How Much Is Amazon Software Engineer Salary?

Just before we dive into the Amazon Software Engineer Salary, let’s take an overview of what it takes to work with Amazon as a software engineer. We will also be talking about the following sub-topics: what is the highest salary of software engineer in amazon, what is the salary of amazon fresher? what is amazon highest salary and does amazon pay programmers well? Let’s begin.

The application process at Amazon is gruelling and time-consuming, yet it has a pattern. It is essential to be persistent in being an Amazon software engineer.
Suppose you are a developer or engineer seeking the opportunity to earn a living with a market leader and a top-rated company. In that case, you might have wondered what it takes to be hired as an Amazon Software Engineer.
Amazon is the top tech company for reasons. The company is known for providing excellent benefits and rewarding innovative thinking.
The application process for Amazon is extraordinarily demanding and competitive. However, proper preparation can boost the chances of landing the perfect job as a coder or engineer. The process of breaking down the steps is crucial to success.
Check out our article on the necessary steps that you could follow to get an Amazon software engineering position.

1. Make sure you are prepared.

Begin by making an honest assessment of your capabilities. Do you believe you have what it takes to land an employment opportunity with Amazon? Most successful applicants to jobs in software development Amazon jobs have at minimum the following qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree in software development.
  • Experience with C++, Java C++, Java Python
  • More than five years of professional experience

It may be more sensible to wait until you have developed the required skills and gained expertise.

2. Refresh your material.

Make sure that the application materials are correct. Check your resume for any typos or information that is out of date.

Update your professional profiles on LinkedIn, GitHub, and HubSpot.

It is also recommended to make sure you update your portfolio of programming if Amazon might request samples of your work in the course of interviews.

3. Study the application process thoroughly and establish your expectations.

Before submitting, look up other applicants’ experiences applying for Amazon and Amazon’s thoughts about their challenging application process.

The process of applying for a job as a software engineer at Amazon can take between one and three months.

Jobs at Amazon are highly competitive. Do not get disillusioned if you do not immediately be successful. The process requires patience and a high level of performance as an interviewer engineer, coder, or engineer.

4. Apply and search for jobs through Amazon’s career site.

When you are ready to submit an excellent career application, then start looking and applying for positions on Amazon’s search website. Amazon job openings are also advertised on other popular job search websites.

Make your resume more appropriate for each job by using the keywords in the list or highlighting particular qualifications. The competition is intense. So, only apply for positions that match more than 85% of specified qualifications.

Amazon does not allow the use of cover letters, which can save you time and effort. Portfolios linked to links are fine, however.

5. Do tests.

Amazon will require applicants to take tests during or following the application process. There are two kinds of assessments that applicants should be aware of.

6. Assessment of the work style

Amazon utilizes the work style assessment to gauge how you behave in various real-world work situations. To prepare yourself for this test section, learn about Amazon’s Leadership Principles and start planning how you would apply them to your life.

7. Simulation of work

The work-sampled simulation is a coding demonstration that Amazon employs to test the abilities of software engineers in a variety of common programming languages.

8. It would help if you waited for a screener to call.

Amazon will not notify you if they deny your application. Nevertheless, you can verify the status of your application by visiting your profile.

Suppose you are an ideal person to be a candidate for the position. In that case, Amazon will likely contact you to schedule a screening call with an HR representative or internal recruitment.

The screener test evaluates your professional development in the last five years and how your abilities correspond to the job’s requirements.

Prepare for your screener interview by preparing concise and substantive responses to the following inquiries:

  • What were your top career accomplishments?
  • What are your most embarrassing career mistakes?
  • Why did you decide to stay or leave each job?

9. Get ready for more interviews.

The specific structure of the interview process is dependent on the level of the job. Click this hyperlink for more interview preparation information for a position in software development at Amazon.

The typical initial interview is usually an interview with your hiring supervisor, the person who will be your future boss.

The next day is filled with up to 5 60-minute “loop” conversations with members of your software engineering team, Some on teams that are related to the position you are interested in and others from totally different teams. Every interviewer is asked about leadership and technical skills, which are listed below.

