Add Or Update N Power Bank Account Details –

How to Add Or Update N Power Bank Account Details –

Congratulations to all preselected applicants. In this article, we will review how to add your bank account details to your N Power profile. And the likely mistakes you should avoid while adding your bank account details to your NPVN profile Using

In this article, we will review

  • Npower Account Update
  • How to add Npower account details
  • Common account mistakes and how to resolve it
  • NYSC account

Certainly, as a successfully verified pre-selected applicant, you will be required to add your bank account details to your Npower profile. So that you can start receiving your monthly stipend of N30,000. However, in one of our previous articles, we reviewed the requirements for the Npower physical verification exercise.

At the moment, the names of successfully verified applicants are yet to be uploaded into the NPVN database. Upon successful verification, your data will be uploaded into the NPVN portal then you will be given access to your NPVN profile.

How To Add Your Bank Account Details To your Npower Profile

1. Visit

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2. Login with your Phone number as USERNAME and your name as PASSWORD.

3. Upon login click on PROFILE on your dashboard and click on EDIT.

4. Fill in the required fields and click SAVE

Common Npower Bank Account Errors and How to Resolve it.

In other words, you should take note of these few points, which will be highlighted as any error in your bank account details can affect the payment of your stipends. The points to note while filling in your account details are

1. Certainly, ensure that your Bank Verification Number (BVN) and account number are entered correctly

2. Ensure your name is well arranged. Your surname is your last name.

3. Ensure your BVN is linked to the account number you want to use. To do this, kindly visit your bank and request the BVN number that is linked to your account. Moreover, over 20% of 2016 Npower volunteers had this issue which delayed their payment. So the Moden News team will advise you to recheck at your bank if your account is linked to your BVN just to be on the safe side.

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4. In addition, ensure your account is upgraded to receive over N30,000. However, we had 2016 volunteers who applied with NYSC/student account numbers. The issue with such an account number is that the maximum amount that can be paid is N20,000. So such an account doesn’t have the capacity to receive the 30,000 monthly Npower stipend. Also, Ii you are using an NYSC/student account kindly visit your bank with a valid means of identification (National identity card, INEC voters card, driver’s license, international passport) and request an upgrade of your account. It takes about a week to upgrade though it is bank dependent.

5. Importantly, Any Npower volunteer that’s having an error message highlighted in pink background popping up as he or she tries updating account details. Should understand that the error message is nothing but a network issue. As a result, what you should do is try updating your account during an off-peak period. A good example is around midnight or early in the morning.

Also, if you continue seeing the error message, the next thing you can do is call 092203102, 018888340 alternatively you can forward an email to [email protected]. When you are sending your complaint, ensure you attach a screenshot, that clearly defines the issue. So it will be easy for the Npower response team, to understand your problem and quickly respond to it.

Bonus Tips

Firstly, make sure your bank account name matches your BVN name and your Npower profile name.

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Ensure that the account number you will use is NUBAN it should be the 10-digit account number and not the old 14 or 12-digit account number.

These are the errors you might likely come across and if you have resolved them all, I give you 100% assurance that you won’t have any issues receiving your Npower monthly stipend.

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