Ag Teacher Salary in Texas

How much education you need is one of the first things to think about if you want to teach agriculture. This is because the level of education affects Ag teacher salary in Texas. According to our research, 75.6% of agriculture instructors hold a bachelor’s degree. Regarding higher education, we discovered that master’s degrees are held by 11.8% of agriculture teachers. Despite the fact that most agriculture teachers hold a college degree, becoming one requires only a high school diploma or GED.

In our update today, we shall be detailing how to become an Ag teacher in Texas, agriculture teacher salary in Texas as well as answers to many questions you might have about becoming an agriculture teacher in Texas.

Texas has boundaries with the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas to its south and southwest, as well as the states of Louisiana to its east, Arkansas to its northeast, Oklahoma to its north, New Mexico to its west, and the Gulf of Mexico to its southeast. It is very populous, which makes it a hub for teaching to thrive.

How to become an Ag Teacher in Texas

You need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in agriculture science or a closely related field of study and complete a teaching certification program to work as an agricultural teacher. If you complete an agricultural education program, you can be eligible for direct employment.

Animal and plant science, weed and pest control, and agricultural technology are some of the topics covered in agriculture undergraduate courses. Ag teacher education requirements cuts across many qualifications and certifications.

You might also discover more about how horticulture and agriculture use chemicals. You will learn how to prepare lessons and motivate students as part of your teacher preparation program; additional requirements include an agricultural field experience and a student teaching practicum.

Obtain a Graduate Degree

You can be eligible for a teaching post in a middle school, high school, or community college with a master’s degree in agricultural education. The standard requirement to teach at a 4-year college or university is a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).

You may be able to focus on agribusiness, agricultural history, land use, or soil science as a Ph.D. candidate. You also have the choice to concentrate in animal nutrition. The study of animal and plant systems, plant protection techniques, statistics, and food sciences may all be covered in graduate courses.

A master’s thesis or a doctoral dissertation and independent research are common additional graduate requirements.

Get Licensed

You need to obtain a teaching license in order to work in public schools in the United States. You must obtain a passing grade on an exam in addition to fulfilling the degree criteria set forth by your State Board of Education.

What do Agriculture Teachers Do?

Instructors of agriculture are distinct from other teachers in that they operate in a variety of settings outside of the typical classroom. As they guide students through practical exercises in greenhouses, on farms, and in science labs to teach them the fundamentals of subjects like animal husbandry and land management, they effectively transform the world into their classroom.

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Teachers of creative agriculture can engage their pupils in the following engaging activities:


Students in elementary school can find out where the food in the cafeteria comes from. What ingredients are in pizza, and where does it come from? Students will enjoy identifying the many elements, such as cheese, wheat, and tomatoes, and then planting a little vegetable garden to use in the classroom to make homemade pizza. The agricultural instructor can introduce the class to several facets of biology, geography, gardening, and animal husbandry in this session.

Middle School

Building, maintaining, and watching an aquatic environment will be fun for middle school kids while they learn about how ecosystems function. By observing how aquatic species manage their use of resources, what happens to their life cycles through time and how the availability of resources affects that and testing the water for minerals, they can get knowledge on resource management. Through this task, students can hone their critical thinking abilities, use some fundamental chemistry principles, and expand their understanding of environments and ecosystems.

High School

Students in high school can turn organic materials like maize oil into biodiesel fuel. They may refine the oil in a lab, test its qualities, and then use it to power farm machinery like tractors. The students can then calculate the cost of using such fuel to grow crops, and they can compare it to more conventional fuel sources. An agriculture teacher can use this assignment to combine chemistry, math, economics, and agribusiness into a single experiment.

What is the demand for ag teachers?

We found the majority of teaching positions in agriculture in higher education. Aquaculture, dairy sciences, horticulture, soil sciences, and farm management are just a few of the agricultural specialties that agriculture science professors teach.

As the demand rises, so does Ag Teacher Salary in Texas rise along with the demand. Professors of agricultural sciences at four-year institutions often earn more money than their counterparts at community and technical colleges. High school and middle school students can take agriculture-related classes from some career and technical education teachers.

Ag teacher salary in Texas

As of 2019, the average Ag Teacher Salary in Texas was $89,320, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Texas residents made somewhat more money, with an average yearly wage of $91,010. Additionally, Texas boasts the most agricultural teaching positions in the US, with the majority of these centered in the College Station/Bryan metropolitan area (where Texas A&M University is located).

Who are the highest-paid teachers in Texas?

These teaching positions in Texas offer high salaries, per the salary information acquired by the Texas Tribune:

Webb Consolidated ISD

Webb condensed ISD is a district of schools in Bruni, Texas, a town outside of Laredo, with three campuses. The average tenure of teachers in this district is over 15 years. Although some of them have master’s or doctorate degrees, the majority of them have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Average Salary: $61,257 per year

San Vicente ISD

San Vicente is a one-campus elementary school in Brewster County, Texas. This school serves students living in and around Big Bend National Park. With a small staff of fewer than ten teachers, the average experience for this district’s educators is 18.2 years.

