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Starbucks Store Manager Salary is something most intending managers want to know.

Starbucks is known for its coffee, but it is also a chain of stores that hires many people. When a Starbucks customer goes to one of the company’s stores, these workers work hard to ensure they have a good time.

Managers of Starbucks stores are in charge of all of the day-to-day operations at their stores. This includes everything from ensuring that products are stocked and displayed correctly to managing the schedules and performance of employees. They also need to be able to solve any customer service problems that come up during their shift.

Starbucks Store Manager Salary

The total Starbucks Store Manager salary at Starbucks in the United States is estimated to be $48,378 per year, with an average salary of $39,448 per year. These numbers are the median, which is the middle point of the ranges from our Total Pay Estimate model and is based on the salaries that our users gave us.

The extra Starbucks store manager pay is expected to be $8,931 per year. The extra money could come in the form of a cash bonus, a commission, tips, or a share of the profits. The “Most Likely Range” shows values that fall between the 25th and 75th percentiles of all pay data for this role.

Starbucks Store Manager Job Duties

A manager of a Starbucks store usually has a lot of different jobs to do, such as:

  • Teaching new workers how to do their jobs well in the store, including using the products and tools.
  • Making sure that the store is always well-kept, clean, and organized
  • by taking part in meetings with other store managers to talk about problems, performance, or ways to make things better
  • Keeping in touch with local businesses, community leaders, and other store managers to give Starbucks a good name.
  • Changing how their stores’ work based on what district managers or regional directors tell them to do.
  • Managing employees’ schedules include hiring new workers and firing those who don’t do their jobs well.
  • Making sure the quality of the coffee stays high by checking the beans during the roasting and brewing processes
  • Check the store’s stock to ensure it doesn’t run out of supplies (e.g., coffee beans, cups, mugs, etc.)

How Much Does a Starbucks Store Manager Make?

The amount a Starbucks store manager makes depends on their experience, how big the company is, and where in the country or city they work. Bonuses could be another way for them to make more money.

  • The average salary for a year is $47,051 ($22.62/hour).
  • The annual salary of the top 10% is $78,000 ($37.5/hour).

Over the next ten years, the number of jobs for store managers is expected to grow much faster than average. Retail businesses, especially coffee shops and specialty food stores, will grow, leading to more jobs. As these businesses open more stores in more places, they will need store managers to run the new stores.

Besides the pay, there are a few other benefits to working at Starbucks, like getting a 30% discount on merchandise, drinks, and food. Also, you can get help if you work more than 20 hours a week. That means you get your choice of dental, vision, and health insurance.

Starbucks Store Manager Job Requirements

Most of the time, Starbucks store managers need to have the following skills:


 There are no specific requirements to become a Starbucks store manager, but many employers prefer candidates with a high school diploma or GED and some college or business school experience. Some employers may want to hire people with bachelor’s degrees in business or a similar field.

Training and experience:

 A store manager will learn most of what they need to know on the job. Most people take six to twelve months to learn how to do this job. During this time, they will learn about the company’s values and ways of doing things, such as how to treat customers, know about products, and handle cash. They will also learn about the computer systems and software they will use as store managers.

Certifications and licenses: 

Certifications let you show your current and potential employers that you have the skills and qualifications they need. Managers of Starbucks stores can get credentials to learn more about their jobs in theory and practice, test their skills, and move up in their careers.

Starbucks Store Manager Skills

To do their jobs well, managers of Starbucks stores need the following skills:

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As a store manager, you make sure that the store runs smoothly and that all employees do their jobs according to the company’s standards. This requires strong leadership skills since you are the one who sets the tone for the store’s culture and makes sure that everyone works together to reach company goals.


Communication is the act of getting information from one person to another. As a store manager, you may need to talk to employees, customers, and the corporate office. You can lead a team, solve problems, and get along with customers better if you speak to them well.


 Being able to identify problems and come up with solutions to them is a skill. As a store manager, you might have to deal with customer complaints, team member problems, and ways to boost sales. If you know how to solve problems well, you can deal with issues and find solutions that help your team and the company.


Teamwork is being able to work with other people to reach a common goal. As a store manager, you might need to work with other managers to ensure everything runs smoothly. You may also need to work with your team to make sure everyone is reaching their own goals.

