United Airlines Flight Attendant Salary (2024)

A flight attendant is a member of the flight crew on commercial flights, many business jets, and some government aircraft. They may also go by the titles of steward or stewardess, or air host or air hostess. Cabin crew refers to the people who work on airplanes to ensure the well-being of passengers. In this guide, I will be giving you information on United airline flight attendant salary and all you need to know.

United Airlines Flight Attendant Salary (2024)

Just like other airlines, what is United airline flight attendant’s salary? In the United States, an entry-level flight attendant can expect to earn a median annual salary of $52,884. For the sake of convenience, that comes out to about $25.43 per hour on a basic salary calculator. This works out to $4,407 per month or $1,017 per week.

In the United States, the median annual income for an entry-level flight attendant is $31,000, with a wide range from that low to a high of $62,000 (or $80,000 for the top 10 percent). There may be numerous opportunities for advancement and increased pay based on skill level, location, and experience as the average salary range for an Entry Level Flight Attendant is quite large (by as much as $31,000).

There aren’t many opportunities for entry-level flight attendants in the District of Columbia right now. This is true both in the capital city of Washington and across the entire state. Your region pays its entry-level flight attendants an average annual salary of $57,006, $4,122 (or 8%) more than the median annual salary of $52,884 across the country. The salary of an entry-level flight attendant in the District of Columbia is the 50th highest of all 50 states.

United Airlines Job Description Of Flight Attendant

The following are the duties of the flight attendant at United Airlines:

Offers passengers first-rate assistance tailored to their specific requirements and the market as a whole. Services provided to passengers who have been rescheduled or whose flights have been canceled may include those provided in the cabin while in flight or on the ground.

Delivers safety briefings to passengers by reading, explaining, and demonstrating their contents. Shares and enforces the company’s and government’s safety and security policies.

Also on the duties of flight attendants, they are required to handle a wide range of challenging situations, from medical emergencies to threat assessments and more, as they arise on board. monitors the control room to make sure only authorized personnel are allowed in it. Maintains calm and composure under pressure, and leads, guides, and assists passengers and other crew members during evacuations and other emergency situations.

This position requires tolerance for a wide range of environmental factors, including but not limited to moderate noise levels, dim lighting, confined spaces, and frequent contact with others;

shifting work locations; varying hours and shifts; and varying climatic conditions and air pressures;

turbulence-induced variable positive and negative G loads;

It’s possible to be in an environment with annual radiation exposure of 3–6 millisieverts (mSB), air humidity of 4-12%, and an altitude range of 4,000–8,500 feet. Due to frequent air pressure changes, some workers may be at risk for ear and/or sinus barotrauma.

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Special Skills Require By Flight Attendants To Work At United Airlines

Assists customers in a proactive manner with the stowing of their personal items (from the floor to above the shoulder level).

Provides customers with food, drinks, and other services in accordance with established guidelines. takes out the trash, cleans the showers, and keeps the cabin neat and tidy.

Helps sick or injured passengers, possibly by performing CPR.

Manages the oxygen supply, aircraft doors, evacuation slides, fire extinguishers, life rafts, galley appliances, communication and audio/visual gear, and lighting systems. Work with customers who wish to pay with credit when purchasing alcoholic beverages, audio equipment, etc.

Utilizes computers, including proficiency in using Windows environments, data entry, and retrieval within company-maintained systems. Reads and uses complex or technical material, including recent updates.

Engages in respectful, cordial exchanges with people from all walks of life, including clients, coworkers, and customers. Collaborates with team members to check that work is up to par. accountable and responsible; willing to shoulder the weight of responsibilities.

Possesses superior people skills, sound judgment, and the maturity to handle conflict gracefully.

Maintains a neat and well-groomed appearance in accordance with the Flight Attendant Uniform Appearance Standards

Maintaining regular and punctual attendance is a crucial part of many jobs. One must be able to communicate in an urgent situation with clarity, precision, and organization. Possess excellent linguistic and cognitive English skills.

Possessing bilingualism is a major plus. Possess a complete aural spectrum, able to hear any and all sounds. A passenger’s hearing and eyesight must be up to par with the standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration and the airline.

Competence in making effective and efficient use of one’s time. The ability to exert influence and assert oneself when necessary. Capacity to stay calm and focused on meeting the needs of customers while handling stressful or emotionally charged situations.

Decision-making skills under pressure, with limited guidance, or in a state of uncertainty. Displaying adaptability and the ability to respond successfully to novel situations and shifting priorities. Be a certified flight attendant by completing the required initial training program, which includes Emergency Procedures and annual refresher training. As well as this, you might have to finish some other training.

Safety and Physical Requirements of Flight Attendants In United Airlines

 There is a mix of physical and safety-related tasks that a flight attendant must be able to complete throughout the course of a normal shift. Depending on the tasks at hand, the required activities and their composition may change from day to day. Included in this category are the following actions:

Performs tasks that require standing, walking, stooping, kneeling, reaching, lifting, stretching, and bending for up to 14 hours straight in aircraft aisles and galleys.

Unpredictable and sometimes turbulence in the air can make such tasks more difficult.

