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Automotive Engineer Salary | Automotive Engineer

Do you want a challenging career path that will push you to do something in the engineering field that requires a lot of dedication? Do you want to know the companies paying the highest automotive engineering salaries and expand your knowledge? You are in the right place.

There are several companies in the auto industry where you can earn a substantial competitive salary even as an entry-level or fresh university auto engineering graduate. Why don’t you let us walk you through the top automotive engineering companies in the US and what you should know about them?

What Is Automotive Engineering?

According to Wikipedia, automotive engineering is the area of engineering that combines components from mechanical, electronic, electrical, software, and safety engineering to be used in the development and manufacture of cars, trucks, and motorbikes.

Furthermore, this area of engineering involves extensive research and the direct use of mathematical models and formulas.

Additionally, one is said to have studied university auto engineering if they design, develop, build, and test vehicle units from the concept stage to the production stage.

Development, production, and manufacturing are the three main tasks performed in this branch of engineering.

Who Is An Automotive Engineer?

A person who designs the components and systems of automobiles is known as an automotive engineer. This expert makes sure that the car designs he has created are in line with the budget and standard requirements.

Similar to how mechanical engineers examine yet-to-be-discovered flaws in their designs and work to fix them, automotive engineers supervise the production of automobiles.

However, a few of an automobile engineer’s work duties are listed below.

  • Conducting research, developing, and manufacturing automobiles and parts
  • Putting together design requirements and cost estimates
  • Planning and creating drawings
  • Monitoring the project’s energy, environmental, and safety elements
  • Utilizing computer models to make forecasts of a vehicle’s or component’s behavior under various circumstances
  • Increasing testing protocols
  • Examining product flops
  • Reviewing, assessing, and analyzing technical data for reports
  • Managing technical employees and collaborating closely with other engineers
  • Collaborating with experts in other professions.

An automotive engineer can also run workshops to tutor university auto engineering students.

How To Become An Automotive Engineer

You can become an auto engineer through apprenticeship, but if you want to earn the bid high as an automotive engineer, you must have acquired a certified university auto engineer certificate.

  • Sign up for a bachelor’s degree program (University Auto Engineer)
  • Engage in an Internship
  • Investigate Job Opportunities
  • Engage in Opportunities for Continuing Education
  • Obtain a License
  • Think about getting your master’s.

Automotive Engineer Salary

The amount that an automotive engineer is paid varies depending on the level of expertise they have in the industry.

Consequently, a succinct analysis of some years of experience will be provided.
Automotive engineers with 1-4 years of experience make an average pay of $74,299 per year, while those with 5–9 years of experience make an average compensation of $81,210 per year.

Additionally, people with between 10 and 19 years of experience make around $91,104 yearly. It’s crucial to keep in mind that Payscale has projected this for you. Automotive engineering job opportunities continue to rise to make it one of the most lucrative in the economy.

However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2018 to 2028, there is expected to be little to no change in the employment of automotive engineers which is most likely to have its on own effect on automotive engineering salary.

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Let’s look through the analysis obtained from some auto businesses and how much they pay their vehicle engineers in order to provide clarification.

  • Chrysler Group LLC. – $88k
  • FCA Corp – $77k
  • Ford Motor Company – $91k
  • General Motors Corporation – $85k

Automotive engineer salary for many other technical jobs is equally on the high side but the ones listed above are the highest paying auto companies. A university auto sales certification is equally an addition to your portfolio and attracts high-end automotive engineering salary.

Top Automotive Engineering Companies in the USA

Automotive engineers are typically very passionate about their jobs, as most began their careers modifying or repairing old gasoline-powered cars, which frequently broke down if we’re being honest. The automotive industry is rapidly approaching a point where internal combustion engines will be actively phased out.

Vehicles that pollute the air face increasingly strict deadlines and penalties in major cities around the world. Vehicles’ complex, noisy, and frequently filthy mechanical hearts are being replaced by simple, silent, and clean electric motors.

Below are the automotive engineering companies that are a dream workplace for many auto engineering technician

1. Tesla

This is a no-brainer. Tesla is constantly in the news for both positive and negative reasons. The positives are beautifully designed vehicles that resemble an Apple product rather than a car. The negatives include missed production targets, dubious autonomous features, and the frequently bizarre Twitter antics of its visionary leader, Elon Musk. Tesla set out with the goal of making electric cars mainstream, and they have mostly succeeded, with their cars now a common sight on the street. Electric vehicles are not a new technology, but they have long lagged behind internal combustion engines due to the limited energy storage capabilities of batteries.

Tesla is known for being a challenging but rewarding place to work, and it provides a front-row seat to the upcoming electric car revolution. The Model 3’s recent success, as well as the upcoming Tesla truck and pick-up truck, make working for Tesla very appealing.

Advantages of working at Tesla

  • Challenging work environment; – Leading-edge technologies in electrified and autonomous vehicles.
  • Elon Musk has been clear from the beginning that he wants to compel everyone to move toward a cleaner and greener future.
  • Few businesses can claim to have such noble objectives.
  • You genuinely feel like you are changing the world when you work for Tesla.
  • Automotive and automation engineer salary at Tesla are one of the highest in the USA.

2. General Motors

General Motors belongs to the old guard. With classics like the 1969 C Chevrolet Camaro and the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette, it has no doubt been many car engineers’ dream workplace. GM is a massive industry player with multiple brands.