Product knowledge:

As a store manager, you need to know everything there is to know about the products and services your company sells. This is especially true if you work for a big company like Starbucks, where there are a lot of different products and sales. To help your employees and customers, you need to be able to answer questions about your products and services.

The Work Environment of a Starbucks Store Manager

A Starbucks store manager works in a fast-paced and demanding place. Store managers are in charge of the day-to-day operations of their stores. This includes overseeing employees, dealing with customer complaints, and ensuring the store runs smoothly and efficiently. They also develop marketing and sales plans to make the store more profitable. Most store managers work long hours, including early mornings, evenings, and weekends. They may have to work on holidays as well.

Starbucks Store Manager Trends

Here are three things changing how managers of Starbucks stores do their jobs. Starbucks store managers will need to keep up with these changes to ensure their skills are still helpful and give them an edge in the workplace.

  • The Rise of Ordering by Phone

As mobile ordering becomes more popular, customers’ interactions with businesses are quickly changing. This is especially clear in the coffee business, where more and more people are ordering their drinks ahead of time on their phones.

As mobile ordering grows in popularity, Starbucks store managers will have to change their plans to meet customer needs. This could mean finding new ways to market products and improve customer service.

  • Pay more attention to how customers experience

Focusing on the customer experience is a business trend quickly becoming more popular. This is because it gives businesses a way to stand out from their competitors by giving their customers a unique and memorable experience.

This is a trend that Starbucks store managers can take advantage of by putting more effort into making their stores feel different. This can be done by putting in things like music, art, or furniture that show what the company stands for. Also, store managers can focus on giving excellent customer service to ensure that they have a good time every time a customer comes in.

  • Using technology more

Technology is being used increasingly in the workplace as companies look for ways to make things run more smoothly and get more done. This is especially clear in the coffee industry, where many chains now use technology to streamline operations and improve customer service.

As technology spreads through the coffee business, Starbucks store managers must learn how to use it well. This means learning how to use software tools to keep track of sales, manage inventory, and talk to employees.

How to Become a Starbucks Store Manager

For a Starbucks store manager’s job to go well, they need hard and soft skills. You need to be able to lead a team, manage people, and provide excellent customer service. You also need to be able to make the best possible experience for your customers with limited space and resources.

Start at the bottom and work up to become a Starbucks store manager. Start as a barista, move to shift supervisor, and become a store manager. You will get more responsibilities and learn new skills as you move up the ranks. Also, keep in touch with the company by attending training sessions and events to make connections.

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Advancement Prospects

Most Starbucks store managers start as baristas or shift supervisors and work their way up to the store manager after showing they can lead. As store manager, you will be in charge of how the store runs. This includes managing employees, dealing with customer complaints, and ensuring the store runs smoothly and efficiently.

If you do an excellent job as a store manager, you might be able to move up to a position as a district manager, where you will be in charge of running several stores. You could also choose to move into a corporate position where you will help make and implement policies and procedures for the whole company.

How to apply for a job at Starbucks

First, let’s clarify that you can’t apply for a job at your local Starbucks anymore. You must fill out an online Starbucks job application form if you want to work there.

I know, it’s sad. It’s hard to show your charisma through an online application. You’ll have to wait until the face-to-face or virtual job interview for that. But you can do it in other ways. We’ll talk about that soon.

So, if you want to increase your chances of getting an interview at Starbucks and getting hired, you need to do a great job on the application.

Here’s what you need to do if you want to work at Starbucks:

  • Step 1: Go to the Starbucks Career Page to start.
  • Step 2: Decide if you want to work in a store or an office for the company.
  • Step 3: Look at the job listings, add your zip code, and fill out an application for the store you want to work in. It is possible to send in applications for more than one job.
  • Step 4: Start filling out the form. You’ll need an email address and have to make an account.
  • Step 5: Sign the electronic form that says you agree.
  • Step 6: Fill in your details. Your first and last name, address, phone number, and Social Security number.

How to make your Starbucks online application stand out 

These steps were easy to follow. But how do you fill out the form to make yourself stand out?

