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Aluminum Can Prices and Scrap Metal Prices in your Area

Aluminum Can Prices | Scrap Metal Prices

Want to use your trash to generate some extra cash? The answer is yes! You can get paid to dispose of aluminum cans at recycling facilities and scrap yards around the nation and abroad. Here is all the information you require to recycle aluminum cans and increase your income.

Aluminum can prices have been on a steady increase as the recycling industry continues to witness a boom in activities. However, there are certain things to take note of as listed below.

Where Can You Sell Aluminum Cans?

Where can I recycle aluminum cans nearby is a common query from folks. These places are fortunately fairly prevalent. Customers can recycle aluminum cans in the following locations to make money:

  • Nearby recycling facilities
  • Scrap metal businesses
  • Several supermarkets

In order to make the journey worthwhile, it is usually more economical to gather a sizable quantity of aluminum cans before bringing them for recycling. An effective technique is to designate a receptacle at home for recycling aluminum cans or to set up a collection place, such as the garage, where cans are stored until they can be redeemed.

Prices of Aluminum Cans

At a recycling facility or scrap yard, you could collect about 5 cents per pound for your aluminum cans. To find out how much you could get today, check with the centers or scrap yards in your area as the price fluctuates. On the other hand, you can search ” aluminum can prices near me or scrap metal prices near me to narrow your search to your location.

How Much Are Cans of Aluminum Worth?

59 cents per pound, on average, high, low. 2.5 cents for each pound.

California and other Western states have the highest Aluminum can prices, whereas the East Coast has the lowest. The cost of aluminum cans in the Midwest is roughly in the middle: Aluminum can prices near me in Madison, Wisconsin, are 45 cents per pound, 45 cents per pound, while the state’s average price is $1.50.

Check scrap aluminum can prices near me before carrying your cans over because your local recycling agency or scrap yard might have a minimum weight requirement.

Don’t stop with aluminum, either. Keep a look out for discards of copper, steel, and lead as well. Scrap yards frequently pay for all types of scrap metal.

How Many Aluminum Cans Per Pound?

A pound of aluminum is produced using around 32 cans. With different brand designs, can weight varies, but they typically weigh about a half-ounce each. The weight is a major determinant of aluminum can prices.

A single can is worth around 1.8 cents at the average price of 59 cents per pound. You could sell 1,000 cans for $20 at that rate (or 84 12-packs of 12-ounce cans).

How much is Copper Per Pound?

The recent bearish trend in copper prices indicates that no immediate increase is anticipated in copper price per round. In actuality, the majority of predictions for copper prices over the following few years are still, at worst, negative and, at best, neutral.

However, other experts believe that by 2023, copper will begin to trend upward. Prices for copper might increase quite quickly.

Copper prices have dipped into a trading range this year, which has not yet resolved to the upside. To start a significant bull trend, copper must surpass its high from 2018, when it climbed to well above $3.

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What you can earn for your scrap metal depends on where you live and varies daily, however as an example of how the copper market has altered, consider the prediction made when analysts warned that scrap copper might fetch more than $2 per pound in late 2020. Prices above $3 or even $4 per pound for copper scrap have been seen by consumers over the past year.

Why Aluminum is Cheap

Aluminum does not move as quickly as other more expensive metals because of its lightweight and lower price. When compared to copper, lead, nickel, tin, and zinc, it is actually the least expensive metal per pound. This is typically true because it is also the most prevalent.

Aluminum is readily available almost everywhere and can be used in any of your cans. But in order to obtain a lot of money for the aluminum can, you need to have a significant amount. Additionally, if you want to save space when exchanging, feel free to break the cans first. All these and many more are reasons aluminum can prices and similar scrap metal prices are lower than the likes of leads, tin, nickel, e.t.c.

How to Determine Aluminum Can Price

The first is a statistical method for approximating how much you can obtain for your cans. The average aluminum can weighs roughly 2.4 cents at 81 cents per pound, with an average can weighing about 14–15 grams or 0.03 pounds. Aluminum can prices vary and are determined by weight.

Use this method to determine it – (Number of cans) x.03 ( weight)

Not quite the Oscar earnings. But keep in mind that this is more of a “passive” income concept that steadily but gradually puts money in your pocket.

A 12-ounce aluminum can is only around half an ounce heavy. Accordingly, a 12-can pack will weigh approximately 6 ounces of aluminum. You will receive just over $0.29 for the 12 pack at 81 cents per pound, or just more than 4/10 of a pound.

Knowing this, you should start collecting hundreds or even thousands of cans in order to gain something truly valuable (100 cans will cost you roughly $2.43 at 81 cents per pound).

However, you won’t be paid the selling price of aluminum. Therefore, these are only hypothetical price tags. However, here are some current market rates.

Scrap Metal Prices Near Me

According to a study done by Wealth Artisan, the price of aluminum in 2020 will be around 81 cents per pound. The prices that will be displayed below are merely illustrative since the market frequently varies.

The prices shown below in the states here are aluminum can price approximations that should give you a reasonable idea of pricing tiers in the aluminum market. You should plan to receive, at most, 50% of what the market is currently willing to pay.

