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One major purpose of Absa Group is to provide job opportunities to thousands of South African citizens who are ready to make a growth impact. They made available Absa call centre vacancies, Teller vacancies, Absa vacancies in cape town, Absa vacancies in Durban, and other numerous Absa job opportunities. 

Interestingly, Absa vacancies in South Africa are always available each year for candidates who want to reset their future and shape their destiny as Africans. 

With the Absa job opportunities, you can be a part of the exciting growth path because it will provide you with a lifetime platform to do that. 

Not just that, you’ll also have the chance to earn high because just like CISCO and AECI jobs, Absa job opportunities are among the highest paying jobs in South Africa.

About Absa Group Limited

Absa Group Limited is a diversified African financial services conglomerate that offers a comprehensive range of personal and business banking. They also provide corporate and investment banking, wealth management, and insurance products and services.

Absa is one of Africa’s largest diversified financial services firms, with a presence in 12 countries and about 41 000 workers, and is listed on the JSE.

In Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia, the company owns majority stakes in banks.

They also operate insurance operations in Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia and representative offices in Namibia and Nigeria.

Absa Vacancies in South Africa

Here are the available vacancies at Absa that you can apply for this year.

Job Title: Specialist AC Process Executor

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

Roles and Responsibilities For Specialist AC Process Executor Position

  • This is one of the Absa job opportunities your significant role will prepare financial information for all business stakeholders. 
  • You will also act as a process executor for completing financial information and the accountability for journals, reconciliation, tax, and elimination.
  • Other roles involve supporting SMEs in obtaining TAG opinions and ad hoc query on accounting issues.
  • Then, acting as the process executor for implementing new standardized processes where relevant.
  • Be aware that taking up this Absa career will charge you with the sole responsibility of providing feedback to stakeholders on results reflected in the financial accounting system.
  • Moreso, correcting issues and implementing a sustainable process will be part of your role.
  • Further, ensuring that the Financial Control Operating Model principles are complied with and sustained.

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Requirements For Specialist AC Process Executor Position

  • To take up this Absa job, first, it’s expected that you must have completed your bachelor’s degree and Advanced Diplomas in financial science. 
  • Aside from the degree, business experience in a banking environment gained from a Finance Product is another major prerequisite for this job opportunity.
  • Secondly, this job requires you to know financial reporting processes and how it works thoroughly. 
  • Thirdly, you need to be an expert in identifying control gaps and weaknesses.
  • They analyze and interpret financial reports.
  • Also, this is one of the few Absa careers that will require you to have a good understanding of consolidations and a basic knowledge of SQL before you can be eligible.
  • Considering that one of your significant roles as process executor involves preparing financial statements, you must be skillful in writing concise, practical reports.
  • Besides that, it’s expedient you have excellent entrepreneurial and commercial thinking abilities and relating and networking skills.
  • And very importantly, you can’t showcase exceptionality in this Absa career if you’re not good at persuading and influencing people. 

Job Title: Call Center Agent

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

Roles and Responsibilities For Call Center Agent Position

  • As a call center agent at Absa, your significant role will be mainly customer service. This involves communicating with external clients about the product rules and accurately updating details on the system.
  • This is one of the Absa call centre vacancies that charge you to adhere to prescribed turnaround times and report any outstanding items to the team leader. 
  • You will be responsible for logging class daily.
  • Then, adherence, quality, and compliance to timeframes.
  • Furthermore, you will be expected to call new and existing customers to market and promote various insurance and related products.
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Requirements For Call Center Agent Position

  • The call centre agent job is one of the available Absa call centres vacancies you can’t apply for if you have a minimum grade 11/12/ matric certificate.
  • Aside from the matric certificate, you will have a better chance of getting employed if you have any recognized call centre, marketing, or sales qualification.
  • Also, an excellent command of the English language is a reasonable requirement because your major role deals with interaction with customers.
  • Then, good experience in selling long-medium insurance products is required for this Absa job. 
  • This is one of the teller vacancies at Absa that they will expect you to have a clear credit and criminal record before you can apply. That means you must not have any bankruptcy record or be involved in any unlawful act. 
  • Further, you must be proficient in using Microsoft Office Suite and be Customer-oriented target driven.

