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Can a 12 year Old Get a Job at Subway?

If you have made the decision to apply for a job at Subway but are unsure about the age requirement or what makes you eligible for a particular position there, this article is for you. Teens looking for job start their inquiries most times with search terms like “Can a 12 year old get a job at subway” which is equally why we made this update.

We know Subway to be a place where the age barrier to work is very low, but how old do you have to be to work at Subway?

We’ll provide you all the details you need today, including the age requirement, to work at Subway.

How old do you have to be to work at Subway?

You must be the following age to work at Subway: a 16-year-old.
Are you trying to find work at Subway? We have all the information you require if you answered “yes.”
What is Subway application process? is a question that young people who are interested in working there ask a lot.

While individuals must be at least 18 years old to hold managerial positions, Subway frequently hires individuals as young as 15 for entry-level positions. Job searchers can examine the child labor regulations in their state to make sure they are eligible for positions.

On the other hand, becoming an entry-level service provider at a restaurant is one of the easiest jobs for a young person to get these days.

What is a subway?

The most popular submarine sandwich shop in America is called Subway, and kids and young adults have long been interested in it.

It is a privately held restaurant business with a number of locations that serves breakfast items, snacks, salads, burgers, and wraps. It is regarded as one of the franchises with the quickest rate of growth worldwide.

The business was started in 1965 as a sandwich store in Bridgeport, Connecticut, by Fred da Luca and his buddy Peter Buck.
Pete’s Super Submarines was the company’s original name, but as it expanded, it became Doctor’s Associates Inc.

As we still recall, the sandwich shop’s original name in 1968 was “Subway.” Subway has since grown to be one of the franchises with the fastest global expansion rates.

We can promise you that getting a job at Subway is not difficult. That is why many young people consider the possibility by asking if a 12-year-old get a job at Subway. It’s easy to gain experience and hone your skills by working as an entry-level service provider at a restaurant.

The candidate’s experience, financial situation, and work ethic all affect their chances of getting hired. The Subway food franchise often hires young people and kids as young as 15.

The company doesn’t let anybody under the age of 18 work in executive positions. To make sure they can work, children under the age of 15 must review the state’s child labor regulations.

The organization, which has 44,000 outlets, is continually hiring. Currently, the business is hiring new personnel for positions in sandwich-making and customer service. Management roles are open to those with career ambitions in Subway.

Entry-Level Positions Available a Subway

1. Sandwich Maker.

Sandwich makers that prepare food for clients welcome customers. Routine tasks include washing hands before handling food products, cutting bread, interacting with clients while making sandwiches, operating toaster ovens, and maintaining a tidy workplace at all times.

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Additionally, they must deliver first-rate customer service and guarantee that the meal is properly prepared and promptly served. You must finish the “University of SUBWAY” training programs in order to become a sandwich artist. You will be better able to understand and follow their quality requirements and procedures as a result.

Subway’s minimum age limit for a sandwich artist is 15 years old.

2. Cashier

Does Subway hire at 14? You might wonder. At the end of the food manufacturing line, when customers are checking out, cashiers use upselling strategies and POS systems to ring up final orders. Computer and elementary math abilities are crucial for these associates. These can fit a 14-year-old at Subway

3. Sales Associate

You will be in charge of marketing the company’s merchandise, running the cash register, displaying advertising signage, and keeping the self-service soda area, counter, and seating spaces clean as a sales associate at Subway.

Additionally, you must offer guests dependable and courteous service and accurately record all transactions. To work as a sales associate at Subway, you must be at least 15 years old.

4. Team members

Depending on the size of the shop, jobs are given to team members. They will make sandwiches and work as a cashier. One person typically performs all responsibilities in smaller stores. Running the cash register, filling the sandwich room, and maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen and eating area are a few of the chores.

In addition to managing the cash register, replenishing the sandwich section, and maintaining the store’s cleanliness, you are in charge of explaining menu items and organizing sandwich orders. Like the other positions, team members at Subway must be at least 16 years old.

5. Assistant Managers

Assistant managers often make $10 per hour. Employees should have a high school diploma and prior experience working in the food industry.

In general, having a basic understanding of computers is useful. Management of the personnel and suggestions for promotions are among the duties.

Document completion and special event support are additional tasks. Assistant managers are required to finish training programs at the University of Subway. Like the other positions, team members at Subway must be at least 16 years old.

6. Managers

These partners make salaries ranging from $23,000 to over $453,000 annually. To qualify, you must have a high school diploma and two years of management experience.

The staff is required to ensure food security through hygiene. Managers must monitor restaurant safety. Additionally, they are responsible for scheduling, hiring, and training.

Subway Application

Can a 12 year old get a job at Subway? Many teens have been asking. There aren’t many requirements to work at Subway for entry-level roles other than submitting an online application.

