Top 15 Google Search Tips To Make Your Online Life Easier

Top 15 Google Search Tips To Make Your Online Life Easier

Google Search is, quite possibly, the most useful single thing on the Internet. Without it, it’s fair to assume we’d still be stuck in the age of asking Jeeves to make himself more useful, and maybe today we’d be using verbs like “Binging” it and “Yahooing” it instead of “Googling.”
But do you know how to really get the most out of Google Search?
Until you’ve read this, I guess “no,” so take a look at these Google Search tips to make your digital life easier.

1. Search Exact Phrases
If you’re looking for an exact phrase, use quotation marks around the keywords to view results containing that exact phrase. For example, “how to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 10”

2. Exclude a word
If your search terms contain a keyword with several meanings, you can exclude one of the meanings by adding a hyphen (-) before the keyword. For example, the martian -book.

3. Search a specific domain
You can search within a particular URL by including the term before or after your keywords.

4. Generate similar content
To generate content similar to what’s found on a URL you already know, use the related: operator before adding the URL.

5. Search for words in the body copy
To retrieve pages where all the keywords appear in the body of the page, type allintext: before the search term.

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6. Find pages that link to specific URLs
Type link: before a URL name, you’ll be shown all the pages on Google that link to it.
This is particularly useful for SEOs who are searching for backlinks to a specific page.

7. Perform calculations on Google Search
You can simply type in the equation and get the result instantly. You can use either the letter “x” or “*” as the multiply symbol on your PC, while “/” is the division symbol.

8. Convert between units Whether it is metered to centimeters, feet to yards, or liters to those obscure British gallons, Google has you covered.
Just type convert followed by the numbers and units you want to use, and hit Enter.

9. Search by file type
If you’re looking for a specific file on the Web, you can use the filetype: operator to specify the particular document type you’re searching for, and Google will restrict results to pages containing those document types.

10. Find your public IP address
Need your IP address? type IP address. Simple.

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11. You don’t need a dictionary; just ask Google
Type define followed by the word you want to know the meaning.

12. You can view flight schedules on Google.
To find out flight schedules, simply use the keyword flight origin to destination. For example, a flight Lagos to Abuja.

13. Translate from one language to another.
You can either visit Google Translate to get your translation done or just use the translated keyword in Google to translate the text to another language.

14. Use Google as a countdown timer.
This is pretty handy. Just search timer for x minutes and Google will automatically start the countdown for you.

15. Track your packages
If you’re based in the US, just enter your UPS, USPS, or FedEx tracking number directly into Google to see tracking information about your package.

16. Locate a particular file

The option to search for a particular file or file type in Google search is a feature that is frequently overlooked.

If you need a specific PDF or PowerPoint file that you have previously viewed or need to use for another project, this can be incredibly helpful. The syntax is quite basic:

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[Enter search phrase] filetype:pdf

17. Only use significant terms.

The way Google searches operate is by comparing the terms you enter with keywords found in web content.

Your search results may be hampered if you use too many words. This implies that finding what you’re looking for can potentially take longer. Thus, when searching for something, it makes sense to use only the keywords.

The Bottom Line

By now you should be feeling like a Google Pro. There are, however, plenty more such tricks you can use to improve your Google quality of life.
Do you have any Google Search tips that you think we’ve missed? Let us know what they are in the comments.

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