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Average salary: $61,600 per year

Mansfield ISD

Irving ISD is a school district with 37 counties outside of Dallas. The majority of the teachers at this institution hold bachelor’s or master’s degrees, although a few also hold doctoral degrees. The district hires teachers for all grade levels from kindergarten through twelve, with an average of 9.2 years of experience.

Average salary: $62,421 per year

Mansfield ISD

Near Fort Worth, Texas, there is a sizable school district called Mansfield, ISD, which has 45 schools and more than 35,000 students. 30% of instructors have advanced degrees, despite the fact that approximately 70% of them hold bachelor’s degrees. In this district, teachers have an average tenure of 12 years, which is a little longer than the state average.

Average salary: $62,421 per year

Crowley ISD

Outside of Fort Worth, in Crowley, Texas, there is a separate district called Crowley. There are 20 sites in this district, the majority of which are home to elementary schools. Over 1,110 teachers, the majority of whom hold bachelor’s degrees, work for the district. In this district, teachers have an average tenure of 9.5 years, which is a little less than the state average.

Average salary: $63,514 per year

 Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD

Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD is a sizable university with 30 campuses and its administrative center in Bedford, Texas. The district has openings to teach at all grade levels, from kindergarten through twelve, with more than 23,000 pupils. Most teachers have a bachelor’s degree, about 66% of them. This district’s teachers have an average of 12.5 years of experience.

Average salary: $63,623 per year

Texas Teacher salary by District

Barbers Hill ISD in Chambers County, with its 425 full-time teachers, has one of the best paying salaries for conventional Independent School Districts, with an average salary of $72,572. Additionally, Borden County ISD has a base average compensation of $67,305 despite having only 20 full-time teachers.

Other school districts that pay an average of more than $60,000 are:

  • ISD Grady $66,182
  • Deer Park ISD $64,207
  • Lackland ISD $63,843
  • ISD Hurst-Euless-Bedford $63,624
  • Crowley ISD $63,514
  • Mansfield ISD $62,420
  • ISD San Vicente $61,257

Factors That Influence Ag Teachers Salary in Texas

Your teaching compensation is based on a number of factors, with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) establishing a minimum of $33,660 for educators without prior experience. With five or more years of experience, the minimum salary increases to $38,880; ten or more years, $45,630; and twenty or more years, $54,540.

These are three primary wage factors that affect agriculture teachers’ salary in Texas


“Location, location, location” is always the key, as any competent real estate salesperson understands. Greater school districts in Texas’ urban centers, including Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas-Fort Worth, will often pay greater salaries. As a result of the higher cost of living than in other parts of the state, these localities must undoubtedly pay instructors more.


The more teaching experience you have, the more money you’ll make. In most areas, teachers with advanced degrees will see pay increases. A background with valuable experience may result in a higher income for job changers.

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Disciplines with a High Need

This is a simple “supply and demand” problem. You can be given a greater wage if you work as a teacher in a neighborhood with a high need. The teaching positions in Texas that are now in high demand are:

  • English as a Second Language and bilingual (ESL)
  • Education with a technical focus (CTE)
  • STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)
  • Particular Education

Don’t forget to take into account any additional perks provided by school districts, such as retirement plans and health care alternatives, while comparing the highest paying teaching positions in Texas.

In reality, recent state legislation that improved the pay of Texas teachers also increased the state’s contribution to the Teacher Retirement System.

Frequently Asked Question

Is becoming an ag teacher worth it?

When it comes to being an agriculture teacher, there is more to it than meets the eye. For instance, did you know that their hourly wage is, on average, $21.65? That amounts to $45,030 annually. The career is anticipated to expand 11% between 2018 and 2028, creating 155,000 employment openings nationwide.

How many hours a week do ag teachers work?

Although the day is long and demanding, it is not unusual for a teacher of agricultural education in the modern world. According to a recent study by Scholastic and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, teachers often work 53 hours a week, or nearly 11 hours per day.

How long does it take to be an ag teacher?

How does one become a teacher of agriculture? In order to obtain a teaching license in your state, you must enroll in a four-year college and major in agricultural education (or obtain the equivalent degree from that specific university).


There is a high demand for teachers (especially in specialized fields) as enrolment in schools increases across Texas. Some districts in rural areas struggle to stay up, despite some districts in greater metropolitan areas paying an average Ag Teacher Salary in Texas of around $60,000.

The good news is that salaries increased this year once more across the board, giving districts in the state a competitive edge in hiring while addressing the teacher shortage challenges that many schools and districts are currently facing.

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