Leadership competencies

When you are in the Amazon interview, you will be asked to provide examples of how you have displayed Amazon’s principles of leadership in your professional life. The interviewer will be looking for instances when you demonstrated leadership skills.

Prepare your answers using Amazon’s preferential STAR format. Define the circumstances and define your job. What actions did you decide to take in order to resolve the issue? What resulted in the outcome?

Make a list of the relevant professional experiences that you have had prior to the start of the time. Check out this hyperlink for some great examples of leadership skills.

Technical abilities

Following the process of interviewing comes technical questions. They are divided into two types:

  • System design competence: Tests your ability to create black-box designs for a software system
  • Coding competency: Assesses your proficiency in programming languages, including C++, Java, and Python

The category of coding competence is subdivided into three categories:

  • Reliable and easy to maintain
  • Structures of data and algorithmic processes
  • Problem-solving

In this portion of the test, you will be required to respond to technical questions using career examples to illustrate and demonstrate your ability to think outside the box to solve issues.

You can prepare by reviewing Amazon’s guide to interview preparation for more specific details and by visiting our site for Computer Science interview topics.

10. Try again and retry.

Do not get discouraged if you do not receive an offer or job. The same job advertisement will likely be on Amazon’s Careers site within weeks.

Given the number of applications each job post receives and the chance of getting an interview or a job is mostly down luck.

Consider the interview experience as an opportunity for learning. Make notes about your performance during the interview and come up with ways to improve your performance.

How Much Does A Software Engineer Earn In Amazon?

The median annual salary of an Amazon Software Engineer in the United States is $105,953 a year.
If you require an easy salary calculator, it is approximately $50.94 per hour. This amounts to $2,037 per week or $8,829 per month.
Although has seen annual salaries up to $179,000 and even as little as $25,000 however, it is the case that most Amazon Software Engineer salaries currently are between $76,000 (25th percentile) to $135,000 (75th percentile), with the highest earners (90th percentile) earn $161,000 a year throughout in the United States. The median pay of an Amazon Software Engineer varies greatly (up to $59,000). This suggests there are many possibilities for advancement and higher pay depending on the level of skill as well as location and experience.
Based on the recent post-job ad activity on Based on recent job postings on, there is a sense that the Amazon Software Engineer job market in both Lagos, NG, and throughout the state is not particularly active, as only a few companies are hiring. An Amazon Software Engineer in your region earns, on average, $16,522 annually, which is $569 (1 percent) higher than the average national salary of $105,953. Ranks as the top-paid state of all 50 states across the country.

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To calculate the most accurate annual pay range to be used for Amazon Software Engineer jobs, constantly searches its database of millions of active jobs published locally across America.

What Is The Highest Salary Of Software Engineer In Amazon?

The following are the salaries of software engineers in amazon based on levels;

Level NameTotalBaseStock (/yr)Bonus
SDE IL4(Entry Level)$170K$129K$23K$18K
SDE IIL5$240K$158K$65K$17K
SDE IIIL6$345K$175K$156K$15K
Principal SDEL7$592K$193K$371K$28K
Senior Principal SDEL8$893K$241K$652K$0
Salaries of Software Engineer in Amazon Based on Levels

What Is Amazon’s Highest Salary?

  • According to an internal memo, Amazon has more than doubled its base salary for corporate employees.
  • The company can now cap its base salary at $350,000, an increase from the previous maximum of $160,000.
  • Amazon has cited the labor market’s competition as one of the reasons behind the change.

Amazon is increasing the maximum base salary of corporate workers. The company cites the competition in the labor market among the reasons for the increase.

In an internal letter to the employees on Monday, the company announced that it would limit base salaries for all white-collar workers to $350,000. This is a significant increase from the previous maximum of $160,000.

Base pay is just one portion of an employee’s total compensation. The figure does not contain restricted stock units that typically mature in increments over time in addition to other cash awards, such as bonus sign-on bonuses. The compensation of the company has traditionally been heavily influenced by stock.