Aluminum Price in Arizona

Aluminum cans with CRV are worth 75 cents per pound while cans without CRV are worth 20 cents per pound at E-Z Money Recycling in Phoenix. I-Buy-Scrap, situated in Tempe, Arizona, is now paying 60 cents per pound.

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California’s cost of Aluminum

The California Redemption Value, which is 5 cents per can under 24 fluid ounces, applies only to California. More states having “bottle bills” can be found in the section titled “Bottle Deposits.”

Ohio Aluminum Price

Ohio Computer Recycling provides a price of 40 cents per pound. The Wealth Artisan reports that CycleMET in Columbus, Ohio rates 38 cents per pound and 40 cents per pound if you have more than 100 pounds, while Berea Metals in Brook Park, Ohio, quotes 35 cents per pound.

Texas Aluminum Price

Aluminum cans prices are currently valued at 40 cents per pound by CMC Recycling in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. That is around half of what is currently being charged.

Aluminum Can Prices in Wisconsin

ARR in Waukesha, Wisconsin, gives a price per pound of 40 cents. Additionally, if you have more than 100 pounds of waste, Stateline Recycling in Janesville, Wisconsin charges 25 cents per pound or 30 cents per pound.

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Where can I sell Scrap Metals and Aluminum Cans?

You probably want to turn your collected cans into some “gold” if you’ve gone to the trouble of collecting them. Returns of aluminum cans are most frequently made to:

  • Bottle Deposits
  • eBay / Etsy UJNB
  • Scrap Yards & Recycling Facilities.

What do recycling facilities and scrap yards pay for aluminum cans?

Scrap metal prices fluctuate, especially for aluminum can prices which is something you must first realize. This implies that the price is fluctuating daily. It resembles the stock market somewhat. Other scrap metals, like copper, nickel, and tin, have more pronounced differences. The three most valuable non-ferrous metals are available 24/7.

You should also keep in mind that you won’t receive the same price as the one displayed in the table below when you take the metal in, on top of the variable pricing. There will be a list of buy and sell prices at the recycling facility.

As a result, the recycling facility will pay you less than the aluminum is currently worth and will charge you more than it is worth. This is mostly due to the fact that the scrap yard wants to profit from the sale and that it will be unable to do so if it offers the same price as aluminum trading.

How do you get the highest price for recycled Aluminum cans at recycling Centers?

Compare prices; they greatly differ.

You might be surprised to see how aluminum can prices vary even within the same state. Some recycling centers have increased their prices by as much as 15 cents per pound. Some recycling centers’ bulk pricing may be substantially above the flat fee that other locations quote!

Bottle deposits: they offer the best payouts!

You might be unclear about how to properly dispose of an aluminum soda or beer can if you have one. Today, you can collect a significant sum of money for your can if you live in one of the states that have a bottle deposit (compared to the melt value).

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Make your Scrap Metal up to 100 pounds

The magic figure seems to be 100 pounds if you’re aiming for a large sum of money. According to The Wealth Artisan, the majority of customers with bulk pricing offered their best rates for orders of 100 pounds or more.

Make sure, nevertheless, that the bulk price is worthwhile. Some businesses provide flat rates that are on par with or better than their competitors’ bulk rates!

Payouts by State for Aluminum Cans

Connecticut5 cents
California 5 cents (less than 24 ounces); 10 cents (24 ounces or more)
Iowa5 cents
Hawaii5 cents
Maine15 cents (wine/liquor); 5 cents (all others)
Massachusetts5 cents
Michigan10 cents
New York5 cents
Oregon10 cents
Guam5 cents
Vermont15 cents (wine/liquor); 5 cents all others

Additionally, since every single aluminum can is worth 10 cents per can if you live in Michigan or Oregon, you earn the highest return on any type of bottle in the world.

Just keep in mind that it’s frequently prohibited to move outdoor cans into states with higher deposits if you reside there, so you can’t send Kramer and Newman from Seinfeld New York to Michigan in aluminum cans.

So to avoid difficulty, kindly make sure you thoroughly check the state’s legislation as it concerns scrap collection.


Recycling aluminum cans is a genius method for consumers to lessen their carbon footprint and get a little more cash. Although it probably isn’t all that worthwhile as a side job from home, it can quickly add extra cash to your monthly budget.

Therefore, please think about selling aluminum or melting and selling if you have some free time, like during your lunch break, etc. Partnering with someone who has the time to collect the aluminum cans is an option as well.

Frequently Asked Question

How many aluminum cans does it take to weigh a pound?

A pound of aluminum contains around 24 cans.

Does crushed Aluminum weigh more?

Cans that have been crushed or not weigh more or less? Simple NO is the response to this myth. People only crush cans to increase the number of cans they can pack in a bag, which increases the bag’s weight (because there are more cans).

What Is the Highest Paying Scrap Metal?

Aluminum is one of the most lucrative materials to recycle this year, closely followed by copper. One of the most valuable items you can readily locate about your home and scrap is copper.

Should you crush cans before recycling them?

Because the single-stream recycling method relies on substance and shape to properly separate recyclables, smashing cans before recycling them can have a detrimental effect.
Because they no longer have their original shape, crushed aluminum cans can cause confusion in the system.

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