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How To Start Having Self Confidence For Life Pursuit

How To Start Having Self Confidence For Life Pursuit

The journey to success is not a smooth one, there are a series of challenges always ready to shake you and make you go back. Your conviction that you deserve to be great must be known. People don’t become great by magic, there are lots of people on the quest for a seat at the top and if you are not confident enough, they will intimidate you, plant fear in you, make you go down, and use you as a stepping stone.

So many people die inside at the sight of a problem, they don’t even want to know the magnitude of the problem, either big or small. There is always an inner weakness and conviction that they can not overcome.

Building confidence is very important, it helps you to be physically and emotionally strong. Most battles of life are not always physical but of the mind. When you are able to build your confidence, no matter the level of challenges that comes your way, something inside you will keep telling you that you will overcome.

Below I will be listing 5 good reasons why you need to build your confidence.

1. To Overcome Fear:

Until a man is able to subdue fear and put it under his control, he will always be scared of making exploits. The major reason why most people settle for less anywhere they find themself is that they have not been able to build their confidence.

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You must be strong, strong for yourself, strong for the world to whom you are an asset, and strong for God whom you are to serve. What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. You are the architect of your life. You have drawn a good plan, don’t be scared of building.

2. Inferiority Complex:

Looking down on oneself is one evident feature of a lack of self-confidence. When you are not confident in yourself, you will see others as better than you.
The inferiority complex has been the reason why so many talents are being buried till tomorrow.

You must refuse to be oppressed. You are equal with every human being, no one is better than you are.
Secondly, You can sing doesn’t mean you can’t dance,
You can’t drum doesn’t mean that you can’t speak
You can’t draw doesn’t mean you can’t advise.
If there is anything anyone is good at that you are not that wants to make you feel inferior, know today that there is something you are good at that he/she isn’t.

3. Shyness:

Tell me why shall you be shy, are you, not children? Lol, old right? Whatever.
If you are reading this and you know that you are always shy, you need to build your boldness and confidence. Shyness can be very dangerous as it can make one lose the opportunity. There are people who have lost chances because of shyness.

You were asked to make a speech and because you are shy you gave it to another person whereas you know what to say. I pray you don’t sell out your one and only chance.
You have no reason to be shy, you are not wrong neither are you weird, you are like just everybody.

4. To Move Higher:

Moving higher is not always an easy task because there is rarely a promotion without a test and for you to pass any test, you must be confident enough to carry what it brings.
Building your confidence is very important for you to move.

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The higher you go in life, the more advanced things become and so your level of confidence must continue to increase.

5. To Gain Relevance:

If you must gain relevance among your friends, you must be able to build your confidence.
People no longer want to move with cowards, everybody wants to be associated with a go-getter, an ever-active person.

Gaining respect and relevance from your peers requires you to build your confidence.
Note This Today ;
Confident people are go-getters,
Confident people are risk-takers
Thirdly, Confident people are future leaders
Confident people are successful addicts
Confident people are threats to failure.
Why don’t you build your confidence Today?

How To Build Your Self Confidence

1. Say no to discouragement
2. Give yourself the hope you need
3. Hook you with optimistic friends
4. Dare your fears
5. Take and stand by your decision
6. Be sure nothing can kill you except God
7. Keep your determination.

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The hen is not as big as the vulture but it tries its best to chase it and prevent it from carrying its babies.
Self-confidence is crucial, your small body is not a reason for you to give in to fear and failure. Fight for what you deserve and want, do your best, and attempt the rest and God will crown your effort.

Use the comment section to add any other way to start having self confidence.

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