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Job Title: Product Manager

Location: Gauteng, South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

Roles and Responsibilities For the Product Manager Position

  • As a product manager at Absa, your major role will be designing and developing new and existing products. 
  • You will develop the launch and operation of attractive and economically successful product propositions over the product lifecycle.
  • Also, you’ll be in charge of creating business cases for new product launches.
  • Then, the management and coordination of activities associated with introducing new products and services.
  • Making updates and changes to product and process documentation.
  • This vacancy at Absa will require you to work with product provide service monitoring and customer experience monitoring, focusing on banking products.
  • Moreso, you will ensure service deliverables under SLAs.
  • However, to satisfy product management requirements and priorities, you will drive contact with all key infrastructure departments across the organization.
  • Furthermore, you’ll maintain important product performance metrics for the Product portfolio by providing exception reporting on rate and charge variances, as well as revenue leakage.

Requirements For the Product Manager Position

  • The office of a product manager is one of the Absa vacancies in Cape Town opportunities you must have a B-Degree in Commerce/ Finance/ Marketing or NQF Level 7 before you can apply. 
  • Aside from B-degree, having B.Sc. or B.Com (Honors) can be a big plus.
  • Then, it’s expedient if you have at least 3 to 5 years of Banking experience.
  • Also, among the vacancies at Absa, the position is one of the few that requires 3 to 5 years of experience in Banking Products development and management.
  • To apply for this Absa job, you must be a citizen of South Africa. 
  • Talking about skills, you need to have good business Acumen and inspirational People Leadership skills.
  • Furthermore, you need customer and result-from-orientation skills to be competent as a product manager.

Job Title: Financial and Investment Operations consultant 

Location: Durban, South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

Roles and Responsibilities For Financial and Investment Operations Consultant Position 

  • The major role of an operation consultant at Absa is to assist with asset allocation and liquidity management as the primary/backup person for cash management.
  • Then, monitor industry and economic trends and make investment recommendations based on their experience.
  • As a financial operation consultant, you oversee the process of annual budgeting for investment. 
  • Also, you will be solely responsible for examining whether the management fees and other expenses charged by investment portfolios are appropriate.
  • Moreso, preparing and merging materials for regular investment reporting will be among your deliverables.
  • Additionally, you will assist the department’s library as a point of contact and take part in projects or new initiatives when necessary. 

Requirements For Financial and Investment Operations consultant Position

  • To work as a financial operation consultant at Absa, you must have six years of relevant experience in insurance. 
  • Another prerequisite is a degree in finance, economics, business administration, or comparable subjects from any global financial institution.
  • Also, you have a better chance of getting this Absa job opportunity if you are a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or are working towards becoming one.
  • Talking about the required skills, this is one of the top Absa job opportunities requiring self-motivated people with excellent interpersonal communication and analytical skills.
  • Then, an excellent mastery of written and spoken English and Chinese.
  • Moving forward, you must have been good, such as Bloomberg, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • You need English, French, or Spanish proficiency to function in this office effectively.
  • Demonstrated expertise in interacting with government officials, development partners, and other stakeholders at the country level; Experience in various geographical areas is relevant.
  • Considering the nature of the job, you must have personal integrity, resilience, and determination, as well as the capacity to operate well under duress. 
  • Further, this vacancy is one of the vacancies at Absa. The ability to comprehend new information and adjust to changing situations quickly.

Job TitlePortfolio Manager

Location: Durban, South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

Roles and Responsibilities For Portfolio Manager Position

  • First, the hiring official at Absa expects you to have the skills required to consult with clients to define investing objectives.
  • Secondly, as a portfolio manager, you will be charged with giving customers information and guidance on investing opportunities.
  • Thirdly, create investment performance and activity reports.
  • Then, discuss clients’ accounts, market situations, and economic developments when necessary.
  • Assign risk levels based on customer instructions. Handle financial products as needed.
  • Furthermore, identify investment prospects in collaboration with investment research teams.

Requirements For Portfolio Manager Position

  • To be eligible for this vacancy at Absa, you must have a master’s degree in business administration, finance, investing, or a related discipline.
  • As an analyst or assistant manager in a financial institution, you must have demonstrated experience in investing and financial asset management.
  • This job, per se, is one of Absa’s vacancies that requires anyone applying for it to understand investing methods and risk management fully.
  • Then, have excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing, and strong problem-solving and analytical abilities.
  • Due to the nature of the job, excellent customer service with a client-centered approach is essential.
  • And very importantly, you must have the ability to sit in front of a computer for long periods.

Job Title: Valuation Controller

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

Roles and Responsibilities For Valuation Controller Position

The overall job purpose is to independently verify the appropriateness of the Fair Valuation of the Trading Positions.

