How much is teacher salary in Luxembourg?

You might have arrived here while searching for teacher salary in Luxembourg. Luxembourg, one of the richest and smallest nations in the world, is located in Western Europe. Historically regarded as the “Gibraltar of the North” for its strategic location and bordered by Belgium, France, and Germany, Luxembourg is one of the three capital cities of the European Union today.

The Germanic and Francophone language populations of Europe converge in Luxembourg. Luxemburgish is the official language of the Grand Duchy, as well as German and French, the official and daily languages, reflect the country’s close historical ties with its neighbors and the astonishing migration movements that have produced an incredibly diverse and multilingual people.

If you are a teacher, working in Luxembourg might be a good place to start off a career. This is mainly because of the high teacher salary in Luxembourg. In our update, we shall be outlining starting salary for teachers in Luxembourg, a teacher salary in Luxembourg per month, the average teacher salary in Luxembourg, and how to become a teacher in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg Education System

The educational system prioritizes language acquisition, with German being the priority throughout primary schooling and in secondary technical-vocational education, while French is prioritized in secondary academic-oriented schooling. This reflects the cultural variety of the country.

The mandatory school age ranges from four to sixteen. The educational system offers a variety of basic and secondary schools, most of which are managed by the government but some of which are supported by religious organizations. Homeschooling is a rare but potential option. Building on the foundations of many postsecondary training institutions, the national flagship University of Luxembourg (UL) was established in 2003 with three guiding concepts in mind: internationality, multilingualism, and interdisciplinarity. Beyond this research university, a variety of courses are offered by more practical postsecondary institutions.

What does a teacher do?

Teachers instruct students to help them learn new skills and knowledge. Teachers plan lessons for the classroom and organize extracurricular activities like field trips to help students fulfill the standards and expectations of their grade level. The teachers give assignments and grade work.

They often concentrate on a particular subject or grade. Primary school teachers cover a wide range of disciplines, in contrast to high school teachers, who specialize in one subject, such as chemistry or social studies. Teachers do the following things, regardless of the grade level or subject they are teaching:

  • Make educational materials and content, such as tests, study aids, and homework assignments.
  • Educate students in a classroom setting by employing lesson plans and prepared exercises.
  • Essays, examinations, and other assignments should all be assigned, collected, and evaluated.
  • Control classrooms to provide kids with a safe, effective learning space.
  • Keep tabs on your children’s growth and development.
  • Teachers must analyze students’ abilities in order to determine if they can move on to the next grade level.
  • Perform any additional duties that may be required, such as overseeing pupils during lunch or organizing extracurricular activities.

How to become a teacher in Luxembourg

The following actions affect Luxembourg teacher salaries. You will rank among the greatest earners in the state if you see the procedure through to the conclusion.

There are many different job options in this industry because you could be required to work in different professional settings and for different companies, such as the public sector, training organizations, commercial institutions, or even temporary employment agencies. Your potential future employer may provide you with a variety of contracts, such as permanent contracts, fixed-term contracts, or interim contracts, depending on the needs and requirements of each organization.

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As a teacher, educator, nursery assistant, senior educational consultant, or one of many other positions within a school or other public sector educational institution, you can be obligated to work there. You may also be able to work remotely with some career prospects.

No matter the school you work in, as a teacher you must adhere to a methodology developed by the Ministry of National Education and the teaching staff to foster learning. Additionally, teachers are expected to use their own instructional methods. Probably already know this, but teaching is a profession.

A Bachelor Degree is Important

If you want to earn an improved teacher salary in Luxembourg, a Bachelor’s degree is very important. You can take the competitive tests to become a primary school teacher, also known as an A2 category position in French if you have a Bachelor’s degree. You must have at least a Master’s degree in order to apply for a teaching position in middle and high schools, known as an A1 category position in French.

If you already hold a 2-year technical degree, such as a DUT or BTS (from France or Luxembourg), or any other degree that is similar, you may continue with a bachelor’s degree. The Bachelor’s degree can be earned in a university or college, as well as in management or specialized institutions. The Ecole de Commerce et de Gestion du Luxembourg (ECG), the Institut Supérieur de l’Economie (ISE), the Sacred Heart University of Luxembourg, and the University of Luxembourg ( are all permitted to grant the Bachelor’s degree (SHU).

They draw many job hopefuls from around the world to Luxembourg because of its high standard of living and need for demanding work environments.

Make a certification application

Once you’ve met the educational and testing requirements, you can submit an application for your teaching certification. Once finished, send the application packet to the Luxembourg Ministry of Education. The following papers must be enclosed with your application packet:

  • Proof of a bachelor’s degree or evidence that you have successfully completed a teacher preparation program
  • Your required Praxis exam results
  • A completed application
  • Processing fees (where applicable)

Apply for a teaching Job in Luxembourg

Once you have been accepted as a certified teacher in Luxembourg, you can proceed and start applying for teaching jobs. Luxembourg’s labor market is currently short of teachers, the government is currently in need of both national and international applications to make up for the declining teaching force.

How much do teachers earn in Luxembourg?

According to its writers, teachers in Luxembourg, Denmark, and Austria earn the highest salaries in the European Union. Bulgaria and Romania are where people get paid the least.

