Can A 12 Year Old Get A Job In Scotland?

Have you been asking yourself Can A 12 Year Old Get A Job In Scotland? Then this article is for you. In the course of this article, we are also going to be looking into the following sub-headings: minimum wage for 13 year old scotland, can 11 year olds work, jobs for 14 year olds and 17 year old working laws Scotland. Let’s go.

This guide is intended for you if you’re aged between 13 and the age of school leaving. You may wish to work part-time to be financially independent and gain experience with work. If this is the case, you’ll have to learn the following details.

Can A 12 Year Old Get A Job In Scotland?

Have you been asking can a 12-year-old child work? then read this through to the end;

The United Nations has said that children and youth are entitled to protect themselves from being exploited economically and performing hazardous tasks or doing work that could hinder their education or growth.

In Scotland, The statute states that children who are not yet school age can work, but only if, for example, their health, safety, and development, as well as their education. Aren’t at risk. The rules for employing children are determined by local authorities and may differ from one region to another in Scotland. Please contact your local authority or visit their website for more information on local laws.

You can work regardless of whether you are paid for the job. The same rules apply when your employer is a parent or carer.

What Can You Do At 12 Years Old

The kind of work you are permitted to perform is based on your age and the local authority area in which you work.

The law on child employment states that children under 13 are not employed. However, those under 13 may participate in advertising, sport modeling, film, television, performances in theatres, and other forms of entertainment provided the local authority’s child-performance licensing rules are adhered to.

In many municipalities, when you are between 14 and school leavers’ age, you may:

  • Do any light work you can unless it’s included on the list of tasks children aren’t allowed to perform.
  • You can participate in street trade (supervised by the parents), but only if you have an additional Street Trader’s License.

Light Work

 This is a work that requires the following tasks and conditions that aren’t likely to cause hurt:

  • your safety, health, or development
  • your school attendance
  • your participation in work experience
  • your potential to profit from your work or school experience

Street trade 

This includes selling matches, newspapers, flowers, and other products performing, playing, or performing to earn money or shoe-shining. Similar occupations are conducted in public areas or streets.

In particular local authority areas, beginning at 13 years old, you can:

  • You may be employed by parents or other individuals who perform occasional small gardening or farm work.
  • Distribute newspapers (but you’ll need to be monitored by an adult if you make any cash)
  • Perform light tasks in shops (including shelf stacking), hairdressing salons, cafés, offices, offices, and restaurants and hotels, riding stables or hotels
  • Clean cars at the homes of other people

If you’re between 13-14 years of age, The list of tasks you are permitted to perform will be outlined in the local authority’s bylaws.

Employment permits

In many municipalities, you must obtain an employment permit a week after you begin working for them. They could be guilty of an offense if they do not do this.

You’ll be able to obtain an application form to obtain a permit at your local library, school or even your employer. It is possible to find them on the local authority’s website.

The parent or guardian will typically have to sign a portion of the application form to affirm that they agree with you working and confirm they can perform the job. The local authority could need to examine medical issues before an employment permit can be granted.

Your employer must ensure that a “risk assessment” has been conducted. They will determine if the job might cause injury or harm to yourself or other workers. Once the risks have been identified, the employer must think of methods to mitigate these risks.

If you do not possess authorization, you should stop working immediately and notify your instructor or the local authority. Permits cannot be transferred to different jobs. If the nature of your work changes, your employer has to apply for a change in the license. Tickets are only valid during the current school term and could need the ability to renew if your continue is working.


The local authority has the power to revoke your work permit if it finds that:

  • You are employed illegally
  • your well-being, health, or ability to attend school are impacted by the job you are engaged in.

You may have to present the employment permit for inspection by an official from the local authority or police officers.

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If you’re past the age of school leavers, you don’t require a permit to work when you’re still in school.

What can I not perform?

Local authorities generally do not permit children who aren’t yet school-age to:

  • Work in a theatre, cinema or disco, dance hall, and nightclub (except for shows that involve only children or as an authorized performer)
  • Offer or deliver or deliver alcohol (except when it is in a sealed container)
  • Deliver milk or fuel oils
  • Kitchens in commercial kitchens
  • Sort or collect garbage
  • Work up to a high level (which is at least 3 metres higher than the floor or the surface)
  • Be aware of any activity that exposes you to hazardous physical or chemical elements, like vibration, noise or extreme temperatures.
  • Make money or perform other tasks that require you to go through doors (unless under the supervision of an adult)
  • Be subjected to “adult material.”
  • Salespersons who work on telephones
  • Work in a slaughterhouse or any other facility where livestock is killed or the meat is prepared to be sold.
  • Serve as an attendant in a fairground or work as an attendant at an amusement park or fairground.
  • Work in a nursing facility or care facility looking after residents (unless under the supervision of an adult)
  • Do any work that is not considered to be what is legally referred to as “light work”
  • Work outside in the open unless you’re dressed in appropriate clothing and footwear. Your employer isn’t obliged to provide these; however, if you don’t have proper footwear and apparel, it is illegal for your employer to permit work outside without them.
  • Street trading is not permitted without a Street Trader’s Licence.
  • You may be employed to perform any task outside your work permit’s scope.

