Why Most Students Don’t Get Admission Into Higher Institutions

Why Most Students Don’t Get Admission Into Higher Institutions or College

I think that I am actually in a better position to write this article; the reason being that I have struggled for many years seeking admission into a higher institution.

The experience they say is the best teacher. I disagree with this statement, as wise people learn from other people’s experiences. This is my personal experience and I believe if you are wise enough you will learn from it.

Without much introduction, let me go straight to the reasons most students fail to gain admission into higher institutions:



Fear simply means false evidence appearing real, fear is the basic reason why student finds it difficult to gain admission into higher institution. Many a time it’s a fear of the unknown. In the book of II Timothy 1:7, the Bible says: for God hath not giving us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of sound mind.

Fear will make you believe and think that you won’t have the admission, remember we become what we think (Proverbs 23:7). See yourself in school already and eradicate fear from your life.


A negative report is reporting words or statement that contradicts what God said or is saying concerning you. In the Holy Book in Numbers 13:1-33 when twelve spies were sent to secretly watch the land God promised them, afterward Ten spies came back with negative reports whereas two came with positive reports.

The two spies that came with the positive report were Joshua and Caleb, they were the only ones among the twelve spies that got into the promised land, although in God’s original plan, all ought to get there, the negative report interrupted that, that’s how dangerous a negative report is.

The second Jamb I sat for in the year 2014 (JAMB recorded massive failure), I had 185 by the grace of God, I proceeded to obtain Ambrose Alli University’s Post UTME form, went for the exams at Ekpoma, before the commencement of the exam I gave up considering the population of aspirants for the examination.

After the examination, I had a conversation with loved ones about the outcome of the examination, my reply was, ‘People have plenty ways to apply AAU Medicine and Surgery. That statement was an evil report; it affected me as I was not offered admission.
Speak life to your admission; death and life are in the power of the tongue (mouth) Proverbs 18:23.


Examination malpractice is a menace that has eaten deep into the Nigerian educational sector. We all know what examination malpractice is i.e. ‘EXPO’. When you indulge in examination malpractice, you are indirectly limiting God and yourself.

It is better to fail honorably. If God must help you to secure admission you must shun examination malpractice.

The First JAMB I wrote in 2013, I had 150, don’t judge me, examination malpractice got me that, it was my first attempt, I was naïve about the paper type, I was given EXPO that didn’t fit my paper type.

If I had humbled myself and permitted God to help I would have done better than that. 2013 I went for the tutorial and studied my textbooks cover to cover but I tangled with Examination Malpractice.

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2014 I obtained another form, no tutorial, studied less and I got 185. During the examination, the supervisor suggests that anybody with EXPO should use but we must not make noise, thank God I didn’t, when I contacted the guys I wrote the examination in the same hall with, they failed woefully.

The last JAMB I wrote without any form of examination malpractice I had 289 to the Glory of God. Stay away from examination malpractice as it only limits your ability and hinders God from helping you.


Your motive defines you and is the driving force that keeps you moving. Motives can either be negative or positive.

If your motive for schooling is negative e.g. taking school as a free zone for all sorts of ungodly stuff—drinking, smoking, intimate affair, exploiting your parents, dating, clubbing/parting, cult activities.

With such a motive for schooling, God may deny you admission even do you deserve it, the reason being that it will lead to untimely death which is not the plan of God for you.

Having a positive motive for schooling such as wanting to study hard, involve in campus fellowship, being of good conduct, etc., with such motive God will catalyst your admission.


Proper preparation prevents poor performance, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. God is a God of speed not a God of rush. When preparing for external examinations such as JAMB, WAEC, NECE, POST UTME, etc, the secret to success is proper preparation.

Read hard like you don’t pray, pray earnestly like you don’t read. The best way to prepare for the external examination is by using their syllabus and passing questions, don’t forget to consult your recommended textbooks for the particular examination.


G-factor simply means God factor. This is the last but not the least point. I consider this point as the most powerful of all because God is the most powerful.

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The scripture in Matthew 6:33 says ‘But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you, ‘all these things could be the almighty admission you desire.

For you to get ‘all these things you must seek God first. Is there anything too hard for God to do, absolutely NO!

With men, it may be impossible but with God all things are possible. For God to help you, you need to have an intimate relationship with Him by giving your life to Him. If you give God your life, He will take care of you.


Keeping yourself informed and updated is always important in whatever you do since it broadens your knowledge and makes you successful in everything you do.

However, most aspirants regard this information aspect as a deficiency in their lives.

Another issue is a lack of information, which is cited as one of the reasons for not being admitted to the university.

As a result, this creates a barrier for students and reduces their chances of admission.

Furthermore, aspirants must be vigilant and constantly check for any crucial information regarding the school of their choosing in order to not miss out on any opportunities.

Written By Kevin Zegar

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