On Quora, a Starbucks store manager gave the following advice:

  • Make it clear that you like to connect with people every day and that you are a people person.
  • Be open to being reached.
  • Show you can do more than one thing at once.
  • Apply at more than one store to improve your chances of getting a job.

Lastly, when we said you couldn’t apply for a job at your local Starbucks anymore, we didn’t mean you couldn’t go into the store you used and talk to the manager. A Starbucks manager on Reddit also recommended this.

He also says that you should wait about a week after sending in your application before calling or going in person and that you shouldn’t do it on the weekends.

When you meet the manager in person, they can put a face to the application. It also shows that you want the job. Just be ready if you get asked to interview on the spot. Wear business casual clothes and bring a pen and at least two copies of your resume.

Starbucks resume and cover letter tips and examples 

The best way to write a great resume and cover letter for Starbucks is the same as for any other job: make sure they fit the job description.

Even if you know nothing about cappuccinos and pumpkin spice lattes, I’m sure you have qualities that match the company’s values that you can put on your Starbucks resume skills section. Examples:

Starbucks is proud that they have some of the best customer service. It can’t be done without putting communication skills at the top of the list for employees. People need their coffee, and sometimes they need it very early in the morning. If a worker is late and they can’t get it, there will be consequences.

Teamwork: Starbucks didn’t become a global business by going it alone. Collaboration has been essential to its success.

Passion: A cup of coffee doesn’t taste as good at a place where the baristas are grumpy. People will stop coming, and you’ll lose money. It makes sense that Starbucks wants to hire people with a lot of passion.

How to prepare for a job interview at Starbucks

Except for the Starbucks online assessment test and being an expert latte artist, preparing for an interview at Starbucks should be the same as any other job.

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Here are some other things you can do to do well at a Starbucks job interview besides reading a job interview guide.

Check out what the job entails.

It’s essential to know everything there is to know about the job you want because that lets you answer interview questions in a way that fits with what the company wants. This alone can impress the person in charge of hiring at Starbucks and put you ahead of the other candidates.

Print your resume

This is excellent advice because the Starbucks recruiter will probably look at your resume to determine what questions to ask. If you have your resume, you won’t have to remember all that information. Instead, you can focus on the interview.

If you don’t bring a copy of your resume to the interview, it might be hard to remember the dates and other details from your previous jobs. This could make it hard for you to answer interview questions.

Put on business casual clothes.

Regarding this part of the interview, most coffee shop jobs are easy-going. They don’t think you should show up in a suit. Even so, looking nice and calm is still a good idea. In other words, try to look like you’re going to work.

So, here’s what we think you should wear to an interview at Starbucks:

  • Bottom: Dress in slacks, a presentable skirt, or dark jeans
  • Top: Blue, grey, black, or white solid button-down shirt or conservative top.
  • Dress shoes can be brown or black.

Ultimately, you don’t have to worry as long as you look good and are sure of yourself.

Review common interview questions

There are so many questions that hiring managers like to ask at job interviews that it’s impossible to be ready for them all. But the most common interview questions at Starbucks are situational, like:

  1. Tell me about a time when you had to work with other people on a team.
  2. Tell me about a time when you accomplished something big.
  3. Have you ever dealt with a customer who was hard to please?
  4. Tell me about a hard thing you had to get through.
  5. How would you talk to a coworker who was doing something wrong?

When answering these questions, remember what a Starbucks store manager said on Reddit: “In the end, a Starbucks interview is about finding the real “you” and making sure you can make real connections. Talk about yourself, but be real. Let them know about your hobbies, passions, pets, and life so they can get to know you.”

Get ready for the test that will be given online.

You do not need to get to Autozone to get a car in order to get to a physical location to practice the test. An online assessment test called “Virtual Job Tryout” is sometimes used to let applicants “test drive” the job they want while also allowing Starbucks to evaluate the applicants.

They give you a list of situations you might face on the job, and your answers will show if you have what it takes. Even though this test isn’t always given, you may still want to study for it. To be safe.

Again, read the job description and look at the most critical tasks you’ll need to do. You can take general tests online, including numerical, personality, situational, reasoning, and profiling.

Look for Starbucks test samples from the past to get a better idea of the questions that will be asked.

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