How Much Do Art Therapists Get Paid In The USA?

What Is An Art Therapy?

The use of art-based methods to combat mental disorders and improve mental health is referred to as art therapy. The art therapy method is built on the notion that expression through creativity can promote mental wellness and healing. 

People have relied on the arts to communicate as well as self-expression and healing for centuries. However, art therapy didn’t begin to be a formalized program until around 1940. 2

Doctors have noted that those with mental illness frequently manifested themselves through sketches and other art forms leading many to look into the use of art as a therapeutic strategy. 3 Since time, art has been integral to the therapeutic process and is utilized in various assessments and treatments.

Types of Creative Therapies

Creative Therapy isn’t the only form of artistic art that is used in the treatment of mental diseases. Other forms of creative therapy include:

  • Therapy for dance
  • Therapy for drama
  • Therapy for Expressive Disorders
  • Therapy with music
  • Therapy for writing


The purpose of art therapy is to use this creative method to aid people to express themselves in a way that is personal and while doing so explore new methods to improve their personal understanding and improve their coping abilities.

The art of making or admiring art can assist people to explore their emotions, build self-awareness, manage anxiety, increase self-esteem, and improve social skills.

The techniques used in art therapy may include:

  • Collage
  • Coloring
  • Scribbling and drawing
  • Drawing
  • Finger painting
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpting
  • Clay is a clay-based material that can be used for work.

While clients make artwork, they might look at what they’ve made and how it affects them. When they look at their artwork and analyze it, they will discover themes or conflicts that could influence their emotions, thoughts, and actions

Salary For Art Therapists

Art therapists annually make between $30,000 and $70,000. Based on figures provided by the Office of Science and Education at the National Institutes of Health, the pay for art therapists can differ dependent on the business and the background of the applicant.

There is a gap in the earnings of professionals at entry-level working in hospitals and prisons and clinics, as well as private practices. The median earnings for the former are $45,000 and those who work in private practice could make up to $150-$75 per hour. But, it is necessary to meet the requirements to be employed in private practice.

Entry-Level Art Therapist Salary

Although has reported hourly pay that is as high as $47.36 or as little as $10.34 Most Entry-level Art Therapist pay varies from $16.83 (25th percentile) to $27.40 (75th percentile) across the United States. The pay range for an entry-level Art Therapist can be quite different (by up to $10.58) this suggests that there could be numerous opportunities for advancement and higher pay depending on the level of skill, area of work, and the number of years of working experience.

Based on the latest job posting activity on The entry-level Art Therapist market for jobs for the two cities of Lagos, NG, and throughout the state is not particularly active, as only a few businesses are hiring. An entry-level art therapist in your location earns an average of $25 per hour, which is $0.04 (0 percent) lower than the average annual pay of $24.57. is ranked number one of 50 states in the nation for entry-level.

To calculate the most accurate hourly wage range for entry-level Art Therapist positions, continuously scans its database of millions of current jobs posted locally across America.

What are the Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Entry Level Art Therapist Jobs

We’ve identified 10 cities in which the median pay for an entry-level Artist Therapist job is higher than the national average. The top spot is Atkinson, NE, with Bridgehampton, NY, and Deer Park CA close behind in the second and third places. Deer Park, CA beats the national average by $9,364 (18.3 percent) as well. Atkinson, NE furthers that trend by putting an additional $21,531 (42.1 percent) over the average of $51,098.

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With these cities offering median salaries that are greater than the national average there are possibilities for advancement through shifting locations for an entry-level.

Another factor to take into consideration is that the median salary of the top ten cities in the world varies slightly at 24% among Atkinson, NE, and Brooklyn, NY, suggesting it could be difficult to discern any significant wage growth. The possibility of a less expensive cost of living could aid in determining the right amount of money and location for an entry-level Art Therapist position.

Tabulating It

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Atkinson, NE$72,629$6,052$1,396$34.92
Bridgehampton, NY$62,989$5,249$1,211$30.28
Deer Park, CA$60,462$5,038$1,162$29.07
Green River, WY$59,230$4,935$1,139$28.48
Johnstonville, CA$58,805$4,900$1,130$28.27
Roslyn Estates, NY$57,393$4,782$1,103$27.59
Stamford, CT$57,281$4,773$1,101$27.54
Bellevue, WA$56,920$4,743$1,094$27.37
Hebron Estates, KY$56,662$4,721$1,089$27.24
Brooklyn, NY$56,574$4,714$1,087$27.20

Art Therapist Salary With Master’s reported that the average salary for art therapists is $37,000 to $66,000. In its May 2020 figures published May 2020, it was revealed that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) determined that the top-paid recreation therapists are those employed in the executive branch, earning an average amount of $77,060. Therapists who work in child daycare facilities were also among the top earners, earning a median of $61,450.