  • Decomposing trades into various risk factors, providing alternative valuation methodologies when parameters aren’t
  • Observable and performing stress testing to quantify uncertainty ranges.
  • Reviewing IPV methodology and implementing improvements and efficiencies.
  • Reviewing valuation adjustment methodologies for their appropriateness to ensure positions are marked to fair value.
  • Inventory valuation and control, which includes supervising the quarterly production disclosures, and the reporting of Fair Value.

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Requirements For Valuation Controller Position

  • One of the major prerequisites for this job is a Bachelor’s Degree and Advanced Diplomas: Computational and Applied Mathematics.
  • Hiring officials at Absa expect anyone applying for this vacancy at Absa to have 4-7 years of banking industry experience, having worked their way in a valuations control or central office role with a top-tier Investment Bank. 
  • Also, they will expect you as an applicant to show knowledge /experience of Price Testing, Yield Curve Analysis / Construction, Valuation Adjustments, Model Validation, Middle Office, Documentation, Implementation of Processes / Procedures, and Best Practices. 
  • Moreso, you must know the new derivatives valuation techniques like OIS/CSA Aware Discounting, Credit Valuation change, etc.
  • Having technical and sound financial instruments will be an added advantage if you apply for this job.
  • Furthermore, you must be proficient in Microsoft Office with advanced Excel to apply for this job.

Job Title: Bank Teller

Location: South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

Roles and Responsibilities for Bank Teller Position

  • The primary role of a Teller at Absa is to balance, control, and manage the cash float by reviewing the quantity of cash at the teller station throughout the day.
  • Then, over the counter, dispense and receive actual cash, checks, travelers’ checks, drafts, and other financial instruments to walk-in customers.
  • Also, look out for fraudulent or suspicious activity and communicate any concerns to the team leader or branch manager.
  • Another role is adherence to policies, mainly when dealing with checks, notes, IDs, and other similar items, required under the 2 ID Buddy to prevent fraud.

Requirements For Bank Teller Position

  • Like other Teller vacancies at Absa, this job requires an education and Training Certificate (FETC): Business, Commerce, and Management Studies.
  •  Aside from the training certificate, a bachelor’s or associate’s degree is vital for this Absa job opportunity.
  • Then, it’s expedient you get college courses in business, finance, accounting, and economics. 
  • Also, this teller job opportunity at Absa requires someone with good customer service abilities. So if you must get this job, you need to hone your customer service and numeracy skills and your attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Additionally, you must have the ability to pay attention to detail. 
  • Teller vacancies at Absa hiring officers need people with advanced knowledge of financial software. So, having financial software knowledge could be an added advantage. 
  • Due to the nature of the job, which is mainly handling people and their money, you must have good communication skills. This skill will enable you to explain policies and procedures.

Job Title: Relationship Executive Enterprise RBB

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Location: South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

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Roles and Responsibilities for Relationship Executive Enterprise RBB

  • The primary role of a relationship executive enterprise RBB at Absa is cross-selling, upselling, and obtaining new prospective clients are all effective ways to increase revenue and sales.
  • Another role is to ensure dedicated connections are maintained and grown as the sole entry point for appointment-based customer interaction and On-Site visitation. 
  • Then, strategize on the Client Management Program to create and maintain an annual client contact management plan (CMP).
  • Also, establish relationships with new clients and solution-based up-selling to existing clients to ensure the portfolio’s long-term viability.
  • Work on lead generation activities with Retail, existing customer base, and ABB’s Business Growth section to build a pipeline of new business.
  • Make efficient use of client planning and solutions tools to ensure in-depth awareness of client needs and present clients with the best available solutions.
  • Moreso, drive cross-functional teams to find client-centric solutions that must be formalized in strategic proposals.
  • Demonstrate a thorough awareness of regional market trends and business lifecycle difficulties by developing and demonstrating a deep comprehension of them.
  • Furthermore, as a relationship executive, you’ll be responsible for using the scorecard and Customer Management Portal, tracking and monitoring the portfolio’s financial performance (CMP).

Requirements for this Relationship Executive Enterprise RBB

  • First, to function effectively as a relation executive at Absa, you must have entrepreneurial and commercial thinking skills.
  • Secondly, you must have good decision-making abilities and be ready to study and learn often.  
  • Then, it’s expedient you have good networking skills considering the nature of the job. 
  • In addition to that, persuading and influencing abilities can help you to be more competent in this job. 
  • You must have level 6 of the NQF or an equivalent B A bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or finance before you can apply for this position at Absa.
  • And in a Commercial Banking environment, you must have at least 5 years of sales and relationship banking experience.
  • Finally, you must be a South African citizen with no criminal record. This is because this opportunity is only for South African with no criminal history. 


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3. Sign Up/Login

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