UNV Internship Programme | UNDP Internship Application form 2023/2024

UNV Internship Programme | UNDP Internship Application form 2023/2024

United Nations Volunteer Programme (UNV) is a platform administered by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It seeks to integrate those with the passion, and zeal to assist in the numerous volunteer works of the organization around the world. Since it came on board it has been a pivotal arm of the UN. Helping to steer the activities of the organization in the many member Nations it has across the World.

Today we wish to announce to our readers, that recruitment has commenced for UNV Internship Programme. Its parent organization UNDP has also opened a portal for interested persons to obtain the UNDP Internship Application form for this Job. Recruitment we believe will interest you if you are looking for how to get an Internship in the UN, UN volunteer application form 2023/2024, UNDP Internships 2023/2024, or the latest UNV recruitment 2023/2024.

Why You Should Apply for this UNV Internship Programme

  • UNV Internships are known to provide a wide range of opportunities for young people, especially in Africa. To access more knowledge and experience needed in humanitarian works.
  • It is known to have many other arms that provide support and in-house training for volunteers.
  • It is not a Job that discriminates as everyone would be given an equal playing ground during this UNDP Internships 2023/2024 recruitment.
  • As a young enthusiastic mind, UNV Internship Programme is sure to provide a wide option of career choices you can choose from in the humanitarian field.
  • No level of experience would be required which makes it easy for fresh graduates to apply.
  • The incentives, salaries, and welfare packages UNDP Jobs comes with are all international standards. Therefore, you are assured of getting everything needed to make your experience working as a UN Volunteer a worthwhile adventure.
  • Internships are known to last after a period of time but in instances, where one performs outstandingly well. He/She might be employed on a permanent basis.
  • Be rest assured that UNDP does not fall short in providing Interns with the most conducive and convenient environment to work.
  • Moreover, Officials are in charge of this latest UNV recruitment in 2023/2024. Further hinted that selected persons are also entitled to foreign trips and workshops when it calls.

Roles of UN Volunteers Intern Associate

  • The Intern Associate will assist in the deployment of Interns to their respective fields. And also monitors their activities while reporting to her superiors.
  • Records of selected persons for UNV Internship Programme. Would be documented by the associate who will bring performance reports to the organization.
  • He/she will act as a link between UNDP. And the volunteers report when a replacement, contract extension, or termination is needed.
  • In the event of leave or absence of a volunteer. The associate will ensure that it is managed well and does not affect work in the organization.
  • If you are good at Multitasking then you can go ahead and obtain the UNDP Internship Application form for this Job.
  • In addition to many other roles, before payment is made to any volunteer the Intern Associate. Will ensure that the assignments were carried out perfectly to avoid half-work in the organization.
  • Opening Bank Accounts, Visa documentation, and obtaining residence permits for Volunteers, are all integral parts of the duties of the selected person for this UNV Internship Programme.

Eligibility/Requirement of the Associate Intern at UNDP

  • Looking for how to get an Internship at the UN can be challenging. But with a minimum of a University Degree, you can conveniently apply for this UNDP Internship 2023.
  • You must be in an excellent state of mind and body before you obtain the UN Volunteer Application form 2023/2024. Because Job is very challenging.
  • Officials also disclosed that anybody applying is expected to have sound knowledge of his area of network and the security situation in such a place.
  • Proficiency in the use of Computer and web Applications related to this UN Internship is mandatory.
  • Must be fluent in both written and oral English.
  • Sound communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Lastly, a proven length of experience acquired while doing UNICEF administrative Jobs or USAID Internships in Africa would be a valuable asset.

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  1. My name is Enock Nkikabahizi I’m from Rwanda.
    I’m a volunteer since 2017 and i would like to volunteer in UN volunteers but i don’t know the better way to apply . please help me.

  2. My name abdallah ausi from tanzania i need volunteer job in united Nation and is agency like WHO WFP UNDP UNHCR but how i can get those chance i really need it i know i will get new vision and new knowledge

  3. በመጀመሪ UNV internship UNDP internship በጣም በሚደነቅ ሁኔት ይሄን የመሰለ እድል ሰለሰጣችሁኝ ከፍ ያለ ክብርና ምስጋናየን እናም አድናቆቴን እገልጻለሁ። በመቀጠል ስሜ፦ መሀመድ አድም አሊ እባላለሁ ከኢትዮጲያ እድሜ 28 ባለፀጋ የተመርኩ ወጣትነኝ በዚ ስራ እራሴን ካውኩ ጀምሮ እየሰራሁ የመጣሁና የተፈጥሮ, የሂሊናየ, የደስታየ የሆነ ኩሩ ሞያየ ነው። በ UN የበጎ ፍቃደኝነት ስራ እፈልጋለሁ። እድሉ ቢሰጠኝ እላለሁ አመሰግናለሁ።
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