There could be additional items to this list based on the area of a local authority. It is recommended to check the local authority’s bylaws.

Minimum Wage For 13 Year Old Scotland

Perhaps you might find that the National Minimum Wage still applies to you, even though it will not increase until the end of October. What amount you must earn is contingent on your age:

If you’re:

Between 21 and 24, you have to be paid at minimum PS6.70 for a minute (about PS12,194 per calendar year working full-time)

Between the ages of 18 and 20 and you’re between 18 and 20, you need to earn at the very least PS5.30 for a minute (PS9,646 for the year)

16 or 17 years old, You must earn at minimum PS3.87 for a minute (PS7,043.40 for the year if working full-time)

Under 16 and work, unfortunately, there’s no minimum wage. Their none legally required to be paid. However, there are limitations on what you’re required to perform at work. Visit this page to find out more information about this if it is the case for you.

If you’re celebrating the day of your birthday (many happy returns!) and you’ve been able to move into higher rates, the employer must boost your earnings in your next paycheck.

I’m an apprentice. However, my employer insists I get less compensation than I currently earn. Is that right?

In the case of an apprentice, your National Minimum Wage is PS3.30 per hour. This is only applicable in certain situations – just that you’re an apprentice or enrolled in an apprenticeship program doesn’t mean this is the case for you.

The apprentice rate above is applicable if you’re participating in an absolute apprenticeship (normally a Modern Apprenticeship). If you’re over 19, you’re entitled to this amount for a year before you can be paid the minimum salary for your age.

CABs have seen a lot of instances where individuals have been improperly paid at the apprentice rate, which is when they should be receiving a better rate. If you suspect this could be your situation, pop into your local CAB, and they’ll help you determine if you should be receiving more.

I’m not getting paid this much! How can I convince my boss to pay me the correct amount?

Although it is legally required to receive the proper Minimum Wage appropriate to your age, there are times when individuals aren’t. Last year, CABs from Scotland offered guidance on 949 issues relating to the National Minimum Wage.

If you believe you’re underpaid, you can begin conversing with your employer. Inquire about why they’re paying you what they’re. In some instances, there’s a fundamental error in which case, they must pay you the amount they owe you.

Suppose they cannot provide you with an amount equivalent to the National Minimum Wage. In that case, you have several alternatives to take further action to ensure that you’re the amount the law states you’re entitled to at a minimum. It could mean bringing the issue of a grievance with HMRC or Acas or going to a tribunal, though the dispute will likely be resolved shortly. It is possible to find helpful information on the web regarding your options, and you could arrange an appointment with the CAB in your area for assistance.

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How Old Can You Be To Get A Job

The earliest age at which an individual can be employed part-time is 13, except for children involved in activities like theatre, television, and modeling.
They will be able to begin full-time employment when they reach the age of schooling.

Can 11 Year Olds Work?

While your 11-year-old likely isn’t yet prepared for a part-time gig, There are plenty of ways that your preteen can earn money.

In addition, doing chores in exchange for allowance and helping your child to find work is a fantastic method to show them the importance and importance of cash and to allow them to take on a bit of accountability.

Finding good jobs for 11-year young people to earn money can be difficult.

Because you aren’t able to browse the classifieds to find work for 11-year-olds, you might have to get inventive.

There are many excellent jobs that 11-year-olds can take on, from traditional jobs like landscaping to some unique jobs that you’ve never thought of.

If you’re searching for the top jobs for 11-year-olds to earn money, continue looking for the right task for the preteen in your life.

(Do you have teens who are looking for jobs? Here’s a list of the most rewarding jobs for 17-year-olds seeking to make money.)

Jobs For 14 year Olds

The transition to working as a first-timer can be intimidating, regardless of age. It is complicated when you’re looking for an employment opportunity while you are a teen or are less than 16. When you are 14 years old, you can accomplish a couple of jobs since you only have a little education and experience.
If you find the right job, it could provide you with the knowledge that will allow you to take responsibility regarding finances and develop abilities that can help you help you advance your career.

If you’re seeking an employment opportunity in the first instance, having a plan for getting a job could be beneficial. So, you’ll have a good idea of where to look for jobs and what you can expect in the work setting.
Here are the most sought-after jobs to look for when you’re 14 years old:

1. Virtual Office Assistant

Salary: PS11.82 per hour

Job responsibilities: This position will require you to perform most companies’ administrative tasks. In addition, as an assistant in a virtual office, you will need to answer emails, create virtual office tasks and organize spreadsheets.

Requirements: Access to the Internet, Word Processing software, and an effective way of communicating

2. Nanny

Average pay: PS12.59 per hour

The job responsibilities: There is one significant difference between a nanny and a babysitter. When the holidays are in full swing, many parents think about hiring babysitters to look after their children when they work and do not have the time to care for them. But, most parents prefer younger nannies to older and more experienced ones to provide the same service because they have a set budget.

Mandates: CPR training, first aid, and other primary childcare education

3. Babysitter

Salary: PS12.59 per hour

The duties of a childcare babysitter or provider are among the most popular jobs available to teenagers. The role is about taking care of or observing the children of a person for a specified period. Parents frequently use babysitters to spend time in a quiet space without children, and others use the services for business. This is a good option for teens because hours can be flexible and allow you to get additional time to complete other tasks.