Job searchers can submit paper applications either in-person or online. On the other hand, prior professional experience will help with early promotion to managerial roles.

They must complete the form with correct and current information. Before they set a meeting, candidates must follow up with hiring managers after submitting the form in person, over the phone, or by text.

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A protracted hiring process and additional qualifications are required for management positions. Entry-level employees frequently advance through promotions to eventually reach managerial positions.

Any candidate for the Manager post must have two years of managerial experience. Managers are responsible for monitoring activities in the workplace.

Qualifications and The Hiring Process for a Subway Job.

Within a few days following the conclusion of the evaluation process and holding interviews, promising candidates typically accept job applications from hiring managers over the phone.

Depending on the franchise, new hires may need to take a drug test before commencing employment. These workers often begin at the minimum wage and eventually reach overtime pay of $12.00 to $15.00 per hour.

More obligations and a more rigorous hiring process are part of management positions. Fast-food industry prior managerial experience is typically advantageous to the company.

Having culinary experience can improve your chances of getting a job with the subway.

Can you work at Subway at 16

Can a 12 year old get a job at Subway? the answer is no, but can you work at the Subway at 16? Definitely Yes. The minimum age requirement to work at Subway will increase to 15 in 2022. However, 16 years old will generally be the minimum age requirement for employment with Subway.

This is due to the numerous regulations that apply when recruiting minors. For instance, it is illegal for adolescents to work more than a specific number of hours per week. Additionally, they are limited in the kinds of tasks they can carry out.

Therefore, it is more convenient and logistically straightforward for organizations to exclusively hire people who are at least 16 years old. Although 15 is the required minimum age to work at Subway, it is extremely improbable that someone in this age bracket will be hired.

What is the Youngest Age Subway hires?

As previously said, Subway does not hire teenagers under the age of fifteen. However, sixteen is typically the earliest age at which Subway will consider applications. This policy is in place to guarantee that all workers may carry out their responsibilities in a safe and efficient manner. Additionally, it enables Subway to abide by child labor rules.

However, exceptional candidates might be given some leeway. For instance, even though they are younger than the minimum age standards, they may consider someone for a position if they exhibit unusually high levels of responsibility and maturity for someone their age. So, if you’re unsure of what the minimum age to work at your Subway could be, you can find out by calling or going in person. The subway abides by child labor regulations.

Jobs for 14 year Olds

A good number of times we have teens asking does subway hire at 14? can you work at subway at 13? What’s the youngest age to get a job? Can a 12 year old get a job at subway? Among many other questions.

This is because there are many teens who because of certain circumstances, are left with the great responsibility of helping to support the family financially. Can a 12 year old get a Job at Subway? Obviously, no but there jobs for 14 year olds and teens 12-year-olds can fit into.

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Below are some entry-level positions and jobs for 14 year olds and teens.

 Theater usher

Can you work at Subway at 13? Obviously no, but you can work as a theater usher as early as 13 years of age. Ushers are in charge of cleaning auditoriums and lobbies, assisting with customer queries and complaints, and patrolling theaters before, during, and after performances to make sure patrons are abiding by theater policies.

 Average Wage: $12.29 per hour


Retail establishments and fast-food chains often employ cashiers to take payments made by cash, credit card, or check, to provide receipts and refunds, to count money, and to maintain the cash drawer in balance during their shifts.

Average Wage: $12.65 per hour

Grocery bagger

Grocery baggers serve consumers by swiftly placing their groceries into bags and assisting with carrying bags to vehicles.

Average Wage: $13.94 per hour


Coffee shops often employ baristas to make and serve drinks like coffee and tea, assist customers with menu selections, answer inquiries, operate cash registers or other point-of-sale devices, and maintain a clean and hygienic environment in the workplace and around customers.

 Average Wage: $14.18 per hour

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you work at Subway at 15 in Texas?

Unfortunately, a 14-year-old cannot work for the subway because most subways only recruit people who are 16 or older. You must be 16 or older, so no.

Is Subway a good first job?

Discounted subs, both quick and slow, and, depending on the store’s location, good hours. Working with staff to complete a task makes it quite simple.

What is the youngest age to work at Subway?

You must be at least 16 years old to work as a sales associate at Subway. When you work for Subway, you are both a sandwich maker and a cashier.

Does NYC Subway hire at 15?

The standard minimum age requirement to work at Subway is 16.


Although most restaurants demand that employees be at least sixteen, Subway is able to hire teenagers as young as 15 in some areas. Due to their accommodating schedules and straightforward job descriptions, Subway is a wonderful career for teenagers.

For instance, arrange shifts around classes or other commitments; the majority of the tasks entail serving customers and preparing food. But, can a 12 year old get a job at Subway? Our unanimous suggestion and response are No!!

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