“This year has witnessed an especially highly competitive labor market. after a thorough review of our options, taking into consideration the business’s economics and the necessity to stay in the race to attract and retain the best talent, we made the decision to apply significant increments in our compensation that we would during a typical year.” According to the letter that was first revealed on GeekWire.

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed the legitimacy of the note. However, they declined to provide further details.


Alongside the increase in base salary, Amazon said it is also expanding the range of overall compensation levels for the majority of jobs around the world, and “the increase is much larger than what we have seen previously,” as per the memo.

The changes are coming at the same time Amazon has been coming under fire from its employees for what they believe is below-market pay. Base pay has been recently cited among the main reasons behind employees who want to leave Amazon; Business Insider published this month a report citing internal survey results.

The competition for workers is much more competitive than before, particularly since the coronavirus has given workers more leverage to ask for higher wages and benefits. Companies offer flexible work arrangements, including remote or hybrid work. This has caused Amazon and other technology firms to acknowledge that not offering these benefits could negatively impact their ability to draw or keep talent.

According to Levels, Amazon was not in the top 7 employers in engineering pay this year. FYI, which monitors technology industry pay. An engineer with the highest level at Roblox could earn over $1 million, while an engineer at Facebook could make upwards of $900,000. However, these figures cover all types of compensation, not just base salary.

Which Company Pays Highest Salary To Software Engineers?

Two years after the COVID-19 pandemic, our country is suffering from an unemployment crisis. Unfortunately, many vacant positions have low wages, a lack of benefits, and no flexibility but this isn’t always the situation.

For instance the software engineering positions. Offering typical an average salary of nearly $117,000 a year, an outstanding package of benefits, as well as, for many employees, the possibility of working remotely, engineering jobs in software are in abundance. . However, there is a shortage in large part due to the lack of education. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that in 2026 it’s expected that the U.S. shortage of software engineers will surpass 1.2 million.

However, there are many differences. Not all jobs in the field of software engineering are made equally. People working in education get the lowest pay, and those who work within the entertainment industry (such as streaming services) or consumer electronics earn the highest average.

In order to fill these gaps, engineering bootcamps, such as the Hack Reactor Coding bootcamp assist hopeful software engineers to develop the necessary skills to lead them to a stable job that pays well and comes with advantages.

Below, we breakdown the top nine firms that pay software engineers the highest in 2022:

Facebook (now Meta)

Meta is the biggest social media company worldwide. With more than 2.5 billion people active on various platforms, as well as more than global offices, it’s not a surprise that it requires hundreds of engineers in software to keep everything running.

As with many businesses, Meta has a multi-tiered structure. Engineering engineers are classified between E3 (the lowest grade) through E8. Even engineers in E3 are high-paid starting at $184,000 which includes salaries, stocks, and bonuses.

Salary increases as the levels rise and when engineers reach the top of the ladder, their median gross earnings, which is mainly due to stocks of $1,270,000. Meta will match up to 50 percent of 401K contribution on the first 7 percent of the base salary.

In addition to the earnings Health insurance is 100 % covered, and family plans are highly subsidized. Additionally, employees are provided with three meals for free and snacks on a daily basis.

The company provides an excellent PTO paid-time-off (PTO) package. It includes 21 days off each year and for each five-year period, workers get 30 days of PTO that they can use to recharge. Furthermore, the sick leave is unlimitable and they also offer 4 months of paid parental leave.

If employees have to take assist family members suffering from illness They are granted the option of up to 6 weeks of family leave. If employees aren’t at work and work at their homes.

The parents of newborns receive a bonus of $4,000 and the company will reimburse the cost of childcare up to $3,000 each year.

Check out the jobs available here..


Google as well as Facebook employs thousands of software engineers across the globe. The company’s employees are classified according to their level, with L3 as entry-level and L8 as Principal Engineer, which is the most prestigious stage. Engineers with L3 are offered an extremely attractive package including basic salary, stocks, and bonuses totaling around $191,000. L8’s earnings amount to about $963,000 per year.