Requirements: Training in the art of First Aid, CPR and childcare

4. Referee

Average pay: PS15.49 per hour

The job responsibilities are usually many sporting events during the holiday season. Being an active athlete could provide an opportunity to earn additional cash by being a referee. Your role is to initiate and end the game, observe your rules, and make sure they’re enforced within the game.

Qualifications: Knowledge of the game and excellent communication abilities

5. Tutor

Average Salary: PS21.22 per hour

Job tasks: Not all students comprehend the subjects taught in the traditional classroom. Students struggling with their learning require additional guidance from someone with experience in different topics. If you’re a teenager and are doing very well in school, You could be able to help your classmates.

Needs: Ability to solve problems, Good communication skills, emotional intelligence

6. Grocery Bagger

Salary: PS10.54 per hour

The job responsibilities include: Grocery baggers work in supermarkets to help customers arrange their groceries in bags and transport them to their vehicles. The job provides you with the knowledge to manage different grocery items to protect them both during and after bagging.

She needs to Pay attention to details and fitness

8. House Cleaning

Salary: PS10.54 per hour

Tasks It’s about cleaning the house, washing utensils, mopping floors, and washing the dishes in certain instances. It’s an easy task that any teenager can complete, and it isn’t a lot of work for those who clean regularly. It’s not difficult to gain more clients if you can do an excellent job for an old client.

The requirements are: Stamina, attention to specifics, and a good level of communication

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9. Yard Worker

Salary: PS10.08 per hour

The job responsibilities include yard work. It is a vast area that allows teenagers to earn money while learning about responsibilities. As a yard worker, you can perform gardening tasks like mowing the lawn, raking leaves, gardening, and shoveling snow. Most homeowners do not have the time to tend to their yards and usually choose to employ teens to help them with their tasks.

Requirements: The ability to use garden equipment

10. Ice Cream Scooper

Average pay: PS11.67 per hour

Your job duties include In the role of an ice cream scooper, your task is to greet guests and help them feel valued before placing their order. You may also provide menu suggestions, offer samples, address various queries, scoop and serve ice creams, and accept payment. When you are working, it is your responsibility to know your multiple flavors and be prepared for any client.

Needs: A fast learner Good communication ability and stamina general

11. Lifeguard

The average salary is PS9.39 for an hour.

Work responsibilities: Public and private pools draw an enormous number of swimmers in the summer holiday. At times like these, the demand for lifeguards is usually excellent, allowing teens to gain employment. The job entails ensuring that all swimmers adhere to the pool’s rules and regulations.

Requirements: Swimming training and first aid. CPR and medical emergency intervention.

Jobs For 13 Year Olds Scotland

Have you been asking yourself, What Jobs Can A 13 Year Old Get? then you’re on the right page;

There are many jobs that you can be offered when you’re 13! However, you should keep in mind that according to laws, you’re an infant, and this means that you’re not eligible for the right to work. However, there are rules specifically designed for teenagers;

  • You are not allowed to be employed in a factory or in any other industrial area.
  • It is not possible to work in a pub or betting shop or at a job that has a minimum age of 18 years or older.
  • You should not be in a workplace that could be harmful to your health, well-being, or your education.

If you don’t commit to these three points, you can almost anywhere! You might be able to find work at the local corner store or do a paper round and even assist an elderly family member in their home. Be sure to avoid working long hours or in school.

Are you searching for jobs you can do as a 13 years old teenager? Then Click Here

Minimum Wage For 14-year Old UK

There’s the absence of a minimum wage in the case of teenagers aged 14 or older, which means you’re not eligible for an amount that is the Federal Minimum wage.

The amount you earn must be negotiated with your employer and depends on the type of work you’re doing.

Requesting your employer to pay what is considered the minimum wage rate for 18 years old (which can be found at PS4.81) is generally the best method to ensure you’re getting paid the right amount.

17 Year Old Working Laws Scotland

If you’re a minor, typically, you’ll be granted more rights in the workplace than an adult, and you may not have to put in all the time.

Examining your school’s leaving time through GOV.UK is recommended because your rights depend on whether you’ve reached that age.

If you’re too young to quit school, you can verify your rights to employment and working hours at GOV.UK.

What can you do?

If you’re of school leaver age but are not yet 18 years old, your employer has to assess the potential dangers to your health and safety before they take on you. They must pay close consideration to your age, experience level and other aspects that could pose a threat to your safety and health.

If you’re of school-leaving age but not yet 18 years old, you shouldn’t be required complete work that

  • You’re physically or mentally not in a position to do
  • could pose a risk to your health due to extreme heat, cold or vibrating
  • exposes you to chemicals, toxic substances, or radiation.

You’re not allowed to perform the work described above

  • it’s essential to your training
  • A competent person supervises you
  • Risks are diminished to the minimum acceptable amount.

This doesn’t apply to short-term or occasional work for an enterprise run by a family member or an individual household that is not considered to cause harm to the family or household members.

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