2023 Skusat CBT Contest Application – www.skusat.com

2023 Skusat CBT Contest Application – www.skusat.com

Enroll for the 2023 Skusat CBT Contest for a chance to win up to N300,000 cash. The second edition which would kick off later in the year would have participants win up to N500,000.
Also, registration for this online contest is open to only undergraduates and tertiary aspirants seeking cash grants to kick off their academic careers in 2023.

Most importantly, the online test which has been scheduled to hold will consist of 30 questions from various academic spheres. In addition, there will be a grant/award presentation event for successful participants. www.skusat.com


  • Firstly, final-year students and expatriates are not eligible to apply.
  • Secondly, the program tagged Skusat CBT Contest has been able to reward over 200 participants from inception. And in a bid to ensure viable clarification from successful applicants, you must possess at least one of the documents stated in the registration form – skusat.com
  • Thirdly, an 8-digit AUTHENTICATION ID will be sent to all registered applicants within 24hrs of submitting an application.
  • Further, Applications will be screened and ONLY ELIGIBLE applicants will be required to obtain a Passcode/PIN for the Live Test with N1,000 only after passing the necessary data verification involved.
  • Lastly, you can participate in this program using any internet-enabled devices such as mobile phones, PCs, and tablets. Moreover, the examination will be monitored remotely via your IP address.


The Moden News team is not anyway associated with Skusat, we are only bringing the information about the program to you. Therefore, we will not be responsible for anything that comes out, as a result of your participation in this Skusat program.


Above all, interested and qualified persons should apply at the Skusat application portal: www.skusat.com HERE.

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For more details, visit the Skusat frequently asked question portal: www.skusat.com/faq HERE.

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Reward categories are outlined below:

N300,00070% and above
N50,000(65 – 69)%
N20,000(62 – 64)%

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24 thoughts on “2023 Skusat CBT Contest Application – www.skusat.com”

  1. Am trying to enter the live test but it is been protected and it requires a password befor i can open it.but the problem is that i don’t have a password so what should i do

  2. Please ,I haven’t received my pass code for the online test result, I participated. I transferred one thousand naira to Skusat account on Monday and since then ,I haven’t received the pass code to check my result. Please, endeavor to send the pass code now,since it will expire by 9pm today

  3. Failure to receive my pass code after payment since Monday. I need this pass code to check my online test result, since it will expire by 9pm today. Please be fast about it, because I don’t want to forfeit the grant

  4. Mr Skusat, I haven’t received my pass code after payment since on Monday. Please send the pass code because I need to check my result before 9pm.

  5. Dear skusat please stop selling the passcode at #1000.00, reduce it to #200.00 as many student are willing to participate but no money to do.

  6. Have no review my password code this page will be restricted today by 9:00, pls send the password code to my number before 8:00 so that I can be grant foreit.I didn’t receive my authentification I d card.

  7. I have been trying to write the online assessment but saying not found…and the deadline is 4/4/2022…please I need help


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