In the preceding sections of this article, we talked about the nature of art therapy and why it can be beneficial as well as the essential skills required to be successful in Art therapy, and how to become an accredited Art Therapist. 

As mentioned earlier, art Therapists are mental health professionals who integrate psychology with creative ways of treating different psychological disorders. They treat individuals, groups, and families to address issues such as anxiety, addiction, trauma, depression as well as cognitive disorders, and family issues.

Because of what they do in their work Art therapists are often able to work in clinical locations. Facilities like hospitals rehabilitation center domestic abuse shelters, rehabilitation centers, and mental health organizations typically require the services provided by Art Therapists. In these types of settings, typical ailments include addiction, mental and physical health issues, trauma, and depression.

In Addition

Art therapy therapists also collaborate with correctional institutions, schools, and facilities for elder care. They can also be employed independently as clinicians in their private practices. In this scenario, they decide their hours of work and select their patients as well as other professionals to collaborate with.

Licensed Art Therapist Salary

The median annual earnings for a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in the United States is $80,547 per year.

If you’re in need of an easy calculation of your salary, this is around $38.72 per hour. It’s the equivalent of $1,548/week or $6,712/month.

Although has seen annual salaries up to $140,000 and as low as $57,500 it is the norm for Licensed Creative Arts Therapists’ salaries are currently ranging from 62,500 (25th percentile) to $85,500 (75th percentile) with the top-paying employees (90th percentile) earn $125,000 annually in all across the United States. The median pay for a Licensed Creative ARTS Therapist varies dramatically (by nearly $23,000) and suggests that there could be numerous opportunities for advancement and a higher pay dependent on the level of expertise as well as location and working experience.

Based on the latest job posting activity on The licensed creative ARTS Therapist market for jobs for the two cities of Lagos, NG, and throughout the entire state not as active as a small number of businesses are hiring. A licensed Creative Arts Therapist in your local area earns an average of $80,547 a year equivalent to the average national pay of $80,547. is ranked as the top state of 50 states in the country in terms of Licensed Creative Arts Therapist salary.

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To calculate the most precise annual pay interval to be able to estimate the most accurate annual salary range for Licensed Creative ARTS Therapist jobs, continuously scans its database of millions of jobs posted locally across America.

Art Therapist Jobs

Below is a verified list of Art Therapist jobs you can easily get around. Most of the jobs listed here pay handsomely.

Creative Arts Therapist (ART)

Information about the job

Salary$74,950 – $97.430 per year

Job Type


Remote and temporary (COVID-19)

Full Job Description


  • Independently design, coordinate, and offer a wide range of cutting-edge creative arts therapy services.
  • Creating a supportive and safe environment allows for self-expression as well as group interaction by using artistic therapy.
  • Assess clients and conduct an assessment of creative arts therapy.
  • Keep track of the patient’s treatment progress and communicate results to the multidisciplinary treatment team to assist in creating unique treatment plans for each patient.
  • Create innovative and challenging mental health therapies through the use of the creative arts.


Conditions of Employment

  • The appointment is contingent upon a suitability or fitness determination according to a background check.
  • The job requires the candidate to be tested for tuberculosis.
  • The appointment is dependent on suitability and fitness determination as determined by a thorough background check.
  • This position is subject to mandatory annual seasonal flu vaccinations. It is subject to annual seasonal flu vaccinations unless exempted by religious or medical motives (documentation exclusion must be presented at the time of hiring).
  • This job requires you to acquire and maintain the Essential Life Support (BLS) certification.


Who May Apply: US Citizens

In order to be eligible to qualify, you must fulfill the educational and work experience requirements outlined below. Experience refers to both paid or unpaid work, such as volunteering work that is done via National Service programs (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g. professional; philanthropic community; spiritual; student social). You’ll be credited for all experience that qualifies which includes volunteer work. Your resume should clearly explain your experience relevant to the job; if you are able to qualify based on the education you have completed, transcripts are included in your application. Further information on transcripts is included in this document.

Basic Requirements for Creative Arts Therapist (Art):

Graduation: A Bachelor’s or graduate or higher-level degree in art therapy, therapeutic recreation, or dance therapy. or music therapy obtained from an accredited program approved as such by the U.S. Department of Education at the time that the degree was earned.