Their primary focus remains on IC-powered vehicles, but they are keeping their finger on the pulse of electric vehicles with models like the Chevy Bolt. Their disadvantage is that they are too large to respond quickly to changing market conditions because they have huge amounts of capital invested in their manufacturing processes and tooling. Don’t worry, despite the impending EV revolution, there will be a market for IC vehicles for many years to come. If you want to gain experience in a large, well-established company, GM is a good place to start.

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Advantages of working with General Motors

  • As an industrial giant, General Motors promises a stable workplace when compared to other automakers.
  • Gender inclusion efforts that are progressive.
  • entering the electric market gradually since businesses that do not make a real effort in this area will become irrelevant in a few decades.

Automotive engineering job opportunities at General Motors can be very competitive, however, there are still entry-level opportunities for fresh university auto graduates.

3. Ford

Whereas GM was a member of the old guard, Ford is the castle’s King. Henry Ford popularized automobiles by employing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques that are still in use today. With classics like the Ford Mustang, they’ve come a long way since the Model T. Ford has made a significant shift to electric vehicles, investing 11 billion USD in their electric program and committing to having 20 new electric vehicles on the market by 2023.

Unfortunately, at their core, they are still a company that manufactures overpowered “gas guzzling” trucks like the F150. It should be noted that Ford is converting these mean machines into clean machines by offering hybrid and all-electric models. It should be noted that Ford is converting these mean machines into clean machines by offering hybrid and all-electric models of this vehicle. So, if this is your thing, Ford is the place to be. You’ll also have some job security because Ford is preparing for the surge in electric vehicles.

Advantages of working with Ford

  • Ford has been around since the beginning and has some kind of industry prestige.
  • They have made significant investments in electric cars.
  • Competitive automotive engineering salary.

4. Toyota

Toyota is known for its tenacity; regardless of the hardships it faces, it continues to roll forward. The company’s dependability is legendary, and after being in business since 1937, it is now the world’s largest automaker. Toyota manufactures practical vehicles that get the job done every time. If you want to learn the art of building long-lasting vehicles, Toyota is a good place to start.

With their massive global reach, Toyota is the most stable company in terms of job security.

  • Toyota is an interesting and fulfilling place to work because of its wide range of vehicles and products.
  • If you’re an IC enthusiast, Toyota will take you to the cutting edge of this technology.
  • Opportunity to gain sound industry experience especially, as a fresh university auto engineer or university auto sales specialist.

5. McLaren

Although it deviates somewhat from the other, more logical choices listed above, it would not be right to omit a corporation that most engineers could only want to work for. If you keep up with Formula One, you are aware that McLaren is one of the best teams in the field. You may probably be aware that they produce some of the most exquisite automobiles on the market today. Not only that, but these vehicles exhibit astounding levels of performance and excellence in automotive engineering. As there is no substitute for the rich, deep rumble of a 4-litre twin-turbo V-8, there will always be a market for IC automobiles. To work for a company that creates such perfection is every engineer’s ambition.

As there is no substitute for the rich, deep rumble of a 4-liter twin-turbo V-8, there will always be a market for IC automobiles. Working for a firm that creates such perfection and keeps doing so with an ever-growing lineup of incredible automobiles is every engineer’s dream.

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  • If you’ve ever seen a McLaren, you know that just getting to work on such a feat of engineering is a privilege in and of itself.
  • leading the way in IC supercar design, testing, and optimization.
  • Working with McLaren’s road car business may provide you a chance to become an engineer on their F1 squad, which the company also owns.

6. Fisker

Despite not believing the Tesla hype, are you a fan of electric vehicles with a sleek, futuristic appearance? If the answer to that question was absolutely yes, Fisker may be the perfect fit for you. The chairman and CEO of Fisker has created a number of top-of-the-line automobiles for the luxury automobile industry. Even though this firm only has two car models in development, as electric vehicles become more common, it has a very real potential of expanding its market share.

Advantages of working with Fisker

  • The creation of a car that is truly eco-friendly is Fisker’s aim. For instance, one feature is the interior use of recycled wood. This will be the best place for you if it is in line with your moral compass.
  • The number of open roles at Fisker has increased as the company is currently in a growth period. The time is now if you wish to accompany them on their quest.

7. Bertrandt AG

For the automotive and aviation industries throughout a number of locations, Bertrandt AG provides cutting-edge solutions. The business operates in the electrical systems/electronics, physical engineering, and digital engineering divisions. Customers love the company’s design services, which include developing every component of an automobile. Additionally, its simulation services and powertrain services are well regarded by numerous industry titans.

The business is present throughout Europe, China, and the United States thanks to its strong distribution network and subsidiaries. Bertrandt SAS, Bertrandt TechniKum GmbH, Bertrand Services GmbH, Bertrand US, Inc., and Bertrand Aeroconseil GmbH are just a few of the Bertrandt AG’s subsidiaries. Automotive engineering job opportunities at Bertrandt remain one of the most sought-after.


The automotive industry offers numerous automotive engineering job opportunities for engineers. Additionally, given the change from how cars are propelled to how they are driven, this is likely the most significant period in the history of vehicle design.

The future of the industry is electric autonomous automobiles. Numerous tiny startups are eager to compete with the major players, which will lead to an increase in job opportunities. Mobility development is about to begin and as such, companies are paying good money to hire skilled car engineers making automotive engineering salaries continue rising at quite a high scale.

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