The Things You Do That’s Killing Your Career

The Things You Do That’s Killing Your Career

Most people unknowingly kill their careers. The major cause of this calamity is mostly the failure to set career goals. People get done with school, serve and start working a 9-5 job and that’s it.

They have no plans for growth. They are more focused on the moment at hand and can’t be bothered about a few years down the line.
You don’t think you’re killing your career? Let’s run a quick checklist of people who kill their careers by themselves.

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They are short-sighted

These are the set of people who fail to see the bigger picture. They are satisfied with work-related projects and have no plans whatever for the future.

The more satisfied you are with the company-assigned tasks, the more your career dwindles away. Set goals for your career; this is different from work goals and money goals.

They are outdated

If you find that you’re always locked away in the office, slaving away, and have no time to update your skills, you’re killing your career.

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A healthy career entails that you’ll be updated at all times. There shouldn’t be room for slacking. Remain on your toes, always learning new things. Improved is always better than the original version.

Another important thing that you are supposed to have in mind is that the world is constantly evolving. That’s why you should not hesitate to keep yourself updated at all times.

They’ve relegated networking to the backseat

You’ve gotten so busy with work, you no longer network; you’re slowly killing your career. So what happens if perchance you lose that job that has been keeping you from networking? You left your social media pages cold with zero traffic.

This has got to be the worst career move ever. Take advantage of every environment (even your workplace) for networking.

They overwork their body

Yes! Overworking your body is a career killer. You stand the chances of burning out or worse, breaking down. If you damage the body, of what use would the career be to you? The worst part of the whole picture is that the people who work the most are almost always underpaid.

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It’s really not hard to spot people who are headed down the dead-end career-wise. If somehow you found yourself on that track, there’s still time to turn around. Retrace your steps and adjust.

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