Rehabilitation Therapist 2 (Art) (40 Hour) (Office/On-site)

Information on the job

Salary$74,697 – $101,247 per year

Job Type


BenefitsPulled from the full job description

Flexible schedule

Health insurance

Full Job Description

You are a licensed art therapist who has the ambition to create an impression?

If yes then we urge you to take advantage of this possibility!

The State of Connecticut, Department of Correction (DOC) is looking for a highly motivated and skilled Rehabilitation Therapist to be part of the Health Services team at the Manson Youth Institution in Cheshire, CT.

Our Mission: The CT DOC shall strive to be a world pioneer in the field of progressive correctional procedures and associated re-entry programs to help implement evidence-based, responsive practices that are aligned with law-abiding and accountable behavior. Security and safety must be a top priority in this responsibility in relation to the staff, victims, and citizens as well as offenders.

Position Highlights:

As Rehabilitation Therapist 2 you’ll be able to:

  • Join an interprofessional team that is focused on providing client-focused treatment.
  • Instruct patients and help them develop the capacity to be independent in order to make the transition into their new community and their life.
  • Work within the behavioral health services department, which provides assessments and expert treatment in the fields of psychosocial Social/leisure, ADLs, cognitive functioning, and physical function.
  • Make your group unique in both your individual and group treatment sessions.
  • Help a community of people who are committed to increasing the standard of living for the people we help.
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Rehabilitation Therapist 2 Rehabilitation Therapist 2 will be leading groups that utilize various forms of art to get clients involved in a therapeutic approach. This role will aid the entire Mental Health team by decreasing the symptoms of clinical illness and improving psychosocial aspects that can have a negative impact on the overall health of.

The position is full-time. 40 hours per week on the second shift. The shift runs from Monday through Friday from 2 PM to 10:00 PM.

The services we provide you:

State of Connecticut employees participates in a comprehensive benefit plan which includes:

  • A hazardous duty pension plan (State Employees Retirement System Tier IV);
  • Retirement in 25 years with benefits for healthcare and pension;
  • Health benefits are excellent, as well as other benefits that are supplementary to the health benefits.
  • An amazing work-life balance that allows for an able schedule, on-call, and the ability to manage patient loads;
  • A rewarding, yet challenging experience!

Find out more about our team of DOC Health Services

Selection Plan

Application Process:

To comply to Public Act 21-69 to comply with Public Act 21-69, the State of Connecticut is no longer requesting resumes in your initial applications.

To consider this job you must satisfy the minimum requirements stated in the job advertisement. You should specify the qualifications you have on your application. The minimum requirements for experience and education prerequisites must be fulfilled within the deadline unless specified otherwise.

The current vacancy is mentioned above. However, applicants for this job could be considered for future openings in this class of job.

All materials for applications are due to the hiring agency before the date stipulated in the job advertisement for the job to which you’re applying. Late applications will not be considered and be considered. The exceptions are very rare and restricted to documented incidents that render candidates for the full period of the job advertisement duration. It is the job seeker’s responsibility and duty to apply for an exception and submit an official legal reason to allow for such a request. 

Check that the information you provide is completed. It is impossible to change your information after you submit your request to the State of Connecticut.


Art Therapist


Becoming a Cedar Community Champion

The team of our employees is leaders and the soul of our community. They make an impact on people’s lives each and every day! Making positive connections is the goal of our organization. We offer more than just a paycheck; we provide opportunities to grow and develop as well as make an impact on the lives of people every day!

We’re much more than a place to work We offer a path to a future!

  • A competitive benefit and wage package with shift differentiators
  • Increases in annual wages
  • Rewards and recognition program
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Leadership, team building, and training programs
  • Flexible schedules
  • The on-site clinic is available to everyone on the team

A thrilling opportunity is waiting for the applicants to be part of our exemplary team at the Cedar Community-Washington county’s third

The largest employer. We are looking forward to getting in touch with you!

  • Design and conduct assessments to address the goals, needs, and goals of clients and residents
  • Offer one-on-one therapy as well as large and small group sessions, and various activities to enhance your therapeutic for the enrichment and therapeutic purposes.
  • Record clinical research and evaluate whether interventions are effective.
  • Participate in regular inter-disciplinary team meetings as well as Life Enrichment group meetings to discuss plans, coordinate, or integrate plans and services.


  • A master’s level degree in art therapy is required.


  • You are expected to have experience working with seniors or similar experiences.
  • One year to six months prior experience is preferred.


  • Accreditation through the art therapy credential board (ATCB) or on track to obtain certification is required.


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