Transports goods by pushing or pulling mobile carts. According to ergonomic studies, a beverage or food cart requires 29 pounds of initial push/pull force (the force required to set the cart in motion, at a flat angle).

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The estimated necessary force at a 4-degree angle is 45 pounds.

Constantly requiring the use of force equal to or greater than 25 pounds, including the lifting, pushing, or pulling of objects like beverage storage bins. Lifting, pushing, or pulling objects weighing between 25 and 55 pounds occasionally.

Occasional heavy lifting, pushing, or pulling up to 55 pounds. When closing or opening overhead bins, for example, the arms must be raised to or above shoulder level to apply the necessary push, pull, or lifting forces.

Possessing the requisite degree of body balance and coordination to accomplish specified tasks. Access to necessary safety gear requires a vertical reach of at least 82 inches (2.08 meters). The capability of occupying a designated “jump seat” while fastened in a seat belt and shoulder harness.

The capability of doing well on vision and hearing exams.

Educational Requirements for flight Attendant Jobs In United Airlines

there are certain flight attendant educational qualifications required to work at United Airlines and they include the following:

Applicant must have at least a High school graduate or GED certification, other education requirements include:

Must be capable of conducting a thorough personal risk assessment. As a flight attendant, you’ll need to pass a series of pre-employment tests and screenings before you can gain access to SIDA, including a physical evaluation to determine whether or not you can perform essential job duties with or without reasonable accommodation; a review of your last ten years of employment; a drug test; a check of your criminal record; and, of course, the necessary initial and emergency procedures.

In order to participate in training, you’ll need a passport that has at least 30 months left on its expiration date. Proof of Covid vaccine and compliance with Covid testing are prerequisites for entering the training facility.

What factors influence a flight attendant’s salary and why?

Numerous factors influence a flight attendant’s salary. Below, we’ll go over a few of the most crucial ones in more detail.

Being equipped with the appropriate training and knowledge

However, all you need is your high school diploma and FAA certification to enter the field as a flight attendant. Emergency medical situations, evacuations, and emergency landings are all part of the training and testing.

It is also important for flight attendants to receive training on the specific aircraft they will be operating. The more they can add to their skill set, the better off they will be. Gains in income and professional opportunities may result from this.

Expertise and seniority

One of the primary responsibilities of a flight attendant is to assist passengers. This is why having experience in customer service is usually required when applying for a job with an airline. Working in a customer-facing role for a year or more is preferable, especially in industries like retail, hospitality, or sales. Such experience is not required but can boost your starting salary.

The length of time you’ve spent working as a flight attendant may also have an impact on your earnings. You should anticipate salary increases and bonus payments as your level of expertise does, too.

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The capacity of The Airline

Those who are able to work from major urban centers tend to be paid more for their services. It’s reasonable to assume that a flight attendant in New York City will make more than her Alabama counterpart.

The airline that employs a flight attendant has a direct impact on their salary.

Best 5 paying States In America That Pay Flight Attendants Well

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Green River, WY$66,007$5,500$1,269$31.73
Atkinson, NE$65,397$5,449$1,257$31.44
San Francisco, CA$61,021$5,085$1,173$29.34
Cool Valley, MO$60,734$5,061$1,167$29.20
Bolinas, CA$60,715$5,059$1,167$29.19
Washington, DC$60,530$5,044$1,164$29.10
Los Angeles, CA$59,612$4,967$1,146$28.66
Jersey City, NJ$59,518$4,959$1,144$28.61
Kensington, NY$59,460$4,955$1,143$28.59
Marysville, WA$58,745$4,895$1,129$28.24

What Is United Airlines Flight Attendant Salary Near New York NY

The salary of a flight attendant in New York and near New York cities ranges from between $58,000 to $59,000 per annum.

United Airlines Flight Attendant Salary Near New Jersey

The salary of a flight attendant in New Jersey and near New Jersey cities ranges from between $58,000 to $59,000 per annum.

United Airlines Flight Attendant Salary Per Hour

Average, flight attendant in United Airlines earn at least $25 per hour.

United Airlines Cabin Crew Salary Per Month

In the United States, an entry-level flight attendant can expect to earn a median annual salary of $52,884. For the sake of convenience, that comes out to about $25.43 per hour on a basic salary calculator. This works out to $4,407 per month or $1,017 per week.

United Airlines Flight Attendant Salary Chicago

United Airlines flight attendants in Chicago earn an average of $46,042 per year, 35% more than their counterparts across the country.

Is it hard to become a United Airlines Flight Attendant?

No, it is never hard to become a flight attendant, it only requires dedication, passion to helping people onboard and few traits that will make you enjoy your job.

Is United Flight Attendant training paid?

No! But in addition to the $140 per week in untaxed per diem, flight attendant trainees also receive a stipend of $1,500 while in training. You’ll be a full-fledged member of the United Airlines flight crew once you’ve completed the required training.


The opportunity to work for United Airlines is one that many flight attendants dream of, so we’ve taken the time to detail what it’s like to be a flight attendant, what it takes to enter the profession, how much money you can expect to make as an attendant for the airline, and everything else you should know if you’re interested in applying. So, that is all we have prepared for you the information about United airline flight attendant salaries and all you need to know before applying to the airline.

If there is additional information you need to know, do drop your comment in the comment section below.

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