs and website
  5. In addition, People make money doing tutorials
  6. Lastly, People make money doing online deals.
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Let me stop here, money doesn’t fall from the sky and you don’t get it without investing. Check out any of the ideas listed above, grab one, and start monetizing them.
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