As a result, primary-level Luxembourgisch teachers make an average of about 88.000 euros per year. They make about 101,500 euros at the upper secondary level. They are the highest-paid instructors in the Union as a result of these numbers.

Kindergarten Teacher Salary in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, the average gross pay for kindergarten teachers is 58,556 euros or 28 euros per hour. Additionally, they receive a €1312 incentive on average. Wage projections are based on anonymous employee and employer responses to a salary survey conducted in Luxembourg. The typical income for a kindergarten teacher at the entry-level (1-3 years of experience) is €42652. The average pay for a senior-level kindergarten teacher (8+ years of experience) is, on the other hand, euros 71,782.

English Teacher salary in Luxembourg

The average gross pay for English teachers in Luxembourg is €77,910, or about €37 per hour. Additionally, they receive a €2104 bonus on average. Wage projections are based on anonymous employee and employer responses to a salary survey conducted in Luxembourg.

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The typical compensation for a beginning English teacher (with 1-3 years of experience) is 55,165 euros. The average pay for senior-level English teachers (8+ years of experience) is 96,459 euros. Our data on compensation indicate that over the next five years, the expected salary potential for English teachers will rise by 10%.

Why does Luxembourg pay teachers so much?

Secondary school teachers begin their careers with greater pay than their elementary school peers. Luxembourg’s teachers often earn their highest pay after a 30-year career, despite the fact that their incomes rise dramatically within the first 15 years.

One of the major reasons Luxembourg teachers earn so much is because of the decline in the teaching workforce in Luxembourg. In addition to that, a good number of them are government employees which put them on the radar of higher incentives.

Luxembourg is equally a rich country and considered one of the richest in Europe. The country’s teaching force is among the top-earning professions in Luxembourg.

Art teacher salary in Luxembourg

The average art teacher’s salary in Luxembourg is about 3,780 EUR. The lowest salary is 1,740 EUR, and the highest is 6,010 EUR (highest).

This is the typical monthly wage, which also includes housing, transportation, and other amenities. Based on factors including geography, gender, experience, and talents, art teacher salaries might vary greatly. You can find a thorough analysis based on a variety of factors below.

Starting Salary for Teachers in Luxembourg

What is the starting salary for teachers in Luxembourg? The teachers in Luxembourg earn the highest wages at the primary and secondary levels in the OECD club of primarily industrialized nations.

The average compensation for experienced secondary school teachers is a little over €107,000 ($109,204), while the average salary for experienced elementary school teachers is close to €100,000 ($101,360).

These results put the teachers in Luxembourg far ahead of the second-placed German instructors, who make an average of just over €89,000 ($91,041) for experienced secondary teachers and €79,000 ($80,407) for primary school teachers.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that becoming a teacher is still a popular career choice in the Grand Duchy, with 180 primary school teachers alone beginning their education in 2021–2022.

Luxembourg Teacher Employment Process

If you’re interested in working as an adult educator, your company might assign you some tasks, such as instructing in subjects like math or foreign languages (such as English, German, French, Luxembourgish, etc.), as well as more specialized ones like accounting or cutting-edge software. You might occasionally additionally be in charge of continuing your education.

Employment and Luxembourg teacher salary depend on this especially your proficiency in English, German, French, and Luxembourgish language.

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The qualities needed to work in this field include pedagogy, interpersonal awareness, high adaptability, strong listening skills, and a high threshold for stress. Your prospective employer in Luxembourg may additionally demand your credentials, certificates, or prior work experience, depending on the position for which you are seeking.

We advise you to carefully review each job offer and make sure you meet all qualifying requirements before sending your application, which should include a CV and cover letter. Don’t be hesitant to emphasize your skills and personality attributes that make you a top-notch employee in the education and training sector during the hiring process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are English teachers in demand in Luxembourg?

Due to the limited demand for TEFL instructors in Luxembourg’s language schools and the high cost of living, teachers frequently supplement their income by taking private English lessons or working a second job.

How do I become an English teacher in Luxembourg?

Candidates seeking employment in Luxembourg must have a minimum of two years of experience, a bachelor’s degree in education or a related discipline, as well as a PGCE.
The candidate must also have Western-style training (US, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Scotland, Australia, and South Africa).

Are teachers in demand in Luxembourg?

The additional positions will cost close to €30 million in 2022. In Luxembourg, there are currently close to 11,000 teachers employed, including 4,500 in secondary education and 6,300 in basic education. Additionally, the hiring standards for new hires have been temporarily lowered until the end of the year.

Can a foreigner become a teacher in Luxembourg?

The majority of foreign schools in Luxembourg provide teachers with a generous benefits package that will allow them to live well and have many opportunities for professional growth. It would be a wise strategic choice to further your international teaching career to teach abroad in Luxembourg.

How much do teachers get paid in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg pays the highest salaries. As a result, primary-level Luxembourgisch teachers make an average of about 88 000 euros per year. They make about 101,500 euros at the upper secondary level. They are, in fact, the highest-paid instructors in the Union based on these numbers.


Unlike many other countries, Luxembourg teachers are among the highest-earning professionals in the country. The country doors are also open to international teaching job applicants.

The high teacher salary in Luxembourg has been attracting many wishing to work as teachers in the grand duchy country.

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