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Benefits include health and health insurance as well as dental and vision. New mothers get an extended period of time leave and those who don’t have children get 12 weeks. The company also provides up to $25,000 in adoptions and as high as $40,000 for surrogacy costs.

You are entitled to unlimited sick time, and the right to 15 days PTO, in the beginning increasing to 20 days by year two.

Benefits for retirement and financial planning include a 401k match up to 50 percent as well as the Mega Backdoor Roth IRA, and a repayment program for student loans. Google offers an online remote work program that is hybrid.


We did not lie when we stated that entertainment could pay well. For instance, if employed for a position at Netflix, the newest software engineer just graduated from Hack Reactor’s Coding Bootcamp Online, Hack Reactor Coding Bootcamp Online could make more than $268,000. On the other side, in the range, the most senior software engineers make around $550,000.

Netflix provides incredibly abundant benefits packages, such as an up-to-8-month period of parental leave and unlimited PTO. Additionally, Netflix helps cover the cost of adoption, surrogacy or fertility procedures.

If you decide to buy Stock options and you do, you will be fully vested on the first day. The company offers excellent health insurance that includes cashback even if you do not use it. They also provide free lunches, snacks, and the possibility of a 25 percent match for contributions to 401K.

Find open jobs here.


LinkedIn is located within Silicon Valley. Instead of allocating numbers to its tiers, they are simply software engineers (entry-level), Senior Software engineers, and Staff Software engineers as well as Senior Software Engineers. Software Engineers earn about $219,000 annually, while the Senior Staff Software Engineers earn about $665,000.

LinkedIn offers many benefits, which include dental, health vision, and life insurance. Additionally, there is an on-site health clinic. The company also provides free meals and lunch every day of the week.

The company gives unlimited PTO in addition to sick time, paternity, and maternity leave. They also offer adoption as well as fertility support.

Retirement and financial benefits can include the 401k match of 50 percent as well as the Roth 401k as well as the Mega Backdoor Roth IRA, and the employee stock purchase program. Certain employees can work remotely.

Check out the jobs available here.


Like Facebook and Google, Apple is the largest hardware and software company that places its engineers on various levels, from ICT2 (entry-level) to ICT6. Entry-level engineers earn around $167,000 in their first year, including the base salary and bonuses. In the upper tier, engineers earn around $768,000 per year.

Benefits include dental, health, and vision insurance. Sixteen weeks of maternity leave, as well as paternity leave of six weeks and 12 sick days, paid insurance for life, and pets insurance too. The company also assists with fertility and adoption.

A wealth of financial and retirement benefits include a 401K that offers a 100% match for the employee’s pay, a stock purchase program, and a Mega Backdoor Roth IRA.

Apple offers employees 12 paid time off each year, which they can utilize at their discretion. However, if they use more, they close the business for two paid weeks yearly. The majority of engineers work from home.

Find open jobs here.


Uber’s five categories for software engineers that are ranked go from the Software Engineer I up to the staff Software Engineer at the top. Starting salaries are around $168,000 annually, while Staff Software Engineers make a median of $723,000.

Benefits include dental vision, health, and medical insurance. They also provide mental retirement health and medical and on-site healthcare. Uber also provides food and lunch for free, as well as a car for the company as well as legal assistance. They also have offices that accept pets!

Uber provides a 401k, the Mega Backdoor Roth IRA, and a Roth 401k. Additionally, there is an employer stock purchasing program.

Uber provides the possibility of up to 100 hours of paid time off as well as 18 weeks of family time as well as adoption and fertility support Immigration assistance, and a hybrid remote working model.

Check out the jobs available here.


Amazon offers just four software engineering levels, ranging from SDE 1 through Principal SDE.

SDEs at entry-level earn around $166,000 in bonus, salary, and stock. Principal SDEs earn about 648,000. Benefits include dental, health, life insurance, and vision.

Although Amazon has an excellent employee benefits package, the benefits are smaller than other tech companies.

