5 Tips for Writing Your Scholarship Grant Application

Your scholarship application is your ticket to college. While the competition for top schools is fierce, there are plenty of scholarships available for those who apply early.

To get a scholarship, you need to have a strong application and keep your strategy updated. 5 tips for writing a winning scholarship grant application

Plan and Organize Before You Write

Yep, you read that right. The most effective method of writing is not to write. If you’re a writer by nature, this is likely blasphemy to hear. But if you’re not a writer, then it can be a helpful way to come up with an original concept and organize your thoughts into an outline.

If you spend all of your time writing out your ideas and hoping they make sense, you’re bound to be disappointed. Instead, spend some time brainstorming, organizing your thoughts and trying out different concepts before writing a single word. This will make the final step of writing much easier and more efficient.

Know the Basics

The most important skill you can have in writing a scholarship grant application is research. You can write the most intriguing, creative and thoughtful piece of scholarship grant application ever conceived, but if your argument isn’t backed up by facts and resources, it’s meaningless.

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While your application should be unique to your personal situation and scholarship grant application, there are a number of basic concepts and topics that every scholarship grant application should cover. These include:

– Your educational background and why you would be a good fit for the program

– A brief outline of your extracurricular and community involvement

– Your goals and aspirations after graduation, including employment and volunteer opportunities

– Your academic and leadership skills, including leadership positions and any awards or recognition you’ve received

– A brief essay that incorporates all of the above topics

Add Humor and Personal Touch

Don’t make your scholarship grant application a dull recitation of facts. Instead, add some humor and a personal touch to create a more effective and memorable application. You may want to use creative scholarship grant application samples to get an idea of what to include. If not, consider incorporating some of these concepts in your own application:

– Include a photo or short video of you and members of your family or community, especially if you’re applying for an academic scholarship

– Include a quote or two that highlight some of your character traits or interests

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– Include a few statistics or facts relevant to your application and extracurricular involvement

– Include a short summary of your leadership and/or volunteer experiences

– Include a few sentences summarizing your goals and aspirations after graduation

Avoid common mistakes

As with any school application, there are a few mistakes you should avoid making with your scholarship grant application. These include:

– Overly marketing your personal qualities and accomplishments, e.g. “I am a leader who is committed to helping others succeed.” This is a waste of space and will not make an impression. Instead, focus on your goals, aspirations and leadership qualities as outlined in your application.

– Including information you’ve already shared elsewhere, e.g. if you took part in the same community service program as an undergraduate degree, include an excerpt from your application essay.

– Latching on to trends, e.g. if your focus is on computer science but the scholarship grant is for economics, make sure your application focuses on how you’d contribute to the field.

Wrap Up With a Conclusion

Your scholarship grant application should end with a strong conclusion that summarizes your application, focuses on your goals and offers a takeaway or piece of advice for the scholarship committee members.

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This can be an essay or a short statement you include at the end of your application. It should conclude with a call to action, such as sending an email to the scholarship committee members or volunteering at an organization you’d like to apply to.


There are countless reasons why your scholarship grant application will stand out from the rest. From your research and writing skills to your personal qualities and experience, your application will be stronger if you follow these tips.

This isn’t the time to be creative and experimental. Instead, it’s time to be organized and detailed with your scholarship grant application. Your application doesn’t have to be perfect or exhaustive in its details, but it should be strong. Your scholarship grant application is the key to your future. Make sure it’s ready to open doors.

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