5 Reasons You Should Learn ICT Skills While Doing Other Jobs

5 Reasons You Should Learn ICT Skills While Doing Other Jobs

12th of July 2014 I passed out from service. My friend with whom I was staying, spent her service year with some ICT schools in Ibadan to learn ICT skills, while I stayed behind.

She later got a top job while I managed with a small secondary school. I later moved to Lagos and got a job as an Admin person with a small hotel.

About a year later, I got a Teller Job with a new-generation bank and I was working my ass off with a small paycheck. My other friend was already attending conferences and posting all sorts of executive pictures online (It was so intimidating).

The sacking spree then started in most banks, and I was affected. But I discovered that the I.T guys in the backroom were always confident despite lots of sacks going on. “Why can’t I be like them?” I asked myself. “Do they have 2 heads?” I asked again.

Currently, I am working with a big ISP firm in Lagos and I am doing wonderfully well in terms of Finance. I don’t write this post to show off but to tell other people reasons why they should learn ICT skills even if their job role is not related!

So many Job opportunities

God knows that this month alone, I have seen countless Digital Marketing Jobs, Software Development Jobs, and Hardware and Brand Communication jobs. But I come up to this forum and still see people begging for jobs.

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ICT is like a virgin field in Nigeria, yet to be crowded (I tell you from experience) unless you don’t know your skill well. I am already thinking of attending Digital Marketing Training, just in case my present employer messes up or I see a higher job offer (As I intend to leave the country and become a full digital Marketer.


Peace of Mind

Even if you are sacked today, a competitor is waiting to utilize your ICT skill. A Digital Marketer with Pepsi can easily switch to Coca-cola with ease, even if the post isn’t vacant.

A Network Engineer with Cobranet can switch to IPNX, even if they don’t advertise the position. Which other job sector can afford you that privilege?

Multiple Job Roles

Only ICT jobs give you the privilege of handling two or more jobs at the same time. During my learning period, I was a bank teller but also carry out networking jobs during weekends. I know how many times I collected sick leave just to help set up a CBT center in Lagos.

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The revenue was 2x my monthly salary. As an H.R person, can you handle more than two job roles at once? Hell NO!

But Imagine if you had a skill like – let’s say Digital Marketing alongside your H.R skills, can’t you help manage someone’s business online while you do your day job? We have to open our eyes to the fact that ICT rules!!!

Utility Staff

They will marvel at how a Teller girl could offer Networking advice to our Engineers. They wanted to retain me, but someone was offering higher pay.

I have knowledge of accounting, I am a Network Engineer and I am about to learn More. Call me a jack of a trade – no problems, but I am a master of all.

Higher Pay

A small Businessman or Entrepreneur with Digital Marketing knowledge and one without, who would generate a higher revenue? An H.R person with Oracle Database Administrator skills and the one without, who will get higher pay?

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An accountant who can develop a solution to help solve a problem in his firm and the one who is only an End-user, who will get higher pay?
If nothing else would convince you to learn ICT skills, I hope this will convince you.

Steps to take to learn ICT skills

i) Determine what skill would help you achieve any of the following above
ii) Choose where to learn
iii) Pay and start – it might be expensive or might not be, but it is worth every penny.
iv) Graduate and start living your dreams.
Questions about the right skill? please use the comment section and I will respond. Thanks.

Written by Tessygirl

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