The new mothers benefit from 20 weeks of maternal leave plus four weeks of paid leave before having their baby. In addition, there are six weeks of paternity time, but only after working for the company for one year.

The company provides an up-to-50 percent match on the amount of up to 4 percent of contributions to a 401k account, an Mega Backdoor Roth IRA, and the Roth 401k. The employees are only eligible to elect to become vested after three years.

The policy on remote work is not clear enough. Certain employees can work remotely for as long as four weeks, while others can work indefinitely. Apple Software Engineer Salary

Check out the jobs available here.


Stripe is an online payment system based in Silicon Valley, a different software giant with 14 worldwide offices. Although the company is not an instant household name like others listed on this list, the company is overgrowing. Indeed, the company recently cited an employee shortage as one of its top problems.

Stripe is one of the most oversized beginning-level earnings packages. L1s, the lowest level, are paid about $229,000. The L4 (Staff Engineer) salaries are approximately $607,000.

Benefits include dental, health vision, as well as life insurance. New parents are entitled to up to 16 weeks of parental leave and up to 8 months of parental leave. They also assist with adoption as well as fertility aid.

The company provides an additional 21-days of PTO, and its offices are closed between December 31 and January 1. It is unclear who is eligible; however, Stripe offers a remote working program.

Stripe will match 50 % of the 401k contributions of employees, which can be up to $2,000 annually. They also provide a Roth 401k, Mega Backdoor Roth IRA, and an employee stock purchase plan.

Check out the jobs available here.


Microsoft is a second-tiered business with levels ranging from the SDE (entry-level) to the highest. The earnings of entry-level programmers are approximately $157,000 annually, and level 67 earns around $507,000.

Benefits include life, health vision, health, and dental insurance. There is also an on-site clinic. They provide 20 weeks of pregnancy leave and 12 weeks of paternity leave, and fertility and adoption assistance. Additionally, Microsoft employees are given ten days of paid sick leave each year.

Employees can choose to work remotely for 50 percent of their time or, at the discretion of the manager, 100 percent of the time.

The company provides a 50 percent match for the retirement plan and the Roth 401k, a Mega Backdoor Roth IRA, and the employee stock purchase program.

Find open jobs here.

How Much Does A Level 7 Make At Amazon?

The median annual salary for an Amazon Level 7 in the United States is $51,493 yearly.
If you require an easy salary calculator, it amounts to roughly $24.76 per hour. This amounts to 990 dollars per week or 429 bucks per month.
Although has seen an annual salary that can reach $141,500 or as low as just $20,500, it is the case that most Amazon Level 7 salaries currently vary from the range of $31,000 (25th percentile) to $55,000 (75th percentile) with the highest-earning employees (90th percentile) receiving $100,000 annually all across the United States. The median pay for Amazon Level 7 varies greatly (up to $24,000); this suggests there are many possibilities for advancement and higher pay depending on the level of skill as well as location and expertise.
Based on the latest post-job ad activity on Based on recent job posting activity on, there is a sense that the Amazon Level 7 job market in both Lagos, NG, and throughout the entire state of not particularly active, as only a few companies are hiring. A person who is an Amazon Level 7 in your region earns an average of $51,520 annually, which is the equivalent of $27 (0 percent) higher than the average national earnings of $51,493. Ranks as the top-ranked state of all 50 states in the country regarding Amazon Level 7 salaries.
To calculate the most accurate annual wage range in the case of Amazon Level 7 jobs, continually checks its database for millions of job listings that have been that are published locally across America.

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Does Amazon Pay Programmers Well?

From 499 profile profiles, the median base pay of Amazon Software developers amounts to $121,931 annually. The market average is $200K per year which includes $122K in base pay, $25.2K annual bonus, $37.4K signing bonus, and $32.2K per year equity. Apple Software Engineer Salary
70% of Amazon’s developers have at least a bachelor’s degree. 37 percent hold an advanced degree. The majority of software developers are expected to have proficiency in Java as well as 61 percent in C++, and 47 percent are proficient in C. The time from the application to be promoted for Software developers will be 2.9 years.
What is the comparison with other companies? Here are the medians for various tech-related companies across the U.S.:
Overall software developers in the U.S.: Base $78K; Market $90K Google software developers: Base $104K; Market $189K Microsoft software developers: Base $140K; Market $230K
Facebook software developers: Base $135K; Market $255K
The pattern for software developers is in line with the general trend in the compensation of all three technology companies as seen in the graphs of market and base salaries for all tech positions on Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon as well as Google below.

What Is The Salary Of Amazon Fresher?

The Amazon Fresher average pay for India is the equivalent of 2.7 Lakhs per year for those with less than one year of experience and up to three years. Fresher salaries at Amazon can vary from 0.3 Lakhs to Rs 5 Lakhs annually.

How Much Does a Google Engineer Earn?

The mean per month salary for a Google Software Engineer in the United States is $9,287.
While has seen monthly earnings that can reach $14,333 or less than $2,875, the majority of Google Software Engineer salaries currently vary from the $8250 mark (25th percentile) to $10,250 (75th percentile) across the United States. The median pay for a Google Software Engineer varies greatly (by more than $2,000); this suggests there could be numerous opportunities to advance and earn more depending on the level of skill as well as location and experience.
Based on the latest job posting activity on And recent job postings on, there is a Google Software Engineer job market in Lagos, NG, and throughout the entire state of not as active as a small number of companies are hiring. A Google Software Engineer in your region earns, on average, $9,315 per month. That is just $28 (0 percent) higher than the average national per-month salary of $9,287. It is ranked number one out of 50 states regarding Google Software Engineer salaries.
To determine the most precise month-to-month salary for Google Software Engineer jobs, constantly checks its database for millions of job openings posted locally in America.

What Does A Level 5 Make In Amazon?

The average salary for an Area Manager L5 on Amazon is $175,997 annually. This is the range’s median, also known as the midpoint of the ranges derived from our Total Pay Estimate model. It is basing it on the salary data we collect from our customers. The base salary is $91,910 annually. The additional salary is $84,087 annually. The additional pay may include bonuses, commissions, stock profits sharing, tips, or commissions. The “Most Likely range” ranges between the 25th and 75th percentiles of all pay data for this position.

Is It Hard To Be A Software Engineer?

Software engineering is a subject that can be difficult to master at first, especially for those who do not have the ability to code or program or any prior expertise in technology – but there are numerous tutorials and tools as well as other resources that can help you develop into a Software Engineer.

Being a great Software Engineer is a mix of skills that set the position apart from other positions in technology. For example, skilled Software Engineers with all the programming skills but no interest in directing projects or dealing with corporate management might not be suited for a job in software development. Also, someone with the ability to manage projects and stakeholder management without prior experience in writing code will not be able to get an engineer position in a software company.

However, if the most challenging difficulty one has to overcome to become an Engineer in the field of Software engineering can be mastered through programming, maybe the process of learning about software engineering does not have to be that difficult at all.

In Addition;

In order to help someone learn how to code, there is an endless number of choices, from taking an undergraduate course at an accredited institution or attending a more streamlined Bootcamp for coding or learning to code online through resources such as podcasts or web tutorials.

Web development is brimming with individuals who are, to a certain extent, self-taught in the field of the basics of programming as well as software engineering. Anyone can pick up the basics of coding or master some programming languages with enough motivation. Even Software Developers with formal higher education or degrees eventually choose the route of self-learning to learn how to use a brand new tool online or programming language within their daily work.

For beginners, it is possible to get the learning curve easier by beginning with an incredibly intuitive open-source programming language such as Python (which is usually taught at the current high school level or even earlier) before progressing to programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, or Ruby.

It is an excellent option for anyone wanting to be a Software Engineer to become comfortable having free time online to try new websites and computer software or explore different programs, programming languages, data structures, and computer-related systems. There is no stopping any Software Developer interested in starting and learning the essentials to pursue a career in Software Engineering.

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